Warrior Mate

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Scarlett Cloud and her twin sister, Samantha barely escaped an attempted murder that robbed them of their parents. Now, one week later, they have been forced to move in with an uncle that seemed to always be angry, an aunt who only cares about herself and her children, and two cousins who were the class bullies. On top of that, they have to move to a new pack, go to separate boarding schools. While Samantha has it easier since she is the older one of the two sisters, Scarlett is struggling cope. Will Scarlett survive this transition?

Fantasy / Romance
Eleanor Loriana
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Important terms

Hi there! I just wanted to add a page that included whatever ranks were included in this story as I have modified some ranks. The more higher on the list, the more powerful. You can skip this page if you want and continue to the story,

Alpha and Luna - The leaders of the pack. They are turned to whenever there are problems. Alphas usually deal with ‘physical’ problems, for example rouges and warrior training. The Alpha is (physically) the strongest wolf of the pack. Lunas have a similar job, except most of their job includes ‘mental’ problems, for example, food supplies and making sure everyone is happy. The Luna might not be ‘physically’ the strongest wolf, but she has the most control, alongside the Alpha.

Beta and Beta female - In situations when both the Alpha and Luna are not present, it is up to the Beta to fill the role. A Beta female is like a Luna, however, is treated with slight less respect than a Beta. Beta females don’t usually take on a Luna’s role, however, she may play a similar part to a Luna. A Beta female is usually one of the Luna's closest friends.

Gamma - Gammas are third in command. The are to help the Beta and Alpha while protecting the Luna. Gammas are also Captain General of all the warriors, meaning he or she is basically the ‘main protector’ of the pack. They usually train warriors.

Delta and Sniffer - Delta and Sniffer share this rank. Deltas are messenger wolves, or wolves that have to take messages to other packs. Deltas have to have good stamina and communication skills. Sniffers are tracking wolves. They are gifted with enhanced smell, so they have better noses that other wolves. Their noses are only a bit better than the Alpha’s though!

Lead Warriors - Lead warriors are usually the second best warriors of a pack, just below Gammas. There are usually no more than three Lead Warriors in a pack. Lead warriors can take over training warriors if the Gamma is busy.

Warriors - The warriors roam the pack lands ensuring it’s safe. They are the ones that will keep watch at night. They protect the pack with their lives. If the pack is threatened, they take their place and fight for the safety of the pack. The warriors must be quick to think and remain calm in any given situation.

Healers - Healers are wolves that look after the pack's health, in other words, they are basically wolf doctors. A pack usually has no more than seven pack doctors.

Head chefs and cooks - They don't really have a rank but are still 'sort of' respected. There is usually one head chef to every well respected family, for example, The Alpha, The Beta or The Gamma. Cooks usually help the head chef prepare the meal.

Omegas - They have the lowest rank in the pack. Their job is to look after and teach the young pups. They can also be something close to personal 'assistants', for example they might clean the rooms of a well respected member of the pack.

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