Not The Only One

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Chapter 17

“Thomas,” I growl as I shift.

“How nice of you to return, though I wish you had of found me first, we have so much to catch up on!” He grins at me pacing in front of his rogues.

“What about? I think I’ve got it, you got power-hungry, took everything, pushing me to leave so I couldn’t attack back. Did you hope I would die out there?”

“I thought the rogues I sent to kill you would succeed, yes, much like the ones I ordered to burn down the orphanage hoping the brats would die, oh and to kill your mate and my alpha,” Thomas smirks as my eyes widen.

“You did all that… Why?”

“Because my father told me too, if I was to ever live up to him I had to make a huge show, he was so focused on finding some special girl that might be able to defeat him. I guess he was right in a way, it’s because of that girl that my father is dead! You’re the reason my father died! Now the kingdom is MINE! It is my right and if you will not join me you will die with every single person that dares defy me!” He growls ferociously.

You’ve got to be kidding me…Tell me his father wasn’t Shade…

“Who was your father Thomas?” I ask.

“KING SHADE!” He cackles as the wolves all howl around him.


“Thomas…You don’t need to do this, this isn’t you…” I step forward.

“Join me Phoenix…I am much kinder than my father, I will take care of you, I will treat you as my queen, I will cherish you as we rule the world, be by my side,” He says softly.

I swear this guy has multiple personalities…

“You killed Zane…” I murmur stepping forward.

“He wasn’t right for you,” Thomas shrugs.

“You tried to kill the kids…” I growl.

“An unfortunate necessity,” He sighs.

“You are torturing MY people!” I growl.

“Your people? Don’t make me laugh little white wolf, you abandoned them all, you ran off like a child, you aren’t good enough to rule them, you will never be good enough,” He laughs.

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” I bark out in anger at the nickname Zane had given me.

“Did I catch a nerve? Little white wolf, submit to me now,” He growls stepping forward as I see the tattoo up his arm, just like mine, he was one of the contenders for the wolf throne, one I would have to take down or we were all doomed.

“Never,” I growl as he smirks.

“As you wish,” He shrugs, clicking his fingers as the rogues begin their attack while Thomas walks into the trees silently.

I punch the muzzle of a rogue that comes at me as arrows begin to whizz past me into some of the wolves that went to kill me as I shift and tear apart any that got in my way as I tried to get to Thomas.

A rogue grabs me by the tail as I howl out in pain, turning as I fling the wolf towards a tree, but it won’t let go. I send a surge of heat through my body as it burns the wolfs mouth before it lets go and I tear it’s throat out.

I could see Rook and Jae fighting off several rogues as I looked between them and Thomas who was fleeing with a huge smirk into the darkness before growling and heading towards the others, biting at the paw of a rogue that was about to attack Rooks wings as he nods in thanks and sends a volley of arrows behind me.

Two rogues attack me at the same time as I’m thrown to the floor, one biting at my throat as the other takes a swipe at my belly as I yelp in pain.

“Phoenix!” Jae shouts as he goes to grab another arrow but he’s run out.

Suddenly a high-pitch whistle echoes through the air as hundreds of arrows rain from the sky as one by one wolfs go down as Rook and Jae fly to my side, their hands joining as they create some sort of shield as the arrows bounce away from us and into the rest of the wolves before any can hit me.

“About bloody time they got here,” Rook murmurs as it goes quiet and they stop their shield.

“Phoenix…Shit! Rook!” Jae exclaims as I’m laying on the ground bleeding over the hard ground.

“We need to get her inside!” Rook replies.

“We can’t do it alone while she’s in her wolf form,” Jae shakes his head as I can see the worry in his eyes.

“Move, I’ve got her,” A voice growls as a pair of arms wrap around me and I pass out.

“Keeley for god sake leave Phoenix alone,” A girls voice hisses.

“But when will she wake up Luci…I want her to wake up,” Keeley’s tired voice sighs.

“She will wake when she’s ready, trust me it takes a lot to take our girl down,” Kai’s voice answers as I try to open my eyes to see them all.

“Hey! Did you see that?!” Janie’s voice cries out.

“Phoenix! Are you awake? Come on Nix, wake up!” Kai’s voice calls out as my eyes slowly open, grimacing at the bright light around me as I rub my eyes groaning at the pain emanating from my side.

“Woah, don’t get up too quickly, you’re still healing,” Luciana grips my shoulder lightly as my eyes finally make out their forms beside me.

“Luci…Kai…” I cry as tears begin to fall and they sit beside me as their arms wrap around me.

“Hey! What about me?!” Keeley shouts as I giggle holding out my arms as she jumps into them causing me to groan in pain.

“Keeley, I said be careful!” Luciana sighs.

“Oops…” She whispers looking up at me through her gorgeous, thick eyelashes.

“It’s ok,” I smile as my voice cracks and Kai passes over a cup of water.

“How are you feeling?” He asks.

“Not bad for a dead girl,” I smirk.

“That’s not funny Nix, it broke my heart when he told us you were dead. No one could feel you as you blocked everyone out, we didn’t know any different…” Kai murmurs.

“I’m so sorry,” I whisper sadly.

“I’m sorry about Zane, Phoenix,” Luci says as Keeley jumps off the bed and out the room with a wave.

“It…It wasn’t meant to be I guess…” I sigh.

“Luci, can you give me a minute alone with her,” Kai says watching me closely.

“Sure, I should tell the others you woke up,” Luciana kisses my head softly.

“Where is Trey?” I ask before she leaves.

“He’s downstairs, he’ll come see you soon, he was helping the healers with Kade, they needed extra manpower to keep him down as the took off his leg,” Luci shivers with a frown.

“He’s awake while they do it?!” I exclaim.

“Wolves burn through anaesthetic too quickly, there was no other choice,” She replies.

“Shit…” I murmur.

“I’ll see you in a bit, love you Phoenix,” She smiles.

“Love you too Luci,” I smile back as she leaves.

“Ok, now we’re alone, let it out,” He says as I raise a brow at him.

“What?” I laugh.

“Don’t act stupid, you’ve been through too much and I know what you’re like, you’re bottling it all in that little head of yours and one day you will snap, so, while it is just me and you, let out your emotions Nix,” He says as I look away from him and at the wall.

He’s right you know…

Shut up Storm…

“I’m fine Kai,” I sigh.

“You’re fine! How can you be fine? Your mother is dead, your mate is dead, Thomas tried to kill us all! You know he tortured us all down there! Injected some nasty shit into us! You left! You just fucking left! Like you never cared! I love you Nix and you left me! Like a fucking coward!” Kai shouts at me as I stare at him in shock slapping him around the face before gasping at my actions.

“Kai, I’m so sorry!” I cry as the damn bursts open and tears begin to flood as he wraps his arms around me tightly, while being careful of my wounds.

“I’m sorry, I never meant to push you that far, but you have to let it out, Nix, I love you so much, I was so heartbroken, I wanted to die, we all did, you’re our world Nix,” He nuzzles into my hair as I sob in his arms finally letting my emotions out.

“I don’t know what I’m doing Kai, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” I begin as the door opens slowly.

“I thought I heard crying… What did you do Kai?” Michael shakes his head at Kai sternly.

“I made her let go…” Kai says as I wipe my eyes.

“Phoenix, you should know, we don’t blame you for what you did…I’ve spoken to Rook…I know what your future would have been had you have stayed back with us…” He frowns.

“Wait…What…” Kai frowns as I gulp.

“Rook is a seer, he saw a version of the future where Phoenix stayed when Zane died…” Michael begins.

“And…” Kai pushes.

“I died…” I whisper as Kai looks at me flabbergasted.

“You…Wait…What…No…” He rubs a hand over his face.

“I would have died if I had stayed here, Thomas would have killed me. He sent rogues after me while I was out there anyway, but none of them got close enough…well one did but I dealt with him,” I reply.

“That’s…holy shit…Then you know what…I’m glad you left, I couldn’t have lost you,” Kai hugs me to him once more as I take a deep breath in, feeling the relief of having my friends back beside me.

“Have you finished making her cry now or shall I give you a few more moments?” Michael smirks at us as I stay in Kai’s arms.

“I’m good, all done,” I chuckle wiping my eyes as Kai kisses my head letting me go.

“Good,” He smiles as he heads my way too and takes me in his arms as I giggle.

“I knew you were a softy really,” I laugh.

“This never happened,” he points at us as I laugh, holding my side.

“Cute,” I giggle as he glares at me.

“Cute is not a word I would describe myself as Phoenix, please don’t ever use that again…Just like your bloody mother,” He murmurs the last part as I smile.

I hear a loud manly scream come from down the corridor, I hiss in pain as I bolt from the bed and through the door with Michael and Kai hot on my tail.

“Phoenix for god sake! Come back!” Michael growls as I follow the sound, when I get to a door, pushing it open to find several fae men surrounding Kade with Trey pinning him down on the table.

“Kade!” I call out as I burst through, pinning his arms down as he thrashes around.

“Just one more minute! Hold him!” one of the fae orders.

“Phoenix,” Trey smiles at me before concentrating back on Kade as we struggle to pin him down.

“Hi,” I smile before my eyes go to Kade as I close my eyes concentrating as my power flows from me into him, trying to calm him as he slowly begins to stop thrashing around.

“Whatever you’re doing, keep it up,” The fae man says as I nod. I can feel my energy depleting as I still wasn’t fully healed myself.

“Woah there, she’s going to pass out again if she carries on like this, hurry it up Rodge,” Jae rushes into the room as I feel him hook his arms around me gently as a flow of energy bursts through me like I was being refuelled.

“Done!” a voice calls as I pull back my powers with a sigh of relief.

“Get me a chair now!” Jae shouts as Kai flits across the room, grabbing a chair and putting it under me as Jae sits me on it slowly.

“Thank you,” I murmur, yawning from exhaustion.

“Who let you out?” Jae smirks at me.

“Let her…You have no idea what this girl is like if you think anyone LET her out,” Trey chuckles coming to my side and hugging me.

“I’m glad you guys are all ok,” I say in his ear.

“I’m glad you’re alive,” He kisses my forehead.

“How is his leg?” Michael asks one of the fae.

“He will survive, it will heal and we can create a new mechanical limb that will shift with him, however, it will take time,” one of the fae answer.

“Phoenix,” Kade’s hoarse voice calls out to me as his head turns to the side to meet my eyes, his hand extending out as I place mine in his.

“I’m here,” I smile.

“Your…Father…” He stammers.

“What about him?” I frown, realising I had yet to even see him.

“Darkness…Poison…” He answers slowly.

“Kade, not the time,” Michael shakes his head.

“Excuse me…What is going on? Why isn’t it the time?” I growl.

“Nix, stay calm,” Kai places a hand on my shoulder.

“Tell me,” I growl once more.

“You need to heal first,” Michael sighs.

“NOW Michael!” I bark out as I stand, knocking the chair to the side in anger.

“Phoenix!” Trey and Kai shout at the same time as my body vibrates in power due to my anger that they were keeping something from me.

“Calm down little one,” Michael puts his hands up as I feel the flame on my fingertips.

“What has happened to my father?!” I howl as I grab him, shoving him against the wall as my fingers burn into his clothes.

“Phoenix! Stop, look at me Nix!” Kai grabs hold of my arms pulling them from Michael and making me face him as my eyes meet his.

“What happened?!” I huff.

“Calm down first Nix, I’m here, concentrate on your flames leaving, you don’t want to hurt anyone here Nix, we all love you,” Kai says cupping my cheek softly.

I close my eyes sighing as I concentrate on my breathing and bring back the flame from my fingertips as I hear everyone sigh with relief in the room.

“Tell me,” I murmur looking at Michael once more.

“Your father was in those cells too long, he was poisoned by wolfsbane to the point it was turning his heart dark, he doesn’t have much fight in him anymore Phoenix,” Michael gulps.

“He’s dying isn’t he?” I sigh sadly.

“Yes Phoenix, your father is dying. Violet and her fae healers are doing everything they can to delay, but there is no cure for what will happen to him,” Michael says solemnly.

“He’s proud of you,” Kade says behind me.

“Can I see him?” I ask.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. He’s not in his right mind Phoenix,” Kai answers.

“Please, if he is going to die I have to see him, he’s my dad!”

“I will take you, but I want you checked over first,” Jae says behind me.

“Ok,” I nod.

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