Trouble in Paradise

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There are five elements known to Soulfolk, air, water, fire, earth and aether. Research into these elements has allowed us to understand how the world functions, behaves, and why it does so while opening a window into a new field of research, Elemental Kinesis.

Our innate ability to manipulate air, water, earth and fire is still under the gaze of occult knowledge, with shreds of truth alongside myths spread around many cultures, most of them without proper scientific explanation.

While we do understand the fact that Elemental Kinesis, bending as it is newly called, is governed by a chakra-based system, we cannot divulge deeper into this field, might this be because of our limited understanding of the Universe or other unknown factors.

One thing stands for sure; our understanding of the elements is coincidental with our understanding of ourselves as indigenous to this planet.

Sitting cross-legged on my warm blanket, resting an arm on a fluffy pillow, I’m about to fall asleep. The class could not have been more boring. The notebook rested on my lap serves no purpose.

Everything that I have learned today about the elements is that we, in fact, know nothing about them. What a shock. I groan as the teacher’s words come back to me; if you would like to pass this semester, I suggest you start researching the elements in your own time.

That old hag had no right in saying that. I mean, seriously! Why bother teaching if we need to do the research ourselves. Now I understand what Jordynn meant earlier in the park. Oh, Lords, I’m totally screwed, aren’t I?

As if the Universe decided to respond, the door bursts open in the most ungraceful manner with Jordynn walking in clutching a mountain of books in his grasp.

“Woah” I quickly jump to his aid, taking some of his load in my own hands. “Where the hell did you get all these books?” I peak at some of the covers; mathematics, biology and other subjects that do not interest me. At least not in this moment. After throwing all of his books on the bed and catching his breath, Jordynn goes on to explain, “From the library, you know, the big old looking building?”

There’s a library? Why am I so surprised, of course there is. Jordynn must have caught on to my surprise for he mentions, “How do you think we do all the research?”

“Through the Link?” I shrug.

He quickly shakes his head, “these books are free, you can take them to your room for a couple of days” That seems convenient, although I doubt they would let me leave with as many books as Jordynn did. When confronting him about it, he winked and told me “I have secrets of my own”.

I bet he’s a teacher’s pet. Looking back to the notebook laying on my bed, I decided that maybe it’s time to visit this library, who knows I might actually learn something. And so, my adventure towards the library began. Even with Jordynn’s directions, I still got lost along the way, taking a wrong turn and ending up at the cafeteria, but in the end, I still managed.

An imposing building lays before me. Reaching two stories in height, the library looks like a renovated historical building, with intricate details edged into stone walls. Stained glass covers a portion of the entrance with pillars leading all the way to double doors. As beautiful as the outside structure looks, the inside is even more spectacular.

A slight gasp leaves my lips as I take in the large, open space consisting of a wide corridor lined with statues of what I could only consider historic figures. A circular room waits ahead with hundreds of bookshelves spread around. From a distance, it looks like a labyrinth made out of books. People are spread in the library, some resting on sofas and other silently studying on desks.

At the end of the room, double stairs make their way towards the other two stories ahead. In between the stairs, a reception desk awaits. I am officially impressed. What kind of budget does this academy have? This is insane! It almost reminds me of home... almost.

Deciding to not waste any more time on admiring the architecture, I jump straight to the point and sprint-walk towards the reception. A small bell rests on the desk and I ring it. Nothing happens. Several minutes pass and yet, the librarian has still to show up.

I sigh and take a better look at the library. This place is huge; hopefully, it won’t take me ages to find a book of interest. I guess I could start searching through the science category; there must be something about the elements there.

Back home I never really frequented the library, even though we have a grand one next to the palace – I found buying books through the Link to be easier. No need to encounter people. The author gets their money and I get peace of mind, it’s a win, win!

“Hi!” I swiftly turn around, startled by the person behind the counter.

Lords... way to give me a heart attack!

“Hello-” my voice falls flat as I notice the Yomi standing before me. Blonde locks of hair fall around her shoulder, where a loose braid brings it all together. Her blue eyes stare back at me with much less surprise.

Judging by the tone of her skin, she must be from Yiondelienne. There’s a tightness in my chest. Lord, stop worrying Yuidan – I’m safe, she’s not a spy, not everyone is here to get me... “Where, um- where can I find a b-book about, um, the elements?”

The girl furrows her brows as she grabs a Link from below the desk. “Can you be more specific, please?”

What am I even searching for? The teacher did not even begin to explain what we should research. It’s been just one class and I already feel like despising her.


“Got it” she nods and begins scrolling through the device. It takes her no more than a few seconds to come up with an answer. “You’ll find books about kinesis on the first floor, at the very right corner of the room” she drops the Link, “It’s near the big, round desks – you really can’t miss it”

Yeah, I don’t know about the missing part. Still, I quickly thank her and run towards the stairs. The temptation to peek behind my shoulders, to see if perhaps she is staring at me, nearly takes over.

I have to reaffirm to myself that I am, in fact, okay. I don’t want to be near Yomi ever again. This kind of fear, a fear that I never knew I had in me, it was becoming too much. Sighing, I push these grim thoughts at the back of my head. Now it’s not the time nor the place for such ideas.

Jogging up the stair, I swiftly make my way into another room, this one smaller with fewer bookshelves laying around. The atmosphere here feels calmer, hushed voices and the sound of pages turning.

Traversing through rows of shelves, I manage to find the little spot that the librarian spoke about. Round desks placed against a wall with a few bookshelves placed around them. Here we go.

The first book I come about reads the energetic body, not exactly what I’m looking for but might be worth a read. The next few books detail the chakra system and their relation to the physical body yadi yada – nothing explicitly about kinesis.

I find a book about the different races on Soulma, what is it even doing here? This is the metaphysics section. Lord, people need to be more organized. Taking the book off the bookshelf, I’m planning on bringing it to the right place. That’s when I notice, laying at the end of the shelf, the book I’ve looking for.

Before I can properly grasp it, another hand gets a grip on the book. My eyes travel to the Elfian girl beside me. She immediately lets go of the book and so do I.

“Oh! I’m sorry, you can take it”

She shakes her head, “No, no – you take it”

“No, you can take it” I repeat.

“You sure?”


“Is that an answer or a question?”

My lips seal shut. I really want that book, it’s alright though, I can always come back for it another time. Her brown eyes stare into my own; she runs a hand through her short curls – “Why don’t we just share it?”

Taken aback I can only nod and replicate the smile that stretches on her lips. A few moments later we are sited at one of the round desks with the book rested in between us.

“The metaphysics of kinesis” she hums.

The book is detailed enough that we are both submerged in its contents. Quick glances are shared between us but no spoke words. She takes a pen and underlines important aspects such as the chakras and their connection to the elements.

The seven-chakra system is responsible for the balance and functionality of our elemental kinetic abilities. Simply put, individual or groups of chakras control an aspect of our ‘bending’ abilities:

The root and the heart chakra nest aspects of the earth element, as they represent survival, strength, and love.

The element of fire is found in the sacral chakra and the solar plexus; they embody passion, emotion, and creativity.

The element of water is based in the higher chakras; such as the throat, heart, and third eye chakra – a display of healing, awareness, and communication.

The highest energetic points present in our bodies, the third eye and crown chakra are home to the element of air, which represents intuition, spirituality, and intelligence.

Damn it, I knew I should have brought a pen and paper with me. Even though this information is not outstanding, it’s still something schools don’t usually touch upon. Or, at least not the ones in Yiondelienne. Quite strange that the academy is bringing attention to this stuff.

“Well, that was informative” the girl leans back in the chair. “So... what’s your name?” she asks.

I can feel the corners of my mouth stretch to a smile – “Yue, I’m Yue. You?”

“Allura” she shoots her arm forwards, clasping mine in a handshake. “I think I’ve seen you in class earlier”

“Elements class, really?” she nods.

“You seemed pretty concentrated”

“Yeah well... I have never paid much attention to the theoretical part of bending. It’s always been training for me”

Allura smiles as she bends forwards. “Me neither!” Her fingers drum on the book, “I’ve always loved bending, I mean, it’s awesome! Who wouldn’t love it?”

“I know of some people...” An image of my brother comes to mind. Ugh, he never really cared for bending or anything of the matter. Allura shakes her head.

“Crazy people-”

Silence falls upon us. Allura checks out the rest of the book, slowly turning the pages only to read a paragraph or two before moving forwards. This cannot be the only book about kinesis, I’m sure of it. It might be the most detailed though – it’s so thick! And heavy, Lords.

“Are you going to take the book back to your room?” Allura suddenly asks.

“I- I mean, if you want to... you can take it”

Her mouth twists to the side, she stares at me for a second – “You’re either indecisive or too much of a pushover”

A cringed sound leaves my lips. Damn it, she is right. “I just- don’t want to upset anyone” Again, she shakes her head.

“Tell you what, I’ll take the book back to my dorm and you can come to take it whenever you need it. Our next class is in... three days, I think, so you can come to pick it up by then”

Taking out her notebook, she rips a piece of paper and writes something on it before sliding it over to me. Block 7, ap 14. Looking back to her, she’s smiling. “Sounds like a plan?”

“Yeah, a plan”


At the front of the library, just outside the doors, Tori stands with a worried expression. I cannot begin to tell you the way my brows shot up when noticing him standing there.

“Tori? What the hell are you doing here?” I rush into his arms. He chuckles before pushing back. He looks tired, with bags weighting under his eyes.

“I brought you a new Link, remember?” Oh, shit! Right!

“Awh... Tori” I cannot help but hug him back. It has been just one day since he left and yet, it felt like an eternity.

When pulling the Link from his backpack, he goes on to say, “I looked for you everywhere. First at the dorms then through the campus, until I met that roommate of yours”

“Which one?”

He thinks for a moment. “The blonde one – the Boulnae” Ah! Jordynn.

“He told me I’d find you at the library”

A chuckle escapes my lips, “I don’t think you would have found me in there, it’s so big Tori! And so cool”

His face turns to a grimace. “Not as big as the one back home” Oh no, this again... “I’m serious; this place has nothing on Aizza”

“Sure Tori... whatever you say”

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