Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Luna and Mate Ceremony

I took a deep breath as Scarr ran around my room making sure we had everything tonight. Scarr walked me through the whole ceremony and what was to be done. Eros had gone out hunting with the men as a tradition before the mating Ceremony. So I haven't seen him since this morning. I walked over to the outfits that were laid out. To be honest I was a bit shocked by what I had to wear. The undergarments was a dark blood red it was a two-piece the top was a crop top with no sleeves with metal piece work that sharply pointed to the mid-drift. The bottoms were a skimpy light fabric with metalwork on the hip area that held the fabric, it would barely cover my ass and front. If Eros thought I was going to obey his rule with this one that I was supposed to walk around the other pack members he had something coming to him. Only Eros gets to see that part of me. There were matching arm and neck brackets next to the outfit. Scarr smirked upon seeing me analyze the clothing. She then spoke as if reading my questions that I had

“It is custom for your mate to show you off to the others during the ceremony. It is a pride thing for all of us. The men want to show others what they have been blessed with from the moon Goddess since it is a tradition here our Alpha can not go against showing your body off a little.”

I smirked, I knew fully well that Eros would want to flaunt me off to the others that's why he didn't oppose to that part. Scarr tells me to hurry and get dressed the ceremony was to begin fairly soon. I got dressed quickly as she placed me in front of the mirror while starting to do my hair and ceremony make up for the Luna. I was still thinking about the meeting that was to be in two days and wanted someone's opinion. I then asked making Scarr tense a bit

“Has Eros talked to you about the Alphas meeting?”

Scarr sighed heavily while nodding her head yes. She didn't seem too pleased about it. I then ask gently

“As a pack member what do you think would be best for me to do, Scarr?”

Scarr sighs again while getting in front of me starting to paint my face with the Luna Markings. She then replied

“I would want to do the same thing as you want to be honest, Luna. Yet I see the fear in my Alphas eyes when he spoke to me about it. He wants to make sure the packs around us do not threaten our lands but most of all he doesn't want to put you in any more danger than you already are in. If anything happens to you, he will fall... The pack will fall with him. I know it is just to discuss the fears those two packs have with you which you can easily be clarified and make sure the packs you are allied with understanding that it is a personal problem with those two. Yet there are no guarantees for your safety. ”

I looked to the floor with my eyes feeling the cool paint touch my warm skin. It was almost a soothing touch. What was I supposed to do? If Eros decides he didn't want me to go would my wolf allow me to follow his orders and actually stay here? I then say

“Yeah... I understand that. Yet I know by experience that my old pack has sharp silver tongues that can make anyone question someone in a heartbeat. They are known to be quite smooth talkers. To be honest all I want to do is keep the packs that I'm allied to at ease, to know that I will never threaten them and I will always respect our treaty with each other.”

Scarr placed a hand on my shoulder making me relax a bit. She gave me a soft smile as she glances at the clock as shock rushed on her face. She then says

“Hurry put your robe on we gotta get down there now.”

We quickly gathered the things we needed as we rushed out of the packhouse. Eros was standing there waiting for me as Scarr ran to the Ceremony grounds. Eros was dressed in elegant yet masculine ancient garments showing off his whole upper body with masculine metal arm brackets that matched my own under the robe. Eros gives me a smirk as he lifted a huge horn and blew into it sounding off that the ceremony was about to begin. We walked side by side as we got to the edge of the ceremony grounds. It was lit up with candles and huge fire pits that were on cement pedal stools. All the pack members were there staring back at us. I pulled out the holy paper from my robe presenting it to the pack as I announced

“I call down upon the moon goddess to watch over our Ceremony. To bless us and our pack with her presence as we unite.”

Eros handed me a torch as I lit the paper on fire holding it up to the sky towards the moon. Everyone except for Eros and I howled loudly summoning the moon goddess to join in the ceremony. A cold brisk wind ran through making my body shiver a tad. The highest rank men were standing in front close to where Scarr was standing in her red and black ancient garments with a headdress that covered her eyes from view. Half her face was covered in black as it was painted to look like it was dripping down onto her cheeks and nose, then two red stripes on her chin went up towards her red lips. It was to signify her status as Beta. The men started a throat singing chant while Eros and I began to walk towards Scarr. We both kept our heads held high we could not show any type of nervousness or fright during the ceremony or it was to say to the moon goddess that we were not ready for this.
Once we got to Scarr she was holding a big bowl of blood. Scarr then speaks powerfully

“I will anoint both the Alpha and Luna with the blood of the men's hunt today. This is to signify prosperous hunts and good luck to the future of our Luna and Alpha.”

Scarr cupped her hand into the blood as she poured it down Eros's forehead as she did the same to me. I felt my body heat up with a strange feeling of power washed over it. I opened my eyes up with an intense look to see the same look in Eros's eyes. Scarr the asks

“Do you both swear onto the lands and the Moon Goddess to protect each other as well as to serve the Pack?”

We both say in unison that we do. Scarr filled with dignity, Soon Eros addressed

“I, Alpha Eros, accept Nisha Waya as my mate and crown her as Luna of the Vakashika Pack. I will protect my pack and my mate till my dying breath.”

I felt my chest be tugged towards Eros, this was what the strongest of bonds felt like. It was almost as if an invisible string connected me to Eros. Scarr and Eros looked at me signaling for me it was my turn

“I, Luna Nisha, accept Eros Daichin as my mate and my Alpha. I will protect my pack and my mate till my dying breath.”

Both Eros and my chest tugged roughly towards each other as our eyes filled with Lust. The sense of wanting to ravage him grew stronger while I stared him down. Eros cracked a mischievous grin at me. Scarr the announces in an authoritative tone

“Eros and Nisha are now one, we welcome our new Luna to our pack with great honor.”

Howling erupted throughout the grounds while single Hu’s and three chants of Hu’s filled the silence. Eros grabbed me by my robes while a growl shook the ground. It was now the part where he sheds my robe off me to reveal what is his to the pack. With two shift rips, I felt the warm air caress my exposed skin. A small gasp left my lips as Eros grips my waist twisting me to face the pack showing me off. His hand rubbed up my chest to seize my neck as he growls into my ear

“You didn't follow orders this time, little mate.”

My body went into shivers as I replied to him through our mind link

“Did you want me to bestow everyone what’s down there, that was only meant for you?”

Eros groans in my ear while he let his grip go on my neck as we began to walk over to the feast area. Excitement and festivities started to fill the silence as Eros growls out

“You have succeeded this round my little mate, but don't forget I will get back at you for the tease this morning.”

I groaned deeply, soon we got to our table. Eros sits down in his chair pulling me on top of his lap, my back facing him. His hands went to my thighs pulling them apart as I thanked the moon goddess that there was a table in front of us hiding my lower half. I felt Eros hard member press into my behind while he growled lowly.

“If you had followed my commands, I could have been buried so deep in you right now.”

I groaned deeply now wishing I had. The whole territory felt like lust was thick in the air. I notice Scarr walking up in more showing clothes but still with her headdress on. I could see the lust in her eyes as well as now seeing everyone had desired in their eyes. Scarr came up holding out the horn full of Honey Beer to me. I stood up taking it from her. I was now to declare the festive to begin as well as thanking the moon goddess. Everyone looked over to us as I commenced

“I now present to the Alpha, Honey beer to thank the moon goddess for her blessing of each other.”

I turned around towards my mate that was still sitting in his chair that was now scooted back to allow me to get in front of him for all to see. He had his legs spread with a taunting smirk on his face. I walked over getting down on my knees between his legs while I lifted the horn up to him. Eros seized the horn drinking half of it as he spoke with a lust-filled voice

“Thank you moon goddess for blessing me my mate, my only mate.”

Eros leaned forward grabbing my hair tilting my head back to look up at him with lust. Eros moans at me as he pressed the horn to my lips for me to drink. I drank the rest of the beer at his feet gazing at him in the eyes. I kept my eyes locked on his while I licked my lips. I then speak

“Thank you moon goddess for the blessing of my mate, my one and only mate.”

Scarr then thundered out that the festivities were to begin, Everyone cheered and howled and immediately started the feast. Music began to play and the heavy beats of the drums began to feel like it was pounding in my chest at the strength of them. Eros and I stared each other down still with his hand still wrapped in my hair. Eros's eyes were dark as I began to stand leaning over him daring him to do something. Nerves rushed through me starting to apprehend that people could see us. Eros cracked a grin as he flipped me around crashing me into his lap again rubbing his hard cock again the two thin materials that were blocking him from entry. Eros then darkly says

“You should have followed my rules, my love. Look at our pack, lust is in all of them. Yet they can not do anything about it till I'm implanted deep inside you. It is a custom, my mate, others might call it an orgy but we see it as acting upon our intuitions. The mating Ceremony creates a lust-filled atmosphere almost like a mating season. The heat fills all of us.”

He was right I could see everyone struggling to keep their lust desires down. It did actually feel like the mating season was upon us. I have never tended any mating ceremonies before so I always assumed it was conservative. I should have known though, we were wolves with primal instincts in all of us. I groaned deeply rubbing against my mate as if my wolf was taking over. The heat filled our senses trying to take over our bodies with lust. Eros chuckles into my neck as he kissed me mildly. He then says

“I'm going to be teasing you till you beg me to fuck you, my little mate.”

My head snaps back at him as if he said something so bizarre. Did he think I would cave in so quickly for me to beg him to take me in front of everyone? Eros sees the challenge in my eyes as he grins wickedly. Eros wraps an arm around my body cupping my front as he scoots us to the table that was now filled with traditional foods and roasted boar. I wiggle against his hand just to make matters far worse for me. I groaned as Eros reaches over to the table grabbing some food, he began to eat still with a cocky smirk on his face. He still had his hand cupping my hot core making it almost impossible to think. I then heard Eros dark sultry voice say

“Open your mouth.”

In an instant, my mouth opened up as if he was in full control of me. He then slid a small bite of meat into my mouth as he pressed his hips up into me. I moaned as it turned into a growl he was playing with fire. We kept teasing each other as we ate as well as pack members came up offering congrats and welcomes. Each time a man came up to us Eros would start rubbing me through my panties trying to make me moan in front of them. The lust was starting to take full control over both of us. I looked around sensing the need to realize in all the pack members. I then noticed that there were no kids, no one under the age of 18 present, and on top of that, all the mated pack members were left. People were drinking and dancing, definitely not clean dancing. I heard Eros growl into my back making me moan in excitement, he was at his breaking point but still holding on. All of a sudden I felt him rip my panties making me gasp at the cool air hitting my hot center. His fingers start to tease me relentlessly as I broke with lust

“You... You win, Eros.”

Eros groans into my neck as he darkly says


Fuck, he was going to drive me wild. It seemed as if everything was being fazed out except for me and Eros. Every touch he made on my skin felt like my body ached and craved his touch. I gasped loudly as he inserted a finger into my hot sex as he continued a slow pace. The drumming rhythm pounded heavily in my chest making my body more excited. Eros then growls into my ear

“Beg me, little mate. Don't you want me to claim what is mine? Fill you to the brim, to fuck you into tomorrow?”

That was it, my body shook as I started to beg nonstop. I was begging him like a submissive slut. Eros growls thunderously slamming my body onto the table bent over in front of him. Thank the heavens that the housemates clear the table a few minutes ago. Eros spreads my legs as he slammed into me making me scream out with full delight. Excited and territorial howling began as the pack started to ravage their own mates. Eros grabbed my hair pulling me up a bit as he slammed into me with deep powerful thrusts as he began to claim me. Eros then says into my ear

“Who do you belong to?”

I gasped as he kept hitting my womb repeatedly. He growls into me ear getting rougher with me as I quickly say

“You... You own me.”

Eros growls with delight as he pumped into me vigorously. It felt like the air was being sucked out of me as he fucked me hard. My eyes glanced out to the pack seeing that everyone was being fucked in many ways. Some girls were on the knees as they sucked their mates off. I groaned deeply feeling my cheeks grow red, I've never seen this before in my life, it was all so surreal. Eros growled darkly as he spun me around making me look up at him in shock. Eros then slowly enters me making me gasp out his name. A smirk played on his lips as he ripped open my top freeing my breasts as they jiggled with each thrust. He leaned forward as his hair acted like a curtain around me. My hands automatically slid up his chest as one went around his neck pulling him tighter into me. Eros let out a primal growl as our eyes locked on to each other. Eros then growls

“You are mine.”

All I could do was nod my head in agreement. I was truly his and only his. His muscle rippled underneath my touch as I clawed at his back and neck feeling myself get closer to my peak. Eros grins darkly as he asks

“Do you want to cum, little mate?”

I quickly answered

“Yes, please Eros. Please make me cum!”

Eros picked up his speed making sure he slammed all of himself into me hitting my weak spot each time. Eros gripped my chin as he hisses out

“Don't cum. You will hold on.”

I whimpered as I tried to keep myself from not cumming. My eyes pleaded with him, begging in a silent way. Eros groans as he slammed into me harder and faster making my body go into a frenzy as I begged him

“Eros, please... I need to... I cant... Pleeaassee!”

Eros lifted me up so that my body weight slammed down on his thrusts as he repeated this torment. My nails dug deep into his shoulders as he lifted me up again he growls out

“Cum now.”

As soon as he dropped me back down on him, I was a goner, my body shook as I tightened around him. If he kept giving me these earth-shattering orgasms I'm going to die... happily. I felt his cock pulse as his hot seed filled my pussy making us both moan in unison.

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