Don't Underestimate the Broken

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Chapter Three

I woke up slightly feeling cold making me groan in displeasure. I couldn't feel my mate beside me nor in the room. I slightly opened my eyes seeing it was brightly lit from the sun shining through the room. I groaned while sitting up and looking around seeing that Eros was indeed not here. I frowned deeply as I saw an outfit laying on the nightstand with a note on top. I groggily got up picking up the note reading it quickly

Little mate,
I am in my office, get dressed and in your time come to me. I am preparing for the ceremony for tonight.

A small smile slipped across my face as I get myself dressed and presentable to go to my mate. It would seem that my mate was always wanting to show off my curves and body to him with the choice of outfits he keeps picking out. I didn't mind it though I wanted his attention, I almost craved it every minute. I wrote off the shoes again, I like to be barefoot in all honesty. I exited the bedroom heading to the office, luckily I had great memory so finding it wasn't hard. I knocked gently on the door to hear my mates voice gruffly say


I walked in only to see my mate glaring down at a letter in his hands. My eyebrows knit together as I walked up to my mate. I then ask

“What is wrong, Eros?”

Eros's eyes snapped up at me as he immediately calms down upon seeing me. Yet, the question was, what was in that letter. Eros pulled me to him making me straddle his hips making me bite my lip trying to hold back my excitement. Eros then replies

“I have been called to attend an urgent meeting with the Alphas' in two days. Two packs are concerned for their safety, which is about you, Nisha.”

My eyes flared with anger as my wolf growls darkly. Why couldn't they leave me the fuck alone for once?! Eros growls darkly feeling my anger course through him as he then says

“Nisha... How many packs are you allied with? Also who?”

I could feel my eyebrows scrunch together trying to figure out why was he asking me this all of a sudden. I took a deep breath as I stated

“Well... Now hopefully including yours six. And you can guess the two that I am not allied with. When I was a rogue, I was always taught to respect all packs upon entering their lands. After meeting two alphas and creating an Allie with both of them my name started to spread which lead me to be invited to the rest of them creating allies with them as well. And before you ask, yes they all know I have the beast mark.”

Eros seemed relieved yet still on edge. I needed to attend this meeting. I need to clear my name so others don't worry. I then say to Eros

“Please let me go with you, Eros. Lunas go with their mates as well as the betas to these meetings.”

Eros glared at me quickly looking away from me. He then hisses out

“No. I will not put you in that situation, it is far too dangerous...”

I grabbed Eros's arm, wrapping it around my waist making him snap his head up at me. I then say darkly

“This meeting pertains to me, they want to discuss if I am a threat to them. I want to be there to defend my name, to show that I will be faithful to my word to the packs that I am allied with.”

Eros stared at me as if trying to figure out what he should do. Why was he not letting me fight for myself? Why doesn't he immediately say yes to show everyone who he is mated to? My body froze as my eyes widen at the worst possible thought ran through my head. My chest tightened as I say out hatefully

“You don't want them to know that I am your mate. Is it because you're embarrassed by me... Or is it because I'll bring shame and danger to your pack?”

I quickly got out of Eros's arms and lap before what I said could process through his mind. I knew it, he was truly fearing that I would bring dangers to his pack. He was ashamed to announce to the other packs that I was his. Hurt ran through my body as Eros growls darkly as it clicked what I had asked. He then growls out

“How dare you think I would be ashamed of my mate. This is a serious matter Nisha! Yes, it will bring dangers to the pack but also bring a lot of danger to you!”

I snarled lowly at him my heart hurting and tightening up. My mind was racing as anger coursed through me. If he didn't want to bring me there then I will go by myself. I will not have anyone tarnish my name with a silver tongue like Jashin. If they wanted to talk about me they could say it to my face. I narrowed my eyes at Eros as I darkly say

“Fine, if you don't want me to go with you I won't.”

I could see the relief wash through his eyes as I headed towards the office door. Anger beat through me like a drum as the beast wanted out to lash out its anger. My wolf whimpered knowing fully well if I shifted in the beast it would be very painful for the both of us. I then hissed out hatefully

“I will just go by myself to protect your pack. And not tarnish your name with mine.”

Anger flared in his eyes as I took off running through the packhouse. I easily dodged a few people in the hallways as a growl shook the hallway. He was now after me. I jumped off the stair railing landing hearing a crack in my left leg as pain rushed up to it. I growled pushing through the pain burst out the back of the house, heading straight for the forest. How could I possibly fooled myself into thinking he would let me stand up for myself. He thought I was weak, I was only a danger to his pack and I warned him. I told him that I was a fucking curse! I growled hatefully at myself cursing myself for being so dumb and vulnerable. I heard Eros screaming my name with full rage and I shifted in a split second charging through the forest line. I quickly and easily dodged the brush and branches that were in my way. I growled as my leg began to hurt more, I must have done a number on it with my landing. I came to a full-on halt as a large black wolf with long hair and sharp teeth landed in front of me. This wolf was unearthly looking. I have never seen a wolf look so scary in my life. I then heard Eros speak

“That is fucking enough!”

So this is what a vaewolf looks like in wolf form. It was truly terrifying looking, if I had not known this was my mate I would have had a heart attack. The power that emitted off if its body almost suffocated you. I narrowed my eyes at him as I growled lowly

“Get out of my way Eros.”

Eros wolf growls darkly at me, I should have been shaking with fear yet it did the quite opposite I could feel my body heating up with arousal. I snarled lowly as I hissed out

“I fucking told you, I am not weak, I can fight my god damn battles without yo... Anyone. I will not stay back and let some asshole tarnish my name! I have worked so damn hard for four years to prove to everyone that I am not some piece of shit vile creature placed on this shitty ass world to be someone's silent fuck toy and a punching bag. I am fucking done Eros. I'm done with everyone thinking I'm some awful piece of shit that is weak and pathetic! I... I just want them to see that I am strong and have a mate who loves and accepts me for who I am... That I'm not some monster that was rejected and out to destroy everything.”

I shifted into my human form falling into my knees, my head hung lowly as my hands trembled in my lap. I heard a twig snap as I finally say not looking up at Eros.

“I understand it would put your pack in danger... I wouldn't want to place that burden on them. I just can't sit here not getting the chance to defend myself against the allegations that make me so dangerous to others. I just want them to see that I'm not a danger, I just want a normal life...”

Silence filled the air around me, did he leave me? Did he decide that I wasn't worth the time? All of a sudden I saw Eros human body drop onto his knees in front of me lifting my head to look into his eyes. A huge mixture of emotions swirled in his eyes as he stared me down. He then sighs heavily while he spoke

“I know you are strong and can do anything on your own but even if we are strong it's ok to have someone to help every once in a while, that is not a weakness its using your damn head. You have to get those damn thoughts out of your thick skull that I would ever think any less of you in any way. I am your mate and I accept you for all that you are. And I hesitate in situations like this because you are my mate. If... No, when your old pack and Jashin find out that you are my mate I fear that they will try to hurt you again.”

Eros moves his hands lifting my wrist for me to look at as his fingers caress the scars from the boiling oil. He then continues

“You have to understand that I have feared my little mate. I fear that if anyone hurts you whether it's physical or mental I could not contain my rage. Lashing out in a peaceful meeting is not taken lightly. All the packs could or will turn on me in one instant because it is disrespectful. Just having to sit there as those two packs spew out lies of my mate will be tough in itself for me to contain myself.”

My shoulders dropped as I let my head fall into his chest filling my nose with his intoxicating scent calming me down dramatically. Eros wraps his arms around my small frame as I lightly say into his chest as a lightbulb turned on in my head

“I can understand that... But we both can keep each other calm. Like you just said, its ok to have someone there to help. We can keep each other be calm for the sake of the meeting. I can just sit there just to listen I don't even have to speak. If you don't want to let them know we are mates to protect your pack I can understand...”

Eros sighs heavily as he says darkly

“Our pack, Nisha. They are our pack, not just mine. Please give me some time to think about it, let me just calculate all the possible outcomes and everything you have told me. I will give you my final answer tomorrow.”

I sighed in defeat, his scent has completely made me calm and in the right senses and yes of course submissive. I nodded my head in his chest finally agreeing to let him have the say in this one decision. Eros held me in silence for a bit longer till we both heard Scarr screaming in our heads asking where the fuck we went and what happened. Eros chuckled deeply she was freaking out because there was so much to do for the ceremony tonight. And then it happened again my damn stomach growls angrily as Eros started laughing hard. I narrowed my eyes at his chest as I pushed him over now straddling him as his eyes widen and go black. And evil grin crawls on his face as he darkly growls out

“Just wait my little mate, tonight I'm going to claim every inch of this body, and I'm going to make sure you are all fed and rested beforehand.”

My cheeks heated up again as I nipped at his neck next to my mark teasing him a bit as I say

“First you gotta catch me.”

I quickly hopped off him as I bolt back to the packhouse with him hot on my trails behind me. I squealed and giggled loudly as Eros finally caught up with me as we both tumbled onto the grass of the back yard laughing hard at each other. Eros then says into my ear

“I will get you back for that little tease of yours tonight, love”

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