Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Don't Be A Smartass

Eros POV

I laid on my back while my mate snuggled into my body sound asleep. She tempted me into two more rounds easily, with no complaints from me. This last round wiped her out, her orgasm was so strong she knocked right out making me chuckle. I am pleased that I could make my little mate overfilled with pleasure. She was going to make me crave her constantly and I could sense from her she had the same feelings. I sighed deeply as my mind went straight to her request to attend the alphas meeting. I wanted to show them all that I had found my mate and squash all worries about her in one swipe. Yet knowing fully well how the two packs, that are going against her, are was going to be a bit difficult. My pack could easily wipe them off the map. But if all the packs join in against her also going against my pack would not be good. I gently placed my mate on the bed getting up and grabbing a light men's skirt. I heard my mate whimper from the loss of my warmth making my heart tighten. Yet I needed a bit of guidance before morning broke. I sighed heavily slowly walking out onto the balcony leaning on the cement railing looking up at the moon. I knew that the moon goddess hears my heart calling out to her, I had to be patient though, she was always so busy. Thirty minutes passed making me run my hands through my hair starting to grow worried that I would run out of time to speak with her. A cold breeze touched my skin making me feel relief, I turned to look at Selene. She had a gentle smile on her face, it was the kind that said ‘I told you so’. I rolled my eyes at her as I lightly vocalize

“Selene... Thank you for coming in such short notice but I need your guidance.”

Selene nods her head knowing full well what I was asking. She seemed a bit tense about what I was asking. There must have been a huge cost to her if she told me what to do. She then expresses

“It is truly your choice on that matter Eros, I can not tell you what to do because the consequences are too high for me to bargain with. But let me suggest a few things to you to help your thought process on both choices. If you grant her go, your pack and she will be endangered. If you do not permit her to go... the others will start to question her true intentions and just Nisha will be threatened. Like I told Nisha the other day, you can not always fight alone, you must trust in each other. You guys are one now, I have anointed your ceremony tonight, all your decisions will affect each other not just you from now on. This is truly your choice, Eros Daichin.”

I stared at her while everything was setting in my mind. In just one blink she was gone as the moon was starting to descend behind the high mountains. Concepts ran through my mind while I weighed my decisions. Either my pack and Nisha would be threatened or only Nisha will be threatened. I growled at the choices that I had. If I let her speak maybe the other packs will understand her intentions and see that she is not going to threaten them which would be less of a threat to the pack and Nisha. But if I do not allow her to go how many packs would go against her? Would they all believe the silver tongues that fed them lies? Either way, it came down to how much my pack and Nisha would be threatened. If I let her come there was a chance of fewer packs after her. I brushed my face feeling the drowsiness finally fall on me. I knew what I was going to do. I had finally made my decision. I hope that it was the correct one now. I returned to my bed crawling into it pulling my mate to my body feeling her nestle into me more making me sigh with content. I will protect her at all costs and I will protect our pack. Our pack will support our decision and protect us in return.

Nisha’s POV

I heard a bird chirping outside making me groan a bit. I wasn't ready to get up yet. My body felt sore from last night. My eyes pop open remembering that I had a blackout with my last orgasm sometime last night. I looked around the room seeing no one was in here. My eyebrows furrow down, did he leave me here again by myself. I felt the bed shift beneath me making me look down. Eros was still asleep with one of his arms over his eyes. And half my body was draped over him. I smiled gently at the sight of my mate. I decided to finally take a shower. I gently got off the bed trying hard not to wake him with my movements. I successfully escaped the bed without waking my mate and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower heating up the water while I brushed the knots out of my hair. My body was already craving more of my mate but I needed my muscles to relax a bit. I stepped into the large stone shower feeling the hot water hit my sore muscles. I moaned at the feeling already making me feel a bit better already, I closed my eyes as my mind drifted off to what I had done last night. I felt my cheeks heat up as my arousal spiked again making me groan a bit in frustration. My wolf was begging me to wake up our mate to have him fill us again. My body tensed up sensing his presence close to me. I slowed opened my eyes to see my mate completely bare in front of me leaning on the edge of the shower door as if he was waiting for my invitation. A wicked grin was plastered on his face making me blush madly. Eros chuckled deeply making my skin shiver. He then growls out

“I thought I told you not to clean up.”

My lips pulled into a smirk as my sarcasm slipped passed my lips.

“You told me not to clean up last night, nothing about the morning.”

Eros growls darkly in a primal way making me know that I cornered him with the facts. I didn’t disobey him, I merely followed his words to a T. He then growls out

“I can smell your arousal already, so soon after you woke up, at that. Does my mate need me?”

I groaned out at his words, he was already teasing me so early in the morning. Eros smirk became bigger making me narrow my eyes at him. I then hissed out a bit frustrated

“If you can smell me so easily, why do you need a vocal invitation?”

Eros chuckles darkly, in a flash of a second he had my body slammed against the cold stone wall with his hand on my neck and the other on the wall. He then growls lowly

“Oh my little mate I don't need one, but I was just being nice to see if my mate was too sore to take my cock again so soon. It seems with your smart-ass mouth this morning, I'm going have to fuck that sarcasm out of you.”

I moaned out loud, Eros hand let go of my throat yanking my legs up and spread them out wide. I placed my hands on his shoulders steadying myself up. I then growled out

“Maybe that's what I fucking need Eros.”

Eros's eyes darkened at me, I couldn’t keep my fucking mouth shut. I needed him, and I needed him in me now! His cock was hard and aggressively standing up proudly. Eros was just staring me down making me whimper with arousal. Why wasn't he taking me already? I slid my hand down wrapping it around his thick cock still staring into his eyes. He hissed out as my hand started to stroke him. I leaned close to his ear while I say with words full of lust

“You never need to ask, my mate... You can take me anytime you want. My body already desires you, my body is yours to do as you please... God Eros, you can already smell that I need you. What other invitation do you need to fuck me hard.”

That was all I had to say, it was like the beast within him woke up finally. He thrust forward into my hand slamming into me. I gasp feeling how actual sore I was. Yet my craving for him was more powerful than the pain. I growled darkly with pleasure and pain as he hammered into me. Eros then growls out darkly

“Remember, you gave me that permission. I will fuck you where ever and whenever I want my little slut. You can not refuse me now.”

Eros let go of my leg just to move to my hips. He slammed into me roughly making me scream out his name. Eros growls in pleasure as he leaned his back backward while growling darkly.

“Fuck, baby look down and see how my cock fucks your tight little pussy.”

I groaned looking down seeing his cock stretching me out. It was such an erotic sight I had almost came undone at the sight. Who knew how kinky I was and how kinky my mate was at that. Eros groaned when he felt me get wetter by looking at his cock filling me. Eros pulled out of me making me whimper out from the loss of the friction. Eros bent me over, legs spread apart as the feeling of my tits hang down from the gravity was oddly satisfying. Eros slammed into me yet again but held himself deep inside me. I was gasping wanting him to move. Eros right hand traveled over my ass and up my back then he grabbed a fistful of my hair yanking my head up. When I looked straight ahead I was now staring at myself in the reflection of the wall-length mirror. Eros left hand began kneading my ass as he groans deeply. He looked up locking his eyes into mine through the mirror. He then growls out

“Do not look away from the mirror, little slut. If your a good girl I'll let you cum.”

I moaned loudly while he began to move. It was an erotic thing to see how he fucked me. He was slamming into me fast and hard, my tits swinging with each thrust. I was a moaning dripping mess. Eros glances down at my ass with gratification and lust making me shiver with delight. All of a sudden I felt his finger shove roughly into my ass making me squeal loudly and my knees buckle for a split second. Eros chuckled darkly looking up at me adding another finger to my torture. I gasped locking eyes with him as he speaks

“Mmmm, baby I love it when you squeal.”

My face went bright red with slight embarrassment and pleasure. Eros groans feeling my pussy tighten around him. He only gave me a look, silently telling me not to cum yet. I whimpered at the look pleading with him to let me cum. Eros moved his hand from my hair to my jaw hooking his fingers into my mouth making it open up wide. I moaned loudly feeling my pussy tighten up, I was so damn close. Eros pulled his fingers out of my ass as he spits down on my ass. I moaned again it felt slightly degrading what he was doing to me but instantly turned me on more. Eros pulled out of my pussy with a pop making me groan out in complete frustration. I was so damn close! Eros grabbed his cock placing at the entrance of my ass making me squeal with fright. There was no fucking way he could fight his huge cock in there. I squirmed around making him growl out darkly he then says

“Stop fucking moving, you better relax or this is going to hurt my little mate. This is payback for teasing me and that smart ass of a mouth.”

My whole body froze at his words, I instantly relaxed my body in fear of it hurting. Eros eases his tip into my ass making me squeal in shock. Eros groans as he does small thrusts in and out inching himself slowly in. He had miraculously got halfway in as I tensed up, tightening around him a bit. Eros groans as he hisses out


As if on cue my body relaxes instantly making Eros sigh out in relief. He began moving a little as little mewls escaped my mouth onto his fingers. Eros groans deeply aa his pace quickened then slammed hard and deep inside my ass. His full cock was buried deep inside me. I gasped feeling extremely full. Eros bent over trailing little kisses up my back and onto the hollow of my neck. He then darkly says with lust on his tongue

“Good job baby girl. You took my whole cock beautifully in your tight ass. Fuck, I am going to take you anytime I want now.”

Eros's hand leaves my mouth while I watched and felt his hands glide around my body to grip my tits in his large hands. Eros began to move in and out as pleasure washes over me making me moan out. A growl erupted in Eros's chest reverberating against my back. Eros was staring me down with a primal look as he bit down on my shoulder making me cry out, not of pain but pleasure. Eros then says

“Look at yourself, baby girl. You take my cock so well as a good little slut should. Are you my little slut that will keep me satisfied all the time?

My eyes rolled back for a brief second as waves of pleasure washed over my body. I quickly say breathlessly


Eros groans into my neck picking up his speed as he questioned me again

“Will you tell me when your tight fucking holes need to be filled by your mate now?”

I groaned deeply looking into his eyed in the mirror as I answer

“Yes, Eros. Please let me cum already”

Eros growls in satisfaction as he picked up his speed slipping his hand down to play with my clit. I gasped out feeling myself at the edge again. Eros then growls out


My body shook violently as he cock burst his seed deep into my bowels coating my inside thick with his cum. Eros held my limp body against his chest, both of us breathing hard. Eros slowly pulls out making me mewl out in pleasure I was super sensitive now. Eros turns the water off and picks me up bridal style as he walked around the shower over to the tub. I looked down seeing it was full of water and the scent of lavender and eucalyptus to it. My nose scrunched up making Eros notices my reaction. He then asks gently

“What is wrong my love?”

My eyes looked up into my mate's eyes, the worry was written across them thinking something was absolutely wrong. I looked away as I softly say

“Never use Eucalyptus again, please... I hate that smell.”

Eros searched my face as the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. He yanked my body away from the bath pulling me back into the shower gently setting me on the ledge. He turned the water on again as he began to wash my body. I bit my lip seeing the anger in his eyes. It made my heartbreak. Did I upset him?

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