Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Four Years Later

-Nisha’s POV-

My eyes slowly opened seeing that I was in a room at the rogue’s cottage. To say the least I was surprised that I had made it four years after my rejection. The rogue Alpha had found me on Jashin’s territory by chance on his way off of their territory. The howling that I heard that night was them saying that someone was on their land. Making it clear to me that Jashin honestly thought I couldn’t survive after his rejection.

I scoffed to myself at my thought, Aizen the Alpha of the rogues had taken a wrong turn somehow ending up in their forest. He had taken pity on my state of well being when he had first seen me. Then he saw my beast mark he was shocked and then over thrilled that he had come across me. He always told me that it had to be the Moon Goddess doing for him to find me like that. Yet, I had my doubts, why would the moon goddess care for me. I still remembered what Aizen said to me when he got me to his packhouse.

“You have had a rough past, the world is cruel and hateful never forget that, and it may never change for you. You only have two options, die from the pain of being rejected or become strong and feel no more pain. I can make you strong but I will not show you kindness, especially in training, because life will not show you any kindness. We will build your pain tolerance, we will push you to your limit and break it. There will be no tears, no crying after this. I will give you two days to cry over your rejection but after that, you shall not shed anymore from that point further. Do you accept?”

I could recall my exact answer to him, it had shocked him completely. I had told him that I didn’t need two days not even one. I would start right then and there, I couldn’t allow myself to cry over something that I never truly had the chance at. I had endured four years of many cruel tortures, fights, and grueling training. That, in the end, made me the strongest and powerful rogue werewolf in the land. Aizen told me that my markings were not a curse but in ancient times, it was a symbol of power.

Wolves that had these markings were the best warriors, the strongest of many packs, and normally became Alphas or Lunas. He explained why the elders of my old pack rumored me to be a curse so that I couldn’t conquer their pack when I became of age. They feared me, and for that, I was abused to the fullest for their fears. I now was respected in several packs due to showing that I was not a threat to them and being respectful before entering their territory. I had many Allies where I could enter their pack at any time without having to do anything formal upon entering. I trained with them, learned their techniques in fighting and defense.

It was quite interesting to learn that every pack had a different and unique technique to them. It was almost like different cultures that set them apart. They all had different types of rituals and ways of running their packs. Soon a couple of Alpha’s had started spreading my name across the lands especially when they had their huge Alpha meeting. This meeting they had, was to ensure the peace between each other. Many packs sent me invites to their lands offering alliances with me, or just to finally put a face to the name. Yet, not all were happy to hear my name on so many tongues.

There were only three packs that never reached out to me which I was okay with it, yet one of them piqued my interest the most. Which, was the strongest pack, the Vakishka Clan. They were rumored to be the scariest and meanest pack. If you disrespected their pack it was immediate death. I even heard rumors of the Alpha of that pack, he made a lot of female wolves swoon by just one look at him. He had held a lot of power and an aura about him that made girls lust after him. Yet he was very intimidating and silent. He was cold to everyone, the lunas that spoke of him to me stated it was because he was not graced with a mate that made him this heartless.

I remember a month ago I had gone to visit the Luna of the Okashi Clan, Nishka, she was very sweet and kind to me. She had told me that after a few minutes of the packs, that I was allied to, were boasting about me, that Alpha Jashin went berserk saying that it couldn’t have been me that was so strong. A smile crept on my face as I finally figured out how to take my revenge on him. And there was no better way than to show that I had become strong, powerful, and respected without my mate’s help.

Ever since that meeting, Jashin has been sending out warriors to capture me. To me, I honestly think he is out to destroy me. If he defeated me, he could earn the title of the strongest pack since I could be a threat easily to all packs. Yet, since most of them, I am allied with they knew I would never threaten them unless I was personally threatened by their alpha nor did I want to take over their packs. I stood up stretching my arms and legs, I was slightly stiff from killing two guards off last night from Jashin’s pack. A heavy knock sounded on my door as I quickly pulled some clothes on and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I opened my door to see Aizen standing there. He then asked in a gruff voice

“What the fuck happened last night to you?”

I snarled in annoyance, I had completely forgotten that I ran off in the middle of our conversation due to not wanting the guards to find the Alpha of the Rogues. Yet, I should have remembered to go back and talk to Aizen due to knowing full well that he would be pissed off. I then answered annoyed

“The dumb fucker keeps sending guards after me. I didn’t want to lead them straight to you due to you not wanting anyone to know who you are.”

Aizen’s eyes relaxed for a brief moment in understanding. Then they hardened as his brown eyes looking into my icy blue eyes. I already knew what he was going to ask me next by the look he was giving me. He then asks

“Why is he sending guards after you after all these years? Did you threaten him somehow?”

I rolled my eyes while walking passed him heading towards the kitchen, I was starving. My wolf was hungry and anxious for some odd reason. Aizen walked beside me waiting for my reply which he didn’t have to wait long.

“From what Nishka told me about the incident that happened at the last alpha meeting, I’m pretty sure I’m a threat to him in itself. If any Alphas heard that I was supposed to be his mate and he rejected me and on top of that I rejected him back. They would make him look like the stupidest wolf in the world. It would show them that he is incapable of making good decisions for his pack. Hince, I am now a threat to him. As if I would boast about being his mate, and getting rejected by him.”

Hate rushed through my body, just talking about him makes a bile taste on my tongue. It made my wolf pissed off. We both worked hard to ignore the rejection pain, it took a couple of years to finally get it to not feel the pain. Aizen sighs heavily running his hand through his hair, I knew he was going to ask me to hide out in one of the far cabins just so his presence wouldn’t be detected.

I completely understood his worries, he had to remain hidden if he gets killed the rogues would go in a frenzy of chaos. It would upset the order of a rogues life. And the peace that they brought with them would be shattered with the surrounding packs. Aizen held a tight grip on them, he ran a tight ship, yes we weren’t really a pack and he allows us to roam free and do what we want but he engraved respect in all of us. Before he could say anything I spoke to him while I grabbed a plate from of the housemates giving her a small smile, just to get a snarl.

“I will head out to the northern cabins to give us a good two hundred miles apart. Right after I get food in my belly and clothing for out there, I will go. I needed some solitude anyways.”

Aizen nods his head in approval as if I needed any approval. Aizen left me to be as I devoured my breakfast. I quickly pack a few things, I didn’t need much. I changed into my black denim shorts, combat boots, and one of my favorite corsets with intricate silver and red design. I glanced around my room double checking if I needed anything more. Finally deciding to take my knives with me I placed one on my hip, another inside my combat boots, and the last one looked like a regular hairpin but by pressing a little button it released a small blade. I was completely fine with leaving the other rogues didn’t care much for me due to Aizen’s fascination at how quickly I had learned and grew.

I had been walking for a couple of hours, the crisp autumn air blew around me, making it a reminder that it was soon to be winter. It was quite peaceful out on the northern lands, it was the perfect place to get away and relax. Yet unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t going to be able to get much peace. These last past 4 years was the most grueling thing I’ve ever gone through. Yet now I was healthier, I had an hourglass figure, you could no longer see my bones through my skin. I still had a few bruises and scars from my bounty hunting for other packs and the gnarly scars on my wrists.

Bounty hunting was a way to get extra money so I could cloth myself or go to a few human bars to relax with different surroundings. My wolf growls darkly as I could hear the padding of paws on the forest floor heading my way about ten miles away. I groaned deeply. Why the fuck was he so intent on killing me, he was starting to send them out daily now? I shifted into my wolf form and started running a few yards. That’s when I sensed it, there was more than just two this time. I listened closely as I heard a couple of howls then a huge group of howls. There were twenty of them! My wolf growled darkly, there were too many for just me to fight off. If I had another wolf with me I could make due but today was not my lucky day. I started running faster through the woods dodging branches and twigs that stuck out in my way. I could sense they were getting closer to me.

I took a sharp right just missing a wolf lunging at my body. I quickened my pace as much as I could since I had just entered a new territory that I have never been in before. I cursed thinking this wasn’t good, there was no time for formal and respectful entry this time. For some odd reason, Jashin’s warriors were not stopping at the territory line, they were still after me. I rolled on my back as a wolf tried to jump me. I slammed my paws in his underbody flinging him far from me. I took off again hearing howling surrounding me. I took off avoiding many attacks and this time there were, wolves, from the territory that I was in. My wolf growled telling them to get out of my way that I meant them no harm. Luckily for me most of the new pack members were heading to fight off Jashin’s pack, now if I only could get off the pack’s territory I could get off scot-free.

Yet I was halted in my steps, being surrounded by many dark wolves with their teeth-baring at me. My heart thumped in my chest, my wolf quickly laid on the ground in defeat and submission. I was not here to threaten them. I was only trying to escape the pack that was after me. The wolves that were surrounding me looked shocked and confused. I shift into my human form trying to show them even more submission and that I wasn’t going to harm them. They shift grabbing my arms yanking me up and pulling off towards the more northern lands. I cursed at myself, I had gotten myself captured. I glanced back relieved that Jashin’s Pack was still being held back. I had escaped him once again yet on the other hand who knows what this pack will do to me now.

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