Don't Underestimate the Broken

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I walked alongside Scarr as she was guiding me to the sparing area. I was a little nervous, to be honest. What if the pack wasn't accepting like Scarr was to me? What if they were going to challenge me as Kya has done? I don't think I could honestly let women constantly challenge me for my mate. I took a deep breath straightening out my posture pulling my emotionless side out as my wolf was pacing inside of me. Scarr looked at me and softly said

“You are my Luna now, Nisha. I will not accept anyone else as my Luna.”

I gently gave her a thank you as we entered a huge area outside. I knew she was telling me that she knew that I would not fail in this fight. A massive circle was drawn out on the grass, as thousands of pack members were circled it. Excitement and nervousness could be felt around the groups of people. All their eyes landed on me as it grew silent. The excitement rang through the field as Eros was standing proudly in the center of the circle awaiting me. It seemed like Kya had not yet arrived. Scarr gave me a gentle push to go to my mate.

I walked up to Eros as he looked down at me with lust and pride. I smirked up at him, my wolf was getting excited now. She wanted out, she wanted to show how strong she was. Eros gently cupped my cheek making them flush bright red. Eros hand slowly dropped his hand down as he started to speak

“I have called you all here today to announce that I have found my mate. We will have the ceremony tomorrow night, I have had to postpone it from tonight due to my mate being challenged for the Luna’s position.”

The whole pack all growls in disapproval of someone challenging me. This made my heart tighten with the hope that they would all accept me as their Luna. I looked around studying the many faces. There were so many different cultures and I could sense the many different races making me fill up with pride for my mate. He was doing something truly amazing here. Someone finally speaks up speaking on what was all on their minds.

“Alpha! Why would anyone challenge your mate especially so quickly? Who would be dumb enough to challenge her? Why are you allowing such a challenge to acquire?”

Eros growls darkly at the last comment. If he had his way this all wouldn’t be happening. Murmurs started up making my mate agitated. I gently touched Eros's arm making him look down at me as well as calming down. I cleared my voice pulling my eyes away from his while everyone got silent. I then spoke with a commanding tone

“Your Alpha did not concede to the challenge. I had personally accepted the challenge myself. I would like for everyone to see if I am worthy of being your Luna. I want to show you all what I have to offer to Alpha Eros’s pack. That I can fight alongside you all.”

The men seemed extremely pleased with what I had to say. I truly wanted them to feel safe with me as their Luna. I wanted them to accept me in all forms not just for Eros's sake. All of a sudden everyone started hitting their left side of the chest with their right hand as some started chanting Hu Hu. I frowned a bit as I looked up at Eros questioning what was going on. When I looked up at him, he was proudly looking across his pack. When he looked down at me he gave me a sly grin as he said personally to me

“They are showing you that they have accepted your decision. They are proud of the decision that you have made. You have shown them that you want their approval to become Luna not just being told you are their Luna, they respect that you put the pack first in front of your personal choice.”

I smiled feeling a sense of pride fill my chest as it all too soon faded when I smelt her heading this way. My head snaps over in her direction to see her in minimal clothing as possible. She had a smug look on her face as she was walking towards the circle. From what it looked like from my point of view, she had assumed the chanting was for her entry. I scoffed at her under my breath, how fucking conceded on her to assume this. Eros then all of a sudden says in my ear

“Just warning you so you aren’t caught off guard when a challenge begins the pack will start a chant and start the steady beats of drums and instruments. It is a ritual of ours one of many that I will teach you.”

I was glad he was letting me know this since I would have gotten distracted. I watched every move that Kya made walking up to the circle. Her pride and ego were getting in the way of her judgment. Once Kya entered the circle the pack got silent. I quickly observed them seeing many glaring at her as some shaking their heads as if they should have known it was her. I stepped forward away from Eros as I asked her one last time.

“Are you sure you want to continue with the challenge, Kya? This is your last chance to back out now, choose your path thoughtfully because I will not show you mercy, once you have decided to proceed.”

Kya scoffs as I sense my mate move out of the circle when slow steady drums started. I felt the beat it was timing the perfect calm heartbeat. I took a breath matching my heart rate to the drums. Kya flicked her hair back as she spoke with, a higher than you, tone

“This is a fight the death, I will not concede to a weak whorish rogue like you. Let’s get this started already so I can take what’s rightfully mine.”

My wolf snarled darkly at the same time my eyes narrowed darkly at her. She had disrespected me once again. I click my tongue in annoyance, she was already pushing her luck. This woman had to be the dumbest thing on the block. I looked back at my mate nodding my head to let him know we were to proceed with the fight. Eros was trying to control his anger at Kya’s words. He then growls out aggressively

“Once you begin the fight, there will be no interference from anyone else, not even myself. There are no rules to this duel since it is the fight to the death. Are you sure you would like to proceed with that Kya?”

Kya scoffed as she rolled her eyes at my mate making my wolf extremely pissed. She then says in a cocky tone

“Of course, I will never concede to this bitch.”

A growl slipped past both mine and Eros’s body making the ground vibrate with its strength. The beat of the drums slightly picked up essentially I tilted my body to the side slightly looking Kya dead in the eyes. Everyone was staring in silence. Kya chuckles to herself as if someone said something truly funny to her. Eros's voice boomed out saying to begin. I stared down Kya watching her every moves, a technique I learned was never to attack first. To always assess your opponent's movements. Then all of a sudden everyone started to do a chant-like song. Kya thought I would get distracted at this so she immediately ran at me jumping to shift into her wolf. If she was watching me as intently as I was she would have noticed that I was not distracted. I moved quickly jabbing my finger in the nerve of her knee making her yelp loudly. Her body hit hard on the ground and rolled a couple of feet away. I heard a few gasps in the crowd since they saw Kya’s brown wolf on the floor and one of her back legs was still her human leg. I slowly turned to look down at her while I hissed out darkly

“Do not worry little pup, it will soon shift but it will be very painful. You should never shift in mid-air all your pressure points are fully exposed.”

Kya snarled darkly at me as pain ripped through her body when her leg finally shifted, making her wolf cry out loudly. I let her shake the pain off. Her eyes snapped up at my face lunging again aiming for my throat. I dropped down smacking my back on the hard ground shoving my feet into her belly flinging her across the circle. I jumped back up getting into a defense stature while she growls out angrily. She knew I was toying with her now. I chuckled darkly while I told her

“Come one little shit, is that all you got?”

Kya rushed at me again darting her eyes to my left side making me step the right but in one split second, she altered her momentum a bit as she bit down on my arm. Well, maybe she wasn’t that dumb after all, she learns quickly. I growled deeply while I saw Eros stand up from his seat. Scarr’s eyes widened, did they think I would be destroyed so quickly and easily. I then got an idea, I’m going to make them think I was really weak. I shoved Kya off my arm running across the circle in the direction towards Eros. I saw his eyes widen in shock as the pack members started to whisper in disappointment. I tripped landing on my back staring down Kya’s wolf as it stocked over to me. She then hisses out

“What's wrong? Eros isn’t going to save you now, why don't you shift, are you afraid for him to see that your weak and small. How fucking pathetic, I knew I called bullshit from you, he is far better off with me. What is your name so I can spread the word that I killed you easily.”

I smirked evilly making her stop in her tracks staring me down at my reactions. She honestly thought I was going to be weak. I chuckled darkly as I then say

“I am Nisha Waya, you have disrespected me far too many times for my liking.”

I grabbed her neck flipping myself over her body and use my momentum to send her flying again to land with a hard thump. Cracking filled the split silence as I stood up tall and proud. Blood dripped down my arm my wolf clawing at me to let her out. I roared out

“Come on bitch, I thought you wanted to take what is mine and you’re giving me this half-assed fight?”

I felt my bones snapping loudly while I growled out shaking the ground, I finally shifted into my wolf. The chanting stopped yet the drums continued to play out in the background with a fast beat. Kya groans finally getting up not noticing at first that I ran at her. Her eyes locked onto me while fear rushed through her eyes. She scampered away from her spot just in the nick of time. The ground crumbled under my paws, I pivoted my body's momentum angling it towards her. I caught her back leg in between my teeth, I heard her bones shatter under the pressure of my teeth. She howled in pain while she flung backbiting down on my front leg. I heard a crack but I didn't cry out. Did she really think that was going to hurt? I yanked my head to the side pulling her leg out of socket not allowing it to heal fast enough. Her body rippled with pain, I let go over her leg just to bite down in her side making her let go of my leg to yelp in pain, I flung her to the side roughly making her topple over a few times. Several cracks filled the void while I stalked over to her almost lifeless body without even limping. I then say

“Come on, don’t you have any more fight in you? Are you sure you want death?”

Kya growls at the ground, she shakily pushed her body up pushing through the pain in her body. She staggers upon three legs as pain-filled every once of her. I circled her like my prey. She then hisses out

“You are the one whos going to die. Eros is mine, he has filled me every night before you came here.”

I chuckled darkly at her, she was delusional, she was just trying to make me slip up. I then hissed out

“If that were true, you wouldn’t be in this situation, would you? Your body is too fragile to take him, he would have cracked you in two...”

Kya lunged at me giving me the perfect angle, I ducked down then jumped up wrapping my jaws around her neck and bit down hard. Her body slumped in my mouth while blood poured down my jaws and sprayed in my face. The drumming came to a halt, I gently laid her lifeless body on the ground. I didn’t want to disrespect her family that could be out in the crowd. I looked up at everyone staring at me. My nerves hitched a bit as I stood there waiting for what the pack would do next. The silence grew out longer, Eros finally walked over to me, my heart was now racing. Did I overdo it? Eros stood in front of me as a low chant of Hu Hu Hu rang out. Everyone started to hit their chest again. I was confused what did that mean? I looked up at Eros in confirmation. Eros gave me a smirk as he says

“They have accepted you as their Luna. The chant with three Hu’s mean Luna.”

I looked around me seeing everyone chanting and hitting their chest with each Hu. Pride filled me as I slightly grinned with happiness. I shifted back to my human form, Eros immediately grabs my waist pulling me towards him as he spoke

“Nisha Waya, you are now Vakishka’s Luna, my mate. You have proven to our pack that you are worthy of your title.”

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