Not The Only One

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Chapter 18

“Rodge, would you mind?” Jae points to the fae with long bright green hair tied back, wearing a puffy cream shirt and a pair harem trousers.

“Do you mind lifting your top slightly Queen Phoenix?” Rodge asks as I nod slowly lifting it to show my wound wrapped up as he gently undoes the bandages.

“Why isn’t it healing?” Kai frowns as a little blood seeps from the wound as I hiss when Rodge’s hand hovers over it and I feel a surge of power over it.

“It would seem something is infecting your wound, keeping it open,” Rodge says.

“What could do that?” Kai asks.

“I will need to see the wolfs body that caused the damage, is that possible still?” Rodge asks Michael.

“I’m afraid they’ve all been burnt,” Michael sighs.

“Then it is guesswork, I will work with my fellow healers on what this could be, we will figure this out, for now, stay close by, do not stray from the building,” Rodge nods before heading off to the other fae healers as they talk quietly.

“Would shifting help?” I call out.

“I am unsure,” Rodge turns to me with a frown.

“Maybe we could try it,” Trey says beside me.

Storm you ready?

I have a bad feeling this is really going to hurt.

We need to try something.

I know, let’s get on with it.

I hiss in pain as I stand before slowly making my way out of the crowded room as the others watch me carefully.

“Want me to shift with you?” Trey asks.

“No, but thank you,” I smile softly at him as he backs up and lets me shift.

It was agony as I let Storm take over, every bone crunched painfully like my first ever shift.

“She’s not shifting! Phoenix! Stop!” Trey says in a panic by my side as I fall to the ground screaming in pain.

We have to stop!

I can’t! I’m trying!

“Phoenix you have to stop!” Michael kneels beside me as I cry out in pain.

“I can’t!” I cry.

“She’s stuck! She’s stuck in her shift!” Kade shouts from the table he was laid on as he growls and sits up before a healer pushes him back down forcefully.

“You must rest, do not get up,” the fae says sternly.

“Shut up you overgrown pixie, let me get to my girl!” Kade roars.

“Kade! Stop! You’ll hurt yourself!” Kai flits to his side.

“Don’t make me hurt you kid,” Kade growls pushing the fae away from him and sitting on the edge of the desk with a wince as he pushes off onto his one leg.

“Now what? You’re going to hop on over? For god sake, let me help you at least,” Kai rolls his eyes as I clutch my side in agony, eyes streaming with tears.

Another wave of pain rolls through my body as I scream out, body shaking as I feel my very bones break under the pressure.

“Rodge! Find something now!” Jae shouts.

“What on earth!? Phoenix!” Violet gasps as she gets to the top of the stairs, rushing to my side as I feel her power flood my body as I scream.

“There is silver in her system, we must rid it from her body,” Violet says.

“How do you get that out?” Trey asks.

“It’s in her blood, we will have to bleed it out of her body,” Violet looks at the others nervously.

“Get on with it!” I scream in agony.

“You’ll kill her!” Kai hisses.

“She’ll die if we don’t get it out!” Michael argues back.

“Do you know where it is in her system Violet?” Kade asks as Kai helps him gently to the ground beside me.

“Jae help me,” Violet holds out her hand to him as he takes it and they focus their power on me as I writhe painfully on the ground.

“It hasn’t made it to her heart, but it is…here,” Violet says pointing to my thigh.

“Well bloodsucker, looks like you could come in handy,” Kade smirks at Kai.

“What! He is not sucking it from her thigh!” Michael growls.

“I…I…” Kai gulps.

“It hurts! Someone do something!” I scream once more.

“Bloody hell,” Kai sighs before grabbing me from the floor and flitting to a room as he bursts through the door placing me on a bed.

“Kai!” Trey shouts after him.

“I’m going to make you feel better Phoenix,” Kai sighs as he tears open the leg of my jeans and bites into my thigh as I scream in pain.

“Well…” Trey stops suddenly in the doorway, staring at Kai drinking from me.

I can feel the silver leave my system as my body begins to calm down.

It’s gone…Make him stop.

“Kai…” I whisper, my energy going with the blood as he drinks, I can see his eyes are bright red as he is losing control.

“Kai…Let go!” Michael shouts as he runs into the room, grabbing Kai by the neck as he tears him from me, my flesh ripping from his teeth as I cry out.

Kai fights against Michael, his vampire instincts make him bloodthirsty.

“SLEEP!” Keeley shouts waving her hand over Kai as he collapses in Michaels arms.

“Phoenix, hey, stay awake,” Trey says by my side, holding his hand over the wound.

“Get a healer now!” Michael growls out.

“I got it,” Keeley says jumping on the bed as she puts her hand over my leg, screwing her face up in concentration as I feel my leg begin to heal just enough that I would be able to shift and heal the rest of the way.

“Thank you,” I murmur as she backs off, I can see she’s exhausted from using her own power, she’s only young after all.

“Keeley, come on, you need to rest,” Violet says from the door as Keeley kisses my cheek and goes towards her mother as Violet gives me a final look over as the others are by my side before nodding and taking Keeley to bed.

“I said he shouldn’t do that,” Michael growls as Jae helps Kade into the room.

“I didn’t think he would go crazy,” Kade sighs.

“No! You didn’t think! He could have killed her!” Michael glares at Kade.

“You think I want her to die?! I love that girl like she’s my own blood!” Kade growls back.

“Stop it!” I shout as they turn and face me.

“Oh my…What happened?!” Luciana wanders past the room as she squeezes past Kade towards her brother beside me.

“I need to shift, Trey will explain,” I groan as Trey nods helping me up as he explains everything to Luciana. I wobble slightly on my feet as Michael catches me before I fall.

“I’ve got you,” he murmurs.

I hear Jae chuckle under his breath as I look up with a raised brow.

“Mates won’t always be obvious at first little one,” Jae whispers looking at me as I frown.

What does he mean? Does he know who our new mate is?


“Come on, let’s get you outside so you can shift under the moon,” Michael lifts me in his arms as Jae smirks at me.

“I can smell my mate…” I hear Luciana murmurs through the link between me and her as I look back over Michael’s shoulder.

“Who?” I ask back.

“I…I don’t know…” She replies.

“Let me heal, I will help you,” I say as I see her nod as she sniffs the air.

Michael takes me down the stairs and out the front doors as I see groups of fae all over the place, they must have come when the rogues attacked, their volley of arrows killing the wolves.

“I could have walked you know,” I murmur with a smirk as Michael finally lets me down.

“Not while you’re like this,” He says as I wobble slightly.

I nod slowly as I close my eyes, breathing deeply before shifting, feeling the moon on my fur as I soak it in, my body healing underneath its gaze.

Much better. But Kai will not like how he was, he won’t take it well.

We’ll talk to him when he wakes up, he couldn’t help it, he hasn’t been a vampire long, he’s still learning.

Michael is staring at us…

I turn as I notice that Michael is indeed staring at me with a soft smile.

“Take a picture, it will last longer,” I link to him.

“I don’t need a picture, you’re not leaving my sight from now on pup,” He smirks.

“PUP! I am not a pup!” I nudge him over as he laughs landing on the ground with a thud as he shifts and bows playfully at me.

“Oh you want to play do you?” He nudges me back before racing off as I follow him howling at the moon as I jump over him.

“Too slow old man,” I laugh as I take off, he nips at my tail as he keeps up with me.

“I’ll give you old man!” He growls pushing himself forward as he races beside me, our fur touching.

We stay close to the treeline as we race around, the moon fueling our bodies as we continue to play around, nipping at each other.

“Phoenix…” I hear my fathers voice in my mind as I whine, standing still, looking back up at the mansion.

“Phoenix?” Michael nudges my side softly as I whine.

“Dad…” I murmur as Michael nuzzles into my side to comfort me.

“Let us go see him,” Michael nods as we go back inside together, shifting back as we get to the door as he leads me through the corridors before we get to a door guarded by fae warriors.

“The queen said no visitors,” One of them says sternly.

“The Queen of the wolves wishes to see her father,” Michael growls back.

“Queen Violet said no visitors, I cannot let you enter, the man is dangerous,”

“Boys, let her in,” Violet pops up suddenly as the nod, getting out of my way as I take a deep breath as I open the door.

Walking in I can feel Michael staying by my side as I see my father laying on a bed, his wrists bound tightly.

“Dad…” I whisper softly moving towards him.

“Phoenix, be careful, he’s not in his right mind,” Michael murmurs touching my shoulder.

“Phoenix…My Phoenix…You’re here,” Dad whispers hoarsely as I get closer, his veins are a deep black, the poison spreading through his body.

“Yes, I’m here, I’m so sorry dad, I wish there was something I could do,” I cry as I sit beside him.

“Let me go, please, let me be free before I die, I don’t want to die in this bed, let me out,” He begs.

“Bryant, you know we can’t do that, you nearly killed three of the fae already,” Michael says.

“Please Phoenix, I’m your father, I won’t harm anyone, I swear, I just want to see the moon one last time, to spend a moment in the moonlight with my little girl, please,” He begs.

“Dad…I…” I begin as I notice the black seep into his eyes as he begins to thrash around, his hand clamps onto mine as I wince in pain.

“LET ME OUT!” He growls.

“Let her go, Bryant!” Michael barks as he rips my father’s hand from mine as he pulls me away, his arms around my waist protectively as I watch my father writhe on the bed in anger and frustration.

“I’m going to fucking kill you all! You traitors! You’re just as bad as Shade! Imprisoning me! I’ll kill you! All of you!” He howls out.

“Dad, please calm down! It’s the poison! Please you have to control yourself, I love you, please calm down!” I cry as his howl echoes around the room, vibrating through my body as I feel his pain.

“You’re the poison!” He growls at me.

“He doesn’t mean it Phoenix,” Micheal says in my ear.

“ENOUGH!” Storm growls through me at my father as I feel our power flow through the air towards him as he lays still, his eyes wide.

“I’m sorry Phoenix…I…I didn’t mean that…Please forgive me, Michael, please take her out of here, I can’t…I can’t control it…Please…Phoenix, I’m sorry, I love you, Michael now, take her from me!” Dad exclaims as I see the fight in his eyes.

“I won’t let you battle this alone,” I shake my head.

“I’m so proud of you Phoenix, let me go, I will be with your mother once more, I’m dying, just let me go, live your life, Michael and the others will take care of you,” He says as the tears pour from my eyes.

“I love you,” I move from Michael’s side as I kiss my fathers head softly.

“Get her out! Now! I can feel it! Michael, you better take care of my daughter!” He growls as his eyes grow dark once more.

“I will, I swear it, Bryant, goodbye my friend,” Michael nods at him with a sad smile as he puts an arm around my waist.

“Mother fuckers! Let me out! No good wolves! You’ll never be good enough! You’re weak! I’ll tear you apart!” Dad howls out as he loses his battle with the poison running through his veins, turning him into a vicious monster of a man.

“I love you, Dad,” I murmur as Michael leads me out of the room as I feel my Dad’s anger push through our bond.

“How is he?” Kade asks as Jae is helping him get to us.

“Not good,” Michael shakes his head as my eyes look down at the ground, pain flooding my heart.

“He doesn’t have long,” Jae sighs.

“I will stay with him,” Kade says.

“That’s not a good idea,” Michael shakes his head.

“I won’t leave our friend alone to die, no matter what he says to me, I will let it wash over me,” Kade says as he gets Jae to move him towards the room.

“Kade,” I murmur as I move from Michael’s side and hug Kade tightly, my head resting on his chest.

“Shh, it’s ok sweetheart, I’m here,” He coos kissing my head.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

“Go on, I will look after the old man, go be with your friends, they need you too, try not to get hurt anymore today ok?” He smiles at me as I chuckle.

“I’ll do my best,” I smile before looking at the door where my father laid in agony as Jae opens it, I can hear his shouts of anger as Kade and Jae enter the room.

Michael leads me slowly from the room as I can’t keep my eyes from it.

“Block him out Phoenix, don’t feel his pain,” Michael says softly, tilting my head to face him.

“I don’t want to let him face this alone,” I shake my head.

“He’s not alone Phoenix, but you don’t need to feel his pain, I can see it in your eyes,” He wipes a tear from my cheek.

“But…” I begin to turn as I feel a harsh snap, my hand flying to my heart as I gasp.

“Shit…” Michael sighs before walking past me, opening the door once more as I see Kade with his head bowed beside his best friends side.

I shift on the spot as I let out a loud and painful howl into the air as it echoes through the mansion. I can hear the others as they join me in the howl.

I collapse on the ground, my head under my paws as I whine in pain for my father, at least he wasn’t suffering anymore. But I barely got to know him, I never got to hear the stories from him about my mother, I would never know their love…

“Phoenix…” Michael shifts beside me, curling up around me as I whine nuzzling into his side.


Oh please tell me you’re joking…Now is not the time.

I know, but they are here, somewhere.

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