Not The Only One

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Chapter 15

I didn’t realise where I was for a moment when I woke up, I bolted up, the kids were gone, no one was in the room as I ran through the passageways and the leaves as I sigh with relief as the others are all sat outside together.

“Phoenix!” Keeley grins as Jae is showing her something with his bow.

“You thought I took them didn’t you,” Violet smiles.

“For a moment, yes,” I nod.

“You care for them, you love them and would protect them with your life, I admire you for that, they are of no blood relation, they were just random orphans in your home and you watched over them,” Violet replies.

“She wouldn’t play dolls though,” Keeley huffs.

“Phoenix was too big and bad, she couldn’t play dolls,” Janie smirks at me.

“I had a reputation to keep,” I shrug playfully.

“Here,” Rook throws a granola bar at me as I nod gratefully, taking a bite of it.

These things suck, I need meat!

“That won’t do, she’s a wolf Rook, she needs to hunt!” Jae laughs in his face.

“OHH I want to hunt!” Janie squeals happily.

“The area is clear of rogues, go hunt us some breakfast little one,” Violet smiles at her.

“Phoenix? Can we?” She smiles.

“Sure,” I nod as she shifts happily, dancing about on her paws playfully as Blake turns into a wolf too, this was the first time I had ever seen his wolf, it was cute, grey and white in colour.

“Let’s see what the wolves can do,” Jae smirks with a wink at me as I roll my eyes and shift.

“What can you smell?” I ask Janie and Blake. They begin sniffing the ground and walking around the area.

“Rabbit!” Blake darts off through the trees as I roll my eyes going after him as he goes after a tiny rabbit that was darting out of his way.

“Blake watch out!” I call out too late as he takes a tumble over a loose branch, hitting a tree with a thud as I bolt to his side, nudging him softly with a whine as he stands up and shakes his fur out.

“I’m good,” He says laughing, as I sigh with relief.

“That was…elegant…” Rook sneers.

“Come on Blake, let’s show them what we’ve really got,” I nudge him, leading him to Janie as I sniff out a bigger catch, a deer ambling around as I lead them around it quietly, teaching them how to hunt efficiently as we stay low to the ground in the mud.

“Can we go now?” Blake asks impatiently.

“Ok, go!” I nod as we take the deer by surprise.

Janie jumps onto its back as Blake nips at its legs as it goes down and I finish it quickly, snapping its neck as the other two jump about happily.

“We did it!” Blake shifts, flitting around instead.

Rook nods at me in respect as he takes the deer from my mouth and begins to skin it ready to cook on the fire.

“Be careful there Rook, you might start to like me,” I smirk shifting as Jae laughs at me.

“When you have seen some of the things I have seen, you become cautious and judgemental over everyone, I don’t dislike you, I’m just being careful,” He answers.

“I get it,” I nod.

“I wish I could hunt like you,” Keeley jumps on my lap.

“You will one day, we will teach you how to hunt with things such as a bow,” Jae smiles.

“You can sit on Phoenix’s back as a wolf and shoot stuff!” Blake giggles.

“I am not a horse,” I roll my eyes playfully.

“Kai would say different…” Janie smirks as my smile disappears.

“Kai…” I murmur.

“As soon as we have finished breakfast we will begin our journey, we will save your friends,” Violet notices my dulled mood.

“What if they’re dead already?” I murmur.

“Then you fight on in their memory, fight now, grieve later,” Rook says.

I smell something…

I get up quickly, sniffing the air as I growl shifting.

“Rogue,” I growl through the link with Janie.

“There’s a rogue!” She cries out as the kids all rush to the passageway.

“Rook, go with the kids inside, Jae go with Phoenix,” Violet orders as I nod.

Jae follows me as I dart through the trees, his bow ready as his wings begin to flutter quickly as he darts into the air and disappears into the treetops as I find the rogue looking at me angrily, teeth bared.

“YOU!” It growls ferociously.

“Yes, me,” I snarl as it goes to attack but it’s suddenly downed by a huge fiery arrow as it pierces the top of its head straight into the ground as I look up at a smirking Jae.


I shift back as Jae touches down on the ground.

“Those arrows are pretty impressive,” I smirk clicking my fingers as the fire goes out on the arrow as I pull it from the body and throw it back to Jae.

“You work with fire?” He raises a brow with a smile.

“I work with everything, but fire is my main power,” I nod.

“Wait, you control all four?” He gasps.

“Yes,” I nod as I raise my hand as a rock raises into the air with a gust of wind as I set the surface of it alight, putting it out with water from the earth.

“Nice,” He nods.

“We better go back,” I smile as we walk through the trees.

“What is the scar on your neck?” He asks. My hand touches where I once had Zane’s mating mark, his death had caused heartache and for his mark to scar terribly as Storm wouldn’t shift to heal it properly, it was a constant reminder of his death.

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.

No it’s fine Storm, we’ve both been through shit, you’re allowed your moment of grief.

When will yours be? You don’t grieve Phoenix, you just keep going, it’s not healthy.

When this is all over.

What if it never ends?

Then I will keep going, other things are more important.

“Phoenix?” Jae murmurs, his hand on my arm.

“Sorry, I was talking to my wolf, Storm,” I answer.

“Storm, well, hello Storm,” Jae grins as he must see my eyes flash their golden yellow as his smile brightens.

I like him, reminds me of Jason.

“She likes you,” I smirk as he chuckles.

“Just her? I’m wounded,” He pretends to stab himself with his arrow.

“I like you too,” I roll my eyes playfully.

“Good, you can trust me,” He grins.

“My scar…it was my mates mark,” I say as his smile drops.

“Who was your mate? Rook never told me,”

“Alpha Zane of the Crimson Peak pack,” I answer.

“Holy shit, that guy was a menace! He had some serious anger issues!” Jae exclaims.

“Has the rogue been dealt with?” Violet asks at the secret entrance.

“It has my queen,” Jae nods respectfully.

“Good, now we must hurry, eat up before we head off,” She nods going in to get the others as Jae begins to carve up the deer.

“I hadn’t known him long, but he was ok, sure he had a temper, but he cared for his pack,” I say to Jae.

“Yes, but that might be the mates bond talking, the bond can sometimes cause a love that isn’t true, just because they are your mate doesn’t always mean they are right for you, that’s why there are multiples for everyone. Zane may have been perfect had you been on another path,” Jae says.

“So I might have another mate out there that is better suited to me and the path I’m on now?” I frown.

“Yes, trust your heart Phoenix, not just the bond,” He smiles passing me a plate of meat as the others come out to join us.

“I hate when you go off to fight something, I always feel like you won’t come back,” Janie sighs sitting beside me.

“I’m not going anywhere Janie, I’m here now, we work together right?” I smile hugging her to my side.

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