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One hour later I was bored as hell while Vincent and Lana played some stupid road game, trust me it was really stupid but it made Lana laugh and that seemed to make Vincent happy. It was really awful to watch. Evan was asleep and Lui was in the back reading some human comics or magazines or whatever he wanted to call them. He handed me this really huge book and I almost jumped out of the window.

“What’s that?” I asked him.

“It’s a book” He answered “You open it and flip the pages as you read; sometimes it turns out to be really interesting”

I punched him playfully.

“I know what it is dumbass” I giggled “Why are you giving me a book”

“Because you seem bored and we still have an hour or two of road to go” He shrugged “So you either kill yourself with the seatbelt by hearing those two play that stupid game or…”

“Hey” Lana protested “It’s not stupid”

“It is” We said at the same time, even Evan who I thought was asleep.

“Or you can read this really awesome book about wizards” Lui continued. I had to admit he had a point and that was a good offer so I grabbed the book. He smiled “It’s really cool and you’re going to want to read the rest of them soon”

“So there are more” I couldn’t believe it.

“You would be surprised by how humans make writing a habit” He said “They even make money out of it”

That sounded completely ridiculous.

“Sure” I said before opening the book, to start the name of this kid sounded really stupid and the fact that it was about wizards was way beyond me. I can’t tell you how, or even when but I soon found myself completely emerged on this brand new world.

I only lifted my head from the book when the soft smell of salty water infiltrated inside the car, the back of my neck was hurting and my eyes were burning but I found myself not really caring about any of those things, the book was good, really good. I looked out the window and I saw the port in the distance. Lana was almost jumping on her seat from excitement, it was funny to watch.

“So shopping first?” Vincent asked.

“Shopping first” Lana confirmed. “I love my uncle but he talks way too much, we won’t be able to get out there”

I had to admit I was as excited as Lana but for a different reason, truth to be told I’ve never been out of the capital Luminaria, the whole island was divided into five sections: Luminaria which was the capital, Oldport, Newport, Helenwood and Oliver. This was the first time I ever left the capital to visit the rest of the island and it was beautiful, the ocean and the palm trees, the people wandering around selling fish and other stuff, it looked so peaceful and nice. It took me a while to realize that maybe I wanted a life like this. I shook those thoughts out of my head, I was going to be a guardian and nothing was stopping me. Evan grabbed my hand and gave me a soft smile.

“Excited?” He asked me.

“A little” I said.

It didn’t take long before we were in front of a huge mall, Vincent parked the car and turned it off, we got out and I took in the deep smell of salty water and fish that was in the air. We walked to the entrance and stood there without even knowing where to start.

“First of all…dresses” Lana grabbed my hand and pulled me inside of the first store she found. She started to look around and hand me several dresses I wouldn’t wear even if my life depended on it. “Oh this one is cute” She pulled this very horrible white dress and it took me everything in me to not run away. Vincent put his hands on her shoulders and made her put back the dress, I’ve never been so grateful in my life.

“Calm down” He said this with a smile and in the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard him speak “Let’s start off slow” He then pushed her to another section and pulled out a soft pink dress, it was long, with a high neck and small diamonds on the side. It was very beautiful to say the least. “Try this on” He said. Lana ran to the dressing room. Evan grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side.

“Is it ok if I leave you for a while?” He looked around and I figured he didn’t want Vincent to hear him; it was no problem though Vincent was too absorbed in whatever Lana was telling him from inside the dressing room.

“Yeah I’ll be fine” I squeezed his hand “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah” He shrugged and just left. I don’t know why I had a bad feeling about that. Lui walked over to me.

“Are you sure you want to stay here?” He asked me with a very upset tone, he pointed at Vincent and his ridiculous smile “We partially don’t exist to them anymore” I shrugged and we walked outside into another store. There were a lot of beautiful dresses, not one that caught my attention. I really didn’t want to do this.

“So she forced you to come right?” Lui was very perceptive, he looked at me with empathy, and I simply nodded as we walked into yet another store.

“She’s just so excited you know”

“Yeah” He nodded “It’s like you just can’t say no, you want to make anything you can to make her happy” That made me look at him, he seemed to be absorbed in his thoughts, could it be… “Anyway let’s get you something” I walked around the store in search of something that I could tolerate. This trip was actually very stupid but at least for Lana I could try to enjoy what I could of it. This really beautiful necklace caught my eye, it was very simple but what really caught my attention was the beautiful blue sapphire it seemed to sparkle under the dim light, it was almost like it was calling me, like it was screaming my name “How about this one?” I jumped when Lui talked in my ear, I looked back to find him holding a blue dress in his hands.

“Where did you find that?” I asked him.

“Over there” He pointed to another section of the store “It reminds me of your eyes so I thought it would be perfect for you”

He didn’t have to know I hated the color of my eyes.

“Sure I’ll try it on” I took it from his hands and went into the dressing room. I didn’t look at my reflection in the mirror; I really didn’t want to see something I spent years hating anymore. I put on the dress and soon walked outside so he would see me. “What do you think?” I said. Lui turned around and looked at me; he scanned my body from head to toe and didn’t say anything for a good whole five minutes. “And well…”

“You look…” He shook his head “You look amazing, that definitely brings out the color in your eyes” I grabbed some courage and turned around to the full mirror that was just outside the dressing room. For the first time in my entire life I looked…pretty, he was right the dress brought out my eyes and it didn’t look horrible like I thought it would.

I liked it.

“I think this is the one” I told him. The dress hugged my body in all the right places, it was long and soft and I really liked it.

“You’re so easy to go shopping with” Lui joked around and I went to take it off. When it was time to pay for everything I decided to take a pair of matching rings as well, I wasn’t good at this but we were sisters so I guess anything I gave her would make her happy. “Let me buy this dress for you” Lui said.

“What? No!” I denied and I grabbed the dress before he did.

“Oh come on, I really want to. Consider this as my birthday gift” He leaned his head to the side and smiled like a little angel. I rolled my eyes and gave him the stupid dress.

“That’s cheating” I said.

“No it’s using my charm” His smile grew wider and I paid for the rings. We walked back to the first store and Vincent and Lana were already paying for everything. They had almost six bags in their hands; it was obvious she went crazy. Evan also met us there and he was carrying two bags as well.

“So you left us to go shopping on your own” I walked over to him and he smirked.

“This is your birthday gift” He said as he shook the bag in the air, to say I was surprised was an understatement.


“Yeah but it’s a surprise so keep your nose away from it” He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and we headed to the food court.

“Just one bag Maya?” Lana asked as she looked inside my bag, I quickly took it away because I didn’t want her to see the rings.

“One dress is all I need” I said and waved it off.

“I need to teach you” She said “This is unacceptable”

“So you say” I smiled.

We ate some pizza before heading back to the car; we put our bags on the back and jumped in again. Vincent drove away in direction to Lana’s uncle’s house. I started to get a little nervous, mostly because of the fact that these people didn’t know me, I had no guarantees of acceptance, not that I really cared but in order for us to spend the night here it would be really awkward if they didn’t like me. The house was actually a really old looking mansion, it had a beautiful front yard and there were two guards at the front entrance. Vincent showed them his ID and explained the reason why we were here, they soon let us in, the yard was full of roses of all kinds of colors, and it was very beautiful. Vincent parked the car in front of the giant double doors that led to the huge mansion. He sighed.

“Let’s do it” He said. He looked at Lana and they both got out of the car, Evan grabbed my hand the entire time while he got out bags and we headed to the front doors. There were three people waiting for us there, the old couple and a young girl, I figured she would be her cousin.

“Uncle Owen, aunt Abby” Lana went over and hugged them both, they seemed to be on their forties, they were both tall and blonde. The girl seemed to be around my age, she was looking at Vincent and Evan like she was ready to eat them both at the same time. Lana hugged her and decided to introduce us. “You remember Vincent and his brother Victor” She started, I frowned at that, Lui’s actual name was Victor? Where did that come from? “This is Evan” Lana’s voice trembled when she said Evan’s name; I was the only one to notice. “And this is Maya” She finished with a smile; both of them looked at me with their eyes wide open.

“Oh honey” Abby said “So it’s true you girls are twins” The woman embraced me and I suddenly realized where Lana got her bear hugs. “Jessica come and say hi” She told to the girl who didn’t move an inch.

“That’s remarkable!” Owen exclaimed and hugged me too. That’s when they both noticed my eyes color, they pulled away so fast I was afraid I might have burned them or some kind of shit like that. “That’s interesting” Was all he had to say as he wrapped an arm around his wife and took another step back forcing her to back away too. Evan grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him as well, he noticed what went down and I could tell he didn’t seem very happy about it.

“You must be very tired why don’t you go upstairs drop your stuff and we can have tea in the terrace” Abby said and led the way inside the house.

“Are you ok?” Evan asked in a whisper, I nodded.

We all had separate rooms and each room had an individual bathroom, it looked a lot like my room back in the castle so it wasn’t so hard to get comfortable and place my things. I put the shopping bags inside the closet and closed it. There was a soft knock on the door a moment after. I opened the door to find Evan standing there with a serious expression.

“Are you ready?” He was studying me, like he was afraid I would start crying or killing people anytime soon.

“Yeah” Was my response. I wasn’t going to do neither of those options. He reached out for my hand, thing he had been doing a lot lately, I didn’t mind but it was weird since I barely knew the guy. It was so weird how I felt like I could trust him. We walked downstairs and made our way to the terrace, it was terrifying how he knew exactly where to go in a stranger’s house. I sat down next to Vincent who was watching Lana and Jessica gossip and laugh uncontrollably.

“Hey Evan” Jessica called “Come here I want to show you something” Evan arched an eyebrow before walking over to the girls; it was so obvious she wanted Evan and I wasn’t sure to be ok with that. I looked down at the tea set and it instantly reminded me of my childhood, it looked exactly like the one my mom had when I was a child, we used to make tea parties all the time, she was never afraid I might break it. I grabbed a tea cup in my hands.

“Why are you smiling?” Vincent asked me, I didn’t realize I was smiling.

“Oh it’s just…my mom had a tea set just like this one when I was a child, it was green and very beautiful, she used to tell me drinking tea made us young” I giggled “My dad had to sell it to pay my mom’s funeral. I wish I had it” He didn’t say anything and I realized how pathetic I was acting; I snapped out of it and sat back in my chair.

“Unfortunately” Jessica said “My parents had some important thing to attend in town but you’re all welcome to do as you please” She linked arms with Evan and dragged him out of the room, Lana and I just stared at her as she left with him. She sat down next to me and it was more than obvious she was upset. It couldn’t be.

“Let’s do something fun” She said.

“Something fun like what” Vincent took a sip of his tea and put the cup down.

“I don’t know” She shrugged “Something fun”

Lui then appeared and I wondered where he went to. He sat down next to Lana and eyed the tea before discarding it.

“Let’s go down to the beach” Lui said. We both agreed.

“Wait how come I didn’t know your name is actually Victor” I slapped Lui’s arm and he laughed.

“My name is Victor Louis Wolf” He said “Lui comes from the fact that Vincent couldn’t say my name when I was born” He smirked and looked at Vincent who simply rolled his eyes, I figure tired of listening to this story over and over.

“That is so cute” Lana laughed and Vincent smiled when she did. It was then my turn to roll my eyes.

The rest of the evening went by very quickly, Lana’s uncles didn’t return when we had dinner, which was very weird, they were so excited to have her over so why would they leave all of a sudden and not come back. I seriously tried not to think it was because of me. Evan and Jessica disappeared for a long time and I didn’t even want to think what they could be possibly doing. Lana and I were inside her room, I was watching her look at everything she bought with excitement.

“You know Jessica invited us to this party she’s going to tonight” Lana said with a huge smile on her face “We’re leaving after everybody goes to sleep”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” I said, going to a party without Vincent and Evan didn’t sound like a good plan.

“Oh come on” She put one hand on her hips and gave me this skeptical look “You out of all people are telling me this is a bad idea” it was true that I was the one to get in trouble the most but not because I wanted to get in trouble, that always just came with trying to do what I thought was the right thing.

“What if Myyts attack us or something” I pointed out. It wasn’t smart to go out by ourselves, I wasn’t fully trained and Lana didn’t have any powers.

“What if you die tonight from a heart attack” She rolled her eyes “We’re growing up Maya, it’s time to do this kind of things, sneak out and meet boys. If we keep thinking we’re going to be attacked by awful creatures I think we will never go out at all”

Well she had a point.

“Yeah but…”

“No buts” She cut me off “You can either stay here bored as hell or come with us” I sighed; well if she was going to do it anyway I might as well be there to keep an eye on her.

“Fine” I groaned and rolled my eyes “I’ll go find something to wear”

Everybody started to get ready for bed about two hours later, I think Evan and Vincent could tell I was anxious about something, I really didn’t want to go out without one of them at least, I would tell Evan but I didn’t know him that much and he would possibly tell Vincent who would definitely make us stay. Lana was right, I was about to turn eighteen years old, it was time for me to have fun because if I didn’t do it now then I would never have time to do it. When everybody started to go upstairs Evan pulled my arm and looked deeply into my eyes like trying to find out the truth.

“You would tell me if something was wrong right?” His sparkly green eyes studied me with attention, trying to figure out if my next words were true or false.

“Yeah” I said with no hesitation. He stood like that for a moment before letting go of my arm and heading to his room. I walked over to mine and closed the door, I really didn’t want to do this behind their backs, Vincent would be pissed when he found out and trust me, he will find out. I put on the clothes I picked out and went to meet the girls at the spot we agreed. The plan was to use the house blind spot, that I will totally tell Vincent about later, get Jessica’s car and then go to the party, stay at least an hour and then come back. I heard their voices before I saw them.

“Did you really invite that thing you call sister?” It was Jessica’s voice. I stopped walking. “I don’t think that girl knows how to have fun”

“She’s actually very funny” Lana said.

“Oh please, I see her hiding behind Evan all the time like a little puppy, she’s just a freak and I’m sorry because I like you but she creeps me out”

“Don’t say that”

Tired of listening to their stupid conversation I walked over the corner and met with them. I officially didn’t like this girl but staying meant I would leave Lana go alone with that bitch, and let me tell you, that ain’t going to happen. They were both wearing pretty dresses making me feel kinda out of place with my jeans and shirt. There was no turning back now.

“Don’t you have some real clothes to wear?” Jessica asked as she looked at my outfit.

“I’m only here to keep an eye on my sister so lead the way” I took a deep breath before I punched this girl all the way to Newport.

“Whatever” She said “Freak” She then muttered thinking I couldn’t hear her; Lana slapped her arm and shook her head. We walked through the blind spot and soon found her car parked next to a rosebush, we all got in and she searched for her keys to start the engine. We stood in silence for a while and Lana looked at Jessica with a confused expression.

“What’s wrong?” She asked her.

“I don’t know” She kept on turning the key over and over without any result. “It has never failed before”

“I have a bad feeling” I said and I truly did, we were about to get into trouble.

Suddenly there was a loud bump on the roof of the car, we looked up and I swallowed my heart four times in a minute.

“Whatever you do” I started to say and before I knew it they were both jumping out of the car, God help me “Don’t get out” I rolled my eyes and followed them, I looked up to find a very scary looking Vincent, he looked ready to kill a dark dog or something like that but somehow I was less scared now.

“Are you out of your mind” Jessica yelled “Do you know how much this car is cost?”

“I could ask you three the same thing?” Vincent got off the car with no effort and walked over to us.

“You really scared me there” Lana told him and for the first time the look he gave her could freeze hell. I felt a shiver running down my spine.

“You guys were planning to go somewhere?” Evan said behind us, yeah, we were definitely busted.

“How did you guys know?” Jessica was out of it, she was upset.

“We have our ways” Vincent said coldly to her. She instantly looked at me.

“It was you” I rolled my eyes because of how stupid that sounded “You told them”

“Come on Jess she doesn’t want to get in trouble, it wasn’t her” Lana tried to defend me but I was already walking back to the house, there was no use to be having this conversation.

“Of course it was her” Jessica was totally out of control and to be honest she was getting on my nerves “Look at me when I talk to you freak” I stopped dead on my tracks and turned around to face her.

“What did you just say?” I asked even when I perfectly heard her; I just couldn’t believe she would call me like that in front of everybody.

“You heard me….freak” She was breathing heavily I don’t know if it was because she was angry or afraid, I went with angry and before I could give it a second thought my hand was connecting with her face, I slapped her so hard that she had to take a few steps back. Jessica held a hand against her face, and looked at me surprised. “Did you just slap me freak?” I bet she just didn’t have enough. I was on her punching her freaking nose in no time, I felt some strong arms pulling me back, I flipped my legs in the air and tried hard to get whoever was pulling me back off me.

“If I hear you calling me that one more time, there won’t be a single doctor on earth to fix what I’m going to do to you!” I said.

“Calm down” I heard Vincent say, his strong arms were wrapped around my stomach and he was walking back to the house. I saw Evan helping Jessica stand up from the ground. Stupid tears were running down my face, I don’t even know why because I didn’t feel sad I just felt like reorganizing her face over and over again until it looked like a masterpiece. Vincent dropped me on the steps in front of the double door. “Just go upstairs, I’ll talk to you later”

“You’re not my dad!” I exclaimed “I’m sick of you treating me like everything it’s my fault”

“Just go!” He yelled back and I seriously thought of just punching him as well, I think he might’ve seen it because he took a step back. “Eastwood please handle your work here” Evan looked in our direction and soon dropped Jessica and walked over without looking twice at her.

“Are you ok doll?” He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

“Yes” I said as I exhaled some of my anger.

“Take her upstairs would you? I’ll deal with her later”

Back to being fully angry

“Come on doll” Evan pushed me in direction to the house and before walking inside he turned around and smirked “Oh and by the way Jess, I don’t think you’re ever aware of the things you say when you’re near an orgasm” I rolled my eyes and shook his arms off of me “You were the one to tell me” I saw the blush run past the blood coming out of her nose, she looked down at her feet and gained a death glare from Lana. I think she wasn’t her favorite cousin anymore. I walked inside the house with Evan following me close behind. He tried to grab my hand but I just pulled away. “What’s wrong doll?”

“You had sex with that brainless whore?” I wasn’t in control of the words that came out of my mouth.

“Does it bother you?” He asked with a smile.

“No it doesn’t bother me you dumbass” I said and continued to walk away.

“It looks like it does” He said and he tried to wrap his arms around me again.

“No it doesn’t. I don’t know you and I have no rights over you, you’re just my guardian” I said “You know what does bother me, the fact that it doesn’t matter where I go or what I become people still judge me” I shook my head. His smile turned into a serious face.

“You know she’s wrong right” He caressed my cheek with his fingertips; my chest was slowly coming to a normal pace. “You’re not a freak actually I think you are very beautiful” His words came out in a whisper and I couldn’t look at him straight in the face anymore. “Hey look at me…you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise” His face was so close to mine, his lips just inches away from mine, he must have been thinking the same because he looked down at my lips and for a second there I really thought he was going to touch them, that he was going to kiss me.

And I was going to let him.

“Maya” Vincent’s voice echoed around us, we took some time to take a step away from each other. Evan’s eyes were sparkling in the dim light of the living room.

“Later” He said and then turned to face Vincent who just stared at both of us a little confused.

“Maya can you tell me why did you think it was a good idea to go out on a night like this, on a city you don’t know to a party full of people that won’t give a shit about you?” Vincent was very upset.

“I didn’t think it was a good idea” I said “I wanted to tell you but…I’m sorry I shouldn’t have let Lana convince me”

“Are you sure Lana convinced you and it wasn’t the other way around” He crossed his arms over his chest. Of course he would think it was all my idea.

“Yeah, of course, it was my fault” I shrugged “Are you done?”

“No I’m not done” He covered the space that kept us apart “Do you realize it was extremely dangerous”

“It wasn’t her idea Wolf” Evan interrupted “It was Jessica’s, she convinced Lana and Lana convinced Maya. Just let it go, Maya is really upset right now”

I felt Vincent sigh in frustration and just stood silent for a moment there.

“As a guardian I have to say what you did wasn’t appropriate...the fight I mean” I looked up at him and saw him actually smiling down at me. The guy was smiling “As your martial arts teacher I have to say…that was a nice punch” I looked down at my combat boots trying to cover my smile “I’ll deal with Lana now, go to sleep” I nodded and went up the stairs and into my room. It took a moment for my heart and breathing to slow down. I had no idea what just happened between me and Evan and I didn’t even want to find out anymore, I took off my clothes and got under the covers trusting he wouldn’t knock on my door anytime tonight.

I didn’t want to face anyone.

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