Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Chapter Four

All three of them were looking at me as if I had said the most ludicrous thing. Yet I never heard of this thing called a truck. I've always traveled by foot or paws for that matter. I have never exited these lands. Finally, Vitali then answers breaking the silence

“You have to know what a truck is, its a big vehicle that runs off of gas.”

My eyebrows were now hurting from the frowning that I was doing. I shook my head still not understanding what they were talking about. Eros wraps his arm around my shoulder guiding me to a separate building with Scarr and Vitali following us. I could hear them whispering to each other as we walked into the building. My eyes widen seeing this huge metal cabin with wheels on it. Was this the truck that they were talking about? I stared at it in amazement while they started loading the back with our luggage. Eros walks me over to it grabbing the black handle opening a door for me. I saw the inside of it, it had three massive seats in the back and two up front with a center divider. On one side in the front, it had a wheel. Eros helps me into the truck closing the door behind me while the other got into the back seat getting comfy. I watched them grab a strap with a buckle and clicked them on. Scarr looks up as she says

“These are seat belts so if we crash for some reason it protects us from getting hurt or flying out of the truck. Just be glad Eros is driving and not my brother.”

Vitalis's head snaps at her while he said with a fake hurt tone

“What is that suppose to mean Scarr, I'm a fantastic driver.”

Eros scoffs while getting into the seat with the wheel. Vitalis's head snaps over at him as he acted like his ego was bruised. Eros then states to me

“This is a motorized vehicle that helps us travel far distances without wasting our energy and stamina. It runs off of fossil fuel, one of the human's greatest inventions.”

Eros pulls out the keys, he starts up the truck. As soon as it roars to life one of my hands was on the window and the other on the seat behind me as in shock and slight fear. My heart was hammering in my chest while I heard the two laughing in the back at me. I growled darkly snapping my teeth towards them telling them to stop laughing at me. They both got silent as Eros lightly touches my thigh calming me down. My eyes looked into his, full of fear seeing he was worried. I was breathing heavily trying to calm down. Scarr then asks gently

“So you really have never been in a vehicle. How did you travel so far?”

My head snaps to her, trying to get myself calmed down more. I reply

“I've always walked or ran. I've never known about these.”

Eros reaches over pulling the strap from my right over my body and clicked it in. I squirmed a bit feeling as if I was trapped in the seat. Eros intertwines my fingers with his as he says

“Do you trust me to keep you safe, my little mate?”

I groaned but shook my head yes at him. I noticed that Vitali was looking at Eros weird as if he had done something crazy. Eros lifts my hand up and kisses it gently as he says

“I promise you that I will keep you safe and would never put you in something that I thought would be unsafe for you. Just hold on tight to my hand till your comfortable.”

Eros started pulling forward making my hand tighten on his. But relaxed smelling his amazing scent. We were now moving through a paved road. I then heard Vitali say to Scarr.

“So that's the effect of a mate? I've never seen him so gentle in my life.”

Scarr rolls her eyes at him playfully punching his shoulder while she says

“You will one day know the feeling of what a mate can do to you, brother. When you find your mate.”

We were driving for a couple of hours now. I had finally gotten comfortable but I still kept Eros hand in mine for the added effect of safety. I believe Eros was thankful that I didn't have a death grip on his hand anymore. Thankfully everyone talked to me to keep my mind off of traveling in the truck. I have gotten to know Vitali and Scarr more. I found out that they were actually twins and both half-witch and half werewolf. Night had fallen upon us as lights popped onto the street coming from the truck. I leaned forward in awe at the scene. This thing was mysterious. After another hour we pulled into a small town I was seeing many more vehicles of different sizes. Were we in the human's territory now and did they know about our kind? I knew that the human towns around our area knew full well what we were and we coexisted with them. Yet this was far off of our part of the world. Vitali then says

“So what is the plan, Alpha?”

Eros glances back as he says

“We will go straight to the Hotel once we are settled into our room I want you to go grab is food for dinner.”

Vitali purses his lips as he whines out

“Can't we go out to dinner together? It's been a while since I have gone out.”

Eros growls to himself as he hissed out

“Are you suggesting to put your Luna in more danger? Didn't Scarr explain to you what we were doing out here and why you came?”

Scarr clears her throat grabbing ERos attention, she speaks out

“Alpha, she will be covered by all of us. Tonight would be better to enjoy our night out in Hoshka and let her explore a bit since after the meeting we will be on high alert from there on out.”

Eros sighs heavily and grumbles out, he knew she was right. After the meeting, they wouldn't get much time to do anything but to protect me. I didn't want to hold them back from going out. I then softly say

“She is right Eros, I don't want to be the party killer here. I would like to go out tonight if it's ok with you. Plus the other packs don't know I’m here just yet and to top it off my scent changed since we mated.”

Eros sighs again while glancing back at the other two who were now leaning forward in anticipation, wondering if he would say yes. I giggled at them, they were partiers and wanted a night out of fun it has been a while since I relaxed and had fun. Eros then growls darkly

“Fine but if anything happens to Nisha I will kill you both with no hesitations.”

Vitali's fist pumps the air as Scarr nods her head with excitement in her eyes. I giggle at the reactions of the two. Eros then says pulling up to the massive Victorian hotel.

“Scarr check into all three rooms and make sure it's far from the two packs that are after Nisha. Come back out once you are done and we will all go in together to cover Nisha on our way to the room.”

Scarr nods her head while jumping out of the truck running into the front entrance. We were parked a bit back not allowing anyone to be able to see us out here waiting. Vitali starts tapping his foot and drummed on his thigh looking out all the windows. I took a deep breath looking out the window seeing Nishka getting out of a small silver car. My excitement rushed through me as I speak to Eros

“There's Nishka!”

Eros looks over at the car seeing Alpha Remi get out of the car and walked over to Nishka leaning his forehead on hers. I quickly add-in

“Nishka and I are very close and I have a great treaty with Alpha Rem. They were the first pack that I made allies with three years ago. Eros... Are you on good terms with the Okashi Clan?”

Eros smirks at the two seeing them being escorted into the building by their Beta now as he replies

“Actually, I am. Rem has been trying to get me to invite you onto my lands for a year now. Rem and I go far back, we were the two youngest Alphas so we got close. I was actually planning on inviting you this year when I saw Rem again. Yet it seems you came to me.”

Scarr returned to the truck with three sets of keys in her hand. She had a grim look on her face as she stated

“I swear I want to rip Jashin's face off. He is in the front lobby and had the audacity to hit on me in front of his Luna. That man is a fucking sleazeball. I hope whoever his mate is she rejects him in a heartbeat.”

Eros snarls making me look over at Eros. I forgot that Scarr was completely out of the loop in that situation, especially Vitali. Scarr and Vitali's frown looking up completely confused. I then hissed out looking back at Scarr

“I did reject him.”

Both of their eyes widen in complete shock while Eros growls out

“Where are our rooms located, Scarr?”

Eros's knuckles were turning white due to his grip on the steering wheel tightly in anger. Scar then says

“Next to the back porch, Vitali's and my room are on both sides of yours to cover each side. Jashin's and Rama's are located right in front, on the top floor.”

Eros grumbles to himself while he drove to the backside and parked right in front of the back entrance. Scarr then says softly

“I am sorry if I upset both of you. I should have been more careful with my words. Yet I won't apologize for being glad that my Luna is now with you Alpha Eros. The moon goddess blessed you guys for a reason.”

I sighed heavily as I looked back at her and said

“You're fine Scarr it is still a sensitive topic for Eros. Yet Eros needs to realize that I am with him not fuck face, that I am his and no one else's. Eros, may I tell Scarr and Vitali? They need to know about both packs and why they are out to get me.”

Eros grumbles a bit clenching his fist on his lap now. For a good two minutes of silence, he grumbles lowly


I looked back at Scarr and Vitali immediately ignoring Eros's body language for a moment. I recount to them

“The Akita pack is where I was born and raised until I was eighteen because I have the mark of the beast. They tortured and abused me daily. It was a living hell for me. I was extremely malnourished when I escaped them before they could kill me. I ran straight into Jashin's pack, that's when I found out he was my mate. He immediately rejected me because I was weak and sickening in his eyes. I rejected him immediately back because I would not be bonded to a self-centered judgemental piece of shit. He honestly believed I would die from the rejection. When he heard other Alphas speak highly of me in meetings he was outraged that I rose so quickly without him. This information would destroy him if I told anyone else, especially the other Alphas. I don't want to demolish him just quite yet. I want him to suffer from the fear of me telling the others the truth and I want to show off my true mate who truly loves me for me. I want him to suffer seeing that I am truly happy with my mate that I was blessed with.”

Scarr and Vitali seemed absolutely shocked at the news they just heard. Eros grabbed my hand pulling it up to his lips kissing it gently saying

“I would have loved you then and accepted you fully if I saw you in that state. You are my mate, mine”

I beamed up at Eros as I said to him in out mind link

“I am yours, my mind, body, and soul are yours. Never forget that my love. Never doubt my love for you, know that there are no others that could do the things you do to me.”

Eros's eyes turned pitch black for a split second while he smelt my arousal. Eros growls darkly and was about to grab me till Scarr spoke jolting us out of our connection.

“I now see how serious this situation is. Do not worry Alpha, we will keep our Luna safe at all costs. Shall we go get changed real quick and head out my stomach is about to eat you guys?”

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