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Amaris : A Ruined Soul

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When they say that Alphas never submit, they don't lie. But the world hasn't yet known her, so how were they to know the destruction she brings? She was born the midnight of a Blue Moon under the glare of Selene, a wailing, writhing, little beacon of hope. Forced in the world of chaos and corruption by Selene, Amaris must persevere through Selene's outlandish wishes to save the world even as she is torn from her family, forced to live a life of loneliness. She must survive for if she failed, she'll just be thrown back to the wolves by Selene - it would not be the first time. Why should she have to save the world!? She did not ruin it. They wonder, how does a broken soul save the world? By breaking it to pieces. Amaris hardens her heart in face of her many losses and fulfil Selene's wishes. But that comes with a price. Amaris is now burdened with unrequited responsibilities that seem to drop in her lap with no remorse. She does not wish for them, so she runs, leaves everything behind. But Selene drags her back. She always does. Please, comment and review, I'd love to hear from you. Amaris : A Ruined Soul © Shay0096 (2020-2021) Do not borrow, copy, extend or in any way or form plagiarize the work. I would respect honesty and kindness as it is an original piece of fiction. Note: I Don't Own The Cover Image. Thank you, for giving this series a chance. Love, Shay❤️

Fantasy / Romance
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Fair Warning

Hey Lovelies,

So before you start this book, I have a couple things to mention.

First - SLOW BURN.

This is a -

S L O W B U I L D and S L O W B U R N.

Second, this is a book full of triggers of all kinds, I believe. The reason being, Amaris is exploring. She is learning, watching, observing, fighting.

So, triggers. I’ll warn you at every chapter, of course, but it is just so you know, this book isn’t all happy and dandy. Not yet, anyway. I hope you’ll take proper care while reading.

There is more sex in this book. I am not putting in any warnings for consensual sex. If you do want me to, let me know.

Also, the characters. There are many, many that just simply appear for the particular scene and then disappear forever. Some characters will stay, some won’t, some you will find deeply entrenched in Amaris’ lives.

Again, reason being Amaris is exploring and learning her world. Which means she is moving around a lot. Which means new people, many names that you’ll end up forgetting and frustrating over.

So don’t worry about that. If you forget or want answers, ask away. I’ll be happy to help.

Also, translations are all thanks to Google. I know they could be wrong - if you know, please correct me - because I am aware of how fickle google is.

That’s it, for now, anyway. You can enjoy the book now.

Much Love, Shay ♥️

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