The Architect's Essence, The Diary of Sunrise

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Though I have read many books on meteorology in search of what the precipitation of white power actually was I have never been able to find an explanation for the phenomena. I did however discover the correct name for the lion-scorpion creature, thanks again to Dr. Kohlrabi’s Encyclopaedia of Life, which helped me to identify it as a manticore. Manticores are an unconfirmed species which are believed to live in an arid region called the Balatoo Boneyard which lies far beyond the Known Expanse’s Southern Frontier.

Whilst reading through the Encyclopaedia I also happened across a plethora of other creatures which I believe were created during one of the Architect’s bouts of ‘writers’ block.’ The most notable and well known being the centaur race who, (No disrespect intended,) appear to have been constructed by attaching the legless body of a human onto the headless body of a horse, fusing them together between the human’s pelvis and the horse’s shoulders. I have often looked at diagrams of centaur physiology and I was fortunate enough to have once visited the Skeletal Hall in the Museum of Natural Treasures where I came across the bones of a centaur. Upon examining the skeleton, I had found that the pelvis of the humanoid portion still possessed the cavities which in bipedal humanoids, would normally house the rounded head of the femur to form the ball-and-socket joint of the hip. I cannot fathom why the Architect would include this empty socket in the body of a centaur when it has absolutely no function to the equine body to which it is fused. This has strengthened my belief that at times the Architect became either lazy or uninspired with his designs for life and so to complete his quota of living creatures for the day He would make new creatures from spare parts he had lying around.

Here is a list of other creatures which I believe to have been constructed from the Architect’s box of spare parts:

·Hippocampus – the upper body of a horse, the lower body of a fish.

·Serpopard – body of a leopard with the neck and head of a snake.

·Peryton – a deer with the wings of a bird.

·Jackalope – a bunny with the antlers of an antelope.

·Chimera – the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent.

·Greep – the body of a dog with the flesh and face of a human.

·Merfolk – the upper body of a human, the lower body of a fish.

·Fauns and satyrs – human body with the legs of a goat.

·Cockatrice – a chicken with the tail of a lizard.

·Shug monkeys – the body of a dog with the face of a monkey.

·Griffin - lower body of a lion with the head and wings of an eagle.

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