The Dragonstone Defenders Series, Book 2: Tides Turn, Heat Rises, Rocks Fall

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Chapter 6-The United Clan

Red Blood changed into his human form and broke into the treehouse. Yet we were waiting for him and ready for a fight.

“Overheard you three whispering outside the cave last night,” he smirked. “So I guess this is to say...thank you for the hint!”

As soon as he had sarcastically thanked us, he shot fire at everything! The tree house burst into flames. We quickly helped Lightstorm out of the treehouse, then rushed back to find Red Blood at the hole. Yet the tree had caught on fire. Then it gave me an idea.

“Firesong, burn this tree to the ground! There won’t be a portal if there is no tree!” I exclaimed.

She agreed and started blasting the tree with fire while Rockstorm and I played ‘keep away’ with Red Blood. Rockstorm made a swipe for the Dragonstone and Red Blood shot fire at him. Yet he dodged and it hit the tree instead while I grabbed the Dragonstone and ran off. I passed it to Rockstorm and shot water at Red Blood’s face. Yet that only infuriated him. He turned into a dragon and to counter we turned into our dragon forms too. Rockstorm clawed him in the jaw and Red Blood swung his tail at Rockstorm’s face. I shot water at him from behind while Rockstorm showered him with rocks. He fell to the ground. When he got up, the tree was in flames.

“No!” he roared. “You have doomed me for the rest of my life!”

I smirked. Yet Red Blood quickly swung at me with his arm and stole the Dragonstone right from me! I shot water at him but he took off. Rockstorm was about to go after him when I stopped him. He gave me a confused look, but stopped. It was becoming extremely hot with an entire tree nearby. It was already hot that day. The rising heat was wearing me out.

“What matters is that he can’t create the portal. There isn’t any more trees that can turn into a portal. If there were, the Purple One’s daughter would have said so. So since this one is gone, we don’t need to go after him right now,” I explained. “Besides, I feel like the heat’s draining my energy.”

Firesong joined us.

“We did it!” she cheered.

It was good to see her smile, I hadn’t seen it in days.

“So what do we do next?” questioned Rockstorm.

“Oh! We need to free the warriors in Fire Clan Cave!” I said just as I remembered we had trapped them in there with a giant rock.

“What about my grandma, where is she going to live? All her stuff got burned up?” added Rockstorm.

“And did those children we freed get sent home? What if Red Blood just captures them again?” reminded Firesong.

“Well, let’s prioritize. What’s the most important?” I asked them.

“My grandma!” replied Rockstorm.

“The children!” responded Firesong.

“I was hoping you’d say the blackmailed warriors,” I sighed.

“Fine, let’s throw a dice on it. Geyser, if the dice lands on 1 or 4, we do your thing first. Rockstorm, if the dice lands on 2 or 5, we help your grandma first. And if it lands on 3 or 6, we do my idea first. Got it?”

“Yeah, but where are we going to get dice?” added Rockstorm.

“I have one, I always carry it around,” stated Firesong.

“Why do you always carry dice?” I asked.

“Why do you do eeny meeny miny moe?” she countered.

I saw her point.

“Would anyone prefer to roll?” continued Firesong.

“It’s not trick dice, is it?” asked Rockstorm.

“No, because that wouldn’t be fair,” admitted Firesong.

“Fine, I’ll roll,” I decided.

I rolled the dice. It landed on 4.

“Yes!” I smiled.

Firesong and Rockstorm didn’t look happy.

“What? We will check on your grandma and the children afterwards.” I reminded them.

“I think you didn’t roll right, let me have a go,” stated Rockstorm.

He rolled it. It landed on 1.

“What? No way! I’m rolling again!” he declared.

He rolled it and landed on 4 again. Firesong rolled and it landed on 4 too. For the fun of it, I rolled and received a 1.

“Well, I guess it’s settled then,” sighed Firesong.

“You sure it’s not trick dice?” questioned Rockstorm.

“Positive,” she replied.

I looked over at Lightstorm. She was smiling broadly and winked at me. I wondered what that was supposed to mean. I knew she had some magical abilities, but she couldn’t have made the dice roll a 1 and a 4 every time. Could she?

Thus, we traveled back to the cave near Fire Clan. Yet when we got there, none of them wanted to leave.

“Why not?” I asked the army.

“Because then he would destroy our clans and leave nothing but ashes and rubble. Besides, what if he decides to capture us again?” protested one warrior from the Ice Clan.

“But if you’re in his army, you’ll be used to destroy other people’s clans. Which means that all your clans will be attacked in turn. You’re only postponing your destruction,” I argued.

“What makes you think Captain Red Blood is someone to trust? He’s evil and has even admitted his goal is to take over Aranthalas,” added Firesong.

They thought about this for a while.

“What do you expect us to do?! Mutiny?” demanded a warrior from Lightning Clan. “He’ll be sure to kill us!”

“I don’t even know if mutiny would work. He’s a dragon. One breath of fire and we’re smoked to a crisp,” stated a Plant Clan warrior.

“I say we go our separate ways and each go back to our own clans. Fighting for Captain Red Blood isn’t as bad as being stuck in an army alongside Fire Clan warriors! Not to mention people from Lightning Clan!” spat a Water Clan warrior.

“Easy for you to say! Your water essence is practically evaporating off of you thanks to Fire Clan Warriors! My electricity is sputtering everywhere!” grumbled the warrior from Lightning Clan.

“You keep shocking me!” yelled an Ice Clan Warrior. “And the heat in here is making me faint!”

“Oh you think you call that feeling faint?!” declared the same warrior from Plant Clan as before. “My hair won’t wave on its own anymore. And it’s all thanks to everyone’s essences making the cave weird with the weather! My flower hair is dying!”

“Why do you think everything is all our fault?! We’re not trying to burn you!” snapped a Fire Warrior.

“Really?! I think everyone else believes that you fiery reds are out to get everyone and take over last we checked!” argued a warrior from Earth Clan.

I could not take it anymore.

“Everyone simmer down--now!” I ordered.

Everyone grew silent.

“I know what it’s like to live with someone who’s elemental power is your weakness...and vice versa,” I added as I looked at Firesong. “I thought we would never get along, or worse, that we would be each other’s end, that right, death. But we didn’t, in fact, we ended up becoming great friends! You’ve got to give that person a second chance! When you focus on the good qualities someone has, you tend to ignore the differences you two have. I’ve found that I actually have a few things in common with people from other clans,” I explained.

Firesong stepped up. “This shows that you don’t have to be enemies. After a while, you begin to not notice the differences you may have with someone,”

The warriors began to murmur amongst themselves.

“You have two options!” I declared. “Live as blackmailed prisoners in this cave until your captain gets back, or stand up against your captor! Either choice makes you be around those from other clans.”

“Whoever wants to be free! Follow me!” commanded Rockstorm.

Many people followed Rockstorm as he turned into a dragon and rolled the stone away from the cave. Over half of the troops left the cave that day and trained to fight against Red Blood. The others left and traveled to Lightning Clan cave, which was believed to be Red Blood’s new base.

We returned to Lightstorm and dropped her and what was left of her stuff with Rockstorm’s aunt and sister. Then we made sure that all the children had returned home safely.

The warriors that chose freedom were going to build a new clan. They called it the United Clan, because all six clans were living together. They were going to all group together to fight Red Blood and his army. They traveled to Ice Shard lake and set up camp and spread the news to all the clans for people who wanted to join and fight against Red Blood’s tyranny. To our surprise and relief, many people from all the clans came and within a week, they had built their first building in the United Clan. People moved their belongings and possessions into the Clan. The Clan grew in size and population and surrounded Ice Shard Lake. Many people preferred to still live in their own clans. Yet with their Clan Crystal missing and now they were small in numbers, they realized that that left them defenseless. So within a month, everyone from all the clans, except Fire Clan, had moved to the United Clan, even the chiefs and chieftesses were there:

Chief Grumblepound → Earth Clan,

Chieftess Snowsleet → Ice Clan

Chief River → Water Clan

Chief Shockwave → Lightning Clan

Chieftess Acacia → Plant Clan

The leaders had set up a council. However, they didn’t always get along. Rockstorm and I were looking for my family to check and see how they were doing, however, we ran into someone else.

“Swiftstreak? Fancy seeing you here,” I gasped.

We hadn’t forgotten how she had told Red Blood our plans.

“Let me guess, you’re here to spy on us again?” asked Rockstorm stiffly.

“I had to stock up on food,” she replied coolly as she leaned against the wall of dark alley eating an apple. “Give my regards to little miss hothead for me.” Then she disappeared into the shadows.

“Wait!” I cried running after her. “I have a mission for you!”

Out of the shadows came Swiftstreak.

“What makes you think I want to do your work?” she said hautilly.

“I’m sure you really don’t like working for Captain Red Blood. “Why don’t you work for us instead? You go back to him, pretend you’re working for him, and tell him fake knowledge of us. Then you secretly eavesdrop on him,” I explained.

“I’m already doing a double spy mission. My clan thinks I’m spying on Captain Red Blood for them. I was, yet I got caught, and Red Blood said he would spare my life if I worked for him. So the tables were flipped. Along the way I met you three, his prized targets. Let’s just say he paid me very well for your valuable information,” she said slyly.

Rockstorm glared at her. I was wondering why she was telling us this. Spies aren’t supposed to give away anything, yet she was a spy in training. Or maybe, she wanted to give away this information. We couldn’t trust her, I could tell she was onto something. Maybe she was trying to lure information from us, get our guard down...something.

“If you spy on Captain Red Blood for us, we’ll let you bring two more spies in training with you on your mission,” I added.

“You’ll have to convince me that working for you is worth it. For instance, will I get paid?” replied Swiftstreak.

“You’re on the winning side, that should be enough to convince you,” stated Rockstorm proudly.

“You don’t know that!” snapped Swiftstreak.

“Yeah we do, the Dragonstone said that in a prophecy,” he answered back.

The Dragonstone hadn’t actually said that. Yet we always figured we would win. After all, why would the Dragonstone call us to do its work if we weren’t going to win? It said we were called to save the world. That’s what we intended to do. If the Dragonstone talks of a prophecy, then it has to come true.

“Really? You can speak to the Dragonstone?” inquired Swiftstreak.

“Yep, but only when we touch it or its pedestal,” remembered Rockstorm.

“Rock, stop! You’re giving away information to her!” I whispered to him.

“Well, I’ll have to think about your offer. Give me till tomorrow to respond,” she reassured and walked away.

“Now she’s going to tell Captain Red Blood our secrets!” I moaned.

“Oops, sorry Gey. She just, made us look foolish... I wanted to back us up,”

“That’s the point! She was playing you, now we really do look foolish. Let’s not tell Firesong, I could almost smell the smoke billowing from her ears, if she were to find out,”

“I can smell smoke actually,” replied Rockstorm.

“It’s probably from someone’s grill or pit or--”

“Or me?” asked Firesong.

“Oh dew drops! You heard?”

“All of it,” she responded coldly.

We walked in silence back to our camp.

On our way to the camp, we met up with Aunt Limea, Glissanstone, and Lightstorm. Shortly after talking to them, we met up with Rockstorm’s dad and brothers. The Granite family was reunited. Rockstorm explained to his dad the connection with Lightstorm. Firesong and I felt awkward when Rockdust and Lightstorm cried as they hugged each other.

Hence, Firesong went back to the camp and I continued to search for my family, and soon did. They were living by Ice Shard Lake, as were many of the citizens of Water Clan. I was alarmed and grieved to hear that Splashcanon, the first born, Waterfountain, the second born, Hydro, Hurricane, and Lilypad, had all died in the War of the Dragons. Splashcanon and Waterfountain had been the only siblings in the family who had been married. Splashcanon even had a son who was three. We all cried. They had fought bravely and fiercely. It cheered them up to hear that I would be staying in the United Clan for a few days. Mother had been very worried about me and was relieved to hear that the three of us were fine, for the most part. We spent the rest of the day catching up, playing in the lake, eating dinner together. It reminded me of the happy memories we had had as a family. Back before the world was being attacked by tryannists and more of my siblings were alive. Rockstorm’s mother was the only member in his family who had died. Plus, Rockstorm had been little so it wasn’t as big of a deal for him. Yet this was a bigger issue for me, because I had known Splashcanon better than Rockstorm had known his mother. Of course, with being the tenth kid in the family, and Splashcanon being the first, we were sixteen years apart. Therefore, we hadn’t been close with each other. Yet I was still grieved that I had five less siblings than I used to. That was too many family members to lose in one day.

Trying to get my mind off of my siblings’ deaths I went to check on Firesong and Rockstorm to see how they were doing before I went to bed. Rockstorm was staying with his family catching up like I was. Firesong was alone sitting on a rock by the tent. She was the only member of Fire Clan in the whole United Clan. When she saw me her face brightened.

“There you are! I thought you would never come back!” she smiled.

“Well, I wanted to let you know that Rockstorm and I are staying with our families,” I stated. “But since you’re here by yourself, I was thinking you could stay with my-”

“I don’t need your pity!” she snapped.

I was taken back.

“I’m not pitying you, all I wanted was to make sure you’re ok,” I replied defensively.

Her face softened.

“Sorry, it’s know how family reunions make me feel,” she muttered. “I rather stay away from your family especially Gey, it just...wouldn’t end well since I’m from Fire Clan.”

“My parents would treat you like they do all my other friends. You’d sleep with my sisters. That way you won’t be alone,”

“Would they really? I rather be alone. I just feel like I don’t belong anywhere,”

“Fine, suit yourself, but if I ever meet your family, I’m going to give them a piece of my mind!”

“What for?” asked Firesong.

“For disowning you and making you sensitive to these things,” I replied sharply as I walked away.

As I walked into the night, I felt the ground shake. Firesong felt it too. We looked into the night sky to see a bright light shining. I was coming from the north.

“Uh-oh,” moaned Firesong.

“Do you know what’s happening?” I inquired.

Firesong looked at me gravely.

“Captain Red Blood found a way. She’s here.”

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