The Dragonstone Defenders Series, Book 2: Tides Turn, Heat Rises, Rocks Fall

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Chapter 11-The War of the United Armies

Yet Firesong bit Red Blood’s tail.

“Ahhhhh!” he wailed as more blood oozed out.

Firesong gargled with water I shot at her.

“Ew! Blood tastes terrible!” she sputtered. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my life! My teeth hurt! You have such thick scales!”

“Well, you saved us Firesong,” I avered.

“The necklace! Where’s the necklace!” screamed Red Blood.

We burst into action in search of the necklace. It was a race to see who could find it. I saw Firesong fly southeast out of the cave. I knew why.

“Rock, Firesong has the necklace. Let’s keep General Red Blood busy,” I whispered.

He nodded with a mischievous smile on his face. He possessed a plan.

“Oops!!!” he declared loudly as he crushed a rock with his paw. “Was that the necklace? I think I stepped on it!”

“AH! No you fools! Why I’ll--no, wait! That wasn’t it! Ha! You think your little distraction would work on me?”

I tossed a stick into the air with my tail and sent it flying at Red Blood’s face. It hit him.

“Well, if that distraction didn’t, that did! You flinched! Haha!” I laughed.

And so the battle of distractions lasted for about ten minutes…. until Red Blood noticed Firesong was missing. He flew out of the cave with the two of us in pursuit.

Firesong had made it out of the United Clan and was heading towards the Enchanted Volcano. We could see her in the distance. Red Blood was speedily chasing after her. It was up to Rockstorm and I to slow him down, let alone catch up. Hence, I flew under him and head butted him in the ribs. Rockstorm followed my lead.

“What are you imbeciles doing!?” shouted Red Blood.

“Don’t worry, that should bruise up nicely,” I replied cheekily.

Red Blood swished his tail back and forth at us. It got Rockstorm in the head and he plummeted to the ground. I dove and saved him from a crushing land. Yet Red Blood was far ahead now. There was no way we could catch up.

“Are you ok, Rock?” I asked him.

“Yeah, just dizzy. My head’s throbbing,” he moaned.

“Turn into a human and I’ll carry you on my back,”

He did and we soared after the others.

Firesong heard intense flapping and then felt someone bite her in the neck. She shrieked. She plunged to the ground and crashed into a heap of boulders. She didn’t move. Red Blood took the necklace and kicked her. She was out.

I saw Firesong hit the rocks and felt something inside of me that I had scarcely felt before. All I knew now was that I wanted to rip Red Blood to shreds! I zoomed towards Red Blood with renewed energy. Rockstorm was feeling better and turned back into a dragon and flew towards Red Blood. He shot rocks around Firesong to build a wall of protection. I snuck up behind Red Blood and showered him with the largest tidal wave I could muster. He sank to the ground and we followed him there. I snatched the necklace from the unconscious Red Blood. We were at the Enchanted Volcano. We checked Firesong, she was alive, just unconscious.

“You want to do the honors?” I asked Rockstorm.

“Oh, alright,”

He flew up to the lava. I kept an eye on Red Blood to make sure he didn’t interfere. He opened his eyes and saw Rockstorm.

“No! The necklace!” he hollered. Must-get-”

I doused him with water. He fell down in a heap.

“Lights out for you, general!” I said triumphantly.

Rockstorm dropped the necklace in the lavafall. It shone a purple light as it sizzled away. When it finished dissolving, purple essence passed through all the land. The aura woke up Firesong, she looked dizzy and weak. Rockstorm flew down to join us. The necklace was finally destroyed.

“I remember where the grove of magical plants is. Let’s go get some Remedium Bulbdroxima for Firesong,” he suggested.

“What’s going on?” murmured Firesong as she turned into a human again.

We transformed as well.

“I’ll stay with Firesong and keep an eye on General Red Blood. Do you mind getting some Remedium Bulbdroxima for all of us? I’m going to be sore tomorrow,”

“Sure thing!” agreed Rockstorm as he left.

“Come on, Firesong, let’s go to the volcano before Red Blood wakes up,” I suggested as I helped her up.

“Ok, what’s the matter with him?” she asked as she pointed at Red Blood.

“Oh, uh, I don’t know, some weirdo knocked him out,” I said sarcastically.

Firesong smiled. “Must have been a strong weirdo to make him collapse,”

I chuckled.

“And what happened while I was out?” she added.

“Rockstorm and I fought General Red Blood and then Rock destroyed the necklace by dropping it in the lava,” I explained.

“Whoa! So it’s gone? Destroyed? For good?”


“Oh my flaming fireballs! We did it! Whoo hoo!” she exclaimed as she beamed at me.

We were both beat up, but not enough to stop smiling. We walked in silence for a while. I was deep in thought. I had never shot that much water before. How did I pull that off? I had never completely knocked him out before. Was I getting stronger? Were Firesong and Rockstorm getting stronger? Or was he getting weaker? They were able to make Red Blood bleed this time.

It was around four now, the sun was going to be setting soon. We rested by the door as we waited for Rockstorm. I looked over at Red Blood, only to find he wasn’t there anymore!

“Whoa! Did you see that? General Red Blood’s gone!” I gasped.

“Do you think he’s still around? Maybe he’s lurking nearby ready to pounce?” asked Firesong.

It was possible. Yet I was certain of another idea.

“I bet he went back to his queen. After all, he got beat up pretty bad too.”

“Ah, so he retreated….good. Because he’s going to need all the rest he can get before he sees us again!”

Rockstorm soon returned and he gave us all a large helping of Remedium Bulbdroxima. Then we sat around the campfire as we ate dinner.

“Finally, we one-uped him,” sighed Rockstorm.

“I hope there isn’t a way to make another necklace like the one we destroyed,” I mused.

“You mean, if there was, everything we just did would have been for nothing?!” gasped Rockstorm.

I nodded.

“We’re doomed!” he cried.

“Shh!” I jerked my head over at Firesong, she was sound asleep.

“Oops, sorry,” whispered Rockstorm.

“Look, I’m not sure she can get her necklace back. It’s just, we thought we destroyed the only way of getting Queen Starbreeze here….and we were wrong. So what if…” I yawned.

“Maybe we talk about deep stuff tomorrow? I’m exhausted,” nodded Rockstorm sleepily.

“Wait! Before we go to sleep, I need to point out that we fought pretty hard with General Red Blood today. What happened to not fighting? I thought we focused on uniting?” asked Firesong.

She had a point. Right triumphs over wrong by doing what’s right. Yes, two wrongs make a right in math, but this wasn’t math. What we did to handle the problem was not the way we should have defeated Red Blood. Were we past words already? The answer couldn’t be to fight fire with fire. Not this time. Defeating Red Blood with his tactic, fighting and being destructive, would make us hyporties. We wanted unity, he wanted tyranny, if we fought without defence as the cause, we would be no better than him. So how were we going to fight fire without fire? We use something else, such as earth and water.

“Well, if we shouldn’t fight him, what are we going to do?” I inquired.

“I thought it was fine if we fought back as long as it was in defence?” added Rockstorm.

To be honest, Rockstorm and I enjoyed fighting, it made us feel strong and powerful to defeat someone after a battle. Yet that was behind us now. We’d fight to defend and use other methods to defeat Red Blood from now on.

“We could try talking to him?” suggested Firesong.

“General Red Blood, could you please give our Dragonstone back? We really need it to stop you from taking over Aranthalas, thank-you,” spoke Rockstorm. “I don’t think he’ll agree to that,”

“What I liked is that we were able to outsmart him today, thanks to Iris, we were ready for him in the cave. Maybe we could outsmart him again and avoid a fight completely? Maybe stop him before he takes over?” Fireong thought aloud.

“I like where this is going, we unite not fight...wait a second! You two! You know how I said we unite and not fight? We have been uniting! Thanks to using everyone’s Elemental Crystals, the clans were forced to unite. Now we have a large clan literally called the United Clan!” explained Rockstorm.

“So we are fulfilling the prophecy! We’re uniting the clans to fight against a common enemy. It’s funny what it takes to make peace with everyone! Maybe one day we can unite with Fire Clan?” I questioned.

“And live together in one happy unity? Well wouldn’t that be great, be let’s be honest, after this war, everyone might go back to their own clans. This may just be temporary. A perfect utopia is way too much to ask for, Gey,” Firesong responded crossly.

“Firesong, I know I’m going to cross the line by saying this, but don’t you think you’d be a little more open-minded to the idea if your family issues were worked out?” I asked her sincerely.

Smoke began to fume out of her ears. I knew it. Yet I was glad I put it out there. Yes, sometimes I was blunt, but I wanted Firesong to get past this. She’d come a long way, yet she still had deep mental and emotional wounds that needed to heal. Time would do that, but I know talking about it would help, that’s what my older sister had told me. When girls are upset, sometimes you need to talk it out, then hug. I wasn’t going to do the hugging part, but I was trying to be a good friend to one of my best friends, who just so happened to be a girl, and girls, well, they’re complicated!

“Gey, I appreciate you trying to help, but I don’t want to talk about my family right now,” sighed Firesong.

“So you’re just going to sit there, all cross, and leave us here sitting in the dark?” asserted Rockstorm.

“Well I--”

“Firesong, we’re your friends, please, we want to help,” I reassured her.

She sat there thinking it over.

“Let’s unite Aranthlas to fight back against Red Blood and outsmart him using the help of our friends to finish him once and for all!” she declared.

So that was the end of that conversation.


“WHAT!? They destroyed it!” bellowed Starbreeze.

“My deepest apologies,” bowed Red Blood. “The water boy, he was really strong all of a sudden---”

“I don’t want your excuses nor your apologies! I trusted you to wipe out the United Clan, take back more prisoners, and bring back my necklace! You failed everyone of those! It’s a good thing you didn’t bring the Dragonstone with you!” she fumed. “And what were you doing with the necklace? Taking a bubble bath?”

Red Blood flinched at the word bubble bath.

“Wait! I was trying to stop them, but they had turned invisible and--”

“Did you say invisible? That’s impossible!”

“It’s not! I saw it with my own eyes!”

Then, realizing how silly that sounded, he corrected himself.

“I mean--I heard them and then after a while, they appeared right in front of my face!”

“Whatever. What matters is without the necklace, I can’t heal you. You now will begin to diminish under the Dragonstone’s powers,”

“What? No! I can’t! Can’t you get another necklace?”

“No, you fool! That was given to me by my father! All of my sisters have one, once its gone, its gone,”

“Can’t we steal it from one of your sisters?”

“You can’t, but I could, yet it would result in a death sentence for me. I would be beheaded. So no! We will not steal their necklaces!”

“Don’t worry, your purpleness, I’ll make it up to you,”

“How? Nothing in the universe would make it up to me!” She flared. “On second thought, maybe a carton of Moon Mist ice cream could….no-I shouldn’t--too many calories! You’ll have to come up with another way!”

“Not even ice cream with toppings?” pleaded Red Blood.

“Nope! Not a chance!”

“Fine. What if I killed those brats?”

“That’s already on the to-do list.” She said pointing to her list on the cave wall. “Now, you shall be punished for disobeying my orders,”

In a matter of seconds, Red Blood was bound in glowing purple chains.


“Wow! The United Clan is practically in ashes,” I sighed as I looked at the place sadly.

“Well, at least the giants we converted agreed to help us rebuild,” admitted Rockstorm.

I nodded.

“What are we going to do now?” I inquired.

“Aren’t we going to free some slaves and prisoners from Starbreeze’s clutches? What about the Dragonstone? We need to get that back too,” reminded Firesong.

“I saw Rantalacas lift the Dragonstone out of that ravine some months ago and put it back in the Enchanted Volcano. Wouldn’t he do that again if he wanted?” I assumed.

“Maybe he wants the Dragonstone with them?” suggested Rockstorm.

“I wouldn’t go as far as that, Rock,” argued Firesong.

“Maybe we should visit the spies and see what information they collected before we make our battle plan?” I asked them.

They nodded.

“I feel bad just leaving people here with a clan to rebuild though, maybe we stay for a while to help?” mentioned Rockstorm.

“Ok, how about we stay for a week then and then go visit the spies?” I suggested.

We sat on a large boulder that had been pulled out of the Snow Peak Mountains. Firesong studied me for a moment. I gave her a questioning look.

“We’ve been through alot,” she agreed with me, somehow knowing my thoughts. “It’s getting more and more difficult, isn’t it?”

I nodded.

“Hey Grandma! What brings you up here?” called Rockstorm from our rock as he looked down to see Lightstorm hobbling up to us.

“Oh, I wanted to be the first to tell you the news. Your father Rockdust just proposed to Limestone,” she smiled.

“What? You mean Aunt Limea?!” beamed Rockstorm.


“Oh my! I need to go congratulate them! When’s the wedding?” he decided as he flew down to her.

“This weekend, and you’re going to be one of his groomsmen,”

“Yippee!” cried Rockstorm as he flew off.

Firesong sighed. I could tell she wanted a family like Rockstorm and I had. I patted her shoulder sympathetically. She looked at me and gave me a weak smile. Something flashed in her eyes and then disappeared, I wondered what she had been thinking. Just then, Lightstorm cleared her throat. We looked down at her expectantly. She held our gaze for a while, eyes sparkling, she spoke:

“Tides turn, heat rises, rocks fall,”

She turned around and trodded down the hill.

How did she know?

To Be Continued….

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