Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Day One

Eros stared me down with his frown etched onto his face. I quickly put up my barriers hiding all emotion from my face. I mean he was my mate now yet why can't he tell me his past? I could understand if it was a small fling that happened in the past, and I damn well have the right to know. Then the thought popped into my head making my heart tense up in pain. Was it more than a fling? Did he love her and how long have they been together? I quickly spun around heading to the bedroom. I could feel my eyes burning as tears were begging to flow out. Once I hint the doorway Eros called out my name. I paused for a second but decided not to turn back. I needed a second to recollect myself. I quickly ripped off the wig throwing it to the floor and going into the bathroom taking the contacts out of my eyes. I glared at myself darkly, how could I have fooled myself to think he wouldn't keep secrets from me? I told him everything as soon as it came up. Yet I knew nothing about his past. I sighed heavily stripping off my clothing then pulling the damn contraptions that were inside me. If he thought id follow his orders he has another thing coming to him. I turned on the shower getting it scolding hot. I growled lowly while getting in the shower feeling the hot water burn my skin. I wanted to feel pain than feeling this hurt inside my chest. I heard Eros enter the bathroom but he remained quiet. I glanced over at him while he stared me down. Eros walked over touching the water quickly pulling his hand away and turned the water on a lower heat setting. He then growls out finally

“Nisha... Why are you torturing yourself? That water was boiling hot.”

I diverted my eyes away from him not answering him. I began washing my hair. I could feel Eros getting angry at me for not answering. He then growls lowly, hissing out


My eyes immediately snapped at Eros darkly. How dare he try that shit on me. I then hissed out hatefully

“You first. If it's another woman from your past I'll learn to deal with...”

Eros grabbed my chin roughly yanking me closer to him. An unearthly growl came out he then states

“I have told you already, there are and never have been any women in my life except for you.”

I scoffed in his grip yanking my chin from his grip while hissing out

“Your actions speak louder than words Eros. As soon as you saw me in my disguise you had lust in your eyes, then the whole guilt and shame appeared on your face. I'm not fucking blind nor stupid Eros. Who was she?”

Eros glared down at me I could see that he was fuming at this point. Soon he growled lowly

“You read all of that wrong Nisha. I am feeling guilty because four years ago I saw Selene wince in pain when she was hounding on me to seek out my mate. I should have been looking for you! I should have been the one who saved you from that pain not fucking Aizen! I failed you because my pack was more important... I thought... I thought you would have rejected me as soon as I found you. That is why I never looked for you. The guilt you see on me is because I abandoned you in the most crucial moment of your life. I am ashamed because of my selfishness.”

My whole body was frozen, so that's why. I looked at Eros as guilt was lacing his eyes again. I relaxed my body and facial expression while I softly say

“Eros, you can not beat yourself up for that. You had no idea what I had gone through and no idea what was happening to me. You didn't fail me, I am here now with you. You are here in the most crucial moment of my life now. Without you now Eros I would have been in hiding or dead at this point. In all honesty Eros... If I met you then I wouldn’t have believed a word you said. I wouldn’t have trusted you as I do now. I needed time to grow and become strong, before you say anything I know you would have accepted me and helped me grow stronger yet I don't think I could trust myself at that time. I was full of hate and anger.”

Eros stared at me while sympathy crawled on his face. Relief washed over him while I noticed his body relax. I rinsed out my hair and turned off the water. Eros gently helped me out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. He cupped my face gently making me melt in his hands. I closed my eyes letting my face be held by Eros. Eros then gently says

“I am sorry my love. I never want you to think that there was anyone else besides you.”

I mumbled in his hands slightly opening my eyes. I lightly say

“If I ask you about something just tell me. Stop blocking me off. I am your mate and fully accept you and your past.”

Eros picks me up and carries me to the bed. I watched him as he strips down to nothing and crawls onto the bed on the other side of me. Eros yanks off my towel and cuddles into my naked body heating me up. My body instantly relaxed as my eyes hooded over. Eros then says

“No more secrets or withholding from me again. I love you Nisha Daichin.”

Morning time:

I grumbled deeply hearing an alarm go off. I felt the bed dip for a split second then the alarm stopped. I sighed heavily, my body felt heavy this morning. I was slightly dreading what was supposed to transpire today. How many packs were already against me? I could feel a hint of fear in my heart. Today will show many packs of their true colors. All too soon I heard a phone ringing making me growl lowly and shove my face in the pillow laying on my stomach. I heard Eros groggily voice say


Eros growls darkly while sitting up on the bed hanging up on someone. I groaned peaking to the side of the pillow at my mate. The early morning sun shone into the windows creating a beautiful profile of my mate. My stomach tightens as I could feel myself get excited once again. Eros looked towards me while a playful growl escapes his lips. He placed his hand on my upper back and trailed it down to my sides and landed on my hips. I moaned into the pillow at his touch. Eros groans when my moans hit his ears he then says

“Only if we had more time my Lil temptress.”

I groaned deeply while breathlessly saying

“Don't we have time for a quick one?”

Eros chuckles deeply shaking the bed a little. My thighs clenched at the vibrations making my mate lean over placing a kiss on my back while he whispers

“Sadly no, we need to get dressed and get going quickly. It starts an hour and a half and Scarr needs to put your Luna markings on your face. We go into it traditional no human clothing.”

I groaned again this time in the pillow. I reluctantly push my body up. Eros was now up digging in the duffel bad. He pulled out a dress and arm dressings for me then pulled out his attire. I stared at my mate as I noticed his hard member making me instantly get wet. Eros groans deeply as he stated in a husky voice

“Mmm, your scent is appealing my Lil temptress. What am I going to do with you? All the male wolves will smell you in the meeting.”

A dangerous glint flashed across his eyes staring me down. I smirked to myself setting my ass on the bed and spread my legs open to bare myself to him. I needed him and after all the teasing last night I wanted him desperately. Eros growls darkly wrapping his hands on my thighs and yank my body to the edge of the bed. His eyes were extremely dark lust conquered his eyes as he stared me down. I bit my lip then say out of breath

“You're going to have to fix that problem, Eros... We don't want anyone to think I'm free game.”

I knew I was playing with fire. Anger flashed across Eros's eyes as he slammed into me roughly. I gasped loudly which turned into a moan halfway through. My hand wrapped around at the back of his neck while he hammered into me. Eros's hand traveled up to my neck and slightly gripped down. I gasped out with my eyes rolling back for a split second. Eros chuckles darkly then slams his lips onto mine. When Eros pulls away he growls out darkly.

“I'm going to lift you up to take us to the shower. I want you to bounce on my cock on the way there. Do you understand?”

I nod my head urgently but then quickly say

“Yes sir.”

A growl escaped Eros's lips as I felt him get harder inside me. I smirked to myself so he liked to be called sir. Eros lifts my body up, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his shoulder so I could get a better hold to keep my body moving on Eros. I began riding him. Eros started towards the bathroom as I slammed myself down on him making both of us moan. Eros got to the shower quickly, turning it on. He grips my waist and thrusts up as I was going down. As soon as he got us into the shower he pinned my body against the wall and hammered into me relentlessly. I could feel myself getting closer to my max. I quickly say

“Eros... I need to cum.... Fucckkk!”

Eros picked up his speed pinning my arms above my head and slammed his lips on mine. I moaned deeply on his lips as he then states out

“Cum for me.”

My body instantly does as he says as I felt myself tighten around his cock. My legs shook violently around his waist. Eros slammed into me deep releasing his seed into me with a deep growl. He pumped himself a couple of times into me making sure my pussy milked every last drop from me. We were both panting heavily. God my body already wanted more yet I knew we definitely didn't have any more time. Eros chuckles darkly while quickly scrubbing both our bodies down and then washing his long hair quickly. I got out of the shower as Eros reached out quickly slapping my ass hard making me squeal. He chuckles darkly while saying

“Just a reminder to you what is mine.”

I rolled my eyes at him quickly drying off and pulled on my attire. It was extremely similar to the first dress that I wore at Eros Packhouse. Yet this one was white with gold accents. I got the golden arm brackets on while Eros enters the room in full glory. I groaned deeply making him chuckle to himself. He then says

“I should be the one groaning my love, that dress does so many things to me.”

This time it was my turn to chuckle at him. Eros pulled on his male's traditional skirt. He was in white and gold as well. I raised my eyebrow at Eros, he planned this outfit, didn't he? Eros glances up at me while saying

“I wanted us to match to show that we are a couple. Most couples do in these meetings.”

I smiled at him while he walked over placing my golden choker around my neck that has a crystal dangling in the center above my breast. Eros kisses my neck gently making me instantly melt. All to soon I heard Scarr remark

“Hey, we don't have time for that shit. Luna, come we need to get your markings done and your hair. Eros finish getting ready ee don't have much time.”

Eros and I laugh at the same time at Scarr. I pulled away from Eros as he makes the comment

“Don't worry Scarr we got that out of the way earlier.”

Scarr makes a gagging noise while snapping out

“Hey. I didn't need to know that shit so early in the morning. Now get your ass ready you are almost as impossible as my brother.”

Scarr quickly gets to work while Eros disappears. Scarr was about done when she asks gently

“How are you doing Luna?”

My eyes snapped up at Scarr as I reply

“I'm ready... Yet I feel uneasy. What if they all see me as a threat?”

Scarr sighs heavily while placing gold and crystal accents in my hair saying

“Do not worry till the time comes. Just know we have a whole pack behind you as well as the rogues for sure. This is the first time that the rogues have ever been behind someone in centuries.”

Scarr and I walk out to the living room seeing both men ready and waiting for us. Scarr had her Beta markings across her face. Vitali had his warrior markings and Eros had his. Slight fear washed through me, I haven't been this fearful in a long time. Eros senses my distress and quickly wraps an arm around my waist and they started escorting me out. Scarr was in front of us as Vitali was behind us. I took a deep breath straightening my posture. Vitali then says quietly

“All are in the meeting hall some are still waiting outside it. The ones outside are not Jashin nor Ramas.”

How in the world does he know that. I glanced back at Vitali a bit shocked to see one of his eyes was all white. No pupil and not even the Iris. Eros looks back and then at me stating

“He is using his witches' eye to see. It is one of his best skills he has. Scarr has the same skill but not as sharp as Vitalis due to not practicing it enough. She can only see a place for a minute.”

I make an oh face while I heard Scarr humph in front of us. She then hisses lowly

“I think a force field is more important than spying on someone.”

We rounded a corner as I saw Bruteel and Meeka leaning against the wall waiting for something. I had trained the two of them religiously to become stronger and loyal to Aizen. Bruteel's golden orbs snapped up locking onto mine. Relief and worry swirled in them. He hits Meeka's arm making him growl but look over. The boredom slid off his face as protectiveness shown through his whole body. They hit their chests with their arms signaling respect for me. I returned the gesture making Eros frown deeply at the two. I then say softly

“Bruteel, Meeka I am glad to see you two doing well. This is my mate Eros, Scarr our Beta, and Vitali one of our warriors.”

The two men looked at the three new faces as they hit their chest again and bowed. I then narrated

“They are showing you respect, the rogue's way.”

All three hit their chest with their fists. Bruteel looks up at Eros stating

“We spoke to our Alpha last night and we both agree to keep a close eye out for Nisha. She is very close to our hearts, she watched out for us many times. Pulled this idiot out of his ass a couple of times in trouble.”

Meeka growls threateningly at Bruteel but doesn't speak. He had always been a man a few words. Bruteel was right though, I had kicked the shit out of him a couple of times. I heard chatter down the hall while Eros was talking to the two rogues. I glanced at Scarr as she nods knowing fully well I wanted to get going.

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