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The Attack

Later that day we were hanging out in my bedroom and Eric was still excited about today’s events, after he started there was nothing on this world that could make him shut up. We were eating chocolate and popcorn as we watched some stupid human movie, it was some kind of vampire parody and it was really funny, my dad was out to get us something to eat. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and I went to answer it, Vincent was standing there with a confused Lana, he was grabbing her by her arm and quickly pushed her inside the room without even looking at me.

“What’s going on?” I asked them but Lana just shook her head in confusion, it was obvious she was asking herself the same question. Vincent then looked down at me, his jaw was clenched and his green eyes were dark and dangerous.

“She’s going to stay here with you for a while” He said and then noticed Eric and Riley sitting in front of the TV, they were supposed to be on their way home because the castle was about to close in about an hour but I was planning on having them stay with me for the night. He just shook his head and left. Lana was in her sleepwear and her cheeks were red as a tomato. I closed the door and stood there for a second.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“I don’t know he simply went to my room, dragged me out and brought me here without saying a single word” She shrugged and sat down on the couch hugging her legs like a lost girl.

“Do you think something happened?” Eric asked. We all stood silent for a while.

“Something like what?” Riley whispered. We were all a little scared now.

“I don’t know” Eric replied.

As if someone heard us talking the castle’s alarm went off, that could only mean one thing, someone or something infiltrated inside the castle and everybody was in danger. I’ve only heard this alarm twice in my entire life, the castle was supposed to be one of the most secure places in Luminaria.

“Maya…What’s going on?” Lana asked. I could tell she was as scared as I was, only we were scared for different reasons, she was scared because something could potentially kill us, I was scared because my dad was out there alone getting us food.

My dad

“Shit” I walked upstairs and went to get some longer pants to use, I know it was stupid to go out with a clear alarm for danger but my dad could barely defend himself from a fly I was pretty sure he couldn’t handle whatever was out there. I put on a couple of jeans and grabbed my green sapphire bracelet, I would probably need it.

Coming back downstairs everyone just stared at me for a long time, I realized Lui was also there and he just looked at me like I was running naked around the plaza on the center of the city. I was going to save my father for God’s sake.

“You’re not planning to go out there are you?” Lui asked as he saw me put on my shoes.

“Yes I am” I simply replied.

“You’re just going to get yourself killed” Lui was starting to panic “And Vincent will be mad at you, he didn’t even let me go out to help so that means it’s something very dangerous”

“A couple of Myyts maybe” I said waving him off “I’m just going to go get my dad, he’s out there and even when he trained to be a guardian he’s too old now, he won’t be able to defend himself”

“They’re not Myyts” Lui rolled his eyes in frustration “Vin would let me help out, this is way worse than Myyts…dark dogs”

The fear completely paralyzed me and made my heart stop working. My dad was out there facing freaking dark dogs and I was here wasting my time with these people.

“I gotta go” I said as I ran towards the door. Lui was about to follow me but Eric stopped him and pulled him back, I smiled at him trying to thank him for the help and quickly left. I walked down the empty hallway and made my way to the first block of the castle, every place here looked exactly the same so I was praying for me not to get lost, and it was not the time to get lost. Breathing heavily I made my way to the front door, the cafeteria was right on the other side of the castle, the commercial side. I saw guardians running up and down the stairs, the lights were blinking and the place was so silent I was so afraid I might end up right next to a dark dog. I swallowed down my fear and kept walking, my legs were almost shaking, and my left eye was twitching.

I honestly hoped my dad was still alive because if I went all this way to find him dead I would be really pissed. I passed by a few stores so I knew I was at the commercial side of the castle. The only light was coming from the cafeteria and I managed to go inside without being seen by any guardian.

Please, please be alive.

I looked around and the place seemed to be empty, but something was wrong, the tables were flipped, the chairs were carefully put in a pile next to the food stands. I tried not to breathe too fast and calm my freaking nerves, there was nobody here, which was good and bad: Bad because my dad wasn’t here, good because there was no dead body either.

“Dad?” I called just to try my luck. I saw something moving behind the food stands and I honestly thought I fucked up. My dad stood up from behind the stand, his eyes wide open and red, I was relieved, he was alive, and his terrified expression was seriously making me uncomfortable.

And that’s when I heard it growling.

Turning around I didn’t have the time to move or reach out for the energy inside of me, the dark dog was standing on a pedestal above the door, it was actually waiting for my dad to come outside and then…and then I came in. The dog was the size of a horse, its terrifying red eyes stared back at me with hate, it was black, and I could almost see my reflection on its white teeth. The dog jumped down on top of me, I wasn’t too fast so I ended up landing on my right arm and pushing the thing with my left arm, there were no chances of pushing it off because it was also as heavy as a freaking horse. Since the thing couldn’t get my head he started to bite my arm, I screamed as the pain went up my shoulder. I reach out for my energy and concentrated on my right palm, I believed it would be hot enough to make the dark dog go off of me. I slapped its face but the dog was a keeper, he wouldn’t go down without a fight. I grabbed his neck and tried to push him once again, it wasn’t working.

Suddenly the thing barked and stopped chewing my arm to focus on my dad, I looked back to find him throwing some oranges at the freaking dark dog. You have got to be kidding me. The dog jumped off me and stared at my dad as it waited for the right moment to attack. They walked around in circles just staring at each other.

“Dad…no!” I managed to say. It was already too late, the dog jumped, it went straight ahead for my dad’s throat, ready to kill him. I reached out once again for my energy and crawled a little closer. This stupid dog was not going to kill my father. “Dad get down!” I yelled and he did as I said thanks God. A red ray of light left my right arm and impacted on the dark dog’s chest, it felt backwards mid jump and it was crying in pain, I knew it wasn’t still dead so I forced myself to get on my feet and ran to the food stands, I managed to find a very large meat knife and ran back to the dark dog stabbing it several times in the chest and other places until it wasn’t moving anymore.

I looked up at my dad still breathing heavily. He looked from the dark dog to me and gave me thumbs up. I laughed at how ridiculous he was. I stood up and reached out for his hand to stay up.

“Maybe a doctor should see you” He said as he helped me walk out of the cafeteria. I really hoped there weren’t any other dark dogs out there because I had no strength left in me. I dismissed my father’s observation.

“Dad” I said “That is two floors up and on the other section of the castle, let’s just get back until the guardians take care of this. I really don’t want to find another thing like that on the way to the doctor” My father looked unsure at first but he nodded because he knew it was the best thing to do, I could wait a couple of hours but I could not face another dark dog.

We made our way back to our apartment with no more incidents, we walked inside and everybody was still awake and in one piece. Lana’s eyes landed on me and I could see the moment she actually started to freak out. My dad made me sit on the couch and went to get something to clean my wound.

“What happened?” Lana asked as she walked over, I was sweating really hard. When I looked down at my arm I was so close to actually pass out, it was red, green and a little purple, I wasn’t bleeding which was weird but the thing looked really ugly, it looked like something bit me from the inside and not the other way around.

“I just had a little disagreement with a dog” I shrugged and the movement made my arm protest. “It wanted to eat my dad and I didn’t let him”

“Wait did you kill the dark dog?” Lui asked as he looked at my arm in disbelief.

“Hell yeah I did” I replied “I stabbed that bitch until it wasn’t breathing” Lui looked at me with admiration. My dad came back with a needle and a bottle of alcohol, I really didn’t like where this was going.

“A dark dog’s bite can sometimes be poisonous, since you’re not bleeding I can definitely tell it is poisonous” He said. “I’ll clean the wound and try to get as much venom as I can”

“It is probably spreading” Lui decided to mention.

“It is definitely spreading” My dad confirmed.

“Oh hey! Thanks for making a girl feel save” I snapped at them and they both murmured a sorry.

My dad used the needle to get out some of the venom from my arm, it looked very disgusting, green with a little red from my blood, and he also made a little cut so some of it would go out with my blood. He cleaned the wound and wrapped me in a soft blanket.

“It’s the best I can do since we can’t go out” He sighed “Let’s hope the alarm goes off soon so I can take you to get checked” I nodded and crawled up in the couch turning into a ball and closed my eyes.

I didn’t know how much time had passed when I opened my eyes again, the alarm was off and everybody was moving around. I sat up and found Vincent standing by the door embracing Lana tightly, he seemed relief when he kissed her head and caressed her cheek. It was a very sweet moment I had to say. I was shaking under the blanket, I was dizzy and I could barely breathe, I grabbed a glass of water that was sitting on the coffee table in front of me and the thing just slipped through my fingers before it touched my lips. That brought everybody’s attention on me. It only took one look for Vincent to notice I was not ok. He walked towards me and put a hand on my forehead. It was so hot and cold at the same time, or maybe it was me who could no longer tell the temperature.

“What happened?” He asked in a very angry tone as he looked at the rest of the group.

“She got bit by a dog when she went to save me” My dad said, I could sense the sadness in his voice; I started to shake my head in disagreement.

“Damn Lui I told you to keep them all inside” Vincent said as he started to take the covers off so he could see my wound. He took a good look at my arm and cursed under his breath.

“It-it-it’s not their fa-fa-fault” I was stumbling at my words, I didn’t know if it was because I was shaking or because I couldn’t breathe “It-it-it’s mine”

“I know that” Vincent said with a loud sigh. “Get up”

I tried to but my arms and my legs weren’t responding.

“Vincent she can barely keep herself awake” Lui said “I can carry her if you want”

“No” Vincent’s voice was filled with anger “I’ll do it, you’ve done enough” He carried me in his arms and walked towards the door. I was gripping on his shirt trying to tell him it wasn’t Lui’s fault, that I was the one who escaped and disobeyed his orders. Lui followed us either way along with my father.

“Vincent be easy with her ok” Lui said. He could tell Vincent was mad as hell.

“How can I do that, she keeps putting herself in danger” Vincent’s chest was going up and down very fast.

“I know but she was trying to save her father you know” Lui was trying to reason with him. If I could actually speak I would tell him that there was no use.

“I know” Was Vincent’s response.

“I never saw something like it” I heard my dad’s voice after a moment of silence “The dog was biting her arm and I tried to get it off her, I thought she would just stay on the ground but she got up and shot the dog with her energy, then went to grab a knife and stabbed it until the dog wasn’t moving” My dad told the story like he couldn’t believe it.

“Your daughter is stronger than anybody think she is” Vincent responded. I caressed Vincent’s chin with my fingers, he looked down at me and for the first time I saw concern filling his green eyes. “We’re almost there, hang on” He said.

“I…I’m sorry” My voice was barely above a whisper. He frowned at my words and just shook his head.

“It’s going to be ok” He said “Just hang on, stay with me”

“Maya” Lui’s voice sounded next to me. He was worried too; I wanted to let him know that it was going to be ok.

“Leave her alone” Vincent snapped and he looked down at me again “Just like last time Maya, you kept breathing, you’re really strong, don’t give up on me now” I nodded but I was so tired that I just closed my eyes again and focused on breathing for him.

Just for him.

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