The Architect's Essence, The Diary of Sunrise

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This Is The Diary Of Sunrise

This is the diary of Sunrise.

My original diary attempted to kill me, luckily it failed. Therefore, the first entries of this new diary contain the most notable events of the birth of the Orderlies and the founding of Mount Bedlam Hospital. These entries are written from my distant memory, some of them occurring well over one-hundred years ago, so I must apologise if any details have become distorted within the Passages of Time. I am afraid that some details have been forever lost, forgotten days stolen away by the traitorous pages of my original diary.

This first instalment of my diary tells the tale of our awakening, a journey which took us from reality itself and also divulges how I became the most dangerous creature in all of creation.

Due to the inherent evil of all things paper this version of my diary has been lovingly and expertly recorded in tapestry by my good friend and fellow Orderly Yarn.

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