Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Decisions Made

I searched my mates face trying to read him. Was he mad? I let him wash me down as he didn't say a word the whole time. My mind was racing all over the place, should I have sucked it up and just took the bath then tell him? I gently reached over lightly touching his chin to make him look at me. Yet all he did was yank his face away from my hand. Fury coursed through my body as hurt hit me the hardest. I growled darkly while smacking his hands off of me. If he was going to turn bitter to me because I told him Jashins scent I could do the same thing. I only told him that I hated that scent so I wouldn't smell like that asshole. Eros's eyes finally snapped up to mine anger flashing through them. I then hissed out hatefully

“I'm clean enough.”

I quickly shoved him away from me and walked out of the bathroom and went straight into the closet. How dare he act like that to me. I quickly grabbed a flowy black dress and tugged it on. As I straightened out the dress Eros walks in staring me down silently. I narrowed my eyes at him about to walk past him but he grabbed my arm stopping me. Eros opened his mouth but I had ripped my arm from his grasp not looking at him just like he did to me in the shower. I then hissed out

“Next time... Either don't bother or use mahogany wood scented bath soaps. That is what will relax my body.”

I exited the closet not allowing him to talk. My wolf growls at how he acted towards us, I decided that I needed fresh air. I walked out onto the balcony leaning on the railing looking across the village. It was even more beautiful in the day time. I took a steady breath as his scent rolled in. I narrowed my eyes ahead. What did he want now? Eros then expressed

“I am sorry, Nisha”

Silence filled the air again making me scoff out loud making sure that he heard me. I heard Eros suppress a growl while he walked beside me looking out at the village. Eros leans onto the cement balcony his body tense. He then expresses

“It... It is hard for me to control my anger, Nisha. I don't want to lash out at you... It is tough on me to know you had another mate, yes I know it was nothing. Yet hearing small things like that pisses my wolf off. I just needed a minute to cool off before I snapped at you, that wouldn't be fair to you, little mate.”

I sighed heavily turning my face towards him inhaling deeply seeing his silhouette of his face and body made me freeze for a moment. His damp long air slightly flutters in the slight breeze caught me off guard. I then shake my head while I say harshly

“At least tell me you need a minute. Your silence makes me think I did something wrong.”

Eros's head snapped over to look me fully, he was taking in what I just said. Eros gently cups my cheek while saying

“The only thing that you could do that was wrong to me is to leave me, Nisha. Please forgive me, my love.”

Eros pulls my body into him as he wraps his arms around me hugging me into his chest. I sighed heavily wrapping my arms around his body, I shoved my face into his chest making him chuckle lightly. Eros then says

“So I smell like mahogany wood huh?”

My lips curved into a small smile while I nodded my head into his chest. Then it happened again my stomach growled loudly as well as Eros's stomach. We both started laughing at each other. Eros lifts my chin up and places a soft gentle kiss on my lips making my worries instantly wash away. Eros then says

“I will work on myself, my little mate. I will do better at communicating with you... Now I believe we both need some food. ”

I chuckle while nodding my head. Eros and I walked into the dining hall, it was almost empty now. How late did we get up? We walked up to our chairs and sat down. Soon May came in place down lunch items in front of us. Was it already afternoon? Eros looks over at me seeing my confused face making him chuckle deeply at me. It instantly made my eyes snap up at him. He then softly says

“It's twelve thirtyish my dear, we slept in and well took quite a bit of time to come out of our room.”

I couldn't remember how long it has been since I woke up this late. Eros and I ate in silence. I noticed a few people trickle in that looked like death hit them, they were hungover big time. Once we finished Eros lead me to the office seeing that Scarr was already there. I looked over at her seeing she didn't get much sleep last night mainly after seeing the litter of all the hickeys on her chest. I giggled at her, amused with what I was seeing. Scarr looks at me frowning as I say

“By the looks of it, you had a great night last night Scarr.”

Scarr purses her lips at my taunt as she retorts back

“I assume you did as well with all the noise you made last night.”

I was not expecting that one, my cheeks flare with red while she smirked and chuckled at me. Eros let out a small laugh making my head snap over to him. He quickly held his hands up replying

“I'll soundproof our room, never needed it before now.”

I groan a bit in embarrassment, I had screamed a few explicated things last night. Eros sat in his chair while I started wondering what I was supposed to do. Eros then sighs heavily grabbing my attention as well as Scarr's. He then looks up at me and says

“I have decided.”

My eyes widen as excitement while worry ran through me. What was he going to say? My heart tightens there was no way he was going to let me go due to the uncertainties. I subconsciously bit my lips and was holding my breath waiting for him to speak.

“After thinking for quite a bit, it would be extremely dangerous to the pack and yourself if you did not attend the meeting. So you will be going to the meeting with me.”

Both Scarr's and my eyes widen in shock at what he just said. We both thought he was going to tell me no. I searched his face seeing that he was completely serious. Scarr was the first to speak though

“Alpha, are you sure about this. Won't it be riskier if she went to the meeting?”

Eros glances at her running his hand through his long hair making my eyes snap over at the action. Why did he look so incredibly attractive right now? Eros then says in a regular voice

“If she doesn't go other packs will start to fear her, assuming she is out to take them over, putting Nisha is higher danger. Then when they find out that she is my mate and is being hidden and protected on our lands. They will assume that our pack is wanting to take over making our pack in more danger. Now if Nisha goes and attends the meeting, she can state her intentions she has and at least we will not have every single pack out for my mates head. We can keep allies and treaties put in place to help keep the peace.”

Relief flooded my body, he was actually going to let me go and defend my name. Scarr nods her head in agreement as everything he said was correct. Eros then says

“Go and pack and have May pack mine and Nisha’s luggage for our trip. We will leave in a few hours. I'm going to go down to the village and let the warriors know what is happening.”

Scarr nodded her head bit paused for a second. Her eyebrows knit together as she softly asks

“Alpha... Shouldn’t we bring an extra body with us?”

Eros's eyebrows nit together while I do the same as him. Why would we need an extra body with us? I sat at the edge of Eros's desk near him, my legs were getting a little tired from standing. Eros the asks

“For what purpose Scarr?”

I saw a slight blush appear on her face knowing full well she wanted her mate to come along. Yet she states out

“I feel that we need to bring someone to ensure that our Luna is protected at all times. We are going into a meeting that two Alphas have something against our Luna... I know I, you, or her can keep her safe yet I just don't want them to get any chances to hurt her.”

Eros groans miserably while rubbing his hands on his face making me nervous for him. I could tell that this situation was really stressing him out. I hated the fact that she suggested bringing someone with us yet she did have a point. The whole situation as eating at my mate. I felt bad that I brought this upon him and the pack. I gently touch Eros forearm making him move his hands off his eyes to look at me. I then say

“It couldn't hurt Eros, it is better safe than sorry especially for this situation. We have to protect each other. Yet I don't want to pull the next strongest fighter out and leave the pack vulnerable while we are gone.”

That's when I see Scarr pout at my statement. Was her mate the next strongest? I internally smacked my forehead, of course, he was mated to the Beta making him like a Beta himself. Eros glances at Scarr as he says

“She has a point, Scarr... I know you wanted Izzy to go yet he needs to be here to make sure things are running smoothly and safely in our absence. The best person to take is your brother, Vitali”

Scarr groans deeply making me giggle as I jumped in

“You might want to hunt your man down before we go, Scarr.”

Scarr playfully glares at me sticking her tongue out while heading towards the door while flipping both of us off on her way out earning a chuckle from the both of us. She stopped at the doorway glancing back as she says

“You might as well, Luna. The office is soundproof but the hotel rooms are not.”

I groaned picking up a pen chucking it at her earning myself a squeal, she ducked out quickly with fits of laughter in the other side of the door heading down the hallway. I laugh as I looked back at my mate almost drenching myself seeing the look in his eyes. Eros smirked deviously as he says lightly

“She has a point there.”

I groaned at his statement getting slightly turned on. I spoke the reality

“You need to inform warriors that we are heading out first.”

Eros chuckles standing up kissing my forehead and leads me out. We walked into the village streets that seemed like a little town with shops, houses, and cafes. It was absolutely beautiful and you can tell that everyone takes pride in their town. People hit their chests that noticed our presence showing us respect. We were heading to a gated field that had a plaque label on the stone wall stating training fields. I could already hear the growls, snapping of teeth, and grunts further ahead. My wolf gets excited when we entered seeing the wolves dueling with each other and a handful patrolling around watching them.

We finally made our rounds letting the top warriors know about our leave of absence and made sure everything was in place and set to go. We walled back to the front of the packhouse seeing Scarr trying to smooth out her hair and clothes making me chuckle at her. I noticed a semi-tall built man standing next to her with the same red hair as her. That had to be her brother Vitali, he was quite a handsome man but nothing like my mate. Scarr looks over as she says

“We should get going fast, we are a bit behind schedule.”

I nodded my head in agreement as I ask

“So where are we heading, should we group off in pairs?”

Everyone looked at me quizzically as if I said something bizarre. I bit my lips in a nervous gesture. Scar says

“Luna, we are taking the truck. The place we are meeting is way far out into human territory. We always meet off all of our lands.”

My eyes scrunched tightly together beyond confused at this point. I then ask out of full curiosity

“What is a truck?”

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