The Dragonstone Defenders Series, Book 2: Tides Turn, Heat Rises, Rocks Fall

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Chapter 4-Crystals Unite

I turned into my dragon form and snuck with Rockstorm to the cave that night. Fire was very deadly against water, and since he was more powerful, I would be hurt immensely. Yet he was supposed to be weakening, since he had a wicked heart. Red Blood was awake and guarded the only known entrance to the cave. I could feel him breathing, his breath sucked up and out pebbles and decaying debri. When I caught a glimpse of him, and to my surprise he didn’t look weak at all!

Legends said that back in the War of Endless Death, the only reason people still survived was because they had hid in caves. Back then, there were secret doorways in the walls of the caves that would lead to other nearby caves. This cave is connected to the cave near Earth Clan.

I found a good spot to attack Red Blood and began harnessing my dragon power to shoot a blast of water. Rockstorm had already recused half of the children. By the time Red Blood realized, it was too late, there was a tidal wave of water gushing at his face! He roared in pain and stalactites fell from the ceiling. The children screamed as Red Blood’s tail slashed about. Rockstorm frantically shot rocks at Red Blood’s tail to stop it and untied the last group of kids. They all rushed out through the tunnel. Red Blood charged at me and we flew into the air.

“So? You’ve come at last! I’ve been waiting for you!” roared Red Blood.

I said nothing while I glared intently at him.

“I bet you’re wondering why I’m still strong and healthy even though, according to the prophecy, I’m supposed to weaken?

“I’m wondering why you were waiting for us!” I argued.

“Oh...let’s just say...a little spy told me!”

I gasped. He couldn’t possibly mean Swiftstreak. Could he? I blasted him with another gush of water and he shot fire back to deflect it. Steam blocked my vision. I looked away to see Rockstorm and Firesong flying in their dragon forms to the Enchanted Volcano and Northern Volcano to retrieve the clan crystals we hid there. I had to keep Red Blood busy. Red Blood started flying towards Lightning Clan, I followed him.

Rockstorm had flown all the children to Lightstream’s treehouse. She would heal, nourish, and care for them until we could take them home. Yet 70 kids for a sixty-something year old to handle? Not to worry, she had animals she somehow could communicate with and she could see visions. So she was prepared.

I flew behind him, clawed his back, and bit his wing. He growled and shook me off. My scratch didn’t do a thing to him.

“Time to finish you!” he grumbled.

Fire erupted from his mouth as he shot a blast of fire at me. I dodged but he shot another one at me and I was hit. I fell a little ways but regained my flight and shot water at his face. He charged at me in mid flight, I dodged, grabbed his tail with my mouth, and flung him towards the ground, yet he caught my tail with his mouth as he fell and pulled me down too. We hit the Plains with a thud and stuck to ground fighting. We were scratching, biting, kicking, and swinging our tails at each other. Fire and water flew through the air almost constantly and the area around us became very humid. We had lost some scales and had massive wounds. I didn’t have much strength left in me. He blasted each other one last time and fell down, unable to get up. After a few minutes I got up and limped to Lightstream’s treehouse. When I reached her, she poured a bucket of that awful tea down my throat and I began to feel better. Rockstorm had returned and I could see Firesong flying towards us in the distance.

“Where’s Captain Red Blood?” asked Rockstorm.

“He’s out cold, last I checked,” I responded.

“When Firesong gets here, we’ll take the crystals and finish Captain Red Blood once and for all.” he replied.

I sighed. “I hope so,”

“You ready?” roared Firesong. “My wing feels better. Let’s go!”

We flew to the spot where I had seen Red Blood. He was up, and examining his wounds. He saw us flying towards him, he growled. We landed and combined the crystals. Red Blood shot fire at us, I blocked the crystals while Rockstorm and Firesong shot rock, dust, and fire at him. The clan crystals didn’t do anything however, they just sat there. Red Blood lunged at me and pinned me to the ground. Firesong and Rockstorm lunged at him but he knocked them off.

Red Blood put his paw on the crystals and commanded: “Clan crystals, destroy him!”

I closed my eyes and waited, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to see to my relief that Red Blood couldn’t control them. I suddenly knew why.

“You were not chosen to use the Clan Crystals, Captain Red Blood. Only the good of heart can use them,” I declared as I got up and walked over.

“No!” roared Red Blood as he shot fire at me. “I will not let you take them!”

I protected myself with my tail as my shield as I advanced. Firesong and Rockstorm got up and walked closer to him. We all showered him bursts of fire, water, and dirt. It would have been very effective, if he hadn’t covered himself with his wings. So we fought into the night. After hours the four of us were quite worn out. It ended with weak blasts of our elemental powers. I was limping. Rockstorm was coughing, and Firesong had a headache. Red Blood couldn’t walk on a forearm of his. I limped over to the crystals and put my paw on them. Yet nothing happened. I was surprised.

“See?!” mocked Red Blood. “It doesn’t matter what heart you have, you can’t use them either! Did the prophecy really say you were to combine the crystals into one? To defeat me?!”

“Maybe I’m not doing it right?” I muttered to myself.

I had to unite them into one. So how was I going to combine them? Maybe we needed the Dragonstone?

“Firesong! Rockstorm! Come on! We need to go!” I called to them.

“Retreating are you?!” roared Red Blood. “Too weak to go on?”

“Oh we’ll be back!” snapped Firesong.

“Where are we going?” asked Rockstorm as they followed me.

“To the Enchanted Volcano, I think we need the Dragonstone to combine the Clan Crystals,” I explained.

“Seems reasonable,” agreed Firesong.

“If you say so,” sighed Rockstorm. “It’s just a bummer that we had him right where we wanted him: weak and tired. He wasn’t going anywhere and all we had to do was finish him off. Yet we can’t without the help of all these magical crystals. Go figure!”

“I know, it seems weird. We’re just trying our best to unite the world and fulfill the prophecy. It’s super hard stuff,”

“I wouldn’t start the pity party just yet!” interrupted Firesong. “Look, I know this is hard. Yet this is a prophecy. That means in one way or another, it will eventually be fulfilled. All prophecies come to pass. This one will too. It never said how long this was going to take. It may take a long time! But the Dragonstone knew what it was doing when it chose us! We will overcome this!”

“Ok, but don’t you think it’s weird we’re taking orders from an enchanted crystal?” added Rockstorm.

“The Dragonstone is the crystal of crystals, and its the intervener from The Robed Ruler to us on Aranthlas. I’m sure it has untold powers yet to be unleashed in battle if it helps us defeat Red Blood!” I exclaimed.

The next day, we turned into dragons and we reached the Enchanted Volcano, unlocked the door, and walked inside as our human forms. We had all six Clan Crystals with us. I carried the Ice and Water Crystals. Rockstorm carried the Earth and Plant Crystals, and Firesong carried the other two. When we reached the pink, glowing Dragonstone, we set up the crystals around its pedestal. We made sure the crystals didn’t touch each other, or they might burn or freeze each other.

“Now what?” inquired Firesong.

“We should talk to the Dragonstone for advice,” I suggested.

We all put our hands on the pedestal.

“Dragonstone!” I called out. “Combine those that are inside into one!”

Suddenly, a white light surrounded the six crystals and the Dragonstone as they were lifted into the air. We took our hands off the pedestal. Then the Dragonstone absorbed the six crystals and it began to grow. Then the light vanished and the Dragonstone, now twice its original size, was set back on its pedestal. It shimmered with many colors.

“We created megaweapon! What could be more powerful than the Dragonstone? An upgraded Dragonstone! That’s what!” I grinned.

“What do we do now?” asked Rockstorm.

That’s when the same deep voice spoke to us.

The Dragonstone has been made stronger, it will aid you in fulfilling the prophecy. Only when its task is complete will it return to its normal size and the Clan Crystals will be released. Use it to protect and unite Aranthlas,

Then the voice faded.

“That was some short instruction. It made even less sense then the last time,” admitted Rockstorm.

“So this is what we’re going to unite Aranthalas,” I stated.

“Maybe we use it to unite the world to fight against Red Blood and his army?” suggested Firesong.

“Nah, that can’t be it. I think we use it to fight Red Blood, just the three of us. Then when he’s gone, the world will be peaceful again,” I countered.

“The first prophecy said the Dragonstone will guide us. It didn’t say it would be used as a weapon,” argued Rockstorm.

“Yet this second prophecy said that the upgraded Dragonstone will aid us in fulfilling the first prophecy. Maybe it’s for the great peril we will go said that at the end of the first prophecy. The second prophecy said this upgraded Dragonstone had a task to complete. It also said that we need to use it to protect and unite Aranthalas. I think we need it to protect the world from Aranthalas,” I explained.

Rockstorm thought this over.

“Fine, if you say so. Your theory makes sense and all, but I feel like there are other ways to use it,” he sighed.

Shortly after the discussion, we left the volcano with the Dragonstone and sealed the door. Next stop was Fire Clan cave, which was Red Blood’s lair.

It was time to end this.

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