The Architect's Essence, The Diary of Sunrise

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Undated Entry

I would now like to explain my aforementioned theory regarding the origins of Folloki, the god of all that is hairy, as it will now make much more sense now that you have learnt of the unique nature of the Foundations’ terrain.

It is my belief that if Folloki truly exists, or existed, within our world then it was originally created by the Architect to watch over the large tufts of wild hair which grow in the flesh of the pits, a task which in my mind would be much more difficult than tending the tiny patches of hair which grow atop the heads of humans or the fur which covers the bodies of minotaurs, satyrs and fauns.

The hair and fur of the sentient beings of the Expanse is largely tended by its owner, cared for with shampoos, conditioners and tonics and titivated with combs and brushes. If Folloki is real then surely, he is largely redundant, made obsolete by the wide range of haircare products the apothecaries of the Expanse have on offer.

Therefore, it is my belief that Folloki may well have been sealed away in the Foundations with the Architect’s other superfluous creations but had somehow managed to escape, finding itself in the city of Hungerfield where it encountered Aster and his suit of hair. It is conceivable that it escaped by exploiting a weak point between realms, a rift created by the sheer magnificence of Aster’s hair suit and its undeniable connection to Folloki. This is a possible reason for Folloki informing Aster that it ’had escaped from an awful place’ and was ’in terrible need of grooming.’

I also believe that it is quite possible that the hooded creature which drives the tale and ultimately causes the apparent demise of Folloki may well have been one of the Abstract Sentinels which the Lost Vision had mentioned, a being which manipulated fate to either destroy or apprehend Folloki and return it to the Foundations.

Judging by the deplorable, unkempt tufts of hair I witnessed in the Foundations I do not personally believe that Folloki ever returned there. The malodour and chronic dandruff of the hair of the Pits is evidence which supports the theory that, as the tale suggests, Folloki did perish in the bonfire, a fate which, after seeing the Foundations for myself, may well have been favourable to returning there.

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