Enceladus 2: The War

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Two weeks later

The two scientists stood in the lab, examining their samples.

“This is not good news. We must tell Queen Cassiopeia.”

The scientists ran up the stairs to the main floor of the palace.

“We have an urgent matter to discuss with the Queen. About our planet,” one scientist told Aesop, the Doorward.

Aesop opened the doors to the throne room.

“Queen Cassiopeia, King John.” They both bowed.

“Dr. Wainwright, Dr. Udom,” the Queen greeted.

“Your Majesties, we have been taking samples of our soil and the core of the planet,” Dr. Wainwright began. “Examining the core. Our planet is heating up. Quickly.”

“As you know, our surface temperature rarely gets above four degrees Celsius. It is rising much too fast. It has already reached six,” said Dr. Udom.

“Now that may not seem like much but at the rate it’s rising, soon it will be too hot for us to live on our planet.”

“So what do you propose we do about it?” asked King John, his crown slightly crooked on his head.

Both of the doctors were silent.

“Well?” Queen Cassiopeia said.

“Well, um we will work on solutions. But Your Majesties, a better solution would be to find a new planet,” Wainwright said, bravely.

The Queen stood, clutching her scepter tightly. “And how do you suppose we find a new planet?” she asked angrily.

The scientists shrunk back. King John interjected. “What will happen to us, to the planet?”

“Eventually, Your Majesty, we will get sick. First our elderly will fall ill to the heat. Then babies and the rest,” said Udom. “As for our planet . . . Enceladus is an icy, cold planet.”

“And . . . ?”

“How long until Enceladus becomes uninhabitable?” the Queen asked, interrupting her husband and clearly becoming impatient.

“A year, Your Majesty.”

“What will happen to our planet?” King John asked again.

“Enceladus will burn.”

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