Trouble in Paradise

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Not so aggressive!

It has been two weeks since the library. The once bright and sunny sky has turned dull and cloudy. Rain threatens to fall as I run from the dorms to the training grounds. Fallen leaves crunch under my feet when sprinting through the park – summertime is fleeing away. With each day, the heat disperses more and more.

I hate wearing long-sleeved shirts. I’m more of a T-shirt type of guy, feeling my arms free and exposed, unfortunately, there is nothing but the bitter cold for my arms to be exposed to.

These past two weeks were spent concentrating on classes and exploring the academy, which keeps on surprising me! There is this huge greenhouse beyond the school, in which they teach Botanics and Herbology classes. I didn’t even know they offered such classes!

There is one thing I’m quite disappointed in though; Kinesis’ class has been ‘temporally’ postponed because apparently our teacher suffered a grave injury. The poor guy broke his arm. He was taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital, scary stuff. Where did I gate all that information from? You’d be surprised, Taillon knows everything about everyone, he’s the one people follow for the drama.

A few moments later, I’m standing in the middle of a makeshift ring, marked by white paint and four cones placed on each corner. Sweat and dirt cake my skin. It’s hard to breathe, I raise my fists above my chest.

The girl in front stares; she mirrors my movements, raising her firsts in a stance. We are circling each other. Her stare alone could drill a hole inside me, thankfully though, that’s about the only menacing thing about her.

Èvie is the one to approach first, the one to throw the first blow. As always, she moves slow and methodical. I slap both her fists away before jamming a finger in her gut. She stumbles back in a fit of giggles, breaking the immersion.

“Damn it Yue! Don’t do that!” she screeches.

I shrug, “I’m just protecting myself”

She crosses her arms, throwing me a stern glare, “that wasn’t part of the training, you made that move up!”

“Uh-uh, I took advantage of the situation” I totally improvised. Can you blame me? My parents are politicians, improvising is in my blood.

Èvie’s face is all scrunched up, murmuring something about ‘talking bullshit’. I cannot help but burst out in laughter.

A roll of her eyes has me almost in tears. She throws wavy locks of hair behind her shoulder, snapping her tongue. Elongated ears twitch when mumbling out– “Why must I be so ticklish...”

Before I can get the chance of coming down from my laughing fit, a heavy hand lands on my shoulder. My laughter dies out in an instant. Èvie’s eyes widen when staring at the instructor behind me. I’m almost too afraid to turn around, but I do so, tantalizingly slow.

A weathered face comes into view, a buff Boulnae stands before me. He could probably throw me across the training ground without as much as breaking a sweat. As if on reflex, I step away leaving his hand to fall from my shoulder.

“Minong, Kämpfer” he growls. “What the hell are you doing?”

“W-we were practicing, sir!” Èvie yells.

“Were you? ’cause it didn’t look like it to me”

“What did it look like then?” The words simply spill out of my mouth. I do not even realize I just said that until after it happens. I swear when I say Èvie’s eyes have never been wider. I’m no better myself, practically on the verge of pissing my pants when he turns to stare at me.

“It looked like two dumb-witted kids playing on the field! That’s what it looked like!” Hands firm on his hips, he barks – “Show me your stances!”

Quickly, we scurry to get into place. Èvie stumbles in front of me. Her hand wipes at the sweat building on her forehead. The instructor blows his whistle. Èvie comes with quick steps, she throws a punch, which I easily slap back followed by the second blow, narrowly blocked by my forearm.

Èvie must have noticed an opening for she comes forward, throwing a blow that lands on my neck. Shit! Eyes widened, I stumble back, nearly tripping over my own feet. I can only cough as tears brim my eyes. What the hell!

“Oh shit!” Èvie comes running, “are you alright? I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize-”

“It’s fine” I choke out, “I’m alright”

“Kämpfer! Do that one more time and you’re out! Have you forgotten you’re in training?”

“I-I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again” Èvie stares at the ground, her face flushed and clearly embarrassed.

“Èvie I’m fine, really,” I say once my lungs give way to even breaths. “It was an accident” she brings her gaze towards me, slowly nodding. Our instructor doesn’t seem to share the same opinion though as he approaches with a Link in his grasp.

“Two points reduced for not following orders” huh? we both stare in confusion until he speaks again - “points taken from Kämpfer” O hell, I hate this point-based system, it feels so... objectifying. Even though it was not me who got penalized, I can feel Èvie’s pain.

“Sir I don’t think she-”

“-your stance was wrong” he doesn’t let me finish.

“What? I-I mean, excuse me?”

“Your stance was wrong, that’s why you got hit” walking over to me, he grabs both of my shoulders and presses down so that I am slightly hunched. “Move your dominant leg back, this will help you maintain balance”


“Let’s see- I’m going to push, try to resist,” he says before pushing against my chest. I try to keep my feet grounded but to no avail, I’m skidding across the ground before finding my self on the said ground. Ouch, my ass hurts.

The instructor bites his lips and shakes his head. Is he holding in a laugh? He’s laughing at me! Incredible. “You need to work on your stance. No point reduced though, keep up the work”

I’m tempted to talk back while Èvie lifts me up the ground. But I know better, don’t need any lectures from this guy.

“Alright, step into the center one last time. Let’s make this count. Minong, check your stance and Kämpfer... less aggressive please”

“Less aggressive, Kämpfer” I mumble when leaning in.

“Oh shut up”


Apparently, there is a party taking place in the academy. Some sort of homecoming but hosted by the students. I’m guessing it’s taking place in one of the blocks because the academy sure isn’t paying for any of it.

This theory is proven correct when stepping into my apartment block. Music echoes through the halls, the walls, and windows vibrate with an intensity that comes from above. Seriously? Is this going to last all night? It would have not been that bad if I were even the slightest interested in partying, but I’m not... no way in hell. Especially not right now when filth covers the majority of my skin and clothes.

Stepping into my room, I notice Noreen sitting on his bed, pulling a pair of vibrant colored socks on his feet. They really don’t match his personality...

Stepping around my bed, I grab a towel and change of clothes before rushing towards the bathroom. If there is one good thing about this party, is that the first-floor bathroom is empty, I’m guessing everyone is busy dancing or... whatever people do while partying. What do people do at a party?

Why are shower thoughts so weird and profound? I don’t know but at least they keep me occupied while showering. When coming back into the room, I notice Noreen is now fully dressed and ready to go.

“Are you coming to the party?” he asks when stepping around his bed. I jump on mine, falling face flat on the mattress. My response comes in the form of a groan.

Noreen chuckles before shifting over to me, crawling on my bed, and effectively invading my personal space. “Are you sure? You might find someone worth your while” he wiggles his brows.

“Ugh, what is that supposed to mean?”

“You know what I mean” he smirks before patting my shoulder with a chuckle.

Surprisingly, Noreen has been warming up to me. Not only has he became more talkative but his resting bitch face has somehow... softened? I don’t know how to explain it. He isn’t as intimidating as before, that’s for sure.

I shout as a harsh push has me falling out of bed. Ugh, he might not be intimidating but he’s cretainly a relentless tease.

“What the hell is wrong with you!”

Noreen’s chuckle has transformed into maniacal laughter. “I had to – I just had too” I suddenly miss introverted Noreen.

After the ‘bully’ leaves, sleep finally calls for me. Parties are overrated, sleep, however, is not. As soon as the sheets are on me it feels like I’m in heaven. Tense muscles finally relax, the aches all around my body lessen to the point when they are but dull throbs.

Before sleep can fully take me though, the Link starts screeching and vibrating on the side of the bed. Oh, come on! Can’t I have some peace and quiet? Am I asking for too much?

Apparently yes, Yuidan is asking for too much, lol!

This chapter had originally around 2900 words, which is incredibly long! So I had to split it into two parts. The second part is up and ready to read, so I'll see you there!

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