Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Eros Daichin

-Eros Daichin POV-

I leaned on the balcony of the packhouse looking out over my village. It was finally almost completely rebuilt from when I had taken over when I was seventeen, five years ago. My long black hair blew in the ice-cold wind as it nipped at my skin. The cold did not affect me anymore, nothing truly did after what I had seen growing up. I was a hybrid, a disgrace to my old pack. My father was the Beta of this pack, he was strong and powerful, also very respectable. He had finally found his mate who had happened to be a vampire. Normally, we always had a mate within our own kind nothing into the other races. Yet the moon goddess had more in store for my father. My father knew that if anyone from the pack found out who his mate was and even that his mate was a vampire it would be the ruin of him, as well as my mother. My father built a house out on the rogues land with the permission of the Alpha of the Rogues, of course. He had hidden his mate there to keep her safe from his own pack.

The Elders were not as accepting like the surrounding packs were. Any mixes were forbidden and disgusting in their eyes. And if they had a mixed breed it was a far worse sin in their eyes. No one had dared to cross the old Alpha and Elders in their rules. Yet, my father did, especially when he found out that my mother was pregnant with me. He did everything that he could to keep us safe and hidden from this pack. Till I was seven years old, a rogue that hated my father went to the elders of his pack telling them of my father's secret. The Elders were furious with my father, he had lied to them as well as hidden the fact that he had helped create an abomination. My father pleaded with the Elders and his best friend who was the Alpha to just banish him from the lands. Yet, they decided to make us an example of what would happen if anyone else deceived the Elders.

They had tied me to a weathered wooden pole, splinters dug deep into my back as they mercilessly tortured my mother and father in front of my eyes. In fact in front of the whole pack for years. Every day they came up with something new to torture us. To push us to our breaking points, then let us heal and recover slightly. For eight torturous years, I was forced to watch my mother being beaten, raped, and brought near to death. I watch my father try to fight back just to be beaten even worse. Till finally, they killed them, they finally put them out of their misery. The day that I snapped and lost all hope in life and reigned down fear across the village. I had mercilessly killed the Alpha and his wife, I tore every single Elder that laid their filthy hands on my mother. After the Elders were destroyed many started to rise and follow suit, they respected me and appreciated what I had done. Only to find out they were mixed breeds as well as some had hidden mates that were not the same race. We had wiped out all of those who thought mixed races were an abomination.

We cleaned house, to say the least, and started anew. We all deserved a better life, a life to not live in fear and be ourselves. We kept our secret hidden fro the surrounding Packs as the pack decided that even though I was fifteen that I was to become Alpha of the Vakishka Clan. We had a deal with the Alpha of the Rouges that any who come to him with a mixed breed or even a different race as a mate was to be immediately sent to my pack for safety. It wasn’t an easy five years of leading a pack but we finally got to the status of the strongest pack in our part of the world.

I looked over my shoulder as irritation swept through me, why did she come now? Her floor-length hair laid neatly behind her as her dress seemed to float around her. I didn’t want to be bothered, I’ve been busy trying to get my pack on its feet again and create a new life for our pack. We were the strongest pack known around our part of the world. Some try to threaten to take out power yet fail miserably. I groaned deeply while asking the moon goddess

“I did not call upon you.”

I heard her chuckle at me while she walked over to where I was standing. She started looking across the village scanning what I have accomplished so far. Her eyes were all white, no iris and no pupil. Since I was a hybrid, the first to make it to the age of thirteen, I was able to see and talk to the moon goddess herself. She then softly says

“You are doing amazing work, Eros. Yet, I have noticed that you have not been looking for your mate.”

I scoffed at her, I knew exactly what would happen when I did find her. She would reject me because I was a hybrid filth on this earth. No one in their right minds would love me. On top of that, I had not time to spare to scurry around in the forest in hopes to find her. Selene looked over at me knowing full well what was running through my mind. She sighed heavily while saying

“Your only mate is out there, She will accept you for who you are, even the fact that you are a hybrid. Do you not have faith in me that she is meant for you, Eros?”

I knew to damn well that she was offended, that I did not trust her picking my only mate. Yet, I remembered a past conversation on the matter. Her first mate had to reject her and she was to reject him back for her to be mine. If they don’t reject each other I was to be mateless. What kind of hope did I really have in that? I looked her in the eyes as I hissed out angrily masking the pain that I didn’t want anyone to see

“I am not questioning your pick for my mate, Selene. I am just highly doubtful that her mate would ever let her go once he finds her... who would reject their first and pretty much their only mate?”

Selene looked over to the direction of the southern pack wincing as if someone was cursing her. I saw sadness and pain rush through her as if a mother was being scorned for not loving her child. The pain and sadness washed through her body, whoever it was were in deep pain to have this effect on Selene. Her hand lifted a tad as she flicked her wrist as a breeze rolled across the lands. Selene then looked over to me, showing me that she knew more than what she was going to give me. I knew the rules I was not to question what she does nor ask for details on if my mate was rejected or not. She could not interfere with fate or it could cost her dearly. I was to let fate run its course and somehow hope for the best. Yet, life had its way to remind me that for my kind I didn’t truly have much hope. Selene gently touched my shoulder making my eyes look into hers, while she said

“I must go now, someone needs me desperately. Do not lose hope just yet my dear. Your pack will thrive with or without a Luna. Your pack is in my favor.”

And just like that, she was gone. The loneliness washed over me as I heard the pack starting to chant, celebrating in the streets, a newborn was just delivered. A new pack member has arrived to the Vakishka Pack. I heard a soft knock on my door, I didn’t want any company so I stayed silent my mind now on my mate assuming it was my Beta letting me know of the good news. Will I ever know who she is? Will my wolf get his mate... will I get this empty hole in my chest filled? My silence was shattered as one of my pack members Kya spoke with her annoying voice that made my skin crawl in the worst way possible.

“Alpha... I was wondering if you needed anything. I just want to let you know that I would help you in any way possible...”

An irritated growl erupted through my chest. I couldn’t understand this woman even if I tried to attempt this yet again. I looked over at her seeing her in a skimpy outfit as if she was trying to get my attention. This.... girl, was driving me mad, she kept trying to get into my bed many times even after I had warned her multiple times that it would never happen. Do not get me wrong, I needed sexual release but I will never betray my mate like that.

I would never want my mate to smell any she-wolves on me. If I did ever find out that my mate was already taken then and only then will I ever look upon a woman for my sexual needs. My eyes darken, which she had taken it as a good sign while she batted her long fake eyelashes at me. She fidgeted in her spot as if she was trying to get into a pose trying to accent her features, might I saw in the wrong way. I then growled out already done with the situation.

“Leave now, Kya.”

Her eyes widen with shock and a hint of anger. I could tell this woman has never been rejected before in her life, apart from me. I could smell many male wolves on her making my stomach churn in disgust even more. This was the fifth time I was rejecting her offer. Kya’s tan lips parted hesitantly as she whined out

“But Alpha, you need some company, I can tell that you need a warm body next to you in bed. I can help you fill that position, any position at that.”

Kya did that weird wink with her mouth open. I swear I couldn’t understand what many male wolves saw in her. I was already passed my limit of patience as I slammed my hand on the cement balcony braking a piece off as I roared out

“Get out of my room now! I will never bed a woman that gives it so freely!”

I had harsher words for her, yet I was trying not to completely destroy my pack members. Kya’s eyes widen at the insult as she growled lowly at me. She spun herself around as she began to stomp her way out of my room like a five-year-old child. That woman was going to push my boundaries too far one day and I will not go easy on her like I just did.

I mind link my Beta Scarlet, who likes to go by Scarr, no my beta was not a man but a female. I told her to keep that woman away from me, as well to offer my congratulations to the couple who just had a baby. Scarr was very strong and at times very stubborn. She was the spitfire of the pack, stubborn yet amazingly strong. She was actually a part witch and part werewolf, she was truly amazing on the battlefields. My mind raced again on my mate. Was she strong... my wolf gave me an irritated growl saying

“Who cares if she is strong or weak, she is ours. We will love her no matter what she looks like. As long as she’s healthy, if not we will make her healthy and strong.”

My wolf was correct, it didn’t matter about the easy things that could change or outer appearance. It was the heart that mattered the most. She will be our mate. We will love her any way she comes to us. A slight breeze pasted by me as I smelt Egyptian musk, my wolf relaxed and my eyes hooded over. That had to be her part of her scent, yet it was so faint and the breeze was going so many ways I couldn’t pinpoint to where it had come from. My wolf then mentions the goddess. Was she playing tricks on me giving me subtle hints on what to look for? Was she showing me that she was out there waiting for me to claim her? I made a mental note to go and buy Egyptian Musk candles to keep it as a reminder of her scent. I will find her someday, but right now my pack needed me the most at this time. Sadly my mate will just have to wait a little while longer for now.

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