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One day, all of the Caladruis (mystical healing birds) disappeared and there was only one left. Her name is Nightengale. She is determined to find her species. Can she find them before something bad happens to her kind?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1~ Hello?

Nightengale is a mystical bird
with healing powers and that is called a Caladruis. She loves when it is night, and lives in a flock of owls. She is the only one different, but doesn't know that she is a Caladruis. She does not have family and is 20 moons old- 13 years old. Story updated at least every week.

It was a day like any other. I flied around, got food, and babysat the twins(Gertrude and Sally) . I have been getting bored living in Bluebird Forest. Every day is the same, nothing exciting happens. One day, I decided to fly through the deepest part of Bluebird Forest. It was night, my favorite part of the day. I was thinking that I could maybe find a way out of Bluebird Forest.

Then, I got stuck in a branch. "Help" I yelled. After yelling help for a while I gave up. Twenty minutes or more later, I saw a translucent spirit bird. It went very close to me and got me out of the branch. It magically put long, thick leaves around my wing. Then it said" You may have 1 wish, but be wise". I was wondering why it said I could have a wish. I said" I wish I could live somewhere exciting, somewhere that would have something new everyday".

The spirit bird was gone and all I saw was a white feather that said "Wish granted". In a instant, I was teleported to a colorful forest. It looked beautiful with tree trunks of every color, and leaves that were sprinkled with glitter. I looked around and saw that it was empty. "Hello?" I said, confused. There was no one, not even one little bug. "Hello..."

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