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Being a normal teenager can be difficult in itself, but when you were planted on the doorstep of an orphanage when you were just a baby with only a first name, blanket and a bracelet. people seem to judge you almost immediately. Phoenix has always kept to herself, she's got secrets, huge secrets that she tries to hide from everyone, she's a werewolf, a werewolf with the power of the elements. The only one of her kind...That she knows of... Will finding a friend change her? Will she learn who she is? Who her family were? Copyright by Charly James-Matthews. All rights reserved, do not copy my work! Cover created by Chloe209 go check her work out too! Warning! This book contains violence, sex and graphic scenes! Do not read if you do not like it!

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Chapter 1

I had always been different, from the very day I was put on the steps of the orphanage I had always seemed more developed mentally and physically to Mrs Taylor, head caregiver, the short, dumpy woman with a birds nest of a hairstyle had taken a liking to me from day one.

No one knew where I came from or who left me outside the door. All that was left with me on the doorstep was a blanket, a bracelet, and a piece of card with a name, Phoenix.

They took me in and cared for me, I didn’t have a family and I never felt the bond with Mrs Taylor as she seemed to with me. Mrs Taylor was a nice woman and helped me out too many times to count, but she was…odd, something never felt right about her.

I kept all the items in a small box in the back of one of my drawers, warning the other kids if they touched it I would rip their heads off…I had a bit of a temper…

I surpassed the other orphans that were my age, and no one knew why, even doctors were baffled, they just assumed I was smart and left me alone when Mrs Taylor saw their tests were beginning to freak me out. I hated doctors.

It was when I turned five that things really started to change as I began to hear a small voice in my head. Knowing if I told anyone that I would end up in with the doctors again I kept quiet, running off into the garden away from everyone as that day changed my life forever.

Age Five

Running into the garden in a panic as I heard the voice again I hid behind the large shed.

“What are you?” I murmur to myself.

Wolf, my name is Storm.

“Storm…You’re just a character in my head, this isn’t real,” I murmur as I peer through the small gap in the fence between the orphanage and the neighbour’s house. A puppy peers in as I feel something odd within my chest, a whine comes from my chest.

“What’s happening?” I cry as my whole body shakes.

Relax, let me take over!

“No, this isn’t real, not real, not real!” I scream in pain as my body cracks under me, contorting as fur begins to sprout from my body.

Relax Phoenix, it won’t hurt so much if you relax, we need to bond!

It was crazy, I was so scared as my body painfully shifted before there was a sudden release as I closed my eyes whimpering on the ground.

Stand up, we need to run, to bond. Get up Phoenix!

I opened my eyes as I saw the puppy in front of me at the fence, a vicious growl coming from the pits of my belly as I completely lost it, snapping like a rabid dog towards it as I scratched at the fence.

“Phoenix!? Oh my! Children stay back!” Mrs Taylor came outside calling for me.

Need to run, they’ll take us away! Run!

I began to panic as I heard Mrs Taylor calling an animal rescue team to pick up a possibly rabid animal.

So we ran, leaping up some of the large toys at the back of the garden we managed to get over the fence and ran into the woods quickly.

I was a wolf, a real-life wolf, how was this happening, what was going on? This wasn’t possible, this was the stuff of fantasy, stories made up for people to read, not real life!

Present Day

From that day on I bonded with my wolf, I learnt more from her than I had ever another person, but boy did she have a temper and of course it flew through me like a whirlwind.

The first shift wasn’t THAT bad.

Oh really Storm, do you not remember growling at that poor little puppy next door and then Mrs Taylor calling animal rescue to deal with an out of control, possibly rabid dog!

Uh, Oops, we ran into the forest and shifted back, we were careful from then on, but hey, you can’t blame me for nearly blowing up the school when we turned thirteen, that was all you!

You knew about the powers and never told me! We nearly killed KAI!

Ok, maybe a slight miscalculation on that one, we were stronger than I thought…I was just as surprised as you were when fire decided to blow out from your fingertips and set the whole gym on fire!

That’s another thing about me, I have powers. Power over the elements, fire, water, air, and earth. My fire is my most powerful power though, but I think it’s because it works so well with my anger problems, thanks to Storm, my wolf, who has a bit of a temper.

Comes with the territory of being a wolf, Phoenix.

It’s your fault we had no friends, every time someone got close you acted up.

We have Kai now don’t we?! Plus we have Trey and Luciana too!

Yeah, yeah, I know.

I never made friends in school, I was a complete loner, I was the girl that sat in the back of the classroom, the bad girl with an attitude, no one wanted me around and yet they were fascinated by me.

Every month Storm and I would go on a long run in the woods searching for anyone else like us, but we found nothing, no one, we were alone. We learnt to hunt pretty quick though, coating our pure white fur coat in mud helped in minimalizing our scent, staying downwind helped too as we hunted deer. We soon learnt that my clothes shifted with me, no idea how that works either. However, if we were covered in mud while a wolf and shifted, our clothes would be dirty, but if washed off in a stream somewhere, our clothes would be exactly the way they were when we shifted. We had no idea how it worked but I was glad it did.

Storm was my best friend, my only friend and I was happy that way. I couldn’t be let down by people if I had no people to let me down. She’s a totally different entity in my brain, I can talk to her, she has her own mind, but most of the time we agree…Most…

I was happy being alone, until I turned thirteen and I met a kid who decided to change my life that is…Puberty had struck me early, my curves grew when I turned twelve and it made all the girls jealous, I wasn’t fat, I had a toned stomach with large breasts growing and the perfect hourglass figure coming in, my deep brown hair hanging low on my back, while my eyes glistened a bright light blue.

Age 13

A new kid transferred into our school one day, he walked in with a cocky smile, sitting next to me in the back row as I rolled my eyes, taking in his appearance as he wore the school uniform messily as we did, his tie undone with his top button undone showing a small glimpse of his chest. He was cute, sure, his black hair swept over his deep blue eyes, but he had an aura of arrogance about him.

“So, I’m Kai,” He held out his hand with a smirk at me as his gaze looked over my body too. I rolled my eyes once more, ignoring him, he’d get the picture soon enough.

“I wouldn’t talk to her if I were you, she’s a loner, an orphan, no one hangs out with HER,” Lola, the queen bee of the school turns in her seat with a huge grin at Kai as he raised a brow at her before looking at me once more.

“You think I care?” he scoffs at her.

“She’s bloody crazy, I’ve heard her talk to herself so many times, she belongs in a looney bin, it’s no wonder she was left on the doorstep of the orphanage,” Lola laughs with her group of girls.

I am going to tear her apart.

Stay calm Storm, we’re at school, just ignore them, they’ll go away when this guy joins them.

“Maybe I like crazy,” Kai chuckles as I glance at him, glaring in warning that he better stay the fuck away from me.

“Not interested,” I murmur as he smirks.

“You will be,” He says cockily.

“Don’t bet on it,” I growl.

“Why don’t you join us at lunch Kai?” Lola smiles, biting her lip as her gaze drifts down his body.

“You’re thirteen slut, calm down the hormones,” I laugh kicking the back of her chair as she squeals in surprise.

“You’re such a bitch!” She screams at me as the teacher walks in, her and her group of girls turn but I can see the redness of anger bubbling in her face.

If only she knew we were a wolf, then she’d really know how much of a bitch we are.

“Good morning class, enough chit chat, let’s get down to business!” Mr Rocket says as he begins explaining about the new book we would be studying in English.

“Pst, pst, wanna hang out at lunch?” Kai whispers tapping my arm constantly trying to get my attention.

“Listen, I don’t need a new buddy, I don’t want a new buddy so why don’t you go play with the other boys and girls and get off of my case,” I growl.

“What’s your name?” He whispers.

“Piss off!” I snap louder than intended.

“Nice to meet you piss off,” He smirks.

“PHOENIX! If you continue to interrupt my class I will have to send you to the principles office…AGAIN!” Mr Rocket shouts slamming the book on the table making everyone jump.

“I can take myself now if you like? I’m bored anyway and this guy is annoying as fuck,” I smirk at him.

“OUT!” Mr Rocket shouts as I chuckle grabbing my stuff as Kai nods slowly watching me with a cocky smile before grabbing his bag and standing with me.

“What the hell are you doing?” I growl at him.

“Not a great start to your first day Mr Wolfe,” The teacher said as I burst out laughing.

His last name is Wolfe, that’s so weird.

Ironic that the guy who wants to talk to us has what we are as part of his name.

Let’s just get out of here, I need a run.

“Just making friends,” Kai says as I walk out the class with an eye-roll.

“I don’t need friends!” I call out as I quickly make my way out of school.

“Hey! Wait!” He calls as I flip him off before bolting out the door, losing him quickly due to our speed.

Unfortunately for us, he found me every day at school after and would not leave me alone.

A week of him following me everywhere causing everyone to stare more than they normally did and I was getting angrier. Storm was really beginning to feel the heat of everyone’s stares and we could hear every whisper thanks to our superior hearing.

I had decided to eat in the gym so I would hopefully keep out of the way of Kai, but as I was walking there I heard the footsteps behind me they grabbed my arm turning me around and pinned me against the locker.

Who the hell does this guy think he is?!

“What the hell Kai?!” I growl, literally growl as I struggled to keep Storm out of my head.

“Did you just growl at me?” Kai laughs as I glare at him.

“Can you just back off!” I snap, anger filling my body.

“Why? Why don’t you like anyone near you?” He says with his arms either side of my head.

“Look who’s slutting it up with the new guy,” Lola laughs evilly as she stands with her little minions surrounding her.

“What do you expect Lola, it’s probably in her genes, her mother was probably some slut and she was an accident,” One of the guys, Colin, laughs beside her, putting his arm around her shoulders.

I push Kai away from me as he glares at Colin, he steps forward as if to go for Colin but he’s too late, I’m already past him and throwing Colin against the locker behind him with a crash.

“Want to try that again?” I growl, anger flooding me.

Something doesn’t feel right!

Shut up Storm!

“Little orphan slut comes from mummy slut,” Colin pushes at me but I don’t budge, I was stronger than most of them, he looks at me in shock as I hadn’t moved an inch.

Is it just me or do we feel a little…Hot…

I smelt smoke, looking at his blazer I saw it was slightly singed under my fingers as they glowed slightly, I shoved away from him running towards the gym.

“Phoenix! Wait up!” Kai shouts trying to follow me as I turn the corner to the gym, slamming the door shut behind me as I knew it was empty.

My fingers began to glow brighter with my elevated emotions.

What the hell is this?!

Power, we have more power than I thought! Concentrate!

Where did this come from?!

I knew something was there but not this!


I begin to panic as full-on flames come from my fingertips, flames licked at the floor as Kai bursts inside.

“Get out!” I shout, shaking my hands hoping it would stop the fire, but of course, it made it worse as it flew across the room.

“What the hell…” Kai murmurs as he runs up to me, grimacing in pain as he holds onto my wrists.

“Get out!” I cry out as the fire burns around us, the smoke was filling the air as he began to cough.

“No way,” he shakes his head, looking at me in shock.

“I won’t have you die in here because of me!” I shove him away from me as the flames stop flying from my fingertips.

Concentrate! Will it to stop, thinking about him is helping!

I could hear him coughing more as I closed my eyes, the sprinkler system turned on with the fire alarm as the fire was slowly put out.

“We…Need…To…Talk,” Kai coughs through the smoke as he grabs my hand in wonder.

He can’t find out about our wolf! He’ll think we’re crazy!

We just set the gym on fire…I think crazy is already out the window here Storm.

“Oh my god, kids! Are you ok?!” Mrs Becker the principle exclaims as she runs into the gym with a team of firefighters behind her.

“Kai needs help,” I call out as we’re both taken from the gym, the firefighters put out the last of the flames, I look back with worry.

“What on earth happened?! Was this you Phoenix?!” Mrs Becker states as we’re taken to an ambulance.

“Not…Nix,” Kai coughs as I look at him in shock…He was keeping it a secret.

He called us Nix.

Not important right now Storm.

“We need to give you some oxygen and check your lungs, kids,” the paramedic says.

“I’m fine, look after him,” I murmur as I’m forced into the ambulance beside Kai as my hands shake.

“You’re shaking, you’re in shock,” the paramedic says as she puts oxygen masks on us both.

“I’m not in shock, I don’t like hospitals,” I snap pulling the mask off as I feel Kai reach over, taking my hand in his.

He cares for us…He barely knows us…I don’t get it…

I don’t know either Storm…

That day Kai was kept in the hospital as his parents rushed in to check on him, they gave me an unsure glance before tending to their little boy, who couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of me as I sat on a bed opposite him.

“Phoenix! Oh my god!” Mrs Taylor rushes in as I groan, she takes my cheeks in her hands as I see Kai smirk, I roll my eyes.

“I’m fine,” I shove her hands from me.

“You were in the middle of a fire, I don’t understand how you are so lucky girl, you get into so much trouble, yet you always come out unscathed!” Mrs Taylor breathes a sigh of relief.

“Probably because she did it,” Kai’s mother says under her breath.

“She didn’t do it, Mum,” Kai snaps at his mum as she looks at him in shock before glancing at me.

“Come now, you’ve been discharged, I know you hate hospitals,” Mrs Taylor says to me as she watches Kai’s mother with a hard stare.

“See you at school Nix!” Kai smirks with a wave and a wink as I’m pulled from the room.

The next few days Kai wasn’t in school and I found myself worrying about him, thinking about him. After the third day I broke into Mrs Becker’s office during class while she was teaching as a substitute, I stole Kai’s file as I found out his address before high-tailing it out of school to find him.

What is it about him? He’s so…different…

I stood opposite his house, I used my wolf hearing to see if I could pinpoint where he was.

“Just let me go back to school! I need to talk to Nix!” He shouts from upstairs.

Upstairs, backroom.

“You will not spend time with THAT girl!” his dad grumbles at him.

“Watch me,” Kai snaps back.

“She’s trouble, I can sense it, Kai, you don’t need that type of girl in your life. My colleagues have kids in your school, they’ve told me all about her, she’s trouble, an out of control orphan,” his dad says as I growl under my breath.

“You have no idea what she’s like, just because some people see her as a bad girl, doesn’t mean that’s who she really is,” Kai answers.

“Fine! You can go back tomorrow, but as soon as I hear anything about her or you getting into trouble, you’ll be moving schools,” His dad says before I hear a door slam.

“Prick,” I hear Kai grumble as I laugh.

I sneak down the side of their house as I climb up a tall trellis up the side of the house, sitting on the roof of the garage as I knock on Kai’s window.

“What the fuck…” I hear him mumble as I smirk as he opens the window in shock.

“Pleased to see me?” I smirk as he grins.

“Sneaky bitch, how did you get up here? If my parents find out you’re here we’re both toast,” He says as I climb inside. His room was weirdly clean and tidy as I noticed his bookshelves were full of books and nic-nacks, small models of characters and random geeky memorabilia.

“Wouldn’t want the out of control orphan to get you into trouble would we…” I raise a brow as I look around his room.

“How long were you out there for?” He chuckles quietly.

“Literally just got up there a few seconds ago,” I shrug.


“So, I have a few secrets and for some reason, I trust you…we trust you,” I murmur as he looks at me with confusion.

“We?” he says as I notice the countless novels of supernaturals, vampires, witches, werewolves.

“Do you believe in the supernatural?” I ask.

“After you had flame coming out your hands, I would believe in anything right now. Are you ok after that though? Did you know you could do that?” He asks.

“I’m fine, a little shocked, but no we didn’t know we could do that,” I answer.

“You keep saying we…not I…What’s with that?” He frowns.

“I’m not crazy, I promise,” I laugh.

Maybe a little crazy.

Shut it Storm!

Go ahead, tell our secret, but if he tells anyone else I will tear him to pieces.


I laugh out loud, which must have made me look crazy.

“Not really helping your case there Nix, your eyes glazed over and then you laughed,” He smirks.

“My eyes glazed over?” I ask.

“Yeah, they kind of changed colour a little, like a hint of yellow glazed over, it was weird, does that have to do with your firepower?”

“No, it has to do with my wolf,” I answer as he just stares at me.

“You’re wolf…” He murmurs.

“Yeah, I’m a werewolf,” I answer. He stays silent as his eyes dance over my body before he bursts into laughter.

He didn’t believe me, not at first, not until we both snuck out one night as I met him outside his house as we walked into the woods where I shifted right in front of him as he watched in shock.

“This is crazy!” He exclaims as I shift in front of him, nervous as I lay on the ground in front of him.

He sits by my side as his hands go threw my thick fur as I shiver beneath his touch.

Feels good to have someone else.

It does, I think we finally have a friend Storm, I trust him, with every bit of my heart.

Let’s just hope he never betrays us.

I hope he doesn’t.

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