Trouble in Paradise

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Danhy Cian, not a friend but neither a foe. Since the moment I laid my eyes on him, I thought he looked familiar. Something about him... I have felt before. His stare, the anxiety - now I remember, his physique appears fogged in my mind, but I see him in the cafeteria – my first day at Coldruin.

I’m pretty sure there have been more instances when I met him that I cannot remember, but that’s fine. It’s not like I have much time to think either way, not when I’m about to go toe to toe with him. Not when my legs feel like noodles and my stomach feels like lurching out.

Danhy steps into the ring. I try to shake the nerves away, jumping on my toes and throwing my hands like that is going to help. Dozens of eyes watch intently as Danhy steps in front of me, calm and collected. How does he do that? How can he look so unbothered? Especially when there are so many staring at us...

Before the proper examination starts, professor Mika has some words to say. “This is the last round of today’s examination. Should I repeat the rules?”

Without even thinking about it, I nod my head.

“Alright... The examinees must present their water kinesis skills in a battle of wits. Whoever steps out of the ring, either that be purposeful or forcefully, will be immediately eliminated and the opponent will win extra points” Mika sighs, reading of his Link rather lazily.

“However, if someone is to sustain physical damage, points will be extracted from the opponent who inflicted those specific damages. At the end of the probe, the professor will administer points based on the correct stances, attitude, form, and ingenuity the examinee’s present”

A shuddered breath escapes my lips. It manages to calm me down a little – meaning I am no longer vibrating. Instead, my focus is now fully on Danhy, who seems just as pivoted as I am, or maybe even more so.

The moment Mika blows his whistle, my heart nearly leaps out of my chest. There is a moment of utter silence in which neither of us makes a move. The only feeling is that of the chill and the cold wind nipping at our exposed skin.

In a second, faster than I can even realize, Danhy is on the move. My muscles painfully clench in anticipation as he leaps towards the pond and bends a chug of water in my direction, which I easily avoid. What I do not expect is more water lurching towards me.

I yell as strong jet strikes my left arm and other thrusts into my raised forearm, sending me a few feet back. Shit, that really hurt! I have but one moment to catch my breath before Danhy lurches water in my direction again. This time though, I’m more prepared.

Focusing on my technique, I bend my knees and keep my hands relaxed – when the water approaches, I take control of it and manage to send it splashing on the ground.

Danhy looks a little taken aback.

We are now circling each other. Hands raised, ready to bend or block any attacks coming our way. I am inching towards the pond, ready to send some spurts of water his way, before he decides it is a good time to attack.

Damn it! I’m not near enough to the pond to pick up some water. I am stuck on defense mode! Unfortunately for me, Danhy’s attacks are about to become even more sporadic. The Boulnae bends a big puddle of water in front of him, my eyes widen when he directs that huge blob towards me.

Oh, shit! I barely dodge when a strong string of water whips the ground. What the hell is he doing?! I keep on dodging and dodging as he uses the water as whips, feeling their force when hitting against the earth – I’m in trouble.

A sudden sharp pain shoots through my leg. “Ah!” I yell, bending a whip away from nearly cracking my skull. Sharp needles wrap around my ankle, the pain coming in waves. When the next hit comes, my hands lurch forward, and in a fit of determination; the water splashes midair and onto Danhy’s face.

He stumbles back for a moment, a moment that I take full advantage of by retrieving some water and using his technique against him. A whip of water strikes against Danhy’s jaw, sending him backward, almost tripping over his own feet. I cannot stop the smile that perches on my lips, neither the satisfaction from having hit him. That satisfaction quickly turns into fright though, when noticing his angered expression.

Even though the pain is barely tolerable, I run away from the mad man. I will not let him take me out, even if I never manage to disqualify him. At least I put up a good fight. I better have passed the exam!

Danhy’s eyes flash to my ankle for a quick second. The next moments happen in a flash, one second I am leaping away from an attack, and the next I am pinned to the ground.

W-what? A cold chill spreads through my leg. Looking downwards, my hurt ankle is stuck in a cast of ice, successfully frozen to the ground. I barely have time to witness Danhy’s smug expression before he sends spurts of water into my gut, successfully breaking the hold on my leg and sending me flying way past the line.

I fall, unceremoniously on the harsh ground, feeling skin being ripped apart by the dirt below as I skid out of the ring. I can barely yell as the pain registers and the banana I had for breakfast nearly comes back out.

“Oh my god!” Someone yells.

I simply lay there, staring at the sky, still in shock over what happened. Quick steps and ushered voices follow. Someone catches hold of my arm as the crowd encircles us. “Yue! Are you alright?” The professor asks.

“I- I think so?” A pained groan leaves me as my arms are lifted off the ground. Blood drips from my forearm onto the dirt. Oh no... I cannot look.

It stings, bloody hell it stings!

Mika sighs. He shakes his head before turning to Danhy. The smug expression he once wore is gone, now replaced by a panicked look. After the hell he just gave me, I wish I were happy to see his panicked face. But I’m not. Instead, an unnerving feeling snakes its way into my gut.

Maybe that banana really is coming out.

“Someone take him to the infirmary!” Mika barks.

“I- I’ll take him” Both mine and Mika’s eyes widen as Danhy steps forward. “I’ll take him to the infirmary,” he repeats, which makes that unnerving feeling even stronger.

Mika’s eyes shift from mine to Danhy’s. When noticing no one else volunteers, he gives in. “Fine... Danhy, take him to the infirmary” he nods. “But come back when you have finished, we need to talk”


The walk towards the infirmary is anything but comfortable. Awkwardness hangs in the air, especially when Danhy lets me lean on him, his arm around my torso.

His eyes are distant and head hung low. Does he feel bad? Is that what it is? I really cannot tell with him - I haven’t spent that much time with the guy to learn all of his mannerisms. When looking at him, that feeling in my gut comes back full force.

“Hey...” I say, bringing his attention to me. “I- ugh... you fought well” The words tumble out of my mouth.

“Yeah, I know” He responds. Barely sparing me a single look.

Wow... What a way to kill the conversation. Still, I press on.

“I didn’t expect you to fling me out the ring, though”

This time, an actual chuckle escapes him. “I got in trouble for it”

Another round of silence follows. Great... Thankfully, it does not last long as I seem to have captured his interest – “How did you hurt your ankle?”

“What?” I whip my head in his direction. His eyes now focused on mine. Black curls fall over his chocolate eyes; I am just realizing how untamed his hair is. It sticks out from several places; the sides of his head are shaven though, leaving a mess of curls atop his head.

“How did you hurt your ankle?” He asks again, much slower this time, as if he is speaking with a toddler. I purse my lips when answering.

“I fell on my way to class...”

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but certainly not this - Danhy goes through a rollercoaster of emotions. First, His brows furrow, then his lips turn upwards in a smile before ending in a forced straight line. He is struggling not to laugh! What an asshole!

“You’re laughing!”

“No, I’m not” he looks away so that his expressions are hidden. Even so, a suppressed chuckle escapes him. And he still thinks he’s smug...

“You definitely are- ouch!” Pain surges yet again through my ankle, so much so that I’m no longer able to put any pressure on it. And just when my cheeks had finally cooled down and regained their color, Danhy decides to pick me up bride style.

Bridal style!!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I screech as he effortlessly swoops me in his arms. My face warms up to the point when I feel the skin burning! Oh, Lords, what is he doing? When trying to protest again, Danhy sends me a death glare, basically telling me to shut up.

“Since you decided to render yourself useless, I’m helping you. You should be thankful”

Seeing no way out of this, I hesitantly lock my hands around his neck, not before checking if anyone is watching, of course.

Hello readers!

What were your opinions on Yuidan and Danhy’s fight? Was Danhy too harsh? Perhaps... or maybe he was playing fair and Yuidan was just too unprepared.

Anyways that bridal style pick up tho!! If I were in Yuidan’s place I would have reacted the same way lol! Only with much more embarrassment.

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