Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Being A Good Girl

Let me tell you this, eating and having something vibrating in your sensitive pussy was extremely hard. A few moans had escaped my lips when he increased it for a split second. I quickly made the comments of how great the food and drink was to cover my slips up causing Eros to chuckle to himself each time. I was now on my second drink. Scarr and Vitali quickly stood up screaming they were going to go out and dance. It was now Eros and I left in our secluded corner. The alcohol was now buzzing through me while I could feel myself become extremely horny. I accidentally dropped my fork making me grumble at my clumsiness. I crawled under the table it had fallen right in front of Eros’s feet. I crawled forward but halted as the vibrating increased making me moan to myself. My cheeks flushed red as I narrowed my eyes at Eros’s legs. Then a lightbulb clicked. I smirked deviously while crawling in front of him. I softly placed my hands on his knees rubbing up against his thighs. Eros jolted for a split second. He looked down at me when I pushed his legs further apart allowing me to have more room. Eros cocked an eyebrow while he smirked down at me. He mind-linked me

“Mmmm I love seeing you between my legs, Lil slut.”

I smirked up at him all the while I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down a bit. Eros lifted his hips a little so I could pull them down a bit more so I could have more access. I smirked deviously seeing that he didn’t wear boxers. I then ask through the mind link staring at his thick cock standing at attention begging to be served.

“I see the rules apply to you too.”

I heard Eros chuckle from above me while reaching down grabbing my chin still looking relaxed and unfazed by what was happening. Eros then says in the mind link

“Of course if your easy access for me why go through the trouble of not allowing me to be easy access to your cunt and mouth... Mmmm even your ass now.”

I groaned at his words under the table. My eyes rolled back for a split second. I slid my hand up gripping his cock and began to rub his cock. I could see Eros relax more at my touch as he sighed in contempt. I stoked him and every now and then licked the tip of his cock seeing him shudder each time. Eros looked up as I see a split second of annoyance. Yet that didn’t stop me from playing with him. I knew full well that his whole lower half was covered. I then heard the waitress voice ask

“I wanted to just check in on how you were doing. Do you need anything?”

I could hear the flirty tone back on her tongue making me internally scoff at her. Who the fuck does she think she is? I will give her credit she was pretty but not that pretty. Eros calmly says

“I’ll get another scotch and water for my wife please.”

I kept playing with my mate but after a few seconds of not hearing anything from her, I licked up Eros shaft making him tense up a bit. Soon the waitress then examines

“Where is your wife, she shouldn’t have left you alone.”

Eros frowns at the woman. I looked back behind me seeing that she was standing at the other end of the table. What was with this woman? Eros scooted forward a tad probably to make sure she couldn’t see me or his massive cock. He then replies

“She’s around here somewhere. She does not need to babysit me. Nor do I need to worry about her she’s a very good girl.”

I smirked at his complement towards me knowing full well he was giving me that complement directly. I felt the table dip a bit signaling that the woman was now leaning on the table. Probably trying to make her A cup tits pop out of her shirt, a little. I felt my nose and lip twitch with irritation at her. She then suggests

“Oh, well mind if I keep you company till she returns? I’m very sure she wouldn’t mind nor would you.”

I rolled my eyes while I got a scheme in my head. I glanced up faintly able to see Eros’s facial reactions. He was annoyed at this woman already. I wrapped my hand around Eros cock positioning him straight at my face. I licked the tip of his cock making him jerk for a second. He then replies darkly

“Actually my wife would very well not like that, I suggest you leave soon.”

I heard her humph heavily, I suddenly took Eros cock deep into my throat bobbing my head up and down his length. His body went rigid at the feeling. Then the waitress responds

“Oh, so your wife is the one in control of you. You don’t look like a man who is pussy whipped. I bet, your a Dom and she’s blocking you from what you truly love to do. Isn’t that right master?”

My hands gripped his thighs tightly angry that this woman would dare say something like that. I was suppressing a growl while I took Eros cock deep down my throat gagging a few times. Luckily the woman wasn’t a werewolf or she would have heard me. I soon was glancing up at my angered and horny mate. Eros growls lowly at the woman threateningly. She wasn’t picking up on his hints to leave, he hissed out lowly and a little strained.

“Don’t. You. Ever. Call me that again. I am not your master. To be honest, little girl my wife is very submissive and I control her. Yet I let her do what she wants from time to time.”

Eros reached down placing his hand on the back of my head. He pushed my hand down so my nose was touching his belly and his cock so far down my throat making me gag and moan deeply on his cock. Eros then says

“Isn’t that right, little one.”

My eyes snap up at him with watery eyes seeing he was now staring down at me with so much lust in his eyes. I could hear the waitress gasp and hurriedly walked away. I groaned deeply as he let me up so I could breathe. Eros the darkly says

“Get your ass back up here on my lap, now.”

I popped his cock out of my mouth licking my lips still staring at my mate. I quickly crawled back out from under the table as I asked Eros

“Front towards you or my back, Eros?”

Eros’s eyes were black as night as he growls out


I quickly sit on his lap feeling his cock hit my pussy lips making me moan. The waitress came back making me glare harshly at her. She set the drinks across the table and quickly left without a word. Eros then growls

“Grab the drinks, but don’t lean back till I say”

I nodded my head bending over the table reaching for the glasses as I felt Eros pull out my anal plug making me groan out and whimper at the loss of something in me. Eros then rubbed his cock on the pucker of my ass making me moan out. He finally pushed the tip into my ass as he growls lowly

“Slow sit back.”

I slowly sit back dragging the drinks with me. I groaned at the feeling of his cock stretching my tight hole. Eros stopped me still a few inches from his cock being fully in me. Eros bends my legs back to the sides of him. One of his hands reaches in front of me taking his scotch downing half of it in his mouth. Eros then growls into my ear.

“Be a good girl and don’t make a sound.”

I nodded my head quickly while he set his glass on the table thrusting his hips up slamming his cock into my ass. I gasp biting my lip hard to keep the moans and squeal silently. Eros places a hand on my clit rubbing hard as he began to thrust up into me. I could feel my eyes rolling in the back of my head. I was already so close. I quickly mind linked him

“Eros... I’m going to cum.”

I heard Eros growl lowly behind me quickly saying


I whimpered out while he continued his drooling torture to me. Eros’s free hand wrapped up to my neck closing a bit of my airway choking me a bit. I could feel my eyes glaze over as a new sensation coursed through me. Eros tilted my head to the side as he kissed me hard on the lips. My body began to shake and whither in his hands. His pace quickens and started to become uneven. He was so close now, I could feel his cock harden. Eros pulls from my lips staring at me with black eyes. He then spoke

“Don’t let any of my cum escape from your ass. I’m going to plug it back in so none will come out till we get back at the hotel. Do you understand my commands?”

I quickly nodded my head in agreement with his commands. Eros smirked evilly turning on the vibrator that was still in my hot core. My body quickly was conquered with shivers my last thread was going to snap. I gasped deeply when the words ‘Cum’ slipped past my mates lips. He slammed my hips down hard burying his cock into my ass. I quickly grabbed the edge of the table digging my nails into the wood underneath shaking violently. All the wind was knocked out of my lungs. Eros erupted deep into me filling more and more. This had to be his biggest load yet. Eros pushed me forward making me lean on the table as his cock slipped out of me. I quickly tightened my ass while he slipped the anal plug back in trapping his seed in me. I panted heavily my legs shaking uncontrollably on Eros sides. Eros groans deeply as he playfully nipped at my ass making me groan out. All of a sudden I heard Scarr in our mind link

“We need to leave... Now.”

I weakly frown, what was going on? Eros covered my ass and tucked himself into his pants quickly. My body was still in a frenzy till a scent hit my nose. My body stiffened in anger. Eros helped me off of him when Scarr and Vitali rushed over to us. Vitali had a very serious look on his face which I have never seen till now. Vitali then says in a professional manner

“Jashin is here with the other pack, he is in search of you Eros. It looks like he is trying to persuade the packs before the meeting.”

Eros growls darkly while he grabs my arm towing me towards a dark hallway. Eros stopped turning to Vitali and Scarr.

“Take her out through the secret passage and get her in the back of the truck. Do not let anyone see her. We want to keep her hidden until the meeting. I’m going to speak to Jashin so he doesn’t come to my room tonight. Nisha... Is that alright with you?”

I looked up at Eros, He had a great point on the matter and I didn’t want my presence known till the meeting. Yet I didn’t care to let him talk to Jashin alone. I then say

“Have Scarr stay with you so it won’t look fishy. Vitali, you can get me to the truck safe and unseen correct?”

Vitali nods quickly and adds in

“We are going to stop at the dressing room and grab her a wig to slightly alter her identity so it looks like I’m taking some random woman out. They will notice her white hair if we don’t.”

Eros nods quickly in approval. Then all of a sudden Eros asks

“Nisha, can you mask your scent at all?”

My eyes looked directly at Eros while I answer

“Yes, that's 101 Basics of being a rogue.”

I quickly focused on hiding my scent yet leaving Eros scent on me so I wasn’t scentless, to not raise suspicion. Vitali and I rush down the dark hallway. I looked back at Eros seeing his tense body and his Alpha stare return on his face. He looked cold and heartless again. I quickly told him throughout mind link

“Stay calm my love. Do not let him know you have feelings towards me. Let us fool him till the meeting.”

I saw a small smirk form on his lips before Scarr and himself walked away from the hallway entry while Vitali pulled me into a dressing room full of wigs and clothing.

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