Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Unexpected Visitor

My heart sped up quickly, Eros’s body pressed against mine making me gasp. My wolf wanted out but I knew we were not done talking. I needed to say a few things to add to it. I needed to know if he would accept me for who I am. Eros lifts my chin to make me gaze into his eyes as he softly says

“What is on that beautiful mind of yours?”

My cheeks flushed, he was truly making it hard for me to think straight right now. I then reply

“You need to know, I am not the type of woman that sits by your side to look pretty in public, I won’t be submissive during that time. I will speak my mind and I am very capable of handling my own chaos that I bring with me.”

Eros chuckles deeply sending vibrations through my body. Why did he affect me so easily like this? His growls felt amazing the power in his eyes made me weak with one glance. Surely this was all the effects of the bond we have. Eros lifts my legs making me straddle his hips again making the feeling flush through me. He then says with lust running off his tongue

“Good, because I love a strong woman but behind closed doors, I want complete control of every little thing on you. Can you give me that my little mate?”

My head swoons at his words making me tighten my body against his. I have never been controlled by a man, in any way. Yet the arousal and excitement that I felt when he asked to control me, was a sign that I wanted him to. But with him asking me this I can’t help but promise that I would. A groan escapes his lips as I softly say in a seductive tone

“Yes, I can give that to you, Eros.”

A primal growl erupted through his chest, I could feel his hardening member grow against the inner part of my thigh making my heart race in excitement. He holds my body tight against his firm body while he wraps his fingers of his free hand in my hair, pulling my head back baring my neck to him. A moan slipped past my lips, I saw his eyes turn black showing me that his wolf was in control. He then growls darkly

“I, Eros Daichin, claim you Nisha Waya as my mate, my only mate.”

Excitement rushed through my body when I felt him he nipping at my neck making me squirm in his arms. Eros locked his eyes on mine with hunger and lust swirling around in the black abyss. Eros then growls out

“Say the words, my little mate, so I can claim what is mine. So I can devour your body.”

My thighs clench tightly around his waist, my wolf was groaning with desire. It was her turn now, she wanted him completely, she was now going to have him to herself. In a blink, my eyes turned into dark blue orbs staring down at my mate. I reply breathlessly with lust hanging off of each word.

“I, Nisha Waya, claim Eros Daichin as my only mate. The only man who can control me.”

I felt Eros’s body shiver with excitement as he bit down on my shoulder making me follow in action biting down on his shoulder. It was extremely painful but also extremely pleasurable. My shoulder stung tremendously as if it was burning. Eros again slams my body against the wall making me moan out loudly into his shoulder. His hands traveled up my thighs brushing against my covered core. Eros growls darkly into my neck as he let go of his bite saying

“From here on out, no more panties, I want to ravage what is mine at any time I feel like. Whether is in our room, on my desk, or out in the woods... Or even possibly when in a meeting. I want to feel you wrapped around me now.”

I was instantly soaked at his words, I let go of his shoulder so I could nod my head vigorously. Eros clicked his tongue and rubbed against my core roughly making me whimper. Eros then growls darkly

“Use your words, little mate.”

I groaned, he was making it hard for me to speak right now. He was distracting me from understanding what he was asking me to do. He stopped rubbing me looking me straight in the eyes with a raised eyebrow. I then quickly and weakly say

“Yes... God yes, Eros!”

Eros grinned mischievously, I then felt him rip off my panties leaving only the string around my hips. The cold air touched my burning core making me whimper and flush with excitement. Eros suddenly frowned and looked towards the door to his office making me a bit irritated that I have lost my mates attention. He growls darkly while hissing out to no one in particular

“God, will that woman leave me the fuck alone?!”

I listened closely while I smelt Kya was heading this way. An irritated growl escaped my lips as I was fed up with people interrupting us today. I growled darkly at the thought then a grin slipped on my face, I wanted my mates attention back on me. Why couldn’t that Thano guy keep her at bay much longer then he had? I slid my hand over Eros’s hard cock making his head snapped back to me. I then hissed out

“If she wants to barge in, let us give her something to look at. I want... I need you to finish the mating process... Eros”

Eros’s shocked expression quickly vanishes as lust now replaced it. He chuckles deeply pinning my arms against the wall then slipped his cock out of his garments with ease with his free hand. He began rubbing his head on my entrance to my awaiting hot core, teasing me completely. Eros then darkly says

“Does my little mate want my cock buried deep in her tight pussy. To show that damn woman whose cock this is?”

“Yes, Eros I need you! Stop teasing me!”

Without any more bribing, Eros slammed into me with one quick and rough motion. My wolf was going crazy, my body was immediately consumed with a mixture of pain and unfathomable pleasure. My body was not ready to take his full size and length but there was no stopping him now, nor did I want to. Eros slid in and out of me with an unbelievable growl that coursed through his chest. I soft knock was heard on his door but that didn’t stop him. Eros leans next to my ear trapping my whole body to the wall making me moan out. He then says in my ear

“I love how your pussy wraps tightly around my cock, you driving me mad. Just wait I’m going to fill you up to the brim in every one of your holes, my little mate.”

I gasped loudly as he roughly fucked me harder making me scream his name out. The door slams open as I heard a girl screamed out some words. I was completely deaf to anything other than my mate and what he was doing to me. Eros slammed into me as I felt him hit my womb making me go into an earth-shaking orgasm, he filled me with his seed at the same time. I could feel his cock pulse inside of me as warmth flooded my pussy. My heart was hammering in my chest while my wolf was wanting more, she needed more of him. Eros then says in my ear while tucking his cock in his garment

“Keep all of inside you do not let one drop come out. I’m going to watch it drip out of my sweet little pussy once I’m done with this nuisance.”

My legs weakly drop to the floor, I was panting heavily from what just happened. Even though it wasn’t long, but mind you it was mine and apparently his first time. I tighten myself trying to do as he says. He lets my hands down while he steps back with a primal look on his face daring me to defy him. Eros’s head then snaps over to a very shocked and pissed off Kya. Eros darkly growls at her, grabbing her attention as he hisses out

“What is so god damn important for you to bugging me yet again?”

Kya tries to growl darkly at my mate making me instantly pissed off. She quickly looked over at me while glaring, which I easily returned to her. She then hisses out

“How dare you, I am supposed to be your Luna not some rogue whore...”

My eyes widen with shock and anger at her words. This ungrateful little bitch was pushing all the wrong buttons. Immediately, Eros grabbed her neck cutting her airway while he growls darkly down at her. She had insulted his mate, no one ever insults a wolf’s mate. Eros growls darkly

“You are not and was never promised to be Luna. If you ever insult her again I will kill you.”

I hated what I was going to do but it needed to be done, I can be fair in these situations. I walked over as gracefully as I could but my legs and my body felt like jello. I gently touched Eros shoulder next to my mark as I softly say

“Eros, do not hurt her, she hasn’t been told that we are mates yet. The only one that knows is your Beta. You can not punish her for something that she doesn’t know.”

Eros grip loosened as Kya takes a big gasp of air. He then sets her back on the ground letting her fully go reluctantly. Kya’s eyes narrowed at me making my wolf pissed off that she would glare at me after I just stepped in to help her. I could have easily let my mate kill her. I then hissed out to her.

“I can be fair, do not take my kindness as a weakness. Next time you insult me I’ll take care of you, personally. And trust me, cupcake, I’m a lot stronger than you.”

Kya snarls lowly if you weren’t paying attention to her anyone could have missed it. I raised my eyebrow at her, does she really want to challenge me? Does she truly think that she could fight me? Eros then aggressively says

“You will respect your Luna and my mate. If you ever challenge her kindness again it will be a death sentence.”

It appears to me that Kya was trying to contemplate her next move. She was looking at the floor with her eyes darting around, she wasn’t going to go down so easily. I could tell she was a fighter but a dumb one at that. Kya’s head snapped up to me as she growls lowly

“I, Kya Richland, challenge you to a duel to the death for the Lunas position and Eros mate.”

A wicked grin crawled onto my face, I so do love challenges. Eros was going to grab her throat again, yet I placed my hand on his arm stopping him. Eros’s head snaps at me deeply questioning what I wanted. I could feel his piercing gaze on the side of my face not truly happy that I wasn’t letting him kill her. I giggled darkly down at her as I hissed out

“I accept your challenge. In one hour we will fight, I suggest that you prepare for the worse little thing.”

Kya smirks at me as she spun around walking out of the office thinking she could defeat me. I will admit she had some balls to challenge me. I could see that she struggled with the power that emitted off of me. Maybe she thought it was Eros making her feel that way. Eros then growls

“Nisha... You are my mate, how dare you accept a challenge like that!”

I looked at my mate as I ask him

“Do you think I don’t take this seriously, Eros? Do you think I can’t take her, that I would allow anyone to take my mate? I am not weak and no one should dare question my strength!”

Eros grins darkly quickly picking me up and walking over to his desk. He gently set me on his desk with my legs spread out, knees propped up and feet pressed against the coldness of the wood. My heart races as he growls darkly

“I do not question your strength, my little mate. I know you will destroy her, yet I would have liked a small say in the matter. I don’t want any female to have the slightest hope that they could have me especially going through a challenge with my actual mate. I hate the idea of them thinking that they could ever replace my mate.”

I grinned up at my mate, my wolf was pleased to hear those words come across his lips. I was becoming very territorial over my mate. I wanted everyone to know that I will not back down from a challenge for my mate. No one else could take him from me now. Eros flipped the front of my dress over a leg to bare myself in front of him. I groaned deeply as he inserted his finger in my hot sex. I was tight and a little sore from him taking me a few minutes ago even though it wasn’t very long. Eros groans while saying

“I will finish what I have started to your little body tonight. I want to make it remember constantly what I will do to it every chance that I get. I’ll make you beg for my touch constantly, little mate.”

Eros pulled his finger out of me making me feel his cum dripping down making me shutter in arousal. Eros the gruffly says

“Open up that mouth that is now mine.”

I immediately opened my mouth with my tongue out as if my body already knew what he wanted. He slid his finger on my tongue and into my mouth while I sucked his finger clean. Eros growled darkly as he gripped the desk trying to hold himself back. Eros back away covering me back up sitting me up into a normal position as soon as I was covered Scarr stormed in with anger in her eyes. She then screamed out

“How dare you to let her challenge our Luna! What the fuck were you thinking, Alpha?”

I cleared my throat grabbing her attention as I replied for Eros

“He didn’t let her, I accepted her challenge. I will not allow anyone to challenge me so boldly and think that they can win against me. Plus, Eros has yet to announce to the pack that I am Luna as well that I am his mate.”

Scarr looked at me finally understanding the situation. She knew it was an unfair advantage that the pack still didn’t know that I was his mate yet. She then smirked knowingly as she then says to Eros

“Alpha, I suggest you announce to everyone that there will be a duel happening at the sparing grounds soon. That someone has challenged your mate for the Luna title already. Let’s have the pack witness how strong our Luna is.”

Eros looked at her as a light bulb clicked in his head as he then says

“That is a great idea, Scarr. Take her to my room so she can get dressed in more suitable fighting clothes. Nisha you know my rules.”

Heat rushed through my body, I knew his commands were going to be my demise. I nodded my head quickly as Scarr grabbed my hand pulling me away from Eros. He soon walked out of the office to what I assume was to talk to the pack. Scarr rushed me into a room as she giddily says breaking her rough aura

“I’m am so excited Luna, I have never seen my Alpha so whipped in my life! Also, I haven’t seen a good challenge for a long time now. Just know, my Luna, that I fully accept and respect you as our Luna.”

I giggled at Scarr pretty much to myself seeing her like this. I was quite cute when she rambled on. All of a sudden she excused herself to go grab my clothes. I walked around the room admiring it but also thinking it looked more like a bachelor pad. I wondered if he would let me pit a few touches to it. I then noticed huge glass doors leading the balcony. Full of curiosity, I walked out feeling the slightly warm air caress my skin. I was amazed at the scene in front of me. It overlooked his whole village, it was quite massive, to say the least. The moon was high up in the sky making it the final perfect touch. I finally felt so relaxed, a cold breeze passed me making me frown everything was still in front of me, not a breeze in sight. I turned my head just as my heartfelt like it was going to stop. There stood a beautiful woman with long white hair that seemed like it was glowing, her dark grey skin was flawless and unearthly. Her garments floated around her and she had no pupils yet at that no irises. The woman smiled gently as she spoke with such a soothing and melodic voice from the heavens that instantly calmed my nerves down.

“I finally get to meet you, my dear Nisha Waya. Do not fret I’m not here to harm you nor do I have any true ties with your mate. I am the moon goddess Selene.”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing nor hearing. Was this the moon goddess? The one that I have cursed out to all throughout my life? Immediate guilt washed over me but before I could even get a word out to apologize she spoke

“I forgive you my little one, I do not hold grudges. My dear,I have deserved some of it. I have come here to welcome you to the life I had in store for you. You had to go through those trials of life to help your mate since he went through similar situations. Before Scarlett comes back I have one warning for you, Nisha. Jashin is out to kill you. If he ever succeeds this, the balance of life will be shattered and chaos will follow. Rely on your mate, you cant always fight by yourself.”

And just in the blink of an eye, she was gone. Was I going insane? As soon as she was gone Scarr walked in with clothing in her hands. Scarr looked up at me her smile vanishing as she rushed to my side. Scarr pressed her hand to my forehead and she asks

“Luna, are you ok your so pale?”

I shake my head quickly looking up at Scarr with a gentle smile nodding my head yes. Scarr didn’t fully believe me but pushed it to the side for now. I quickly got dressed as well as making sure I followed Eros’s orders to a T. Just in a few minutes I was to go out there and show the pack what I had to offer, to show my mate what I am capable of.

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