Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Chapter 2: Vakishka Pack

I sat emotionlessly tied down to a metal chair. Pain coursed through my body as blood dripped down my chin, my arms, and legs. The smell of burning flesh filled my nostrils making my nose twitch in disgust. The rumors of this clan were true, they were ruthless and mean yet I have gone through much more in training with Aizen that their torture wasn’t that bad in comparison. When Aizen said he would take me to my limit and break it, he didn’t lie.

I always knew when Aizen promised something he made sure that it happened. The guards were in a complete shock when I hadn’t let out one cry nor did I flinch when they hit me and pressed silver bars on my skin. Not even a single tear run down my cheek, I had to make them call upon their Alpha. I didn’t dare give them the satisfaction that they were hurting my body. They were so baffled that they finally sent for their Alpha. Apparently their Alpha was on other pack lands to settle a pack deal with the northeastern lands. Why of all days he had to chose this day to settle his bull shit. I just wanted out of this place already.

One guy decided that since they had to wait on the alpha that he would stab silver shards in my thigh, thinking that the burning pain would finally break me. He was going to be proven wrong, this was nothing. I knew they wanted answers from me, they constantly asked why I was there and what my ties with the Tasika Pack were. They had assumed I was their leader to attack the Vakishka lands. I truly got myself in a shit show by running into the strongest packs territory. I would not speak till the alpha showed up, I didn’t have to answer to them but I will respectfully answer the Alpha. It was a form of respect for their leader.

My leg twitched unintentionally, as the burning continued making the big guy look down at me seeing if his plan was working. I gave him a smirk challenging him to do better than this bullshit. This had angered him more as he walked over while the door opened to the room I was in, just as the big guy was smacking me across the face. A scent conquered my senses making my body tense up, there was no way. I noticed the big guy look over with sheer fear in his eyes making him step back quickly. My wolf shivered in delight, it smelled like burning mahogany wood, it was earthy and powerful. I felt my body tense again feeling eyes now bare down on me. My eyes widen in shock, my wolf took control for one moment snapping my head up to the new figure that entered the dungeons. She wanted to see the man with such an intoxicating smell. My eyes locked onto his gray eyes as we both growled lowly “Mine” it was only heard by each other no one noticed what we had said.

Fear rushed down my spine. I... I had a second mate, the moon goddess gave me a second chance? No, there had to be a good explanation to this, the moon goddess would never grant me another chance. Especially after I have cursed her name so many times. His eyes then snapped over my body with anger filling them to the brim. He had to be displeased of who he was mated to, just like Jashin. My wolf whimpered at the look on his face. He was going to reject me, wasn’t he? I looked away ashamed preparing for the worst pain to come to me yet again. Yet all he spoke was

“Release her now! Bathe her and take her to my office once she is done. Issac and Myrda in my office now.”

My eyes betrayed me by looking up to his again trying not to show the hope in them. I felt a slight relief wash over me but vanished as my mind started going again. I wondered if he was just assessing what I had to offer when I was cleaned up or was he waiting to be secluded to reject me in private. The big guy that I now assume is Issac blurts out harshly

“Alpha, that is not a wise decision to offer her kindness. She was caught leading the Tasika pack onto our lands to attack us. Once she was captured they had immediately retreated.”

So this man was their alpha, this was the cold-hearted man that ruled Vakishka, Eros Daichin. He was tall and buff, his body held so much authority and power. He had long black hair that had contrasted with pale grey skin, his skin was so flawless. It seemed like his face was from angels itself, so breathtakingly perfect. It made me feel like as if his face was just like the vampires, they always had that alluring beautiful face. His body was littered with ancient tribal symbols marking him as the highest-ranking werewolf. The alpha looked at me as he asked in a cold tone


I could feel my heartbeat in my throat his voice was smooth and dark that held a lot of authority in it, as well. I couldn’t disobey him for the life of me. I finally spoke making Issac’s head snap over at me in shock that I was even speaking at all.

“I was running from the Tasika pack. I made a mistake turn making me enter your lands on accident. I am truly sorry for coming onto your lands unannounced and in a rude manner. I did not think they would follow me into your territory. I did not touch any of your warriors nor did I want to harm any of them.”

My leg twitched again, I had forgotten all about the shards in my leg. This made the alpha glance down as furry and rage ran through them. His light grey eyes turned black while he growled snapping his head towards Issac. In a split of a second, he had me untied and in his arms bridal style making shivers and a tingly feeling rush through my whole body. So this is what it feels likes to be touched by your mate. Eros glared at the man as he hissed darkly

“We will speak about this later.”

The man’s head dropped down in shame as he mumbled out a, yes alpha before Eros starts taking me somewhere. I noticed it was just me and him as I softly say

“I can walk you know. I’m not weak.”

My wolf wanted us to show him we are strong and not pathetic. We didn’t want him to reject us as Jashin had done. Plus, my pride was slightly dented, I was not some damsel in distress. Eros growled darkly as he said with concern lacing his voice

“I know you are not weak, yet I must get those shards out of your leg. You are hurt.”

I glared down at my thigh, why did I have to meet my second chance mate in this condition. I feel like he is going to show me a bit of kindness before he rejects me. He couldn’t have liked me. I hissed out slightly all of a sudden.

“I have been through much worse than this, this is nothing compared to what I’ve had to endure and still ran thousands of miles.”

A growl erupted through his chest as I felt the vibrations on my side making my body shiver with delight. I loved it when he growled, it was unearthly and dark, it did things to my body that I never felt before. We entered a bathing room that was decorated with gold and dark red, it was beautiful and expensive looking. Eros gently set me on a chair while a petite woman enters nodding her head at Eros setting folded clothes and a towel on the counter. She then began to start to prepare the bath with hot water and lavender. The aroma filled my nose mixed with Eros delectable scent making my wolf pace inside of me. Once the lady left his eyes bared down on me making my skin crawl with excitement. He started to pull out the shards in my thigh making relief rush through me. A groan escaped my lips as I saw his body tense up. Eros then says

“What is the name of my mate?”

My chest hammered in my chest as he called me his mate. Was he accepting me? Yet, if the rumors were true he had no mate, but that didn’t mean he had no other woman in his life. He couldn’t have possibly accepted me with the beast mark. No one ever accepted me for my mark except for Aizen, but he was the only one who knew the true meaning of the beast mark. Eros’s hands rubbed my thigh in his strong hands making a moan slip past my lips. The feeling was so incredible I couldn’t control myself around him. Eros raised an eyebrow at me with a devilish smirk on his lips. I then quickly say

“Nisha... My name is Nisha Waya. Stop teasing me, if you want to reject me just do it al...”

My words stuck in my throat as his eyes stared at me darkly as if challenging me to carry on with what I was saying. A growl erupted through his chest yet again, he then growls out

“Why would I reject you? You are my mate! How dare you think I’ll ever reject you!”

My wolf was sent in a frenzy with excitement, yet my mind was still wary of him. How can I be so sure he wouldn’t reject me like Jashin? I looked away from him which didn’t please him. I was suddenly pulled up onto my feet, his arm wrapped around my waist and with his free hand he lifted my chin up to look up at him. He could see the fear and nerves coursing through them. Eros then says trying to calm down his wolf

“I am not going to reject you...”

I pulled my face away from his delectable touch not making him pleased already. I then speak with bitterness in every word.

“You will... You will reject me just like my first mate has done.”

I could feel the fury course through every inch of his body as he ripped my clothes off shoving me against the wall naked with his body pressing against mine making me gasp in complete shock and arousal. My eyes locked onto his making him growl while staring at me with a primal look in his eyes. He kissed me hard making my arms wrap around his body and a hand through his hair upon instinct. He kissed me hard while grabbing and pinning my arms above my head. He pulled away from the kiss first while pressing his forehead on mine, taking deep breaths trying to calm himself down. He then says

“I will mark you right here and right now to get it through your thick fucking skull that You are my mate and you’re going nowhere without me by your side. But right now, I want you bathed we have a few things that we both need to clarify with each other before I take you.”

Eros picked me up and placed me in the bath as he began to wash me making me feel good and at the same time awkward. No one has ever bathed me, seen me naked, yes but not physically touched me. What did he need to clarify with me? Was he going to tell him that I’ll have to share him with other women? As if speaking of the devil, at that moment a woman in skimpy ancient clothes walks in without knocking saying

“Alpha, why didn’t you tell me you were bathing I could have joined you....”

Her eyes looked up seeing that I was in the bath with blood and dirty water. while Eros was washing me down. Eros’s head snaps up growling threateningly at her moving his arm out to shield me. Was she the one that I was going to have to share my mate with. If he thinks that’s going to happen I’ll surely reject him, I do not share. The girl’s eyes narrowed darkly at me as she screams out

“Who the fuck is that?”

My eyes slowly travel to Eros with death in them. At least this was all coming out now before I got my hopes up. I was a bit shocked to see that Eros looked livid with anger at the woman. He growled out

“That is none of your business, how dare you walk into my bathroom unannounced and uninvited. Have I not told you enough times to get the fuck out?!”

The girl flinches at his tone, she glanced at me as if she was sizing me up to her. I may look small but I would destroy her in a split second. She snarled to herself, then written across her face as an idea popped in her head making her lips curve up. She hissed out at him.

“You can’t talk to me in that tone, I am your mate....”

The room felt like it shook from the power of Eros growl, was... Was I his second mate? Anger and betrayal rushed through my body, the moon goddess did despise me. I looked away from them both, how could I have fooled myself so easily. Shame washed over me, he had touched my body, has seen it naked at that. Eros then darkly growls

“You are not my mate, not even a lover. I am your Alpha, and nothing more! And if I ever catch you filling filthy lies into your Lunas mind again I will kill you. Do you understand now where your position is, Kya.”

Her eyes widen at the mention of Luna, her jaw dropped instantly to the floor. Eros’s body language and tone made it seem that she was nothing to him but that could all be all a front. He could be lying to me. Soon another woman with far more power to her walked in grabbing the back of Kya’s neck. She looked extremely irritated at the female who was supposed to be Eros mate. Her red eyes narrowed down at her as she growled out.

“How many times do I have to kick your ass to leave the Alpha alone.”

The red-haired woman looked up while shock conquered her body for a brief moment. As soon as it came it was gone, the women then speak with respect.

“Alpha, I’m so sorry for intruding, but it looks like I came in at the right time. You have an unexpected visitor waiting for you in your office. He is demanding that you have something of his and he wants it back. I have already asked him to leave three times and he is refusing to.”

Eros growls darkly, his arm had been covering my breast from these new faces which I was thankful for. Eros then growls


The annoyed look on her face darkens making me know immediately who that someone could be, as she said the name that made me cringe in the water.

“Alpha Jashin”

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