Don't Underestimate the Broken

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You're the Curse of Me

Eros felt me tense in the water as the water sent small ripples around my body. He gives me a gentle look that quickly calms me down, immediately. I wanted to know why on earth was this man so intent on getting me. What good would it do for him to get his damn hands on me? Was he trying to get me back to be his mate? Would Eros hand me over? Would Eros find out that he was my first mate and discover why Jashin rejected me to do the same as him? Eros looks at the red-haired woman as he sighs heavily and says

“Get rid of Kya first I don’t want to see her again today, have Thanos take over to watch her and come back to help Nisha get dressed while I go and see what that ungrateful wrench wants, Scarr.”

Scarr nods her head with a quick, yes alpha, and disappears out of the bathroom. Scarr was very beautiful yet I knew she had to be very strong to be Eros’s Beta. Silence rang through the bathroom, what could I say to him. The worries ran through my head as well as so many questions. The biggest question that I had was what was Eros going to do now? Eros finishes washing me as I finally got the nerve to say

“Please, do not let him take me...”

Eros freezes for a moment while shifting his body to face me in the tub. He lightly touches under my chin lifting my head to look up at him again as he says

“As I told you before, my little mate, you are not going anywhere without me.”

I gave him a soft smile seeing him looking at me with so much care and protection. I truly hope he keeps to his promises to me. Yet the doubt was still there, he was too kind, to nice. I heard the rumors of him being mean and ruthless, I didn’t truly see that side from him. My mind snapped over to Kya making me not pleased as well as my wolf, I then comment Kya.

“I do not share, Alpha.”

A grin spread across his face, while he began lacing his fingers into my hair making my eyes hood over from the sensation. He leans his body over the edge of the tub and whispers into my ear with a deep voice making my body shiver in delight.

“Good, neither do I love. Next time, call me by my name. I want to hear it roll off those tempting lips of yours.”

I gasped as my head felt light as a feather-like I was on cloud nine. I bit my lip suppressing a moan that wanted to escape my throat. I wanted to jump him, I wanted to make him mine. I felt my eyes flash to my wolves making him groan upon seeing it. I parted my lips just about to say his name until someone barged into the bathroom once again. I growled softly feeling Eros’s fingertips slide down off my chin making me whimper at the loss of touch. My body was craving him and from the look in his eyes, I knew he could smell the craving on me. Scarr cleared her throat making me look up at her with a blush plastering onto my cheeks. Eros looks down at me and softly speaks

“I will be back, this should not take too long, my little mate.”

Scarr’s head snapped up to my mate trying to figure out exactly what he said to me. As the realization hit her she got an ecstatic look on her face. She truly seemed happy to hear those words fall off of my mate's lips. Was she hoping that he would find his mate?

Ero’s POV

I looked down at my mate in the bath as my wolf was screaming to make her as mine. She looked like the devil of temptation as she stared up at me. She was extremely powerful, such power coming from her tiny frame gave me chills. I love a strong woman who could hold her own but melt into my hands with just one look. Yet, I needed her to know what I was. Till then I could not claim her, I wanted her to have the chance to accept me for who I am. I looked over at Scarr seeing her giddy face making me smirk with pride. Scarr knew I had finally found my mate. Scarr looks up at me nodding her head knowing fully well, that I was telling her to guard her. I stepped out of the bathroom heading towards my office the Egyptian musk kept lingering making my wolf whine for me to go back to her.

I had debated to bring her with me to flaunt her off as mine, yet I had a bad feeling about Alpha Jashin. Especially with her reaction to his name, also with his pack was hunting her down and he suddenly appears on my land unannounced.I burst open the doors to my office seeing that Jashin was standing at the wall-length windows looking out over my pack village with his Luna. Jashin spun around while he gives me a half-hearted smile, trying to act nice towards me. I stood there in my ancient garments as he stood there in his regular clothes. The ancient garments were more comfortable and easy to maneuver in, than the regular clothes nowadays. I then darkly ask seeing him flinch at the power in my voice making my wolf chuckle to me

“Why have you come, Jashin. Unannounced for that matter.”

Jashin ran his hand through his hair, he looked over at the petite woman as he waved off his Luna to tell her to leave us. The woman frowns at him but does as she was told. How awful there was no fight in her, not an ounce of fire in her, he had broken her in both ways possible. Once his Luna, which I personally forgot her name, left he then speaks

“My guards have informed me that you have something of mine and I want it back.”

I scoffed at his words if he was talking about Nisha like an object he has something coming to him. I did not like his tone and the way he was talking about my mate to my face. Jashin has always had things given to him, he never truly worked for anything in his life. Truly an exact example for someone being raised with a silver spoon in their mouth. It truly showed in his decisions and how he expected everyone to think he was the best. I sat in my chair staring him down as he walked around to be in front of me. I then state in boredom

“What is this thing that you are speaking of, Jashin?”

Jashin slightly leans on my desk as if he owned this place making me wolf growl within me. He was surely pushing my boundaries. It was one thing to come unannounced to someone's territory and its another thing to disrespect someone on their lands. Jashin then hisses lowly with hate dripping off his tongue.

“That woman, that ran onto your lands that was taken by your guards. She belongs to me and I want her back.”

My wolf was on a frenzy inside me, I raised an eyebrow at him questioning him. Does he really think I would give him someone over that easily, especially my mate? Also to top it off that he was demanding something from me. But I will play his game to see what he was truly after from my mate. I narrowed my eyes at him as I hissed out

“That woman belongs to no one, there is no pack mark on her. She has also stated that she was running from your guards. Now tell me, how does she belong to you?”

Jashin snarls lowly at me making me sit forward daring him to attack me on my lands. He was getting angry because I wasn’t doing as he asked, silently challenging him. The room got colder by the second. Then a familiar scent started coming closer as my mind was racing, why was she coming this way? Jashin then growls at me in a threatening manner when I saw the top edge of the office door open silently. I could hear the disgust in his tone making me more livid than I already was.

“She is my mate, and she is to come home with me now.”

My eyes darken at his statement, she was mine and no one else’s. I would be damned to see my mate with any other male than me. I would kill anyone who would touch what was rightfully mine. My eyes snapped towards the door seeing my beautiful little mate standing there tall and proud glaring at Jashin’s back. My wolf groans at the look on her face, he was excited by my mate’s actions. Not to mention the ancient garments that were chosen for her made her body delectable.

The outfit was all black with gold accents making a huge contrast against her pale skin. The dress cupped her perfect breasts with metal points pointing at her markings on her chest, it fits tightly against her waist. As soon as it hit her hips it dropped straight down exposing her hips and the sides of her long legs that popped out of the sides of the dress. To my guessing, she decided against the shoes going barefoot. My heart raced as I shift uncomfortably in my chair to not let Jashin know she has this effect on me. I was completely floored on how beautiful my mate was. My little mate then hisses out with so much power and strength in her words.

“You are not my mate.”

Pride ran through my chest making a smile grin of satisfaction appear on my face for a split second. I was overjoyed to hear those words come off her lips to him. Jashin looked completely taken back at her words. Did he honestly think that she would be crawling back to this asshole? Even if he was her first chance mate, which by the looks of it he was, he rejected her. The hate covered every inch of her body as she glared darkly at him. My wolf was pleased to see the look that she was giving him. She was daring him to challenge her, making me hard instantly. Jashin was sizing her up making my wolf uncomfortable with the scene. Even though we can sense that she could hold her own, I wanted no chances of her getting hurt. I stood up walking over to Nisha as I say lowly

“Nisha, go back to the room, I can take care of this.”

Nisha’s eyes snapped towards me making me feel the hunger for her course through my body. The determination crossed her face letting me know that this was her fight. I knew she thought I said it assuming she was weak which I wasn’t in the slightest thinking that. I knew by just reading her aura that she was strong. Yet, I didn’t want him to know just yet that she was my mate. I didn’t want her to get hurt nor have him know my weakness.


I could feel the heat coming off of Eros’s body making my wolf swoon but I held in any emotions to myself. How dare he tell me to go back to my room as if I am a weak woman. I looked up at him wit ha glare now challenging him to make me. I entered the room more while Scarr closed the door behind me glancing at Eros for a quick second getting the approval for me to stay. It was a good thing he was letting me stay and fight my own battle here. I peeled my eyes away from Eros finally to look at Jashin in the eyes while he hisses out

“You are my mate, and you will be coming home with me tonight.”

I raised my eyebrow at him making him frown deeply, while a scoff was let out under my breath. He was absolutely baffled that I was standing against him and saying that I was not his mate. Did he think after this long that he could control me so easily? Did he think that I would come crawling to his feet and ask him to change his mind? I would never crawl nor beg of such disgusting things from him. I wasn’t his, nor will I ever be. We made that very clear four years ago and I was going to make sure I stuck with my decision. I then say darkly

“You must have me mistaken for someone else, Alpha Jashin. My mate rejected me four years ago after only three minutes of meeting me when I had just escaped my abusive pack. I was knocking at death’s door when he found me, weak and broken. I remember his face very clearly that day, I could have never forgotten his face. You are not him.”

Shock and fear ran down his whole body, he knew I was lying about him being my first mate but I was making it very clear that his secret was going to be kept between us. Except, I will now tell my new mate everything and by the looks of it Eros caught on quickly to what I was doing. Jashin frowns deeply as Eros walked up behind me as to pass me, secretly lightly grazing his fingertips on my back to keep me calm, which I was thankful for. He then walked away from me standing a good six feet away from me showing me that he was going to play out this scene with me. Eros then spoke

“Now that is all cleared up, Alpha Jashin. Why else would you need Nisha for?”

Jashin narrows his eyes at me as to silently threaten me that I had gotten away this time but next would not go down so easily. I returned the fierce-look challenging him to do something else. Yet he didn’t, he knew he was on someone else’s territory, and attacking anyone on their lands was a great and deathly threat. I could tell in Eros’s face that he was reading all the signs that I was seeing and was getting furious by the minute that ticked by. Jashin growls lowly as he looks at Eros as he says with bitterness on his tongue

“I must have been mistaking, I thought it... was my mate.”

My eyes narrowed at his words, did he just call me and it. My wolf raged inside me, I was not a monster nor an object and for him to blatantly put it out there like that made me furious. Before I could say anything Eros darkly says in a commanding tone that was laced thickly with anger

“She is not your mate, therefore you no longer have a reason to be on my lands. You have come up to my territory uninvited and announced and insulted my guest. I recommend that you leave immediately with your Luna, Jashin.”

When Eros mentioned territory I knew he was speaking about me, not just his pack. He was not happy that Jashin insulted me to my face and so bluntly. I stared down Jashin, I was not shocked that he had married and claimed another female. A timid looking girl entered the office standing by Jashin as she glared daggers at me. As if that was going to faze me in the slightest. She may have put up a strong front but in her eyes, I could tell she was broken inside and timid. Always wanting to please her mate and to make sure she doesn’t cross him. Yet she shouldn’t worry about me taking her man at all, it would never happen. I had stepped out of Jashin’s way so he could walk out with my body still facing Eros. Jashin growls lowly as he started to take his leave but stopped next to me hissing lowly into my ear so I could only hear him

“You may have escaped this time but you won’t have a bodyguard all the time. Eros will throw you out as soon as he knows what you are and once he does know that, I will kill you. Theses alphas that your allied to will not always protect you.”

I grinned evilly at his statement if he only knew how close I was to the packs that I was allied to. They all knew of my mark and they all knew of my kindness and respect for them. They will not be so easily persuaded by a silver tongue like his. As soon as the door shut Eros had his hands on my face starting to say


I placed my finger on his lips making him frown darkly, I glanced back at the door still sensing them there. I then say in a very respectful tone

“Alpha Eros, I am truly sorry for causing such a scene on your lands especially since you have asked me to come to visit your lands. I did not mean for that to happen, please forgive me.”

Eros growled catching onto what was happening and why I had said those things. I wanted to taunt my ex-mate. Eros’s arms wrapped around my waist pulling me to his firm body as he played along still with the eavesdroppers listening in.

“This was not acceptable, Nisha Waya. I had invited you to my lands to have an understanding of who you were and for you to bring such chaos in the first hour is disrespectful.”

I gasped loudly when Eros slammed my body against the wall pinning my arms above my head. His eyes bared down on mine as we both sensed them finally walking away from the door. I knew full well that Jashin was walking out with a satisfied grin thinking that I was truly in trouble if he only knew what was happening in here. Eros smells my neck making a light moan escape my lips as he darkly mumbles

“No one has touched you... we need to discuss a few things...”

I groaned he was fighting his wolf for control, I bit my lip lifting my legs to wrap around his waist pulling his body closer into mine, my wolf was in control of me. We didn’t want to talk right now, we wanted our mate. Hunger flashed through his eyes as they turned black for a split second. Eros growls darkly as he hisses out

“This is serious, sadly this might make you want to reject me.”

My heart stopped as my wolf slammed me back in control. My blue eyes darkened dramatically, I growled with displeasure. How... how many women does he have, how many has he been with?! I automatically shoved my nose in the crook of his neck inhaling his scent, I didn’t smell any other she-wolves on him. But that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been with humans. Eros growls darkly as he hissed out

“There are no others, I have never laid with anyone. So get that damn thought out of your thick skull.”

I growled darkly now I was curious about what this matter was about. I placed my feet on the floor staring him down waiting for him to continue. Why would I reject him? He was the one who was going to reject me. I then hissed out darkly


I gave him the one simple word that he had done to me when I first met him. Eros let my arms free, they quickly dropped to my sides. I was completely on edge, was he not attracted to me? Was I not good enough for him or was I not the weak submissive mate that he wants for his guests to see. He could dominate me but in the public eye I will not be submissive, I will speak my mind and I would want to share the responsibilities with him. Eros sighs heavily as he then spoke making my eyes widen.

“I am a Hybrid, Nisha. Only my pack knows about it since half of them are mated with other races and have hybrids of their own and we want to keep it hidden from the other packs. I... I am a Vaewolf. My mother was a vampire and my father a werewolf. I have seen the horrors of what the elders will do because they do not understand what my kind is like and I don’t want the other pack elders to do the same things as them.”

So this is why he was so hesitant, he thought I was going to be repulsed on this news. I knew first hand what the Elders were like when they didn’t understand something new or more powerful than them. Eros looked like he was preparing himself for the worse, this is what I had looked like when Jashin rejected me. My heart sank for him, I lifted my hand to gently cup the side of his face making him jolt at the shock. I then spoke

“I know very well what the Elders can do to someone when they fear the unknown or the powerful known. I was born with the Beast mark... and for it, I was abused daily by everyone even my family. I have gone through things since I was born that no creature should ever have to endure in their lifetime. I am a curse upon anyone that comes close to me.”

Eros arms wrapped around my body tightening me to him. My wolf relaxes as Eros finally speaks

“You are the curse of me Nisha Waya, a curse that I will gladly accept. Yet if anyone dares to disrespect you I will kill them in the worst ways known to man. You are my mate and my Luna.”

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