Torrents of Fate

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When Evie Crowe of the Uweka tribe escapes to Broxbridge in quest for freedom, she attends the Christening Ceremony–a ritual that marks the ascension of the next tribe Alpha. Little did she know that just at the onset of her adventure, her destiny was about to unfold; one that would shake the entire country of Lethuoca and bring forth the immortals, but at least give her some answers she had been seeking. In the wake of her unwilling participation in the Christening, she finally ascends on one side of her heritage, but with that ascent came the inevitable choice, Wolf or Goddess? Love or duty? Can she survive her trial with the immortals and the battle ahead long enough to make her ultimate choice, or will she crumble beneath all of it?

Fantasy / Romance
Lσɾα †ïå
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Hello beautiful people,

Thank you so much for supporting me here on Inkitt, and thanks for reading, liking, commenting and reviewing! You guys are awesome!

Torrents of Fate is now published on Amazon, and I am super excited about my first self-published book, which is the first book in the Scarlet Moon Series.

Check the link on my profile to get a direct link to purchase Torrents of Fate, or you could simply search for it on Amazon. For now, unfortunately, only an excerpt with 10 chapters up.

The book two of the series is currently being written here on inkitt [weekly updates], so check it out. I will keep everyone update on promotions and all of that.

Once again, thanks for all of your support!


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