Don't Underestimate the Broken

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A New Meaning of Broken

Eros and I stared at each other panting heavily. My body felt like it was being coursed through with electricity, I wanted more. The heat was coursing through my veins faster and stronger now. Eros nips at my lip as he darkly says

“Shall we continue in our room, my little mate?”

I nodded my head vigorously trying to catch my breath. I needed more of his touch. Eros narrows his eyes while growling darkly


I shivered with excitement and lust. I loved the demand and control that was lacing my mate's words. I pulled my body closer to him as I kissed my mark on his shoulder. I growled out

“Eros... I need more, please take me to our room and fuck me.”

Immediately, I felt his hard cock grow harder inside me. A primal growl escaped his lips as he darkly says

“Stay still, I'm going to carry you to our room but I want my cock to be buried deep inside you all the way there.”

My hot core tightened around him with his words. I pressed my body tight to his pressing my breasts against his hard chest. It was so if anyone looked over at us they would only get a glimpse of my side boob. I pressed my face in the crook of his neck deeply inhaling as he began to walk. I nipped at his next feeling the rumbling in his chest as he growls. I smirked evilly running my finger through his hair running my nails against his scalp earning a groan in pleasure from my mate. We made it to the stairs till I started to wiggle myself on him trying to get some type of friction. Eros grips my ass while walking up the stairs with ease while thrusting a bit every now and then earning himself moans with each thrust. Once on top of the stairs, I leaned back pulling his hair while moving my hips so he was dangerously close to exiting my tight core. A fierce glare ran through his grey eyes as he slammed me against the wall while slamming into me making me moan loudly. Eros then growls

“Shall I just fuck you here, my little mate?”

My core instantly got soaked, Eros felt me get wet as a smirked crawled upon his face. He then rips my skirt off me, while pulling himself out earning an anxious whimper coming from my lips. Eros then growls

“Walk. I want to watch your sinful body stroll to our room. Just remember I'm going to break you, my little mate.”

My cheeks heat up making me bite my lip hard. I was breathing hard trying to decide what I should do, should I listen to him? I turned to walk towards the room, he smacked my ass hard making my cry out with a moan. I heard Eros chuckle deeply behind me while I started walking, I looked back to see him following with lust in his eyes. My heartbeat quickened hammering in my chest. My body was craving his touch as I walked. Finally, I got to our room without anyone witnessing me other than Eros. Eros walked in locking the door behind him. I couldn't take it anymore I wanted him. I walked over yanking down his ancient garments to finally expose himself to me. My eyes widen seeing how massive he was, how the hell did he even fit that in me! I heard Eros chuckle darkly at my reaction to seeing him naked. I narrowed my eyes up at him not liking that he was laughing at me. Eros then says

“On your knees, my little mate, with your tongue out.”

My body immediately did as it was told. I was staring up at him, challenging him to hurry up. Eros walked up to me his cock inches from my tongue as he wraps my hair in one hand and the other gripped my throat making my head locked up looking up at him. My core flushed as I couldn't suppress my moan this time. Eros's eyes went black as night at the sound while he shoved himself down my throat. I gaged at first truly not expecting him to go all the way down in one go. He pulled out allowing me to catch my breath and then began to fuck my face. I groaned in satisfaction while I reached up grabbing his thighs for support. My both felt like it was on fire my eyes snapped up to lock on his domineering eyes making him groan out. He then growls out

“This mouth is fucking mine... God, I love how your pretty little mouth wraps around my cock.”

I moaned on his cock using his thighs to pull him closer to get him deeper into my throat. Eros rips my head off of his cock with a pop and salvia string connecting my mouth to his cock. I took deep quick breaths as he growls out

“Want me to finish here or fuck your pretty little brains out?”

I groaned deeply my eyes rolling back for a second, I hastily reply

“Please, fuck me, Eros.”

Eros started dragging me by my hair making me crawl on all fours. He leads me to the bed then threw me onto it with my ass up and my chest pressed firmly to the mattress. My heart raced thumping hard in my chest. My breath hitched as I felt his hot breath hit my core. I whimpered at the feeling, Eros gripped my thighs pulling me back a tad. His tongue swiped over my core as I wiggled at the feeling. Eros growls lowly as he darkly demanded

“Do not move. And do not cum without permission. Do you understand, little mate?”

I bit my lip hard as I whimpered out

“Yes, Eros.”

Eros groans as he buried into my core with his face. His tongue felt amazing as if he has been well experienced. I groaned in pure pleasure as his skilled tongue explored my depths. Eros then growls into me

“Say my name, little mate. I want you to moan out the name that brings you this much pleasure.”

I felt my stomach tighten while I began to let out small mewls and calling out his name. I could feel myself getting closer to the second. I gasp loudly as I felt his cock in place of his tongue. He was now rubbing his cock teasingly on my slit going up and down. He was torturing me. I then growl out

“Eros... Stop teasing.”

Eros chuckled behind me as he continued this torture. I growled out irritated as I felt him go back towards my hole, I quickly pushed back in perfect timing making the tip slip in. I groaned at the feeling but all too soon my arms were bound behind my back in one of his hands as the other gripped my neck from the front making me gasp out in shock. Eros then growls lowly

“I said not to move.”

Shit! My eyes closed down tightly. I got caught up in the moment that I forgot his command. Eros slammed into me as he roughly fucks me hard and fast. He pulls my upper body up by my arms and neck making me go light-headed. My eyes popped open as he reached a new depth as he pounded into me. All I could scream out once was

“Fuck, Eros!”

Eros chuckles darkly into my back, he never let up on his speed. My mind was turning into mush. My stomach was tightening as my walls started to contract around him. He then growls

“Do not cum yet.”

I was a gasping mess my body felt like it couldn't hold on much longer. Eros slammed my upper body back onto the bed making my back arch downwards against the mattress with my knees close to my chest my ass on full display. He let my arms go still fucking me fast and hard. I felt his hand glide over my ass smacking it hard making my pussy clench his cock tightly. I gasped out his name again. All of a sudden I felt his thumb hook into my ass making me squeal with shock. The feeling was indefinable. Eros growls darkly as he pulled his thumb out but replaces it with a finger making my toes curl and my hands clench the bedcovers. He started a slow finger fuck in my ass as he kept his cock moving quickly into me. My mind was about to break as all I could get out was

“Eros... Please!”

Eros growls darkly at me while he added another finger into my ass making my lungs fill up with air. He growls out

“Please what, my little slut.”

I groaned out as he called me a slut. My mind was going wild now. I then scream out

“For the love of God let me cum Eros!”

That's when I felt him fuck me fast in both holes making me scream into the bed I couldn't hold on much longer my senses were on overload. Then he said it with restraint in his voice

“Cum for me my little slut.”

That's when I came undone. My body writhed erratically like I was having a convulsion. Eros grips my hips still hammering into me with his cock. He slammed hard home flooding my walls with his hot seed. I could feel each spurt of thick cum as it gushed out of me dripping down my pussy lips and thighs. He was still going as he groans deeply pressing his body against mine. Eros then unevenly speaks

“I want you to keep my seed in you all night, my little mate. Can you be my good little slut and not clean up?”

I groaned into the bedding at his filthy words. If he fucked me like this all the time I'd willingly do anything he says. Eros gripped my chin making me look up at him waiting for my reply. I finally weakly say

“Yes, Eros. Anything you want I will do.”

Eros groans at my words as our lips locked with each other. He was the one to pull away first flipping me over on my back, my body felt spent as if I had done the hardest work out in my whole life. Eros pulled me to his body holding my body as if it was a fragile porcelain doll. I looked up at my mate as he had his eyes closed breathing heavily with beads of sweat dripping down his gorgeous face. Love filled my heart, I finally felt complete. I felt like I finally found my place in life. Maybe I shouldn't go with Eros to that meeting I thought making reality come back to me. I couldn't let him nor the pack go through hell because of me. It was selfish of me to demand to go and clear my name. I took a deep sigh making my mates eyes pop open looking at me. A flash of worry went across his eyes as he softly says

“What is on that beautiful mind of yours, little mate?”

I gently reached up touching his face feeling his cool skin making me feel absolutely calm. I answered him


I pause trying to pick the best words to say to my loving mate. Eros began examining my face with worry. I could tell he thought he had crossed a line with me with the sex we just had. I then clear all those thoughts by saying

“If you wish for me to not go to the meeting... I will respect your wishes, I am sorry for being so selfish.”

Relief flooded his eyes while he stared me down. Eros nestled me into his chest making me able to feel his strong heartbeat on my cheek. He places a kiss upon my head while saying

“You were not being selfish my love... Ok maybe a little bit selfish.”

I gasped while I playfully hit his arm making him chuckle into my hair. That jerk, its hard for me to admit I'm selfish or what I concluded was not fully thought through. Eros lift my chin to look up at him as he softly says

“I still have not fully thought it out yet. Like I said before, I will give you my answer tomorrow. But I am extremely pleased and relieved that you will respect my decision if I do decide that it's too dangerous.”

I smiled tenderly up at my mate kissing him again pressing my body against him feeling him get aroused again. I then smirk while saying

“One more round?”

Eros eyebrows raised as a mischievous grin formed on his lips as he darkly says

“Only if you can handle it, my little mate... You will know soon enough that I will always want to be buried deep inside you whenever I can. I'd love to see my little mate become an obedient little slut for only me.”

I moaned at his words, I normally would be pissed about someone calling me a slut but how Eros used the word made me instantly soaked. I wanted to please my mate anyway, shape or form. And by seeing how this was going so far he was going to make me into a needy slut all the time for him. I could feel the desire from him ache inside my bones like an unswerving buzz.

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