Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Safe and Secure

Eros started walking me out of the circle as the pack members started to bow a little in respect. This was something I was definitely going to have to get used to. I was slightly taken back at the respect that I was getting from the pack members. As we were reaching the edge of the circle an elderly couple came up to us and bowed a bit but both looked me in the eyes. Were they related to Kya? I could see a few similarities in their face and the woman's body shape. Their eyes held so much pain in them making me hurt with them. I then softly say

“I am so sorry, that it had to end this way. I truly didn't want it to go this way, yet she did not give me any other choice, I tried...”

The elderly woman whimpered for a split second then grabbed my hand clasping them around and gently patted the top of my hand. She was trying to show me that she didn’t hate me for what I had done to their family member, she was trying to put me at ease. She then spoke in a shaky voice

“I saw my dear... She was always too big for her britches. Her parents were the same way. We wanted to tell you to thank you for showing us some respect by gently laying her down.”

I nod my head at them while they walked passed us to pick up their granddaughter. Eros kissed the top of my forehead as he guided me back into the house. That was the only thing that got me when I killed another werewolf, was that there was always someone out there that cared for them deeply. An aroma filled my nose as my stomach growled out angrily. Eros started bursting with laughter making me glare at him feeling my cheeks heat up. Eros then says

“It seems like it is dinner time for my little mate huh?”

I punched his shoulder playfully making him chuckle at me again. Eros shakes his head as he walks me back upstairs making me frown. Why were we going to his room when he knew full well that I was hungry? Eros glances down seeming to read my mind as he says lightly

“We will go down and eat with the others but I assumed you would like to change and wash the blood off you first.”

My eyes widen while I looked down now realizing that I was covered in blood and making bloody footprints behind me. Panic rushed through me, was he mad that I was making such a mess? I then quickly say

“I'm so sorry Eros... I can clean the floors after I change...”

Eros growls catching my full attention while he says

“You are not a maid nor a housemate. If you think I or any of the others will be upset with you for something so small, your wrong.”

I bit my lip hard, looking away from eros. My mind was so fixed on how my life was it was going to take me a while to get used to all of this. We entered our room while Eros closed the door behind us. I took a deep breath, catching Eros's full attention. I could see the worry set in his eyes. I then say

“You will have to teach me a lot Eros more than just your rituals... I have grown up with the lowest rank, no worse than the lowest rank. I grew up as if I was their captive. How can I truly be a good Luna for a pack if I know nothing on how to be a Luna, to be part of a pack at that?”

Eros eyes filled with pain and sympathy at me, he began to walk over to me touching my cheek gently. I have never been this self-conscious or valuable in my life. Yet when I was alone with him it just immediately comes out there were no filters between us. He had this effect on me that made me weak around him, made me open up. Eros lifts my chin up making me look at him fully. He then says in a gentle tone

“I will teach you, Our pack will help you understand what it is like to be part of a pack, my little mate. Whatever pack that has done this to you will pay in the future. Was it Jashins pack?”

A soft growl escaped my lips at the mention of Jashin’s name. I took a deep breath pressing my face in eros hand closing my eyes feeling safety in it, while I began answering him

“No, it was the Akita Pack... When I was born it was a custom for the elders to come by and bless their new pups. Yet when they saw my markings they feared that I would try to take their power from them when I got older. They told rumors to the pack that I was a curse from the moon goddess because they had displeased her somehow. And to atone for their sins I was to be treated in the worst way. Even my own family went along with it, my mother was kind at first trying to protect me from the abuse but started up when I turned six. It was pure torture for me since I could understand fully what was happening when I was six until I escaped at eighteen. I had run into Jashins lands escaping that death to find out that he was my first mate.”

Eros's eyes darken with anger when I started to tell him my past. I could feel the hate and anger radiating off his body. It was hard for me to talk about all the things that had happened to me. His grey eyes began to search mine telling me to continue. I took a deep breath and continued

“When I first met Jashin I thought my pain and suffering was finally over. That someone would finally help me become healthy and strong. I know I looked like shit that I was hideous because of how malnutrition I was and the bruises and cuts all over my body were disgusting.”

I pulled away from Eros as I rubbed my wrists subconsciously. I knew he already saw the scars on my arms from my original pack. Yet I started to feel disgusted with myself. I couldn’t be good enough for Eros or the pack. He must be thinking I'm pathetic, disgusting by now. My heart tightened painfully thinking he might take back his mark. I walked over to the glass window looking up at the moon as I said

“It... He only took three minutes to decide that I was worthless to be his mate. He had rejected me so quickly and so painlessly as if it was such a huge burden to him. That I was such a burden on his shoulders. I do remember that I rejected him back with such a confident tone for the first time in my life, that it shocked even my wolf. At that time... I wanted death and I cursed out at... The moon goddess for being so cruel.”

I felt Eros's arms wrap around my waist pulling his body to caress my back in a possessive manner. This action shocked me making me take in a deep breath that I was holding. Eros kissed his mark on my shoulder as he started to speak while pulling my arm coverings off.

“The world can be very cruel... Yet from this day forward, my love, no one and I mean no one will hurt you again. You are my weakness, my rock. And if anyone hurts what is mine I will reign down hell on them. The Tasika Pack will pay for what they have done to my little mate and Jashin will slowly suffer through his life to see my mate succeed.”

Eros starts to undress me making my eyes hood over at the feeling of his gentle touch. Eros groans into my neck as he had pushed my pants down realizing that I had followed his orders. I was now fully naked in front of my mate as he roams every inch of my skin feeling every scar that was left on my body from all the tortures that I have endured. Eros then darkly says

“Your body is beautiful, I will be worshipping your body every day.”

I groaned feeling his hand dip down my stomach while I reached behind me wrapping my fingers through his long black hair. Everything froze as my stomach growls angrily yet again reminding me that I was starving. Eros chuckles deeply into my neck making goosebumps trickle over my skin.

“Let’s get you fed, my little mate.”

My cheeks were still pink after I had washed up and changed into the outfit Eros laid out for me while he checked up on dinner. Eros was now changing his garments to a lighter material that was black with gold designs. His muscles in his back rippled while he changed his arm and neck brackets. I finally noticed all the little scars that littered all over his back. What had he gone through? Eros glances back at me, his eyes went black, to my knowledge he was pleased with what he picked out for me. Eros grins deviously as he walked us back downstairs. The aromas smelt absolutely delicious. We entered a huge dining area as many were already seated and chowing down and others still trickling in. I then noticed that everyone has dressed in ancient garments only a handful in regular clothing. Eros sat us at the head table where Scarr was already sitting with a guy sitting next to her. I even noticed Issac sitting there as well.

An older woman placed a plate in front of me full of food as my tummy grumbled again. I could see the smirk playing on Eros’s face as I quickly elbowed him playfully. I quickly thanked the woman for the food making her smile down at me gratefully and even motherly. I looked up at Eros, he was already shoving food in his mouth making me giggle at him capturing his attention. He sent me a playful glare as he spoke to me in my head

“Eat my dear, you will need all your strength tomorrow.”

That was definitely the first for me, so this was the mind link that every wolf raged to me about. I started digging in as I melted at the taste of the food. It was absolutely amazing. I was definitely going to have to praise the cook after I ate. Halfway through my plate, Issac walked up bowing to me as he starts off

“Luna, I want to apologize for what I had done to you today...”

I raised my hand making him stop speaking, I noticed some people have paused to see what was going on. I then spoke gently feeling my mate's eyes on me.

“Issac... Please there is no need to apologize. You were only doing your duty, I do not hold any grudges. Yet your tactics need a revamp. Not all will succumb to that pain and many will only want to speak to the Alpha. Maybe sometime in the future if it is ok with Eros that I teach you how to read people and where their weakest points are to help them talk.”

Issac was a bit shocked as well slightly offended that I was telling him that his tactics were shit nowadays. I grumbled in my head, why did men have huge egos to take things in the worst possible way. I then quickly add-in

“Your tactics are good, Issac, please know I’m not criticizing your ways. Yet it is always good to learn new ways just in case they do not crack with your original tactics. It is always good to keep learning in all fields not just what you have gotten comfortable in.”

A small sense of pride filled him as he bows again replying

“Yes, Luna. I am willing to learn more.”

Issac walks away as I looked over at Eros in approval. I wanted to know if I did well. Eros nodded his head in approval showing that he was pleased with what I had said. All throughout dinner people came up offering congrats and welcomes to us. Many women and men were ecstatic in welcoming me as their Luna as well as introducing me to themselves and their families. It seemed like this whole pack was one giant family. I did notice a few young women were sulking a bit but never came up to welcome me. Eros touched my thigh making shivers run through my body. Eros then says in my mind

“Do not fret about them, my dear. They are only upset for now that I am off the market.”

I gently smiled at Eros as we finished our plates. I then ask Eros

“May I know who the cook is Eros? I would like to speak to them.”

Eros nodded his head with a small frown on his face, he stood up having me follow in suit of him. He leads me to the massive kitchen making me slightly gawk at how big it was. We had entered making three older women and one young man look up at us in shock. They were sitting at the counter relaxing and eating together. They all stood quickly finally realizing it was their Alpha, the one woman that served my plate quickly asks

“Alpha, Luna, is everything ok?”

Eros stepped to the side signaling me to speak. He had no clue what I was about to say to them. I walked over to the group as I gently say trying to squash all fear from their eyes.

“I wanted to personally thank you guys for dinner. It was truly delicious I know by personal experience that it is not easy making dinner for the whole pack, especially for one this size. I wanted to let you guys know you're doing an amazing job.”

All four of them filled with pride as smiles grew on their faces. The older lady with long grey and black hair grabbed me suddenly making me gasp as she wraps her arms around me in a tight hug. As I wrap my arms back around her hesitantly. My heart was thumping erratically. The woman then says into my hair

“It is a great honor to hear that our Luna is pleased with our service. Thank you for gracing us with such beautiful compliments. My name is May and if you need anything my dear just let me or the others know.”

May pulls away placing her hands on my shoulder looking at me with pride in her eyes. She then looks at Eros as she says

“Alpha, the moon goddess has blessed you with such an amazing mate.”

Eros grins at May as he nodded his head at her, I could see his ego inflated a bit. After we said our goodbyes with May, Carson, Thena, and Rosette we started heading towards the bedroom. My eyes were getting heavy forcing a yawn on me. Eros chuckles to himself as he leads me into the bedroom towards the bed. He then spoke

“I had much more planned with this little body of yours tonight but it has seems that sleep is falling upon you. I will only allow this, this time, next time though I will not let you go so easily. We do have a lot to do tomorrow anyway.”

I smirked at his dominance while I crawled into bed. It was so soft and heavenly, I snuggled into a pillow groaning in happiness at the softness of the silk touching my skin. Eros chuckled climbing into the bed pulling my body into his hard chest, curving my body into his as he chuckles out

“I have never been so jealous over a damn pillow in my life. What are you doing to me, my little mate?”

I ignored his comment and question, by pulling his arm around my body sighing in content while placing a kiss on his arm before my eyes closed on their own. It was the first time that i ever felt so safe and secure in my whole life. It was such a blissful and surreal feeling. I heard Eros groan a big as he cupped my body in his in a territorial way. It was as if he was shielding me from the evilness of the night. I silently thanked the moon goddess for giving me this moment, for giving me a mate that seemed to actually care for me.

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