The Call Of The Forest

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The wind sang to me, carrying the words of the forest to my ears, it was like a call that I could not deny, it was like the water from the river Wade ran through my veins, the roots of the tree ‘Ackley’ forming the bones that structured my body. I am the forest Gaia and the forest Gaia is me, and no one, not King Aslan, not Adara and I mean no one will stop me. My name is Storm Eirwen Aegenwolph, and I’m not called Thunder for nothing.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Farewell My Love

A Call In The Forest

Chapter 1

Farewell My Thunder

Lady Eden

“Lady Eden, please open the door I beg of you, the king will not be pleased with you behavior”, a maid said as she knocked furiously at my door I drag my eyes over to my beautiful Storm, who is cradled in my arms, and slowly the world around me fades away.

She is a beautiful child, I can’t help but think as I rub my hand against the small tuft of hair that rests on her head, her peaceful aura is almost enough to make me forget everything that has happened, but I can’t forget, I can’t forget my handsome Borris and his beautiful dark coat, I cannot forget the forest and the way it sang to me, the way the trees spoke softly with the soft sways of their branches, I cannot forget Soleil, and the way she would cast her beautiful light upon the woods, I cannot forget all feeling of freedom that the forest and my love gave to me.

I think about Aslan, and his wife, beautiful Reva, who had a baby girl too, a few days before I had my Storm, they said her name would be Adara Soleil Helen Euriprides, she is a very pretty child, with a mat of golden hair that shone like the sun. I think about the family we could have had, and then I start to cry, the banging increases, and Storm completely undisturbed by the noise lays still, her skin is cold, which I had found alarming before, but after I pressed her tiny chest to my ears I could feel her little heartbeats, soft and quiet, she remains oblivious to the world around her, dreaming about what babies dreamt about.

Aslan cannot give me the freedom I want, no matter how many trees he plants in our private garden, no matter how many rich purple silks he buys, no matter how many flowers he sends me, they cannot be compared to the beauty of the forest Gaia, and if he won’t allow me to go, then I will figure away of escape myself.

But little did Lady Eden know, that it would be the last time she ever saw her child again, as she stood from the windows of her bedroom chamber and fell to her end.

Author’s note: I hope you guys liked it, I may not post for some time since I’m working on two other stories, so I’ll try my best to update. Eldezade out!

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