Trouble in Paradise

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Apparently not because minutes later, I’m sitting cross-legged on Allura’s bed, surrounded by drinks and snacks. I pop a piece of chocolate in my mouth when Allura groans, stretching her arms. “I hate combat so much, my arms are killing me!”

Èvie sits across the bed with a bottle of water at her lips. At the mention of combat training, her eyes widen. “Same!” she throws her head back. “Today I practiced with Yue... the number of times that instructor made us repeat the same moves is just incredible, right?” her head snaps towards me.

I nod while in mid-chew.

“You guys have it worst though” Allura chuckles, which prompts Èvie, and I to stare at her.

“With your classes and all-”

“What?” I ask, “Don’t we have the same classes?”

Allura shakes her head. “I already finished school; there’s no need for me to repeat the same classes again”

“Woah hold on. So you’re telling me you don’t have classes like literature or... maths?” Èvie shivers at the mere mention of mathematics. I had forgotten how different our school systems where.

“You take intensive classes instead, right?” Èvie asks.

“Yeah, which aren’t any better than maths, by the way”

I snort out loud. “No way”

“Yes way!” Allura chuckles, before asking me. “Aren’t you both sixteen?”

I’m not sixteen, but Yue is. Remembering all the details about Yue should be an easy task, but it’s not. It takes one simple slip, and my cover could be blown - or I would just end up looking like a compulsive liar, which is equally as bad!

Aren’t I already a compulsive liar, though? All I’ve been doing since arriving at the academy is lying. Lying about my parents, about my life, my age... About everything! Repulse starts growing within me. I really am just an awful person, aren’t I?

It shouldn’t matter. In a couple of months, I’ll be out of here an anyways, out of harm’s way and in the comfort of my house. The thought of home should bring me calm, unfortunately, it does not. No matter how much I lie to myself, I can still feel the growing displease in my gut.

“Yeah, I’m... I’m sixteen”

Allura’s lips stretch into a smile, completely unaware of the person sitting in front of her, the lie presented to her... “trust me when I tell you, you’re going to wish you had mathematics and biology instead of intensive classes.”

“Hey! How about me?” Èvie cries out. She pouts when saying, “I’m also going to join you guys in the intensive classes. We’ll be stuck together, forever and ever”

Allura shakes her head, “Oh Lords no, that can’t be!” Laughter bubbles in my chest. Èvie lurches forward, clasping Allura in a tight grip. They both fall to the ground.

“Yue, help!”

I pop another piece of chocolate in my mouth, hoping to soothe the turmoil within me, and for a few moments, it works.


Moments later, we are having an existential crisis. I’m stuffing myself with food while Allura and Èvie are pouring their hearts out. Now, this is what I call a party! There is music coming from the Link below, soft but helps with the silence.

“Why did you join the academy?” Allura asks to no one in particular.

When no one answers, she switches her gaze to me. “Well, Yue?”

My answer comes out half-assed “W-well I just thought it would be nice and all...”

“I wouldn’t describe the academy as nice,” Èvie adds.

There is a moment of thought. What should I say? Why did I – or rather Yue, join the academy? I supposedly have two loving parents, no one to truly motivate me into coming to the academy. Supposed that applies to my real life as well. Even so, I don’t know what to answer.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with my life besides following my parent’s path. I guess searching for that ‘something’ lead me here”

Allura nods, taking a sip of her juice. Her stare shifts over to Èvie who is suddenly fidgeting. Her hands keep moving about. She twists them in her lap and runs them through her hair. Her mouth opens and closes as if at a loss of words.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to answer,” I quickly add.

“It’s okay... Honestly, I didn’t even want to come to the academy” the words spill out, accompanied by a humorless laugh. “I just didn’t want to disappoint my family, I guess that’s it.” she shoves a handful of chips in her mouth.

Allura and I simply nod our heads. My eyes travel to hers in a narrowed gaze. She awkwardly smiles when shrugging. Èvie’s predicament reminds me of my own. Although I spoke some truth back then, I had no intention of leading on to the truth; I did not want to come to the academy, in fact, I despised the idea.

I’m guessing Èvie is still working things out with her parents, I doubt she’d be here otherwise. Allura clears her throat, breaking my train of thought. “So... um, want to know why I entered the academy?”

We both nod.

“Well, where should I start?” Allura scratches her head.

“The beginning” I snicker.

“I always wanted to join a police academy. My father wasn’t very supportive of that, he actually hated the idea,” she laughs as if it’s a nice memory. “Eventually he had no choice but to cave in. I never thought I’d end up at Coldruin though! Never in a million years”

“But – why did you join Coldruin, if you never wanted to?” Èvie asks.

Allura plays with a lock of her own hair when responding, “I had a fight with dad, it was pretty brutal. But that’s when I found out my mother used to attend this school”

“No way...” I gasp, much too invested in this story.

Allura nods, “yep, she studied here! She didn’t get to graduate though... not long before finishing the third year she got pregnant with me”

“She must have been young” Èvie scooches over to her, silently beckoning me to do the same. She grabs Allura’s hand, “I’m sorry for your mother”

Allura quickly shakes her head, “No, it’s okay. I’ve never had the chance of meeting her so it doesn’t hurt that much”

“I’m sure she was an amazing woman” My hand finds Allura’s. Our fingers intertwine; it feels like we are having a moment. My point is proved further by Allura saying – “We’re having a moment guys, a moment!”

I immediately let go of her hand. “Not any longer”

“Hey! That’s mean!” Èvie yells, yet cannot stop the smile pulling at her lips. I shrug with a smile of my own.

“Guys... I know this was fun and all, but we need to clean up this mess” Oh Lords. We really ended up trashing Allura’s room. “Before my roommates come back...”

Plastic wraps litter the ground followed by traces of chips and popcorn – “You stained my sheets!” Allura yells, pointing at the chocolate stain next to me.

“Oh! Oops”

“You’re cleaning that up yourself”

“Hey, you invited us over, remember?”

Hello readers!

What is your opinion on Yuidan? Is he right to belittle himself like that? Or should he feel remorseful when lying to his friends?

It’s a very tricky situation, and it requires a lot of thought... We shall see how Yuidan deals with his emotions in the next chapters. Thank you for reading!

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