The Mermaid of Zennor

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When the church of St. Senara’s hymns carried over to the sea, the latter warbled back its own tune of serenity. A story unfolded at the rock infested beach, where lovers congregated, children grinned with peanut buttery faces on picnic blankets, and people soul searched, believing they’d find themselves in the space where the sky and sea kissed. A mischievous brow ascended out of phthalo blue and watched the scene in awe for the millionth time. Waves billowed out before her. The familiar sound of laughter and folk songs made her ears perk.

Hours later, King Llyr enchanted his daughter after denying her consistently. Her ears always perked at the familiar sound of human song. The voice of man was divine in her book. Mermaids don’t often cry, but she couldn’t help herself this time. Morveren’s tears fell to the sandy floor as sparkling aquamarine. After years of relentless begging to draw closer, he appeased her sorrows for a week at a time. She would walk. She would breathe air and understand English. He’d warned her how difficult a life above the surface could be and turned his head when she left.

The moon pulled her out to the shore and she fell submissive to the silver disc. The ocean spat her out on shore and swathed her figure with seafoam the color of clouds. She fingered the sand, something she’d never felt dry, and iridescent dress in delight. Trembling, she hiked up the hem, finding legs, long and shapely, paired with strong feet. Her fingertips grazed the new skin where blue-grey scales once were. Determinedly, Morveren pushed herself up. She wobbled and fell, grateful for the soft sand cushioning her spill. After multiple shaky attempts, she figured out how to shift her weight from foot to foot.

She climbed Cornwall’s steep slopes, loving the way a hike stretched her muscles. She trekked gingerly over hundreds of mossy rocks, pausing to inspect the magenta and golden flowers. Honeysuckle infiltrated the air. When she reached hundreds of feet above Pendour Cove, the mermaid tossed a glance back and her stomach dropped to her feet. Eventually, she crashed in the unkempt grass, finding it difficult to keep her eyes open. The mermaid drifted off with the wind combing her hair until the sun blazed in.

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