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Would He Leave Me Be

Eros POV

I sat back down at the booth grabbing my scotch taking a sip. Scarr sat on the edge of the booth placing her legs on the table as if she was there for a while. The air got tense making me look up to see Jashin approaching my table. I cocked an eyebrow at him as my skin crawled with anger and hate. Yet I kept my face blank and unreadable. I wasn't going to give him anything. Jashin gives me a forced smile as he says loudly

“Ah, here he is. You are a hard man to find, Eros.”

My eyebrows knit together looking at his relaxed stature. Why would he want to look for me in the first place? He knew I never talked about anything outside of meetings. He knew I didn't like him from the first time that I met him. I then reply

“Maybe I don't want to be found. What is it that you want Jashin?”

I saw Jashins nose twitch up for a split second while he placed himself on the booth across from me. He already could tell that I was annoyed at his presence. Rama stood by Jashin with a blank stare. These two men hurt my mate in the worst ways possible, my wolf was on edge immediately. Jashin chuckles to himself as he spoke

“I wanted to talk to you personally about Nisha Waya.”

My eyebrow raised immediately while Scarr scoffed next to me. I leaned back in my spot throwing one arm on the backside of the booth in a relaxed manner. I took a sip of my scotch again placing it on the table. I cocked an eyebrow up while saying in a very neutral tone

“Aren't we having a meeting about her tomorrow Jashin? This can surely wait till then...”

Jashin narrows his eyes while growling at me. I held back my wolf for ripping that stupid look off his face. Jashin then snarls lowly

“That monster is out to destroy us all, Eros. She has attacked mine and Rama’s pack already. She surely will go after yours since your the strongest pack at the moment.”

I chuckled to myself deeply thinking that was the funniest thing that I have heard today. Scarr scoffed again beside me rolling her green eyes looking bored with the conversation. Jashins fists tightened making his knuckles go white with anger that I wasn't taking him seriously. I then say in amusement

“Look Jashin, she could try to conquer my pack but as you must have forgotten my pack will not go down so easily by one person. Yes, she has a temper and also brings a little chaos with her yet Isn't she the one that you claimed that she was your mate a couple of days ago?”

Jashins eyes widen while Rama looked at him with tight eyebrows. I chuckled internally vaguely placing out small details he had forgotten. I still kept my face blank a void of no emotion. This idiot forgot he claimed to be Nisha's mate as if that would ever happen. Jashin soon recovers and speaks quickly

“Look here, I just wanted to get rid of the threat that was on your lands. She has the mark of the beast, Eros.”

I raised my eyebrow trying to play off a confused demeanor. I then asked playing dumb

“What is that suppose to mean Jashin, who cares what kind of mark this woman has?”

Rama finally growls darkly as he hisses out

“It's a brand showing that she is a monstrosity out to destroy everything and anything in her path. The moon goddess sent us a curse and to atone for that curse she must die.”

My eyebrows knit back together tightly. What idiotic elders that he has. I then questioned him

“The Moon Goddess would never send down a curse amongst us. We all haven't done anything wrong to anger her to summon her wrath. Plus wouldn't she just take care of it herself instead of sending someone with a mark?”

Rama and Jashin growl darkly at me, I guess I pushed their buttons. All of a sudden my beta speaks up

“Seriously, he has a point. If this were true wouldn't Nisha Waya be after just one pack not all of ours? I just want to cover bases here, since this all is being brought up now instead of when she was born.”

Rama growls darkly narrowing his eyes at Scarr. She went unfazed by his look, she has seen for worse in her life. Rama then hisses lowly

“She was supposed to die at the age of eighteen but somehow escaped us the day before her hanging. We never thought she would survive this long. She will kill anyone in her path, she is an unlovable cruel creature.”

I felt my jaw tighten while I suppressed my growl. My wolf was fuming with rage, Jashin saw my reaction yet was taking it as a good sign. He honestly thought I was on their side now, fucking mutt. I calmly spoke

“My Beta and I will think on this matter tonight. Also, we need more information on Nisha Waya in the meeting. Was she summoned to verify her intentions? Or is she being forced her so we can confront her?”

Rama and Jashin both scoff at the same time while anger filled them again. Jashin hisses lowly

“She made her intentions clear to Rama and to the Akati Clan. She made it clear to my pack as well when she killed thirty of my warriors by herself. We do not need her to confirm anything about this matter. She is far too dangerous and has a sirens tongue that will make you believe anything she says.”

I was now done at this point. My wolf wasn't going to let me hear any more filthy lies from these fools. I looked over at Scarr still with a blank face. She glanced at me nodded her head while stating

“My Alpha and I will be discussing this privately. But we would like more details and proof of what you guys are stating. We wish you a good night. To the both of you.”

Scarr and I stood up making both watch us closely. I could tell they were not pleased to have my Beta speak to them like an equal but that's how we were. We might have titles yet we are all strong in unison. I mind link Vitali to have Nisha duck down in the truck. The windows were extremely tinted yet I didn't want them to see her. Scarr and I started walking out but Jashin spoke freezing me in my step

“So, what happened to Nisha when I left that day?”

I quickly controlled my body this man was truly pushing my limits. I looked back at him with a bored expression while I stated

“She stayed one night and was gone by the next morning. She didn't tell me where she was going. I only invited her to see what she was about that made so many Alphas talk about her.”

I turned and walked away from them following Scarr out of the club. I could feel someone watching us closely. Without even looking Scarr mine linked me

“Rama’s Beta is watching us. Idiot should have masked his scent. He might be unseen but he reeks.”

I looked over at Scarr while stating as if she didn't say anything to me

“Get in contact with one of the rogues you know and get more details about Nisha. This whole situation is over just one girl and I want to know more details. I need to know if my pack will be safe from this situation.”

Scarr nodded her head quickly saying

“Yes, Alpha.”

We got into the car, Scarr now upfront with me. We both didn't look back to make it look normal. Vitali sat forward with ruffled hair with a flirty grin. Vitali then says in our mind link

“Ramas Beta is in the car in front of us, don't worry Alpha I didn’t touch your mate.”

I controlled my frown at Vitalis comment, why was he saying that to me? Vitali chuckled deeply making me look back at him as he says aloud

“Alpha your mate has arrived, I took the liberty to escort her to the truck since you were busy with the other alphas. I had to ditch a very pretty woman for her.”

Rage rushed through my body, was this guy mad. I look further back seeing my mate in a black wig and green eye contacts. Vitali even took the liberty to have her change into a long sleeve tight dress that covers her chest. She looked extremely attractive the way she was looking up at me. She didn't look like my Nisha which irked me a bit. I bit my lip hard staring her down. I went back to my blank stare turning back around making sure I rolled my eyes dramatically. We took off back to the hotel quickly. Scarr hissed while glancing behind the truck as she stated

“He is following us. I wonder if Tya tipped them off that you had a mate.”

I growled darkly, I already didn’t like the situation we were in now. I sighed heavily glancing back at my mate saying

“Keep the wig on and the contacts in. Make sure your mark is hidden Nisha. If he approaches us make sure you do not show any evidence it is you.”

Nisha nods her head in agreement. Everyone was tense, we have to keep Nisha secret till tomorrow. If they found out that she was here it would ruin the whole plan and ruin the chance for Nisha to speak up for herself.

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