Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Nisha's POV

We arrived at the hotel, Scarr and Vitali got out first while Eros got out and opened my door. I could see the anger and worry swirl in his eyes as he secretly scanned the parking lot. The look he had made my heart tighten up with guilt. I was putting my mate is the worst ringer. Eros helped me out of the truck once my feet hit the floor, I placed my forehead on his chest. My hair from the wig was shielding my face. Eros stiffens then wraps his arms around my body pulling me closer to him. He then gently says

“What is wrong my mate.”

I inhaled my mate's scent making my wolf yearn for him more. I gently whisper to him

“I’m... I’m so sorry Eros.”

I felt Eros tense up while Axell's scent wafted around me making my body instantly tense up in Eros's arms. Would these assholes just leave us be? Eros then speaks

“I have already talked to Rama and Jashin. I don't need anyone else to bring up this matter anymore tonight. We are going to hear it all tomorrow.”

Axell chuckled to himself as if Eros said something funny. I glanced to my right seeing Scarr now next to me, she was in a protective stance yet still reserved as of she was just standing there bored. Axell then said

“I'm not here for that. I already know what they have talked to you about. A Lil birdy told me that you have a mate now. I just wanted to see who was mated to the all-knowing heartless alpha.”

Eros growled lowly tightening me to his chest while stating

“You can formally meet her tomorrow at the meeting. She had a long trip here and needs to get some rest.”

I heard Axell murmur underneath his breath. Scarr reached over touching my shoulder slightly pulling me to her while saying

“Come, Luna, I will show you to your room.”

I looked up at Eros seeing if I should go with Scarr. He was staring Axell down with a glare. I slightly glanced back seeing Axell watching me very closely. He had a huge scar across his face. He hadn't changed much since the last time I had seen him except for his boyish features were almost gone now. Axell locked onto my eyes as I saw him slightly sniff. He pursed his lips slightly and moved his gaze at Eros saying

“She seems pretty worthless to me. Dull to be honest. Yet she has pretty eyes, but I guess that's what the moon goddess gave to you, Eros. Someone who would follow your every command. I'll have to tell Tya she has nothing against her.”

I felt my nose twitch in anger yet before I could snarl at him or even my mate, Vitali stepped forward and growls out

“Watch your tongue in front of our Luna and Alpha. I will not stand by and let you insult them.”

I opened my mouth to speak but Eros quickly remarks cutting me off

“Vitali, that is enough. Let them think what they will. Only time will prove his words to be wrong. Come, we have a long day tomorrow and tonight.”

I narrowed my eyes darkly at Axell threatening him nonverbally to watch his back. I went easy on him last time but next time will not be so easy. Axell humphed turning around whispering underneath his breath catching my attention

“Fucking Rama, shes not Nisha.”

I turned my head smirking evilly into Eros's chest, that fucking idiot. It was a good thing that I didn't speak. Nor did I defend my self quickly. We walked back to our room without any more interruptions. Once inside Scarr and Vitali plopped onto the couch. I then state out

“They had a hunch that I was your mate, Eros. The disguise worked. If I had spoken Axell would have known it was me.”

Everyone looked up at me while Eros growls out

“Correct, That's why he insulted you in front of me. He knew you couldn't hold your tongue normally when being insulted. That's why I stopped you from talking.”

My eyes widen when I looked up at Eros. He knew his intentions from the start. Eros gave me a smirk soon Scarr stated

“Eros is very good at observing people and their intentions. It's one of his vampire abilities.”

I mentally smack my forehead, Eros acted so much like a werewolf I had forgotten he was part vampire. They could always read everyone's intentions with just one look. Eros then asked looking at Scarr

“Call the Alpha of the rogues. Inform him what is taking place at the meeting tomorrow since he can not attend the meeting due to him hiding his identity.”

My head snapped over at Eros baffled. How does he know Aizen personally? Eros looked over at me due to my reactions. I then asked

“How do you know his identity?”

All three of them smirked at the same time making me frown to myself. What the hell was I missing? Vitali then spoke

“Eros knows him personally through his father and mother. Plus we have a treaty with him. Whenever he comes across a Hybrid he sends them to our pack after training them.”

Well, that made a lot of sense. I remembered training many people and all of a sudden they disappeared. I then say

“Can I join you on this call Scarr? I would like to inform Aizen what happened to me since I never returned.”

This time Eros's eyes snapped over to me with a heavy frown. He then growls out

“How do you know him?”

I cocked an eyebrow at my mate, did he forget that I haven't been with anyone except him. I then reply with a frown on my face

“Aizen found me after Jashin rejected me by a stroke of fate four years ago. I had cursed out at the moon goddess for being cruel and she misguided Aizen straight to me that night to save me from perishing. I have been his right hand since then. In fact, I have trained some of your warriors by chance.”

Eros stared at me something was eating at him I could tell. Scarr then says

“Ok, let's call him right now.”

Scarr pulled out a phone and started calling someone. I walked over to Scarr sitting next to her. I jolted a bit forgetting that I had something in my ass. I quickly shifted my position trying not to moan. Eros eyes glazed over for a second but then he turned away and went to the kitchen area with Vitali. I frowned deeply at my mate but my thoughts were interrupted when I heard Aizen's voice


I smirked evilly at his tone. I then hissed out playfully

“Is that how you greet someone calling you?”

It was silent for a whole moment but he soon yelled out

“Nisha! Where the fuck are you? Do you realize that those idiotic packs are out for your head!? You need to go into hiding Nisha this is extremely bad...”

Scarr quickly interrupts him while saying

“Our Luna is safe, Aizen.”

Aizen replies quickly with so much confusion

“Luna? Scarr what are you talking about?”

Scarr rolled his eyes as if he could see her while stating

“So it turns out that Nisha was Eros mate. Hence why she is my Luna. She was running from Jashin's pack and ran straight into our territory with them on her heels. If she hadn't shown us the respect we would have killed her assuming she was the leader of the attack, but you taught her well Aizen. She has been with Eros ever since.”

Aizen was completely silent on the other end. Was he mad that I hadn't reached out as soon as I could? Were the rogues okay? Aizen sighs heavily then says in a gentle tone that I have never heard before from him

“Oh thank god, I hadn't heard from you Nisha I had assumed you were caught and in trouble after receiving that meetings summon. I'm am glad you are safe... Please say you aren't going to that meeting.”

I narrowed my eyes at the phone. Did he not think I could handle this? Scarr then replies

“We are here at the hotel already. Eros thought it over. It is better to allow her to state her true intentions to everyone personally and remind them the treaties she has with certain packs ate still in place and won't change. Yes, we know she and our pack will be in danger yet it will be far less dangerous than her not showing up. I am calling you to inform you that Jashin and Rama are trying to spread lies about Nisha before the meeting. Nisha has me, Eros, and Vitali here to protect her.”

I heard Aizen growl lowly on his end while finally stating.

“I am sending my Beta and a warrior out there in my place for the meeting. They have told me already what they were saying about Nisha. Their names are Bruteel and Meeka. I will call them letting them know Nisha will be there and to help keep her safe. The rogues will be in Nisha's favor since she is like a daughter to me. You tell Eros to keep her safe because if he doesn't I'm going to rain down hell on him.”

Scarr chuckles lowly to herself then replies

“You will have to wait in line for that, I'll be the first one beating the shit out of him if anything happens to our Luna. I will give you a call after the meeting unless Bruteel or Meeka contacts you first.”

Scarr hangs up the phone, I looked over to the guys while saying

“We probably should get to bed Scarr. We have a rough day ahead of ourselves.”

Scarr nods her head her eyes already hooding over for the lack of sleep. We get up and head over to Vitali and Eros. Vitali looks up at Scarr nodding his head and bid their good night. Once the door was shut I looked over at my mate seeing the pain and guilt in his eyes. He has both hands on the edge of the counter leaning forward stating down deep in thought. My heart tightens painfully, I finally decide to break the silence

“Eros... If this is too much I won't go. I can keep this disguise for the meeting.”

Eros's head snaps up to me with confusion. He then replies

“I want you to go as Nisha Daichin, my mate, and my wife. Why are you questioning my decision now?”

I frown deeply at his question, why did he have that look on his face a moment ago? Also, why was he use that damn tone with me? I then state

“I'm not questioning your decision, Eros. You look almost defeated, I'm assuming you were getting tired and worn from all of this already.”

Eros eyebrows knit together tightly. He straightened his body up and replies

“Nisha. I was just thinking about something in the past. I am not going back on my decision, this is the best plan we have. I am tired of the dingleberries that are going against you.”

What was he thinking about he looked so guilty? I sighed heavily walking closer to him asking

“What about your past is making you feel guilty, Eros?”

I reached out to touch his arm but immediately stop by seeing guilt swarm his eyes again looking away from me. My heart tightens again, was there someone else? Was she human and that's why I couldn’t smell anyone on him? My breath became uneven my wolf whimpered deep inside me feeling wounded. Was I overreacting again? My arm immediately pulled away from Eros out of reaction. I started backing away from him. Did she look like my disguise, when he first saw me I saw the flash of lust in his eyes? Was that the reason he started to act guilty and ashamed? Eros looked up at me still frowning.

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