Trouble in Paradise

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How to bury a treasure

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In no time, the evening is upon us. Warm light filters through the curtains as I lay on my bed with a Link in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in the other. Sighing, I scheme through various articles talking about the most recent protests in Yivakla. Things are not going that well for Yiondelienne, it seems.

Last I heard people from that state were in favor of the Loyalists, which is completely crazy. What has gone into these people? Supporting the organization that has lend nothing but terror to the country...

These people want to be apart from Yiondelienne so much, they would do anything to achieve their goal. Siding with the Loyalists shouldn’t surprise me anymore.

This problem has been ongoing for ages yet nobody wants to put a stop to it, some people would rather complain all day than act and actually change something! On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Loyalists who chose to take everything into their own hands, forcing their beliefs upon everyone and dismantling those who oppose them.

Ugh, I should not be thinking about this; it isn’t doing me any good. Putting the Link on the side, I take one last sip of my hot chocolate before venturing out through the balcony door.

Memories of that night slither into my mind; I can still taste the fear in the air, the desperation.
Not long after the breach happened, the palace was put under constant lockdown, all schedules nulled, and work subdued.

Instead of helping - like it was supposed to, all it did was worsen the fear and anxiety, which, admittedly was always there, but it had grown to dangerous levels.

Some took advantage of the situation, dealt hurtful cards, which persisted for a long while. They called the crown ‘unfit to rule’ and sparked the rebellion once again, only this time the flames roared stronger, carried longer over land and burnt all those who were opposed against it.

My skin breaks into goosebumps just remembering it.

The palace has never been breached up until then; it makes me wonder just how did a plain civilian get past the gates? Hard to believe such an event could spark so much trouble.
I wish this balcony had greater memories... at least the view is beautiful.

The sun casts purple shadows over the city. The ocean rests just ahead, deep blue expanding endlessly, only seeming to stop at the line where the sky and ocean meet.

A gust of wind pushes against my shirt. It feels so good for, compared to the harsh and chilling wind of Elfia, this one feels warm and inviting.

Breathing feels easier, the colors look livelier; the ocean seems to be calling for me, and yet, I would rather not spend too much time here.

I would rather go back to Coldruin, knowing this experience was only a vacation and not something permanent. The thought of being stuck in Yiondelienne brings me even more chills.

Going back inside, it’s finally time to fish out whatever I have left in my backpack. I pull out a couple of snacks, which will not go uneaten, be sure of that, a few of my clothes that never made it into the luggage and – Oh, shit! I forgot I had shoved these here!

The souvenirs for mom and dad, they lay, neatly packed in a small paper bag, I should give it to them tonight. If you want to see their true beauty, bury them underground for at least an hour - right I guess I should do that first.

Where would be the best place to bury them though? The garden? I just hope no one comes snooping around and finds me digging in the garden. I don’t want to seem suspicious. Some would believe I’m hiding a great treasure or something – pff, only if.


The garden is as luxurious as ever. Small bushes, radiating from green to red to purple line around stone trails that lead into the proper garden.

Multiple fountains decorate the area while trees varying in sizes, some tall as the palace while other small enough to be in arms reach, are spread around the space.

Statues linger around the biggest fountain, depicting ancient warriors – Yomi and Boulnae alike, from before and after Yiondelienne’s conception.

Overgrown with moss and vines they give off a sense of mysticism to the garden, I guess that’s why they keep them around.

I already know where I’m burying the necklaces. My most favorite place in the entire garden, a small bench under an equally small tree, perched in a corner of the garden, shrouded from the clutter.

The perfect place to escape when you want to spend quality time with yourself, or in this case, burrow souvenirs.

Ah, no way! Nearing the tree, I spot a couple of small, blue-ish fruits hanging from one of the branches. I cannot contain myself when stretching my hand to grab the small delicacy.

Cia trees, beyond just being pretty to look at produce fruits named cia, which are considered the most flavored fruit around these parts.
They only grow in parts such as Yiondelienne, where the jungle has its domain.

Shit, I’m already salivating – breaking the hard peel surrounding the fruit is no easy feat. I try everything from digging my nails into the peel to throwing it against the tree, only for it to ricochet back and hit me instead.

Fortunately, a hard shove against the side of the bench has the cia splitting like a cracked skull.

It takes me no time to inhale the fruit – it’s so good! I swear these do not help with my sugar addiction. Too bad, there is nobody to stop me!
It does not take more than a minute for the cia to become one with my stomach.

Ugh, okay I came here for a reason – keep your head in the game Yuidan.

Dropping on my knees, I take out the small spoon I stole from the kitchen and start digging a small hole near the bench, haphazardly throwing dirt in every which direction.

No one should pass around these parts; it’s too far from the center of the garden, where all the action takes place. I should be fine...

Being as unfortunate as I am, I should have known something was prone to go wrong. While in the middle of my activity, I fail to notice the shadow moving behind me as it approaches slowly – “Your highness?”

I yelp when briskly turning around, causing dirt to fly all over my shirt and face. Ah, shit! Eyes widen, and clothes dirty, I stare at the Yomi standing before me.

A man, which looks to be in his 50′s glances down at my form with confusion evident in his eyes.

“Ah - you must be Yuidan...”

He caught me digging, didn’t he?
I can feel my face burning as I get up from the ground.

“Your parents told me you would be coming back from your...” he hesitates when continuing, “business trip, right?”

If there was a right response, it instantly slips my mind. I simply nod. “My name is Reginald Valdes, newly appointed prime minister” he extends an arm.

Huh? Prime minister? Hold on, am I missing something? The last one gave his demission just a few months ago, when did the election take place? Lords, I feel like I am in a completely different dimension.

When taking hold of his hand, albeit a little hesitantly, an unnerving feeling settles in my gut, which grows when he pulls his lips back in a toothy smile. “I hope to see you around, prince Yuidan”

He lets go of my hand, bows and turns to leave.


I’m shivering but not out of cold or fear, I’m shivering cause of these damn nerves. They really can’t give me a break, can they? Dinner is being served, and the entire family joins around the table.

This isn’t a normal occurrence. Usually, everyone eats separately in their own rooms or when schedules have finished. My parents have deemed tonight to be special though as they have summoned everyone for dinner.

The result is a very awkward meal.
Forks scrape against dishes, glasses refill with water and Analys chews with her mouth open.

The only overt interaction between us is when Lael and I share secret glances – I show my obvious discomfort while he signals for me to start a conversation.

I do not want to be the chatty one though! Especially not when I have so much on my mind... I fear if I start talking that everything might spill out of my mouth.

My hands start sweating, what should I say? What is the correct way to start a conversation? Should I just – the sound of metal clinging against the ground breaks my train of thought.
“Sorry everyone” Lael chuckles, “I dropped my fork-”

“-I want to go back to Coldruin”

The words spill out of my mouth. There, I said it! There is an instantaneous feeling of relief, which only lasts for a couple of seconds before anxiety settles in – Oh shit, why did I say that!

Nervously biting at my own lip, I watch for everyone’s reaction. Nerves build up as mom stares befuddled at me, dad frowns so damn hard his bushy eyebrows completely shadow his eyes and Tori leans over the table with an incredulous look.

Lael on the other hand takes his sweet time picking up his fork and leaning back against his seat, all the while wearing a smug look on his face. That asshole knew what he was doing!

Ellis speaks first. “You’ve got to be kidding me”

“I... I have been thinking about this for a while and I really want to go back-”

“But you’ve only just arrived” Mom interrupts me, “when did you even? – what has gotten into you?”

“Three months ago you were begging us not to send you there” dad butts into the conversation. “And now you want to go back?”

My voice shakes when I respond. “That was three months ago! Before I arrived at Coldruin and found a purpose there”

“A purpose” dad snorts, “What kind of purpose, to become a soldier?”

It is my turn to stare befuddled at them now, because, no matter how much I would like to yell and tell them yes there is something holding me back.

I do not have time to respond though, seeing as Ellis continues with his idiocy, “You, a soldier? Come on Yuidan...”

“Why not?”

Ellis chuckles “look at you-”
Look at me, what is that supposed to mean?

“W-what is wrong with me? Huh?” I push my meal back, sending it to the other side of my table. “Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?”

Something ticks within me. Fire spreads through my entire body, it courses through my veins. When Tori speaks again, I feel it blaze in my stomach.

“You’re not made to become a soldier,” Ellis almost yells.

That is all it takes for me to lose my calm. “You can’t tell me what to do!” My legs carry me up so fast the chair I was previously seating in falls backward.

“Yuidan!” Mom raises to her feet as well.

He doesn’t know anything about me, he would rather speak for my behalf than I for myself! Thankfully, I find a semblance of calm within me when arms circle around my shoulders. Gently pulling me backward.

“Let’s go” Lael’s voice brings me back from my rage.

The air is thick and laced with anger. Food smears the table and chairs clutter the ground. Three pairs of eyes stare at me, they look confused and, for a moment even remorseful.


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