Not The Only One

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Chapter 11

“What the fuck were you thinking?” Zane growls at me as I frown, looking around at the pure white walls surrounding us.

“Where the fuck am I?” I ask.

“Your mind, I’m talking to you through your dream as you blocked me out via the link, you’re sleeping so you can’t kick me out,” He snaps stomping towards me as he takes me roughly in his arms before kissing me hungrily as my body reacts to him automatically, my arousal heating me as his hands wander over my body.

“I’m sorry,” I murmur as he kisses my neck pulling down my top to kiss my mark as I moan against him.

“You will be when I get there,” He growls.

“You have to pretend not to know me, Zane,” I push him away.

“Phoenix,” he growls in warning.

“If this has any chance of working we have no choice, Shade believes that I haven’t got a clue about this world. I can get him from the inside, I need you to distract everyone at the ball,” I say.

“How do you expect me to do that?” He scoffs.

“You’re smart, I’m sure you’ll think of something,” I smirk.

“If anything happens to you…” He murmurs pulling me to him once more as he nuzzles into my neck.

“I’m ok Zane, I promise, be careful when you get here. I think I may have some allies here already but it’s going to be a little difficult getting to them for the moment,”

“Allies, who?” He frowns.

“Ask Kade about men from my father’s pack called Michael and Paul. He might be able to help, now if I unblock the link you have to promise me you won’t hound me over it, Shade’s not stupid he will sense if someone is talking to me by other means,” I say sternly.

“Yes, I swear, just don’t block me out again. I will talk to Kade and find out what he knows of these men and if you can trust them,” He says kissing me passionately once more.

“Please tell me the kids are not with you,” I say as he kisses down my neck, stiffening.

“Phoenix…I…” I see him gulp as my rage builds.

“Zane! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Have you brought the whole pack? What about Luciana?!” I exclaim.

“Ah…You see, I was pushed into it…” He bites his lip as I wipe out his legs beneath him, my anger getting the best of me.

“YOU ARE AN ALPHA!” I growl.

“Trey bit her…She turned…Kai got Blake to bite him…Seems my own pack are more loyal to you right now, I couldn’t stop them if I fucking tried!” He growls.

“Luciana is a wolf! How did she survive that? Kai already told me about him, but he missed out on Luci!” I shout.

“Seems twins have an equal chance. But maybe if you hadn’t of left we wouldn’t be in this mess!” He growls.

“I can’t deal with this right now, Zane you better keep them safe, if anything happens to any of them I will kill you myself,” I growl as I feel my mind drifting, someone was trying to wake me.

“Phoenix?” He begins to fade.

“My little queen, time to wake up my sweet,” Shade is shaking me as I gasp in shock when I wake up, nearly knocking my head against his as he pulls back quickly to avoid me.

“Sorry,” I blush.

“You were talking in your sleep my dear, who is Kai?” He asks with a jealousy evident in his eyes as my eyes widen.

“He’s an old friend I had at school,” I answer biting my lip.

“Is that all…or was he a boyfriend? Did he touch you?” Shade’s hand hovers over my stomach as his gaze drifts down my body hungrily.

“No, he was just a friend,” I shake my head.

“Has anyone ever touched you? Touched that precious pussy of yours?” He says as he cups my pussy as I growl pushing him away from me as he chuckles with a dark glint in his eye.

“No, and right now I would prefer to keep it that way, no offence but I hardly know you,” I growl as Storm fills me with power from her.

“Well, aren’t you a little spitfire, I like playing rough,” He growls as his eyes turn yellow as he jumps on me, I throw a punch at him as he tries to pin me down, letting heat build in my fingers as I push the fire over him, he jumps off of me in an instant, roaring at me in anger.

“Touch me like that again and I swear I’ll burn you to hell,” I growl.

“How dare you?! You are my mate! You are mine to do with as I see fit!” He roars.

“Not yet I’m not, I believe in a little thing called romance and wooing, call me old-fashioned,” I snap.

“Shame, I don’t,” he growls slapping me hard around the face as the ring on his hand cuts me deep as I cry out.

Blood seeps out of it, it’s not healing like it should as I take a look at the ring, the tip was coated in something.

“A new type of silver, it’s great isn’t it, silver cannot hurt us, though it does weaken over time, this one, however, has been created to infect a wound to keep it open for a longer period. Now, my little queen, you will do as you’re told or I will put you down in the cells as punishment, understood?” He growls cupping my chin painfully.

“Understood,” I whimper as he nods shoving me to the ground as I catch myself before my head hits the ground.

“Wash, get dressed and I will have someone come for you,” He growls the order almost tearing the door from its hinges as he leaves.

“Phoenix?” I hear Zane in my mind as I hold back my emotions from him.
“I’m here,” I answer him.

“Are you ok? I felt your fear,” He asks in a panic.

“Shade’s a scary guy,” I answer.

“Phoenix, are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine,” I lie.

“Ok, I don’t believe you but what can I do... Kade got a call from that guy Michael this morning, seems like he and Paul are trying to do what they can to protect you and your parents, you can trust them,” Zane says as I sigh, jumping into the shower quickly as I talk to him.

“Great, at least I have people on my side here too,”

“We’ll be there soon, this evening probably,” He says.

“Remember, we don’t know each other,” I urge.

“I know Phoenix, but as soon as this is over I’m making you mine completely, tell me you don’t feel our connection Phoenix,” He says as I feel the flutter in my body.

“I feel it, if we make it through this I will mate with you,” I agree as I feel his happiness through the bond.

“Be careful Phoenix, I don’t want to lose you,” He says.

“See you soon Zane,” I say before pulling from the link and getting on with washing before getting out and noticing an outfit has been put on the bed. A dress, a form-fitting, short, black dress which would show my cleavage clearly.

That will show our mark! We can’t wear that!

I know Storm.

I sigh as I put on the only pair of jeans I had left and the high-neck t-shirt from my bag before brushing my hair out over my shoulders and heading out of my room as I come across Michael once more.

“Michael,” I nod.

“Shade asked for me to take you on a tour, though you’re not wearing the dress, he will not be happy Phoenix…Wait, what happened to your face?” He tilts my face looking at the cut on my cheek as he growls.

“Shade got angry when I resisted his advances and I will NOT wear that dress,” I say as I look up and down the corridor noting no one was about before pulling my t-shirt down just enough to show my mark as he groans, kicking the wall in anger.

“He doesn’t like when he is disobeyed Phoenix,” He sighs looking at me with worry in his eyes.

“What other choice do I have?” I whisper.

He walks into the room as he rips the dress slightly at the seams.

“You need to lose some fucking weight girl, you burst straight through the seams,” He winks as I laugh.

“Fuck you,” I shake my head with a smirk.

“Problem solved…For now,” He nods putting the dress on his arm as he leads me from the bedroom down the corridor past the door of the prison.

“Is that really the prison?” I nod to the door.

“Yes, but Shade has the key,” He answers as I nod, biting my lip, I had to figure out a way to get the key.

“So, where we headed to?” I ask.

“Well, we were going on a tour but it seems you’ve been called to join King Shade in the garden for breakfast,” He sighs.

“You’re joking…” I murmur.

“No, I am not,” He replies, going quiet as we pass a group of warriors.

“I don’t trust the bitch, she turns up out of nowhere and he just takes to her, she’s probably not even powerful,” they gossip as I raise a brow at Michael.

“Disrespect the Kings lady once more and I will rip your throats from your necks!” Michael growls as I smirk.

“Come on Michael, you can’t tell me you trust this bitch,” They surround me their eyes glistening with yellow with their wolves.

“What will it take for you to trust me?” I murmur timidly.

“Show us your power, if you really have any,” One scoffs as I roll my eyes.

“Fine,” I smirk as I notice one of them light a cigarette as I raise my hand the fire explodes from his lighter as he screams out in shock as his eyebrows are singed from his face as I pull the flame to me twirling it in my hand.

“So what, you have fire powers,” One laughs as I sigh expanding the ball of fire in my hands before the wind picks up, swirling through their hair as trees creak, their branches almost breaking.

“OK! Stop!” One shouts as I smirk lowering my hands and stopping it all.

“Never underestimate a girl,” I smirk as Michael chuckles leading me towards another side of the garden where I can see King Shade sitting with someone, a woman…Oh no…I could smell her…It was my mother…

“Selina…” Michael mutters under his breath.

“Good morning my sweet, where is your dress?” Shade growls as I gulp, trying to avoid my mother’s gaze as I walk up to Shade.

“She was a little big for it,” Michael throws it at Shade as he examines it carefully.

“I guess I am losing my touch, I’m usually quite good at guessing what a woman needs, isn’t that right Selina? Oh do forgive me, Phoenix, this is Selina, the current queen,” Shade smirks as he guides my hand to shake hers as I look at her, trying to hold my tears back, she looks frail, sick and weak, scars are dotted over her face and neck. It must be the new silver, it must heal so slowly it leaves a scar.

“Pleasure to meet you, Queen Selina,” I stammer, trying to keep calm.

“Do forgive her, she can’t talk, had a little accident didn’t you, my dear,” Shade grabs her by the chin and opens her mouth as I see her tongue has been cut off as I gasp, my hand on my mouth.

“My king, you are scaring the girl,” Michael says from her other side.

“Are you afraid little queen?” Shade smirks.

“Not afraid, shocked,” I gulp.

“See Michael, she’s a tough cookie,” Shade laughs letting go of her chin roughly.

“I should take the Queen back to her room,” Michael says.

“No, she stays here,” Shade growls as he pushes me into a chair.

“You’re alive…” My mother pushes through my link weakly as I try not to react.

“Hi Mum… He’s killing you…” I say through the link as I take the drink Shade hands me, my eyes cast downwards.

“You shouldn’t be here sweetheart, he’s dangerous,” She replies.

“He’ll pay for what he’s done mum, I swear,” I reply as I notice her frown as she looks over to Michael.

“Now! To business, tomorrow will be of greater importance than I ever thought before, tomorrow will be the crowning of a new queen!” Shade claps his hands together with an evil smirk between us.

“But for that to happen the current queen has to be dead…” I murmur.

“Yes, an unfortunate fact, but the kingdom needs someone strong and poor Selina is to die tomorrow and you, my dear, will stop her suffering,” Shade points to me as I look at him in shock.

“I’m going to do what?!” I exclaim.

“For you to truly be the queen you must kill the current queen,” He smirks.

“But…I can’t kill her!” I cry.

“Why not?” He roars slamming his hands on the table.

“She’s done nothing to me, why would I kill someone who has done nothing to harm me?”

“You will do as you are told!” he slaps me once more as I feel the sting against my cheek again, I can see Michael from the corner of my eye, trying to hold back his anger.

“It’s ok Phoenix, I’m ready to die,” Mum says in my mind as I hold my cheek in my hand.

Wind whips around us as my anger builds. I couldn’t kill my own mother, not after everything she did to save me.

“My, my, what has got you so angry little queen,” Shade laughs.

“I will not kill an innocent,” I growl.

“She is not innocent, let me show you why,” He snaps taking me by the hair as I cry out as he drags me inside.

“Sir! She doesn’t need dragging!” Michael shouts.

“Do NOT tell me what to do with MY new mate!” He growls throwing me to the ground as I wince.

“Sorry Sir,” Michael bows in front of him in submission as Shade brings out a dagger from his pocket and goes to slam it into Michaels shoulder.

“NO!” I jump up grabbing his arm.

“Do you wish to take his punishment?” Shade grins turning to me as he slides the knife against my cheek.

“Phoenix, let me take it,” Michael says on his knees as a tear drops from my face as I shake my head.

Michael bellows out a roar as the blade digs into his skin.

“The next time you tell me what to do, SHE will get it,” Shade points the bloodied dagger at me as he nods.

“Yes sir,” He says.

“Get out of my sight while I show her why Selina has betrayed me,” Shade roars out as Michael rushes from his side.

Shade puts a hand around the back of my neck guiding me beside him as he leads me to the prison door as he takes the key from around his neck, unlocks it and drags me inside. There are no guards as we go down. All I can hear are whimpering wolves in pain, people shouting angrily at the King as he passes, their hands reaching out as we go past. Begging to be let go as I look at each and every one of them in shock and sadness.

“This is the reason she needs to die,” He flings me to my knees as they scrape across the ground, bleeding on the concrete floor.

“Who is it?” I cry as my hands hold the bars to lift myself as I hear the clank of the chains in the darkness.

“Bryant, come say hello to my new queen,” Shade grins as my eyes widen.

“No…” My father says as he stumbles forward, he looks even worse than he did before, cuts all over his skin, blood caking the floor.

“No what Bryant?” Shade laughs behind me.

“NO!” Dad roars as he pulls on his chains violently as I watch on with tears.

“Don’t think I don’t know who you are little queen, you know who he is don’t you? If you don’t do as you’re told you will be the cause of his death too, plus anyone who helps you,” Shade laughs evilly.

“Fuck you,” I growl as he pushes me against the bars as I cry out in pain as he pushes his body against mine.

“I will take great joy in claiming your daughter as my mate Bryant, just as I did with Selina, except this one is untouched, unmated, all mine,” Shade says as my dad continues to pull against the chains as tears fall down my face, looking into my dad’s eyes as I can see the fear in them.

“I’ll fucking kill you Shade!” Dad roars.

“Good luck with that one,” Shade laughs as he pulls at my hair as I cry out.

“DAD!” I scream out as Shade drags me back up the stairwell.

“Phoenix!” he roars.

Shade drags me back to my room as he throws me to the bed.

“You will stay here until the ball tomorrow, I will send someone to dress you as it seems you ruin the clothes I give you, have fun while you can little queen, you will kill your mother tomorrow, I will take you as my own and your father will watch as I mate with you, oh but I forgot, I have a little gift,” He grins as he brings out a collar from his pocket as I crawl away from him on the bed but he catches onto my leg pinning me down as he clasps it around my neck.

I scream in pain as it stings my neck.

“Now you cannot mind link anyone, sorry sweetheart, can’t have you causing me any trouble,” he laughs as he locks the door behind him.



She doesn’t answer…I can’t feel my wolf…

“No, no, no!” I trash the room, throwing the furniture in anger before falling on my knees.

My phone! I rush to my bag looking through it, but my phone isn’t inside it anymore…he took my phone!

“SHIT!” I cry out.

We’re in trouble…

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