Not The Only One

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Chapter 16

As soon as we had finished eating we gathered up a few bits of gear for the journey from the bunker as Keeley sat on my back happily with Blake as they were too young to make such a big trip. Janie wanted to run by my side so we decided she could but as soon as she began to waiver we would have her put with the other two.

The fae’s all flew above us as I darted through the trees, it would take a few days to get there so we stopped when it began to get dark as I left the kids with the others to hunt for our dinner, being quick as we wasn’t sure whether there were many rogues in the area.

It’s too quiet.

Don’t jinx it Storm.

The closer we got to the mansion the more anxious everyone was getting and yet we still hadn’t come across any other rogues, I was expecting more…

“Why aren’t there more wolves around?” Violet frowns as we get closer, almost on the mansion.

“We’re almost there, I will go scope the place out,” Jae says as he flies into the air and disappears within seconds.

“Kids, you will stay with Rook when we go in, understood?” Violet says sternly.

“But we stay with Phoenix,” Janie huffs.

“You will do as you’re told, young lady, Phoenix isn’t your mother, you will do as I say,” Violet says as I growl beside her.

“She may not be my mother but neither are you, she IS, however, the wolf queen and I am a wolf, so I go by HER word, not yours,” Janie argues.

“Phoenix!” Violet looks at me sternly.

“Janie will be fine with me, she’s old enough to make her own decisions, Keeley and Blake will stay with Rook,” I say as Blake huffs too.

“BUT…” Blake whines as I give him a stern look.

“I need you to keep an eye on Keeley for me, secret mission,” I say through the bond between us as he nods with a small smile.

Jae drops down suddenly in between us as we gaze expectantly for him to tell us what the situation was.

“Three rogues around the perimeter, I didn’t see any others inside, but it’s a big place there could be a few inside,” he tells us.

“Thomas isn’t guarding this place very well, how can we be sure that any of my friends are in there,” I sigh.

“He’s guarding something, rogues aren’t smart they don’t like staying in groups but they are still very strong, perhaps Thomas believes you wouldn’t come back here,” Violet answers.

“Are you ready for this?” I ask them all.

“I want Luci back,” Keeley pouts as I tilt her chin up.

“We’ll find her,” I hug her quickly.

“Shift,” Violet orders as I nod, she was a little pushy, but I understood her, she was a queen, she was used to everyone doing as they were told.

Shifting with Janie she stands close beside me.

“You do not leave my side unless I say, you do not put yourself in harm’s way and if I tell you to leave, you leave, understood?” I tell her.

“Understood,” She nods as Rook has the kids in his arms as he flies into the air with Jae and Violet.

Janie and I begin running towards the mansion as I spot our first target as the rogue turns quickly hearing us coming as I leap over his head, biting at his scruff, pulling him down as Janie manages to get her jaws around his neck, ripping his throat out as blood spurts all over her.

“You ok?” I ask, this being her first kill.

“Yeah, are you?” She says chirpily as I raise a brow as she comes back to my side. A flurry of firey arrows rain from the sky to the right as I see Jae battling another rogue with ease from the sky, but it would seem the rogue had an element of his own as it threw a huge rock Jae’s way as I howl with power as it shatters, scattering the ground as we leap into action once more.

The rogue sends a flurry of rocks as Janie and I distract the wolf from Jae behind him as he fires a bolt straight through its head.

“Violet took down the last one out here, we should head inside together,” Jae says as I nod at him as we stay in our wolf forms, cautiously going up the stairs to the huge front doors which were covered in blood and claw marks.

“Beside me Janie,” I order as she begins to wander off on her own before nodding and coming straight back to my side.

Jae pushes open the door as Violet, Rook and the kids settle on the ground behind us, making sure we aren’t attacked from behind.

“I don’t smell anything,” Janie says sniffing the air.


I growl in warning at the dried blood coating the floor and up the walls to the stairs.

“Blake can you tell Jae to do a quick sweep down here while Janie and I take upstairs,” I link as he nods telling the others.

“I will join Jae, it will be quicker,” Violet nods as Rook flies into the sky with the kids to keep an eye from the sky and to keep them from harm’s way.

Janie sniffs at the blood coating the floor.

“I recognise the scent…I think it’s Kade,” she says as I take a whiff of the blood.

“That’s Kade, come on,” I order as we bolt up the stairs sniffing for any other rogues but we couldn’t find any as we did a quick sweep of most of the rooms nearby before standing in our human forms in front of the prison doorway.

“What is in there? Why is the door so different?” Jae walks up behind us.

“Prison door, Shade did it, don’t ask me why,” I say as I push down the handle.

A strong scent of blood, dirt and rotting flesh fills my nose as I gag for a moment, holding my hand to my nose.

“Hold on,” Violet says waving her arms around as the air shifts around us, the smell is gone as I breathe a sigh of relief.

“How are we doing this? It’s a maze down there,” I ask.

“Cell by cell I guess,” Jae shrugs as I nod beginning the walk down.

The first few floors of cells were filled with dead wolves and vampires, we checked each one but I didn’t recognise any of them.

Hearing a cough below I began to dart down the stairs, leaving the others to check the few cells I went by which were either empty or full of the dead.

“Come to inject us again have you? Little early isn’t it…” A voice murmurs in the dark.

“I don’t think I’m who you think I am, who are you?” I ask peering in, I was sure there was only one wolf in this cell.

“Phoenix…” They murmur as I hear the clank of chains and a hiss of pain as I see their face come into view.

“MICHAEL!” I exclaim as Janie rushes to my side as I burn open the lock, kicking open the door.

“You can’t be…You died…” Michael murmurs, coughing up a dark liquid.

“No, I’m very much alive,” I say as I wrench the chains from the wall with a hiss of pain as it blisters my hands.

“Very clever Thomas, hallucinations, that’s a new one,” Michael chuckles going to his knees on the ground.

“Michael…Hey! Look at me!” I growl as his eyes droop. I slap him awake as he looks at me startled.

“You really are here…I’m not dreaming! Phoenix!” He cries out happily as I hug his stinking body.

“Who the fuck told you I was dead?” I ask.

“Thomas did, he told everyone that you took your own life after losing your mate, then he took over and things went to shit, I have no idea how he did it but he’s got witches, vampires and rogues on his side,” Michael says quietly as I try to help him onto his feet.

“Phoenix, who is this?” Violet asks from the doorway.

“Michael, he was in my father’s pack,” I answer as Michael moves to the side puking his guts up.

“Wolfsbane I presume?” Jae grimaces.

“Yes, they inject us every other day, some worse than others,” Michael groans as I rub his back softly.

“Who else is here?” I ask.

“Kade, your father, Paul, Kai, Trey, Luciana and Jason. There are many other wolves, but none that you would know personally,” He answers.

“I could smell Kade’s blood, it was so strong!” Janie says.

“Kade tried to protect Luciana and Thomas took him out, I haven’t heard him in a few days…Phoenix, I’m not sure what state he may be in, or the others, they separated us so we couldn’t talk. I would hear Kade occasionally but nothing in the last couple of days,” Michael says.

“Janie, stay with Michael,” I order as she nods, the last thing I needed was for her to see any of the people she knew and loved in such a bad state.

Though Violet had lessened the scents around us I could smell the rotting flesh the closer we got as I found a cell, the person inside was still breathing, but their leg was damaged beyond repair, the flesh rotting.

I burn out the lock and kick open the door using my fire to light the place up.

“KADE!” I cry as I roll him over, tapping his face to try and wake him.

“Phoenix, your fire, you will have to use it to burn away the rotting flesh and infection or he won’t survive, I’ll hold him down, do not stop until you feel it is all gone, understand?” Jae asks as I nod.

Taking a breath I focus my power on his leg as my fire burns through him, following the dark tendrils of poison in his veins as I burn it all out as he suddenly wakes screaming out, his wolf at the surface as he begins to fight against Jae.

“Hurry Phoenix,” Jae says hissing in pain from Kade scratching his arm.

“Kade, calm down!” I call out as his eyes dart toward me.

“Phoenix…No…You’re dead! You’re an angel coming to take me! Rid me of this pain!” He growls, writhing on the ground as I burn away the last of the rotting flesh, sealing his wounds as I begin to tire out.

“That’s enough, his wolf will do the rest,” Jae says as I fall back, drained of energy.

“Kade,” I murmur crawling to his head as Jae stands up.

“Phoenix…” Kade murmurs as I cup his cheek.

“He’s still alive then…” Michael smirks as Janie helps him down the stairs.

“He’s losing the leg though,” I sigh.

“Better that than dead,” Michael says.

“Phoenix! There are more rogues on their way!” Rook shouts from the top of the stairwell.

“Violet, take the kids and help free the others, Rook and Jae will help me with the rogues,” I say as Kade grabs my hand suddenly.

“Phoenix, no, don’t go,” He whispers, wincing as he looks down at his leg.

“I’ll be back, I promise, Michael will stay with you,” I say as Michael nods at me and sits beside Kade.

“I’ve got you, big guy,” Michael takes Kade’s hand from my arm as I kiss their heads with a smile before shifting and bolting up the stairs with a howl.

“Phoenix! No! There are too many!” Keeley cries out as we pass her.

I nudge her softly with my muzzle.

“Blake, take care of her, tell her we’ve got this, I’ll be right back,” I nod to Blake as he nods as I continue up the stairs with Jae right behind me.

“How many?” Jae asks Rook as we seal the entrance.

“Around twenty or so,” Rook frowns.

Three against twenty…Great…

Those two will be fine in the air.

Great so they will be fine, what about us?

Best be careful.

Really inspiring Phoenix.

I laugh as my wolf which must have sounded odd to the other two as they raise a brow at me.

I shake my head slightly as I make my way down the stairs and out the front doors as I see the eyes of the wolves surrounding the front of the building.

Letting out a howl in warning Rook and Jae head into the air as the wolves slowly walk forward a mix of vicious teeth and sharp claws that seemed focused on me.

“Phoenix!” A voice shouts from the woods as I tilt my head before realising who it was.

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