Not The Only One

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Chapter 13

Kade throws his shirt over to us as I wrap it around me.

Screaming catches our attention as Shade’s warriors have begun an attack on the packs. Wiping the tears from my face, blood streaking over my face from my bloodied hands I lift myself from my father’s grip.

“Phoenix?” He murmurs as I shift running into the building letting out a howl as I tear through the warriors letting out my anger and grief out on them.

“Get off my friend!” I growl as I leap onto the wolf that was on Trey’s back, ripping the wolfs throat out before leaping over to another as the pack rally behind me.

“Phoenix!” Janie screams as she’s backed into a corner as I run to her aid.

“Get the fuck away from her,” I growl as I shift to my human state as I use my fire on the warrior as he screams in pain as I throw a vase at his head, he falls to the ground as Janie jumps over him and runs to me, curling into my bloodied side as she shakes.

“ENOUGH!” I howl power exploding through me as every window shatters around us.

That got their attention…

I look around the room as everyone stands still, looking at me in shock.

Tell them he’s dead, make them submit…

“Shade is dead! His reign will never terrorise another wolf again, any wolf here who wishes to follow a new ruling kneel, those who do not, stand,” I growl as Zane’s whole pack kneel before me as more and more wolves kneel, except a lone few.

“What do you want to do with the others?” Michael walks to my side, kneeling beside me.

“Looks like it’s just his warriors to me,” I growl as we look around the room, not one of the ones standing were of another pack.

“So…” he says.

“This,” I click my fingers as fire ignites at the bottoms of their feet and spreads across their body as they run out of the building.

“Phoenix!” Luciana gasps.

“They’re not dead, as soon as they left they were put out, it was a warning, plus their burns will not heal, they will be scarred, branding them traitors,” I shrug.

“I thought you killed them…” She murmurs.

“I am not Shade,” I growl as she grimaces before leaping to my arms, hugging me tightly.

“No you’re not, you’re Phoenix, queen of the wolves,” She giggles.

“I don’t want it,” I shake my head. I couldn’t deal with all this power, I didn’t want to rule a species, I was just a girl, barely an adult…

“But…” She murmurs.

“I DON’T WANT IT!” I snarl as she squeaks in shock, backing away.

“Phoenix…” Dad walks towards me as Paul holds him up.

“No, I can’t do this, I won’t do this, it’s too much,” I shake my head as my hands shake.

Where is our mate? He can calm us, where is he?

I look around, not seeing Zane anywhere.

“Where is he?” I whisper.

“Who?” Dad asks.

“My mate,” I reply as he frowns.

“He’s gone Phoenix, Shade broke the bond between you, his heart shattered, he left,” Kai answers.

I shift leaping through the others as I burst out the front doors, howling into the air hoping he would reply. Nothing…

Racing into the trees I search for his scent.

“This way!” Thomas growls at me as his wolf, covered in blood to my right as I race off with him, smelling the air for Zane as I catch a whiff of his manly earthy aroma as I bolt past Thomas dashing through the trees as I see his wolf curled up on the ground, whining, covered in blood.

“ZANE!” I cry out nudging his muzzle as he whines.

Thomas howls as I shift, my hands running through his fur as tears flood down my face.

“No, please don’t leave me,” I cry putting a hand under his muzzle as I look in his tired eyes.

“Alpha, he’s dying Phoenix, nothing can be done,” Thomas shifts beside us.

Yes, there is. Mark him.

What? Will it help?

It may give him peace at least, he’s our mate.

“No…” Jason bounds our way as I shift back to my wolf whining as I nudge his head to the side before clamping my teeth into his neck as tears fall as he whimpers.

I feel the connection fall back into place as I whimper, nudging him as I feel his heart slow.

“Zane!” I push through the link.

“I love you little white wolf,” He whispers before he whines with a shudder and falls still.

“No!” I howl into the air. Pain flooding my body once more as Thomas and Jason join me in a howl for their alpha.

Storm curls up beside our mate as we cry for him, feeling the empty void from the loss of him and our mother.

“Phoenix,” Thomas nudges me with his muzzle as I growl swiping at him to stay away.

“Leave!” I growl.

“Phoenix, please,” Jason whines.

“NO!” I roar.

Jason nudges Thomas as he lifts his head towards the mansion before racing off into the distance.

“Phoenix, you must let him go,” Thomas says through the link.

“Take the pack home Thomas, you’re alpha now, I will not be returning,” I growl as he tilts his head as I stand licking my mates muzzle goodbye.

“You are our luna Phoenix…Rule with me,” He states.

“No, tell the others I’m sorry,” I say as I look him in the eye.

“Phoenix…” He steps forward as I shake my head before making my final decision.

“I’m not staying Thomas, I will not be queen, I will not lead a pack when I cannot make the right decisions for myself, I won’t risk the packs’ safety and I will not endanger the kids!” I cry.

“You’re so young still Phoenix, we can help you, I can help you, don’t abandon your friends, your family, please Phoenix, you can be happy again I promise,” He sighs shifting to his human form.

“I…I need time to myself, I need to work through this, I need to hunt,” I growl thinking of the warriors who had left on fire.

“Will you return?” Thomas sighs.

“One day,” I nod.

“Then go, quickly before the others get here, stay safe little luna, come back to me,” He says kissing my head as I nod before running through the trees, leaving everyone behind.

Why is he always letting us go?

Because he knows we need to be free.

I’m not sure…

You’re just suspicious of everything Storm, shut up and hunt.

Fine, take your heartache out on me! I hurt too Phoenix!

I sniff the air for signs of the warriors as I catch one of their scents racing through the trees before their scent gets weaker, they were covering their tracks…

“PHOENIX! Come home!” Dad calls through the link.

“No,” I answer before closing every link, rolling in mud to cover my scent before running off into the distance once more.

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