The Architect's Essence, The Diary of Sunrise

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Undated Entry

As I mentioned in my last entry, I would now like to expand upon my pondering of Rhythm and whether or not he had indeed been a dancer in his prior life. Rhythm is unique amongst us in the fact that since the day of our awakening, barring his name, he has never written a single word, preferring instead to communicate through interpretive dance.

During a dark period of our history the I.R.T.F had mercilessly locked me in a cell with a piece of paper documentation. The document in question was stained with blood and was being used as evidence in a case pertaining to a twisted creature known as the White Orderly. (A tale which all being well, I will relate to you at a later date.) The document had listed the sixty-eight names and vocations of Hush Prairie’s patients at the time of Mount Bedlam’s eruption. At the time I had not developed my papyrophobia and I had handled the document without fear of paper cuts or death. Luckily, I had escaped the encounter unscathed and I had picked out two names from the blood-stained document. One name I felt did not belong on the list and the other, Santolina Virens, (which I’d noted had the vocation of ballerino,) stood out to me, rekindling my interest in Rhythms origins.

I had understood the title ballerino to denote a male ballet dancer and following the ordeal of the White Orderly I had made some private enquires about the name Santolina Virens, contacting theatres and dance halls throughout the Known Expanse. I had soon learned that Santolina had been a most renowned dancer in the Ballet Fantastique, a traveling theatre company which had been based in the town of Westarson Dora at the northern end of Phoenixhelm. My informant at The Delta Sea Stage of Deltafaun City had told me that the Ballet Fantastique had made their final ever performance at their venue. Apparently, the troop had been on tour and their next show after the Delta Sea Stage had been at the O’Shrafe Regional Theatre in Gloveduel Hollow. Their chosen route had taken them through the Abyss Mountains but sadly they had never arrived at the O’Shrafe Regional Theatre.

I had sent a request to the curators of The Hall of Recorded Happenings to see if they had any documentation on what tragedy had befallen the Ballet Fantastique and some months later they had contacted me via memorandum crystal to inform me that they had in their possession a newspaper article which stated that the Ballet Fantastique had mysteriously vanished whilst traversing the foothills of the Abyss Mountains. The only survivor had been Santolina who had been found in a state of catatonia by a wondering holk farmer. The article had reported that Santolina had spoken only one sentence when asked what had happened to him. “They made her eat their ears. I tried to stop them but they made her eat.” He had then fallen silent and had never spoken again. The article assumes that Santolina was referring to his wife who was also a ballet dancer in the Ballet Fantastique.

What truly happened to the Ballet Fantastique and Santolina’s wife amongst the icy peaks of the Abyss Mountains remains a mystery but whatever it was had disturbed Santolina so much that he had lost his mental faculties and had caused him to be placed in the ‘care’ of Hush Prairie Asylum.

Though I have never approached Rhythm with my findings it is my belief that Santolina is his past persona. I also believe that as well as retaining Santolina’s skill at ballet dancing he also continued his silence, some part of his soul still damaged by his ordeal in the Abyss Mountains.

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