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Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Nisha was born with a curse or shall we say she was the curse for her pack. Her existence was repulsed by her pack. Life had it out for her and she believed that the moon goddess hated her from the beginning. From being abused by her pack to being rejected by her mate in less than 3 minutes after finding him. Nisha assumed she was placed on earth as an example of worthlessness till she fell into the hands of an Alpha Rouge who taught her that life was cruel and to defeat it you have to be cruel back. Will she survive and bring down the best revenge for those who wronged her? Or will she crumble down to an emotionless killer? Eros was born in secrecy, he was an abomination since birth. His life never gave him any chances or relief. Eros was a hybrid, something so unheard of that it feared his pack. Eros never thought that his pack could be so cruel to the unknown creating him to be cold and almost heartless. What would happen if these two worlds collide? One who truly was never been shown love and the other who had love ripped away from them. Will they be able to protect each other from each other and others?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1: The Breaking Point

The cold winter air hit my skin making me shiver to cause my bones to ache more. The ringing in my ears grew louder as my body shivered with pain. I could feel my bones finally snapping back into place which felt like a lifetime, even though I was only there for the past two minutes. They had ripped off my warm clothing to feel the winter air nip at my skin and bones. I knew I looked like death, probably far worse than him. Bruises covered my body, due to the continual beatings every day that I received from just existing. If one bruise would fade they would create a new one in its place. I could hear faint laughter above me over the ringing in my ears. This time they had punched my ear making a high pitch ring course through my ear. They were getting worse every day, the beatings and humiliation grew more intense as I got older.

My wolf growled lowly at me angry at me to let them continue this abuse to us. Yet we both knew the consequences if we fought back, it would be our death wish. I pushed myself up onto my knees looking up at the next-gen Beta. What they saw in him to be a Beta was beyond me. His cockiness and stupidity overruled his judgment. Embarrassment washed over me as I tried to cover up my half-naked body, trying to maintain at least a shred of dignity to myself. I could see people in the far distance glance over to see what was happening. But when they realized it was only me they would snicker and walk away as if they didn’t see a thing. This was normal for me though, this was my day to day life. Even from my own family, they would abuse me especially when my mother passed away, it was somehow my fault. It was my fault because I was a curse to this pack. Even my older brothers who were supposed to protect me from this did even worse damage than the whole pack combined.

I was a reject living in its own personal hell. I couldn’t understand why they would treat me far worse than our own prisoners, I never hurt anyone, nor crossed them or even challenged them. Yet I was their personal punching bag, whenever they felt like it as well as everyone’s personal slave. To be honest this whole place was immaculate because of me since I was terrified to do any less than perfect. I looked up and saw the next-gen alpha glance over, hope ran through me thinking that he would tell them to hurry up with their abuse so it can be done and over with, till I got home. Yet he snarled in my direction and walked into a building ignoring his stupid beta and the two henchmen he brought with him this time.

My icy blue eyes slowly looked into Beta Axell’s golden brown eyes which flickered with anger seeing that I dared to look him into his eyes. I guess that was the wrong choice to do, yet I couldn’t tell you why I even dared to look at him in the eyes. His face squished up into an ugly snarl while he smacked me across the face. Tears swept down my face automatically as I stared at the snow-covered ground not daring to look up at him again. Axell then snarled lowly

“You better think twice before looking me in the eyes again, Beasty. I don’t understand why the Elders allow a curse to roam free in our lands. Just wait till tomorrow when I take my title as Beta, my first proposition will get rid of this pathetic vile on our lands.”

Beasty, that was my nickname or demon blood, demon slut, trash, pathetic, etc. Again it was whatever they wanted to call me they had the right to, the permission to abuse me physically and mentally. So many times have I been mentally broken down as well as physically broken. I’ve had to perform my duties around the packhouse with head trauma and several broken ribs. Just a few weeks ago my own brothers held me down holding my arms out as the Beta poured scalding hot oil on my wrists and arms. Why you might ask? A skinny ass bitch named Ishka swore that I had stolen her prized jewelry. Even after she found them an hour after in her bathroom she never told anyone the truth about it.

All of this torture was all due to my markings on my chest. The icy blue tribal markings spread across my pale chest was a symbol, I had the beast mark. When the Elders saw my markings when I was born they said that I was a curse that was placed on them. And to atone for this curse they had to treat me like an outcast to treat me like dirt. Axell grabbed my white hair yanking my head back making me cry out in agony. It had ripped through my throat involuntarily making him smirk in satisfaction. He brought his lips close to my ear as he said

“I’m going to hang you from a tree at our borders and let you slowly die in the worst way. Maybe I’ll have my fun with you first and dangle your disgusting vile body naked. I’ll let you starve to death up there or the crows will eat your body first before you die.”

My heart froze in complete terror, knowing fully well that he wasn’t lying. He would do all of those things to me or even more to add to it. The whole pack would participate to make it even worse. Never in my life has a man touch me in any sexual way and I wanted to keep it that way. Several male wolves in our pack would try when the mating season reign down on our lands.

Luckily, I would just make them so mad they would beat me in a bloody mess and leave me be. My heart thumped heavily in my chest as my white eyelashes fluttered. My wolf raged inside of me furious on what he just said. She wanted us to leave and leave now. Even if it cost us our lives it would be better then what he just described to me. My wolf then hissed out to me

“We need to fight him. We will get a chance to run and even if we get caught at least it will be a quick death.”

My body was in sheer shock, frozen in its place. She was right, I needed to run or at least die trying. Yet how could we make this work, I wasn’t strong enough. My body couldn’t handle trying to attack an Omega at that. My body tenses as my wolf howl deeply in me like a rush of energy and strength course through me confusing me deeply, what the hell was going on. My eyes rolled back into my head as the two retards of the Beta’s started to notice questioning what was happening. My wolf chuckled lowly inside me as she whispered to me

“Finally, you’re eighteen, my dear. I will get you out of here. Our body may be weak after all of these years of torture and starvation. But I will give you enough power to get out of here alive. Trust in me and let me finally shift.”

Axell had stepped back confused as my thin body shook for a minute. An eery grin formed on my lips as I looked straight into his eyes again this time challenging him. Anger radiated through every ounce of his body. Before he could move my body started to snap as I transformed into my wolf form. The sheer shock was written across their faces. It could have been the size of my wolf, it was a Luna size, bigger than a normal she-wolf. Or maybe it was because of the white fur, no one has seen a white wolf in centuries. My wolf roared in their face as I sent one flying several feet away from us in one quick motion. Axell was too stunned to think straight as my wolf rammed our body into him sending him flying back with several satisfying cracking noises all over his body. The other goon quickly backed away tumbling himself to the floor speechless.

My wolf pivoted around as she bolted down towards the pack borders. My heart was racing intensely as we edged closer to the territory lines. My wolf's head jerked to the side catching the most amazing scent we had smelled, it was like fresh rain and eucalyptus. My body pivoted heading towards the scent as we heard howling and roaring miles behind us. We knew once we hit a different territory they wouldn’t follow in respect of the other pack. It would be up to the other pack to handle what came into their lands. My body started to ache again as my wolf growled pushing harder to run faster. I could hear the wolves from our pack inching closer to us.

My wolf lunged forward, just missing a side attack from a border patrol wolf. We had rolled our body into the next packs land just in the nic time and she kept continuing through the forest as faint howls echoed in the distance. We were heading straight for the intoxicating scent, it got stronger and stronger as we neared it. But my wolf finally broke as we toppled to the ground roughing hitting the ground opening old wounds and even creating new ones. My wolf cursed heavily in my head as I transformed back into my human form. I hissed in pain at my wounds trying to catch my breath. A growl froze me as the scent engulfed me making me and my wolf groan in happiness, it was our mate.

Excitement and happiness rushed through me thinking I could have a chance. I could start new and become strong with my mate by my side. My eyes snapped up excited to see my mate but all the happiness and joy rushed down my face. What I saw was his angry face that was twisted up in disgust. He was absolutely handsome, strong, and intimidating. His medium length blonde hair whipped around with the small breeze that passed by. His hair was a huge contrast to his tan skin. My wolf whimpered at his look as I stared at him still slightly hopeful. His blue eyes bored down on me like he was judging me making me feel belittled and scared. Why was my mate not happy to see me, maybe he was mad to see the pain and suffering I had gone through. Yet my thoughts were to be shut down immediately in his next words he spoke. He started to talk with a dark strong tone making my body shiver

“Why did the moon goddess give me someone who is so weak and pathetic. I can not have a Luna that looks like death itself. How am I suppose to run my pack which is the second strongest pack, with such a weak and ugly Luna like you.”

My eyes widen while I felt more tears escaping down my face as my wolf whimpered out in a pain-filled voice ‘brace yourself’. The alpha of the southern territory move closer to me as he hissed out

“I, Jashin Black, Alpha of the Tasika Clan reject you as my mate. I can not have a disgraceful weak wolf mated to me.”

A growl passed my lips, how can this man be so vain to reject his mate that he just met. He knew nothing about, he didn’t know how much cruelty I went through before meeting me. It wasn’t my fault I looked this way. It wasn’t my fault that I was broken. How can he judge me in only three minutes with just one look at me? I looked straight into his blue eyes as I said in the most confident tone I’ve ever had in my lifetime which even shocked my wolf.

“I, Nashi Waya, accept your rejection. You shallow piece of s....”

Pain ripped through my body as I hunch over being cut off from what I was saying. The burning sensation ripped through my body as tears poured down my face and even the ground. The pain was awful, I never truly found out much about the mate bonds due to being pushed out of class since they thought it would never pertain to me. Which one section, they weren’t lying. I heard Jashin chuckle above me as if none of this was affecting him as he hissed out

“I would have killed you now but I don’t think you will get very far before the rejection kills you itself, how pathetic.”

My body burned, my lungs felt like it was full of acid, and my wolf howl in extreme pain. At this moment, all I wanted was death, how could the moon goddess turn her eye on me? How could she ignore my pain and suffering that I have endured for eighteen years and to finally have a chance at a fragment of happiness it was ripped away from me. My mate rejected me within only three minutes of meeting me. That only meant that I was not placed on here to live happily, I was here to remind everyone that curses exist.

You see many wolves only get one mate and that’s it. It was very rare for us to have a second chance that is why many who find their mates automatically take them for who they are and normally they are the perfect match. They might have different personalities but they end up being like yin and yang. At this point in my life, that was my last chance, there was no way that the moon goddess gave me a second mate. I was just her toy to play with and to break, she had finally broken me into nothing.

My body convulsed as my ex-mate had walked away with the smuggest look on his face. He was truly a cruel man, my wolf growled darkly cursing him to the high flames of hell. My wolf snarled lowly enduring the same pain that I was going through. It began to get dark out as we heard howls in the distance. Fear washed over me, I knew deep down that he would not just leave me there to die but will get one of his pack members to do his dirty work. Yet again, I finally was going to accept my fate. I cursed out at the moon goddess for being so cruel to me while sobs of pain rippled through my chest. All too soon a twig snapped behind me making my body tense up. Finally, someone was here to end my suffering.

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