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Blood Luna

I cracked a smile while Eros sent Scarr in to make sure no one was in the hallway that could see me. Eros and Vitali got out grabbing all of our luggage and then escorted me into the hotel. It was absolutely beautiful. I quickly entered Eros and my suite seeing it was massive there was a small kitchen area a living room and a door to what I assumed the bedroom with the bathroom. It was decorated in a Victorian theme in reds and blacks with gold accents. Even the furniture was in the Victorian goth style. Eros places our bags on the bed as I entered the bedroom. He pulled out a corseted dress with a flowy bottom, it was human clothing. Eros then grabs human clothing for himself while he handed me my dress stating

“You know my rules, little mate. And I promise you, I'll take you whenever and where ever I want tonight.”

My cheeks flushed red, I could feel my arousal sparking alive again. Eros chuckles darkly lightly grabbing my chin lifting it up. I saw the lust swirl in his dark eyes. He then says

“Only if I had time I'd fuck you so hard right now... But it seems that Scarr and Vitali are going to become more impatient in a few minutes.”

I moaned deeply with hooded eyes at his words. Frustration coursed through my body wanting for him to ravage me right now. Eros let go of my chin making me grumble out my frustration. He chuckled at me and started getting dressed. I quickly followed suit, I pulled on the dress tightening the corset around my waist making my hourglass figure more noticeable and my tits pop up beautifully. The dress was rather short, I'd had to bend at my knees to pick things up so I wouldn't bare myself out there. Eros arms wrapped around from behind me. His face was nuzzled into the crook of my neck inhaling my scent. I could feel his hard member rubbing against my backside. I moaned deeply while one of his hands slid under my dress feeling my hot core dripping wet for him already. Eros then darkly growls out

“Good girl, bend over the bed I have a present for you that you can not take out. I am the only one who can take it out of you. Do you understand, little one?”

I nodded my head vigorously with a quick “Yes”. I pulled out of his grip, bending over the bed with my ass up in the air. Eros walked over slowly sliding his finger up and down my slit making me mewl out. Then I felt something very cold pressing against my ass. Eros pressed it in making me squeal but hold still for him. It popped in my ass gripping tight to the cold metal. I felt a small chain and another foreign object against the entrance of my hot core. He pushed it into my welcoming pussy with ease. It had to be a silicone product by the feel of it. The chain was now tightly up against me letting me know it was connected to whatever was in my ass. I gasped out when Eros slapped my ass hard. My jaw tightens when he plays with my clit making my legs tremble. Eros walks away from me while I stay still in my place. I looked back my cheeks flushed red seeing him staring at me with hunger. Eros lifts a small remote as he pressed a button. My eyes widen as I moaned out feeling whatever was in my hot core buzz to life ferociously. All I could do was gasp out


Eros chuckled darkly at me turning the device off. I was panting heavily, I could feel myself dripping down my leg. Eros then says

“Make sure you don't make a sound when we are out, you probably don't want people thinking you're a dirty Lil slut.”

I moaned at his words making me blush hard. I then growl out

“You're going to tease me all night Eros... What the hell is this?”

Eros chuckles placing the remote in his pocket. Walking over to me lifting me up to stand making me moan again. Finally, he replies

“It's a remote control vibrator connected to an anal plug, my Lil mate.”

I pout my lips before I could give him a sarcastic remark there was a hard knock on our door. Eros frowns a bit he motioned for me to stay put while he walked out of the bedroom. I mind link Scarr asking her if she was at the door. She quickly replied no she was putting makeup on. My eyebrow furrowed down as I got close to the doorframe so I can listen in. I then heard an unfamiliar woman's voice say

“Eros, long time no see. I saw your Beta check-in but I didn't see you. I wanted to stop by and say hi.”

I immediately got suspicious, who was this woman? Also why the hell was she using a flirty tone with my mate? My jaw clenches in anger but I wasn't going to be dumb enough to step out and beat the living shit out of her. Eros then replies

“Tya, I am in no mood for your little games. I just wanted to get in my room with no one bugging me. What do you want?”

This Tya woman started giggling which seemed a bit forced. She then speaks

“I was wondering if you needed a little company. My mate is busy getting ready for this meeting about some pathetic woman and I'm bored. Plus I know you have yet to find a mate, so I thought I could give you some comp...”

Eros growls darkly cutting her off. Eros then growls out

“If you have not realized yet I am already mated... Happily. I do not nor have I ever needed anyone's company, especially yours.”

Tya gasps at Eros's comment. There was a good minute of silence as she asks

“Is your mate here?”

There was a silent moment as I held my breath wondering what the plan was. Suddenly Eros replies

“Not yet, but she will be later tonight. Is there anything else you needed Tya?”

I could hear the anger and hate in his words. Did he tell her that I wasn't here yet so she couldn't ask to see me? All of a sudden I heard Scarr say in hatred

“Can I help you with something Tya? You are bothering my Alpha. We do not need any more distractions we have a lot to go over which does not include you.”

I heard a gasp and a scoff from this random woman. Then a stomping of high heel leaving the room. I rolled my eyes at the display of maturity that woman did. I stuck my head out seeing a pissed off Eros and Scarr. Scarr then hisses out

“That woman is a nuisance, I swear she's just like Jashin.”

Eros then growls out grabbing my full attention

“Sister like the brother in full honesty.”

I finally walked out of the room grabbing both their attention. I then asked

“That woman is Jashin's sister? Jeez, I thought it was bad enough with just him.”

Vitali walked into the room seeing all of us were tense. He frowns deeply looking at all of us as he says

“What the fuck happened in twenty minutes?”

Scarr rolls her eyes at her brother slapping his shoulder hard. Scarr then asks avoiding his question.

“Was there anyone out there just now?”

Vitali frowns but grumbled out

“No, I didn't see anyone out there. I sensed a woman stomping her way to the front. By that time she was almost there.”

Eros nods and starts herding us out to his truck. We climbed in quickly and took off. We drove a bit out getting to a city part of town. It was bustling with people and lights. This place was definitely a nightlife town. Eros pulled into a place called ‘Blood Luna’. I raised my eyebrow at Eros while I saw Scarr and Vitali getting excited upon seeing the place. I then ask

“What is this place?”

Scarr quickly chimed up all giddy

“Blood Luna is the hottest restaurant night club in the world. It's a place where werewolves and humans mix unbeknownst to humans. They have the best steaks around plus you have to try the Blood Luna special! And there is very very naughty dancing.”

Scarr sent me a wink while Eros rolled his eyes at her. Eros got out and opened my door shielding me to climb out of the car so I couldn't flash anyone. Eros got up to my ear as he whispered

“Be a good girl tonight and I'll reward you.”

My heart hammered into my chest as I remembered what was inside of me. Eros chuckled behind me as he stepped back allowing me to move. Vitali glanced around for a brief second while nodding his head to Eros. We began walking up to the front allowing me to see the very long crowded line to it. I glanced at Eros with a raised eyebrow questioning if he was really going to wait for that damn long to get into this place. Eros smirked deviously leading us to the front door. I could see most of the woman look up and start to gawk at my mate, making me a bit irritated. The bouncer looks up sniffing secretly making it seemed he was sniffling from a past cold. He immediately stood up shocked as he opened the door for us. He then says

“Mr. Daichin, long time no see. Please enjoy your night. Mrs. Ivichka and Mr. Black we miss your presence.”

The bouncer looks at me with a frown making me a bit uncomfortable. Yet I held my posture not showing any signs of weakness. Eros walked over to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder while he gently says to the man.

“Ray, this is my wife. One of the reasons that we haven't come back sooner.”

Ray smirks as he says

“It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Daichin. You got your hands full with this group.”

I smirked trying to hold my laughter but failed miserably. I finally get through my laughs to say

“Don't you know it?”

Eros guided me into the place, it was dark, a few dimmed lights and dim candles, fake I might add probably to keep this place safe from the super drunks. Lightly lit the place. Eros guided us to the Vip section where we could see everything. There were people dancing, people drink and a slight few who were eating. The bass and the drums of the music reminded me of home. I smiled to myself as Eros said through our mind link

“They secretly inserted the drums from our culture to appease our wolf side, it allows us to be comfortable here.”

Well, that explains why I was so comfortable already. I sat on the inside of the booth with Eros next to me with his arm draped on the backside of the booth behind me. Scarr and Vitali were looking out at the crowd. A waitress came up quickly as she asked

“What can I get you guys today?”

Eros looked up at her making the woman instantly blush at him. I wasn't liking how the woman was looking at my mate. Scarr and Vitali immediately ordered the steak, Scarr got the blood Luna special drink and Vitali ordered a vodka red bull. The waitress scribbled it down quickly looking back up at my mate while biting her lip trying to be seductive. My fist tightens in my lap, this woman was walking on thin ice. Eros then says

“My wife and I will also have steak. She will have the Blood Luna Special and I will have a scotch on ice. Love, did I get your order right.”

Eros looks at me with a smirk on his face as I felt a low buzz start-up in my hot core making me want to jam my elbow in his side. He was making fun of me for getting jealous and to top it off he was teasing me in front of her. I returned the smile biting my lip so a moan couldn't escape. I then say slight out of breath

“Yes, thank you.”

The girl seemed disappointed yet took the order quickly and left. Making me slightly relax, I shift in my seat at the constant buzz. Eros chuckled at me as he taunted

“I didn't know you had a jealous side, Lil mate.”

I narrowed my eyes at him about to make a sarcastic remark yet again I was stopped when I felt the buzz in my hot core go up a notch. I gasped lightly shift my hips around trying to see if there was a spot to weaken the feeling. Eros leans close to my ear as he darkly says

“Mmm, I can already smell you. Let's see if you can eat while being teased.”

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