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'What do you think of me?' He asked. 'Really? That's what you waste your question on?' 'Just answer.' 'Two words. An egotistical jerk.'

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Lynn's POV

'I love you, honey.' My mum said, covered in her own blood. 'Mum? Mum? Please, don't fall asleep just yet. You need to stay here.' I said, tears falling.

'H-hey, ' My mum started, voice getting ragged and her breathing getting shallow, 'don't cry. The Moon Goddess wants me back now. Be strong, love. For me.' Her eyes closed and her breathing stopped

'Mum?! No, no, no, no, no, no. Mum? Wake up! Wake up!' I shouted at her. 'Mum, please.' My voice getting weaker as darkness consumed me.

'No!' I woke up, covered in sweat and her breathing in quick, sharp breathes. 'Crap. I had that dream again.' I rubbed my face in my hands as I rested my head on the mountains of pillows on my bed.

You'd think that after 14 years that would just seem like a distant memory.

'Great. Just great.' I rested my hands on my stomach.

I took my phone out of it's charging station with it's black and gold wallpaper.

I opened it up, looking at my socials before checking the time. 7:30.

'Fuck. Fucking hell.' I said, jumping out of my bed and into the bathroom.

I quickly took off my clothes, hating the feel of the cold air, and went in the shower.

My hands rested on the shower thoughts and I contemplated if I should wash my hair. 'Sod it.' I stepped out and put on some underwear, some denim shorts and a tank top that said '2 words, 1 finger'.

I stood on my tiptoes as I blindly combed through the cabinets. Feeling what I needed I sprayed the remaining contents of the dry shampoo.

As soon as that was done and my hair was tied up in a really messy bun, I got out from my room and locked it behind me before running full speed towards the 3 flights of stairs and to the dining hall.

Once I got there I saw all my other packmates starting to dig in.

'Sorry, Alpha! I just– I had a bad dream and woke up late and–' I said quickly when I saw Alpha Stone eye me before holding his hand up. 'Short version, please.' He said in a gruff voice.

'I woke up late.' I said in a meek voice.

'I'll let you off the hook. Besides, we had a tough day yesterday. Suprised you can still run down those stairs and not collapse.' His voice got cheery.

'Yeah, I didn't really get that injured.' I told him.

'What about that?' He pointed to my bandaged thigh.

'Oh, that. That's nothing. I-I've been through worse.' He nodded in understanding.

'Well . . . Help yourself.' He said, nodding at the food.

'Thank you, Alpha.' I told him before getting a banana.

'You're not going to eat anything?' Luna Clara asked.

'No, Luna. I'm just gonna train. I'm just gonna eat later.' I said, before running to the packed gym a few floors up.

You know you can talk to me, right? Madelaine, my wolf, asked me.

' I know, Laine.' I said in my head.

So... you wanna talk about it. Laine asked her, giving me her puppy dog eyes.

'No, not really.' I said as I started wrapping my hands up.

Come on, I'm bored!

'Please shut up! You're making my head hurt.' I told her, starting to punch the bag.

You know, you should really go easy. You just got injured.

'You know I've been through far worse.' I said, starting to punch the bag harder.

Well, I think you should. You know, choosing the ceremonies in a few days.

I now punched the bag full force. 'What?! That's not till a few months.'

No, it's actually tomorrow. I hope we'll find our mate.

'I hope we don't find our mate. If we don't, then two more years later and we don't have to go to this dumb choosing ceremony.'

Why don't you want to find a mate?

'Because. Boys. Are. Never. To. Be. Trusted.' I said full of anger, pausing to punch the bag after every word.

'Woah! Go easy on the punching bag, will ya Lynn?' Clark, another omega, said. Clark was pretty boring. He was an omega and didn't have much of a love life going on. I've heard his sex life is off the charts. Hooks up with another girl every other night. Kinda gross to be honest. The only reason I let him talk to me is that he gives great tasting lollipops.

'Shut it, Clark.' I said but stopped punching the bag and plopped down on the floor, exhausted and annoyed Clark ruined my concentration.

Clark took place at the punching bag and started punching it.

'Soooo, Uhm, Pleasedon'tbemadbutyou'llbetrainingthenewwannabes.' Clark said quickly, punching the bag lightly.

'What?!' I shouted, standing up abruptly.

'Alpha Stone said it himself. You're the best omega here, you're even better than me.' He said.

'Well, I'm not going. I got a, um, choosing ceremony to think about.' I lied.

'You're still training them.' He said, smirking.

'You owe me 5 lollipops.' I said, grudgingly before standing up.

'Thanks, Dawn!' He shouted at me as I went out.

'Fuck you too!' I said, annoyed.

'Ok, wannabes. Line up, one file, shoulders back, stomachs in.' I said to the 16 boys in front of me.

Delta Carl and Markus, another omega lay down on the ground, exhausted.

'Wow, what amazing teachers.' I said, bowing down so that I could see their red faces.

'How did you do that?' Markus said, panting.

'What?' I asked innocently.

'That.' Carl raised his hand to point at the boys who were lined up.

'What can I say? They're all scared of me. Here.' I gave my hand to pull them up.

'Now, hand to hand combat.' Markus clapped his hands.

'I want that one.' I pointed to a boy who was sniggering at the end of the line.

'What?! I don't want the rogue girl to be my partner!' He whined.

Markus, Carl and all the other trainees inhaled sharply.

Oh, it's on.

'Wanna bet.' I growled.

'Oh, Uhm, you know what–' He stuttered when he heard my growl.

'It wasn't a question.' I gritted out, already taking my stance.

'This is gonna be good.' Markus crossed his arms.

Carl whistled signalling the start of the fight.

'Good luck.' I said before my connected my fist to his face.


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