The teacher`s knight in shining Armour

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She is a kindergarten teacher and he is known as the devil himself both in business and pleasure. Two complete personalities brought together by one magical touch. Richard Brooks has been described as ruthless and devious by many,always taking and getting want he wants. He spends his day in boardrooms taking over businesses he wants and his night in the club looking for the next lady to warm his bed. But one magical touch changes all this after a magical touch send vibes down his spine he vows never to let any other woman i n his bed except Jessica Daniels. Jessica

Fantasy / Romance
Raphadu Ledile
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Chapter 1

Is it possible for love to turn to hate in just a second?

Can a knight in shining armour be the devil himself?


It was 5pm and time for me to head out I just finished writing my assignment and was going to campus to drop it off.

’Matthew what are you still doing here this time? School ended 3 hours ago dear.

“I think my mom forgot the time again’’

Okay honey lets go inside and call your mommy

After several attempt the phone just kept ringing with no answer

Mat is there someone we can call to come get you, your dad maybe?

No ...but my uncle works not far from here but I don’t know his phone number only his building you can take me to him and my mom will get me there

I don’t know honey, teachers are not allowed to take kids off the school premises without parents concern or the principal and as you can see we are all alone in the building. Let us wait for your mom maybe she is on the way.

After half an hour of waiting and several unanswered phone calls I just could not wait any longer

Mat do you by chance know the name of your uncles building or company?

Yes, my uncle is the boss of Brooks’s technologies, he makes cool stuff do you know that electronic car, my uncles company made it, my uncle is the best and he always gives the best presents.

Okay honey let‘s try to call him and see if we can get hold of him.

Thank God for Google, it did not take long before it gave me all the information on Richard Brooks.

I decided to try his cell as it was already after office hours.

After 2 rings he picked up and I introduced myself and told him about my companion who was now already falling asleep on my lap on the stairs of the school entrance

After like 20 minutes a Black luxury car pulled up in the parking lot and by its look I knew this is a car for a CEO a very rich one for that.

The man that stepped out of that car was even better than the car himself extremely handsome had an athletic body and his face it was like he walked right out of magazine you know those magazine with hot ass man in it damn and his movement was one of authority.

Still staring and deep in thought I did not even realise he was already in front of us.

Ms Daniels?


I am very sorry for this I don’t know what’s keeping my Sister it is so unlike her I am very sure she has a good explanation for not being here.

It`s okay I know that no parent will intentionally leave their child at school up to this hour and I am sorry too I did not know who else to call since the office is closed and could not get Mat`s next of kin number.

So how did you get my number?

Well your nephew here told me that you work or rather own Brooks technologies and I searched you up I`m very sorry I...

It`s no problem and I am glad you did, Is there a fee I need to pay for overtime or any way I can thank you. I am sure you have other commitments or a family waiting for you at home.

No its fine, can you please just call his mom to let her know he is with you the school has a policy about this I can`t just hand him over to you unless I know for sure his mom approves.

And just than a car that pulled up and Mat`s mom comes towards us in a rush

Oh God Ms Daniels I`m so sorry I lost track of time please forgive me...

Mat who was still sleeping on lap started to wake up ....Uncle Rich..

Mommy you forgot to come pick me up again...

Again.... so this is not the first time you forgot to pick him up?

I got caught up in some work you know I have that big event coming up and lost track of time.

But that is no reason to forget to pick up your son.

I already apologised Okay! What are you even doing here?

I tried getting hold of you for some time and when you did not answer I had to call someone and Mat told me he is the nearest to the school so I called him.

Thank you Miss Daniel and don’t worry it won`t happened again I promise you

And can you please keep this between us and not let the principal know about this little incident.

’Mommy I am hungry”

Okay sweetie we going home now and we can eat at home.

Can Uncle Rich come with us?

Sure buddy! But instead of going home and waiting for mommy to cook why don’t we go to that restaurant that you love so much?

Can we mommy please, please?

And that is when I realised the time...

Sorry but I have to leave now and Ms Brooks please don’t let this happen again cause next time i may not be here

Don`t worry I will personally make sure it does not happen again

Miss Daniels, please take my card so you don’t have to GOOGLE me next time you need me to come recue you

Seriously Rich?

I reached out to take the card and somehow our fingers touched and I don’t know if it was because the weather was slowly changing or what but when our fingers touched I felt this tingling feeling all over me that send a quick rush all over my body.

I don’t know if he felt it too because he just stood the with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and my cheeks decided to betray me and turn red at that moment , Oh God am I blushing right now?

Hey where have you been I was about to call a search party for you?

One of my student’s parents was late so I had to stay with him and then go past the campus to submit my assignment sorry.

Well it was your turn to cook today so since I did you the favour of cooking you are on clean up and dishes

Yeah sure let me just change quick, what`s for supper I am starving.

Nothing fancy you know you are the master chef here but it`s edible that I can promise you.

Is the food that bad that you can`t swallow another spoon?

Earth to Jess?

Oh sorry what was that?

Okay, out with it what got you so deep in thoughts?

Nothing serious just something that happened today nothing to worry about

Nothing? I don’t think so I called you like 3 times with no response, out with it?

Have you ever touched someone and got this weird feeling all over your body?

Weird how?

I don’t know how to explain it, electric shock kind but bit gently and arg forget it.

No way the way you blushing right now, something is up who did Miss Daniels touch today?

No one important just forget I said anything?

Oh my God is it one of your Students dad?


Than who?

Just let it go anyway I am going to take a bath and prepare for bed.

Running away are we? You know I am not going to let this go until you tell me right?

God knows I love my best friend Stella but sometimes she can just be too much.

Stella has been my best friend since college and has always been there for me .she is one of the most reliable person I know and very protective of me.

She is also the only person who can read me like a book; she knows when I am happy, angry or even when I need time on my own.

Stella was also there on that awful day the phone call that changed my whole life came.’

We were inseparable.

If it has not been for her I don’t know how I could have survived

Richards POV:

I was just about to get in the elevator when my phone rings with an unknown number


Good evening is this Mr Brooks?

Yes? I answered annoyed thinking it is one of those nosy reporters who are always calling me asking about my next big project or a lady I was seen with at some event or club.

Mr Brooks you speaking to Ms Daniels here at Houston Academy; I am calling regarding your nephew Matthew?

What about him, is the something wrong with him, is he okay?

Matthew is okay just that he is still here at school and I can`t seem to get hold of his mother and its getting really late, so I was wondering

I am on my way.

Matthew means the world to me he is like my own son, he is my sisters child but spend most of his time with my parents because my sister seems to be on some kind of mission to prove to the world that she can make it in this man industry.

She is constantly working and she has time for nothing; she is currently working on some big case if she wins it she will become a partner in her firm.

I can`t believe she forgot to pick Mat from school; this is so not like her, this case must be really important to her.

On my way to the school I could not help but think of the lady that called me her voice was so beautiful so angelic , I have spoken to a lot of woman on the phone but her voice was something else and now I could not wait to see if she was as beautiful as her voice.

The first thing noticed about her was her beautiful brown hair and than her smile as she looked up to me. Any man could be lucky enough to wake up to that smile every morning.

It is the everything will be okay smile, the smile that let you know that I got your back, the smile that will give you courage, the smile you want to come home to every night God what am I saying.

I could not really see her eyes behind her glasses but I know they must also be beautiful .And the way she held Mat in her arms I knew she could be a great mother or was she already one. I need to find out more about this lady I can`t get out of my mind in the middle of the night.

Ms Daniels? Is it Miss or Mrs I forgot to ask

I reach for my bedside lamp and again I find myself looking at my hand, when her fingers brushed mine when I gave her my card I felt something I have never felt before.

And I fall asleep with the image of her smile in my mind.

I don’t know why but this morning I wake up an hour before my alarm goes off.

My morning routine is always the same yoga, bath, breakfast and work.

I get out of bed and since have like an hour to spare I decide to make so bake cup cakes for breakfast and some for my class too. Baking is my therapy, it makes me happy whenever I am sad and I also bake when I am happy.

My grandmother is the one that got me baking, after the incident with my parents she came to stay with us and whenever I seemed sad we baked together. I miss her so much. She was the only family my brother and had left.

Stella is working night shifts this week so the flat is really quite and boring at night without her. I spend my night either doing my school work or in front of the T.V. I am more of an indoor person I prefer the comfort of my couch and bed to parties and clubs. But once in a while I allow Stella to drag me out shopping and to a club that is on weekends. And to think of it most of the cloths Stella forces me to buy I never wear and always promise myself to take them back but I never do.

Being a kindergarten teacher I never wear anything fancy I always go for comfort and something simple, I mean I work with small children everyday imagine having to run around in heels the whole day. But I do own a pair or two or is it four now counting the ones I just bought last weekend makes it six now.

Today decide to wear my black jeans and light pink button up t- shirt and put on light makeup and nude lipstick, tie my hair up and take one last look at myself in the mirror and take my bag and head out.

What are you doing to me Ms Daniels?

I woke up from the most embarrassing dream ever oh God no am I wet It can`t be I mean when was the last time I got one of those high school?

Why does this woman have this effect on me? I just met her yesterday and she is already invading my sleep and dreams.

Maybe it has been too long since I had sex; maybe if I did I could get her out of my system. It must be lust.

How long has it been three days? Yes it is, I remember now I had sex just the other day with that blonde from the office who kept flirting with me.

Since its Friday I may as well go out tonight and get myself a lady willing to get some of this. Ladies cannot resist me I mean who can resist the might RICHARD BROOKS.

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