The Dragonstone Defenders Series, Book 2: Tides Turn, Heat Rises, Rocks Fall

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Chapter 5-A New Enemy

The next day we arrived at Fire Clan cave. However, Red Blood saw us coming. His eyes widened when he saw the upgraded Dragonstone. We were in our dragon forms and put our paws on the Dragonstone.

“Dragonstone!” we commanded. “Destroy Captain Red Blood!”

Nothing happened.

Red Blood roared with laughter.

“You still don’t understand the secret! Now my armies, get the Dragonstone!” ordered Red Blood.

Around 2,000 warriors charged out of the cave at us. Most of them were from Fire Clan, yet some were from other Clans, including Rockstorm’s and I’s. News had spread that Red Blood had agreed to spare lives and blood shed in the clans if they donated at least 200 warriors for his army.

“I don’t want to hurt them! They were forced into this, they’re simply going to die if we do anything to them!” protested Firesong.

“They only want the Dragonstone, I’ll lead them away from you two, while you guys find a solution,” I decided.

Firesong nodded. I flew off and the warriors did too. It flew in circles, up and down, side to side, for an entire hour. Everyone was tired and I flew closer to the ground. I blew a sprinkling of water at them. Fire Clan warriors plummeted into a ditch that Rockstorm and Firesong had dug. The sprinkling made everyone else’s wings heavy. Slowly, out of excursion, they dropped too. The three of us corralled them into the Fire Clan Cave and Rockstorm formed a boulder and set it in front of the entrance. While Firesong sealed the tunnel we had made earlier to save the children.

Yet Red Blood wasn’t in the cave and just as we were wondering where he was, we pounced on us from behind. I clawed at him with my Water Slap and Rockstorm sent a trust tornado at him to give us some distance. Firesong had the Dragonstone yet Red Blood pinned her down when the tornado died down and took it from her. I rammed him in the side and he dropped it. Rockstorm picked it up with his mouth and ran off through the forest to lose Red Blood. Then joined us and we came at Red Blood from behind. However, Red Blood snuck up on us and whipped Rockstorm with his tail. Rockstorm dropped the Dragonstone and Red Blood grabbed it and flew away. I shot water at Red Blood while Rockstorm bit Red Blood’s tail and flung him onto the ground. When Red Blood dropped it, Firesong caught it in her paw. She ran off with it in her mouth.

To our surprise, Red Blood was still in good shape and wasn’t tired at all. He had been in worse shape when I had fought him one on one. He couldn’t have drank a strength draught, because those don’t last more than three hours.

Anyway, we followed Red Blood who was following Firesong. Firesong had hidden in the forest. Yet it’s hard to hide when you’re orange and red and larger than a house. It wasn’t long before Red Blood found her. When he did, he charged at her with full speed. Firesong sprung up her Flame Circle. She shot him with a blast of fire. The fire made Red Blood trip and fall. We caught up with him.

“Ah! You guys, I lost the Dragonstone! It flew out of my mouth when I shot the fire blast at him!” shouted Firesong.

Frantically, we searched for the Dragonstone as Red Blood slowly got up.

“Well, well well! Look what I’ve found!” he declared.

My heart sunk. I turned around and sure enough, the Dragonstone was in his paw. Suddenly, an explosion erupted around Red Blood, and we ducked for cover. When it was over, he was gone.

“Now what are we going to do!?” I fancied.

“Go after him I guess,” answered Rockstorm.

“Right, he couldn’t have gotten too far,” agreed Firesong.

So we searched for Red Blood. I was around mid afternoon, and once it got dark, it would be easier to find him. That’s because once you unlock your true potential, your hair glows and waves in the air on its own. Fire and Lightning clan glow the brightest, which would come in handy since Red Blood was from Fire CLan. That, and the Dragonstone glowed many colors. If we flew over the forest, we would see their colors from a distance.

Firesong turned into her human form and rode on Rockstorm as we flew around that night. If she rode on me, I would get burned and she would bruise up.

“Didn’t you guys notice how Red Blood was hardly damaged or tired at all when we battled him this afternoon?” I asked them.

“Yeah, for three against one, you’d think we’d have the upper paw,” added Rockstorm.

“I wonder what could be aiding him?” wondered Firsong.

The Dragonstone heals the pure of heart and destroys the wicked. So if he holds it, he won’t die since he’s been chosen to wield it as well, but it would seriously weaken him. He begins to weaken even if he doesn’t touch it, once he touches it the first time, the curse has been set. He would deteriorate until he died one day, while we would continue to be strengthened. The fact that he was as strong as the three of us combined after all this time was confusing. What was his secret? What was aiding him?

We flew around Firewood Forest, the Desert Plains, a bit of the Plains, and flew onto Lightning Clan Corner. Aranthlas is divided into sections. Yes, we have divided it into biomes, but biomes are grouped into regions. One region was Lightning Clan Corner. The edges of the Snow Peaks Mountains, Desert Plains, Firewood Forest, and the ocean made up its property. Lightning Clan didn’t own any of the land except their clan property, it was simply called Lightning Clan Corner because it was a corner of Aranthalas that just so happened to inhabit Lightning Clan.

We were flying near the ocean and we saw from Lightning Clan cave multiple colored lights coming from its mouth.

“Yes!” I smiled.

We had found him. The others saw it too. We landed and turned into our human form so we could easily spy on him. To hide our glowing hair, Rockstorm and I made mud to hide our hair. Firesong was disgusted with having mud on her hair, but it was the only way to stay hidden, since we had no extra clothes to put over us. We entered the cave and hid behind rocks and stalagmites as we listened into what was going on.

“This is what you were looking for, isn’t it?” Red Blood aked.

“Who is he talking to?” whispered Firesong.

I shrugged.

“Yes,” said a woman’s voice, “Those brats did just what I wanted and they didn’t even know they were doing our work for us.

“What should we do next?” inquired Red Blood.

I lifted my head over the rock I was behind to get a glimpse. Red Blood was in his human form. He was staring into the air. I ducked behind the rock again as he turned my way.

“Find the portal, this improved Dragonstone will unlock it so I can enter into this world again. This way, I won’t be imprisoned in this dimension, and we will achieve our goal: to rule Aranthalas!”

They both laughed evilly. I rolled my eyes. Rockstorm shook his head. Firesong sighed. We were all thinking the same thing: what is it with villains laughing evilly?

“So where is the portal, your majesty?” asked Red Blood.

“Alas, it was erased from my memory, so I could never escape. Yet they didn’t take away my connections with Aranthlas, at least, this one that is. However, I have been able to pick up clues, and I believe it is in a tree. The tree will have a hole in it, and the hole will be in the shape of the improved Dragonstone. Put the Dragonstone in the hole, and turn it until it starts to glow. Then the portal will start and I shall enter. Understand?” explained the woman’s voice.

“Yes, I’ll start first thing in the morning,”


The conversation was over and Red Blood began to make dinner. We slipped out of the cave.

“So he has a master, or someone he’s working for,” sighed Rockstorm.

“They sound like they’re working together, but I’m pretty sure she’s just using him,” admitted Firesong.

“We have to find the special tree. Have any of you noticed a special tree anywhere?” I asked.

They shook their heads.

“There’s millions of trees in Aranthlas. How are we going to find it?” moaned Rockstorm. “It’ll take forever!”

“You know guys,” spoke Firesong. “Based on what I’ve heard, imprisoned in another dimension, the woman’s voice, I bet she’s the daughter of the Purple One. The one who was blotted out in blood on the wall from the other day,”

“If she’s the daughter of the Purple One, then she’s super powerful, how are we going to stop her?” added Rockstorm.

“We won’t have to if we keep her from coming,” I replied slyly.

“Yes, but how are we going to stop her from healing him?” continued Rockstorm.

“We don’t know for sure that she’s the cause, though it is very likely,” stated Firesong.

“Still, what if she does enter Arathlas? How are we going to stop her?” I continued.

We were silent for a while as we thought.

“I don’t think we can, her magical abilities are more powerful than ours. She’d nail us for sure,” sighed Rockstorm.

“The Dragonstone?” suggested Firesong.

“Maybe...we better find that special tree fast,” I admitted.

“Before we do that, let’s stop at my grandma’s and heal up first. I can barely walk, let alone fly,” decided Rockstorm.

So we flew to Lightstorm’s tree.

“I wonder if she was what helped Red Blood in that fight today?” wondered Firesong.

“Hey, I bet you’re right!” I agreed.

“How? She’s in another dimension?” countered Rockstorm.

“She’s the daughter of the Robed Ruler. Who knows what capabilities she has?” I replied.

“So we should have a backup plan if she does make it through the portal, just in case.” stated Firesong. “We’ll need to imprison her again, since she’s immortal,”

“Maybe the runes on the wall have answers. Yet we can’t read them,” suggested Rockstorm.

“Maybe that’s the Dragonstone’s task! To decipher the runes that unlock the answer to finishing off Red Blood!” I declared.

“It’s possible,” shrugged Firesong.

We reached Lightstorm’s treehouse at midnight. Rockstorm and I transformed back into humans and lay down on our makeshift cots while she fed us her nasty tasting tea. Afterwards we all went to bed and soon fell asleep.

The next day, we got up, ate breakfast and stocked up our supplies.

“You guys, I have an idea. What if the special tree is Lightstorm’s tree?” spoke Firesong.

“It’s worth it to have a look,” agreed Rockstorm.

I nodded. Just then, Lightstorm came over to us.

“What’s this I hear about special trees?” she asked as a smile spread across her face.

“Captain Red Blood is looking for a special tree so he can create a portal to let the Robed Ruler’s evil daughter back into Aranthalas so they can take over the world!” I blurted out.

She looked surprised.

“My, my, isn’t this a pickle! Well, what does this special tree look like?”

“It’s got a hole in it that can fit the Dragonstone in its upgraded form. That’s all we know,” replied Rockstorm.

“Actually, we were thinking it might be your tree. Or, we could at least check while we’re here?” inquired Firesong.

“You won’t have to do that, because I’ve always known this tree was the special tree. That’s why I built my treehouse on this tree, to guard the portal,” answered Lightstorm.

“You knew this tree could turn into a portal?!” gasped Rockstorm.

“I told you I get visions every once in a while. Well, I had this vision that this tree had the ability to turn into a portal and that I was appointed to guard this tree from unwanted guests. That’s why I’ve always stayed here. You see, I heal animals and whatnot by day, but I’m a guardian by night,” she said as she winked at us.

There were always so many secrets to unlock with her. She knew more than she let on about things.

“Can you show us?” asked Firesong.

“Of course! Follow me,” agreed Lightstorm.

We followed her into her bedroom and saw right above the head of her bed was a hole. She had put a cloth over it and used it as a cupboard. Clever. She pulled away the cloth and we saw tiny runes and symbols around the hole.

“Wow,” I marveled, “And to think we just so happened to stop by on our quest,”

“Hmm, yes, quite the coincidence,” muttered Lightstorm sarcastically.

“So your vision said that this tree could become a portal?” reminded Firesong.


“Then we better stay here and help guard it until Red Blood shows up,” I decided.

“Won’t have to wait long! We already have a visitor!” cried Lightstorm as she ran to the window.

We looked outside, Red Blood was in his dragon form and had just landed. He was looking directly at us.

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